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Fun with Fonts in Poptropica

Have you ever wondered what fonts Poptropica uses in the game? No? Well, I did! Hey, I was a little bored while waiting for Legendary Swords to come out.

I created a page in the “fun” section that shows the different fonts that they use for the logo, the in-game dialogue text, and even the store cards. What’s neat is that you can find all of those fonts online. Some cost money to purchase, but some are totally free! Check out the Poptropica Fonts page and it will tell you all about them and where you can download/buy them if you want.

Poptropica Fonts Page

Do you know of any other fonts used in the game? Post a comment below and I’ll add them to the page.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. wait i second to commet but are you the creator of this site

  2. Fierce Moon, this is really cool!

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  8. I actually made a Poptropica website! πŸ™‚

    If anyone wants to check it out or give tips or something, here’s the URL: http://poptropicafansite16.webs.com/

    It needs a LOT of work but I only made it in 30 minutes, so what do you expect?

  9. since everyone is posting there websites I’ll too. πŸ˜€
    wanna know how to clone poptropicans?
    visit my site, its somewhere in page 2 or 3

  10. wow. cool but you have to buy them πŸ™

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  14. your right freindly coyote. She is running out of things. but she probably will put something up tomorrow about legendary swords. when i comes out

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  16. look on youtube they might have it up there already

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  19. sounds binary….hmmmm
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    hey fierce moon, i’m making a link costume (yknow from legend of zelda-again) on poptropica for legendary swords, maybe a zelda if i’m fast enough beating the islands to get enough credits (i think ls is poptropica’s way of saying happy 25th to nintendo-notice the legendary and the fact that it’s sword fighting)
    i’ll post it and hang around the common rooms

  20. hey zippy dolphin! how’ve you been?

    tell us all when your zelda costume’s done! that’s gonna be awesome!

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  24. exscuuuuuuuuuse me, wdb (working on mario, btw)
    link: copy director d’s hair, blonde or yellow
    buy the robin hood and templar knight outfits
    use robin hood (green) shirt and cloaky thingy
    use templar knight sword
    find dark brown pants
    make sure skin is light tan
    use butterfly follower for navi, if you want
    click my name for pic
    sorry, couldn’t find a hat and zelda is taking a bit long, don’t expect a ganondorf

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  26. just found a cool video game- inspired site!

  27. hey guys
    zippy, that was rude u wanted a link costume
    and nh, thx but i have my own lol:
    too much zelda, i know, but i just discovered it in august

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  48. besides monster carnival island is rare. I remember seeing it on the map before the canceled it when i was little. I really hope they make it.

  49. I have that costume to, big woop

  50. Oops, I meant
    first of all, if you look back in the daily pop a long time ago, it showed a ring master an those podiums and the caption said it was a sketch for a NEVER COMPLETED island

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  121. did this happen to anyone you lost all your stuff from the adds what do i do cuse i had a lot of stuff

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  124. Yes, I have lost some stuff from the adds when I accidently click on them(I especially hate the Alvin and Chipmunks 3 add ’cause when I click on them, I suddenly end up in Early Poptropica island.)

  125. It’s been a while since i made a costume!

    Rock Star 3

    Requires: Jeanette Costume’s top, skirt, and earrings (From Chipwrecked ad)
    Britney Costume’s hair (From Chipwrecked ad)
    Big poof (hair piece)
    Rock Star 2 (White edition) purple guitar

  126. (edit) actually Tropical island outfit hair

  127. I hate the ads on poptropica. Especially the alvin and the chipmunks 3 ad as when I accidentally click it it takes me to early poptropica. I was in the middle of astro knights and up to the part when you get into outer space. I accidentaly clicked it and it took me to the island. When I exited it, it took me to early poptropica. I transported myself back to astro knights but could not get back into outer space. I had to restart the island. I have restarted astro knights 3 times and have given up as the same thing kept happening. “Why Alvin? Why”

  128. Dear Adi. Um I think what he/she means is thare are ads in poptropica that have games that when you defeat them you get rewarded with some stuff that is close to that game from the ad. Thanks. Love Fierce Ant. πŸ˜€

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