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First Ten Finishers of Steamworks Announced

The official Poptropica blog revealed the first ten finishers of Steamworks Island on their blog today. They used to announce them on the official Facebook page but then they closed that page down. I’m glad they started showing the list on the blog! Unfortunately my name’s not up there because like a lot of you I got stuck in some places.

Congratulations to Bronze Monster for finishing Steamworks Island before anyone else! This was a tough island. By the way, the official blog claims that Astro-Knights was the hardest island to beat, but then again that might be because it was written by the Binary Bard (a.k.a. Mordred the villain.) I think he has a point: Astro-Knights was tough to beat and to this day has I think the hardest boss fight of all. But the puzzles and challenges in Steamworks were harder I think.

If you need help, please check out the walkthrough I created yesterday. There are now both video and written versions available. Having trouble? Leave a question in the comments and you’ll get help pretty quickly.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. uhh guys can you tell me a member account cause i want to se steamworks island please

  2. I came in third 🙂

  3. darn it!
    the puzzles were SOO tough!
    bronze monster must be pretty smart for finishing it so quickly!!

  4. -Me has been woorking very hard on Poptropica lately. And… He’s Bronze Monster. Don’t believe me? Resemblance: Bronze Monster, Fact Monster.

  5. And when you see BROnze Monster, You know Two things.

  6. so far this i s is easy. probably beacuse im only at the part where i take the scroll thing from its glass case in the second building 🙂

  7. if any of you are members on poptorpica can you tell me i just want to see steamwork island i can even help you with the hard parts pretty please

  8. can anyone pay for my membership with there e mail please

  9. anyone please im crying just tell me your e mail and your name

  10. can someone please tell me your poptropica member account i just want to see steamwork island its either that or you pay for m membership please please please

  11. its my birth day please i want it to be good

  12. here is the list of the easist to hardest islands

    1 early poptropica
    2 shark tooth
    3 time tangled
    4 super power
    5 spy
    6 24 carrot
    7big nate
    8 nabooti
    9 counterfeit
    10 reality tv
    11 mythology
    12 astro knights
    13 steamworks

  13. It really is ur B-Day maryconley???!!! If so, Happy Birthday!!!

  14. potropica girl {>

    i just beat it! i was suck on the plant hive thing!!

  15. potropica girl {>

    marycony don’t worry! september well be here before you now it!!!

  16. potropica girl {>

    i mean know!! opps!!

  17. potropica girl {>

    i love school SO much!! I WANT MATH HOMEWORK!!! But then i can’t play poptropica all day :{

  18. can anyone please tell me a poptropica member account please its my b day i just want to see steamworks please D:

  19. guys thats my only birth day wish please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. guys please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cause im so sad like thats my only b day wish

  21. guys please its either that or you pay for my membership so i can use it please i cant stand it anymore i really want to see it D:

  22. you guys you guys please D:

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  25. guuuuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssssssss ANSWER MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  26. oh gosh maryconley.
    I would have gave you membership if I had it 🙁 .
    But I don’t.

  27. Hey! On the 30th My mom and I are driving my best friend to the 1st day of school! Shell come at 6:45 and School starts at 8! Ill get ready in 20 mins and we can play the rest!An hour!And I finished my book. Ill only show CW on mweor though. I dont have mambership either.What else did I wanna say? Oh…IDK. bye! CBL! and cool CW!

  28. I wish I could Mary,sorry. Happy B day! Im sure youll get it sometime!

  29. Mary Conley, I have a suggestion. Ask your parents for membership, and since it’s your birthday, They will probably say yes. Then you can play Steamworks Island!

  30. Did u guys know that yesterday was Friday the 13th?

  31. no june that thought didn’t occur to me. i had my birthday party on friday the 13th that was last year. my b-day is in exacly 4 months. i had bad luck yesterday long story.

  32. I have all the time in the world.

  33. Oh yeah! by my B day Steam wroks will be out. Well the next Island will be better and thatell be perfect.And if your a non-member and your b day passed, chrismas? bye. (and my dad said that and Me and My mom got mad and cause its a bad movie) bye! CBL

  34. Your b days December 14th? you know,That movie Vamires Suck,IT LOOKS AWSOME!!!! WHAYD HE SHOOT ALICE THOUGH!!!!?????(And I only have alittle bit of time)

  35. CW,did you finish Steam? byue CBL

  36. PoptropicaSecrets, I have a question. Do you have a quicker way of defeating the monsters at the end?

  37. opps i hit 4 instead of 3. my b-day is on nov. 14th.

  38. oh.Hey! I dont want any of you enetering this contest on my page on mweor. My b day is October 15th 2000 🙂 and Mabye you can shoot constintly

  39. ohh…Oh yea! well….They made a super guide guys too. Can I look around on steamworks CW?

  40. uh…Can you put me on main street?

  41. I mean Put U on main street? bye

  42. guys its my b day today and can you please tell me any member accounts thats my only b day wish i just really want to see steamwork mabey ill even help you pass it please guys pleasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  46. mary…Make a Mweor.Tell me its name,eye color, body color k? just do it!

  47. Whoa Jeall. My B-Day’s
    October 3rd!
    Asia Love’s B-Day is December 26.

  48. Yeah Viv. You’ll be turning 14 in October, and I will be turning 14 in December.

  49. Anyway I GOT A LAPTOP NOW!!!
    I once had a mini laptop, but someone broken in our house and stole it.

  50. Do you want to post any songs today Lin?

  51. How ’bout tomorrow?

  52. Yeah. I’m soooo tired of the rain here.

  53. Me too. SOO pooped out. So bored here in Florida, even for a vacation!!! I’m want to be back in Georgia.

  54. i have to be pashens until september 9th and thats when i have school.

  55. Ja Lin. Ik ben Signing Off.
    This is in Dutch, people.

  56. A friends bday is Oct 2 I think. I thought Kristiwi was a friend.

  57. Oh and Are you step sisters? cause if you were ACCUAL sisters you couldnt be about teh same age. (And I am rasing against a teacher! Ive read 43 capter books from june 2nd-present)

  58. kristiw1 are you familar with mweor? and are you 8?

  59. ok i know that astro knight waas tough but the boss wasn’t that hard! im still waiting 4 steamworks island to come out to nonmembers though

  60. Hey! Mary,I completed 2 bosses on Astro nights for you! bye cbl

  61. OMG !
    MAAAN !
    TOO HARD .

  62. what r u ppl taking about?

  63. thank you thank you thank you jeall how can i ever repay you!!!!!!!!!!

  64. jeall dude thankyou i mean thank you like really if you tell me your account mabey ill help you on any islands ahhhhhhhhh omg thankyou 10000 time thankyou you gave me half of my b day wish ill repay you if you tell me your user name and password dude i will do any island for you jeall you are so kind

  65. you are to kind i
    ily 😀

  66. jeall can i ask you one more question can you help me defeat mordred

  67. jeall

  68. To Jeall:
    Well, we’re not not stepsisters (Asia and I are the only ones in each of our family). But we’re FAKE sisters and cousins. 😀
    Right Lin?!

  69. you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT Viv!!!!

  70. Lin???

  71. i start school september 7th

  72. khmr girl later if you see jeall can you tell her i said thankyou

  73. khmr girl can you help me defeat mordred on poptropica my username is rvsqueen

  74. and my password is silvestre

  75. l, if no ones gpnna talk then im leaving bye!
    ps im eating razzles

  76. Hey maryconley!!!
    I’ll help you defeat modred. 🙂

  77. I defeated modred for you.

  78. thank you tell me your account and i can finish any island you want me to finish for you

  79. oh it’s ok.
    I’ve finish all of my islands. 🙂

  80. thank you ill repay you just tell me your poptropca account and ill do any island you want me to do

  81. r u a member on poptropica

  82. No. but I want to. So I can play steamworks.

  83. Oh and any future islands.

  84. i wonder wat being a member is like

  85. yeah. It’s was better when they had early access tickets.

  86. They”re just trying to make more money.

  87. skulldugery is hard howed you finish it?

  88. Dani the Magnificent

    Hi Khmer Girl. Danny is out on a trip so she asked me her friend, Zira, to type what she wanted to say.

  89. i didnt even have enough money or i dont have enough

  90. Skullduggery was ok. Trading was the boring part.

  91. Dani the Magnificent

    Okay. Skullduggery was hard.
    Ayway. I have to type some things.

  92. Ok Zira. You could start.

  93. Back everyone! Wat’s happening?!

  94. Dani the Magnificent

    Danny: I am going to miss you guys. And smart Paw says he is not but most likely he is. Anyway. My brother is trying to get every thing he wants to do before we leave. *sigh*
    So this is my final goodbye!

  95. Are they going on vacation?!

  96. Dani the Magnificent

    No. They are moving. I’m going to miss Smart Paw and Danny. I actually like Smart Paw.

  97. Yeah I’ll miss both of them. *sigh*

  98. Dani the Magnificent

    Dani said she would try to type here as soon as possible.

  99. Dani the Magnificent

    They are moving to North Carolina. They can still come here just they won’t be on here for a while.

  100. They’re moving to N.C.!!!
    I’m here in Georgia!

  101. Dani the Magnificent

    Cool. Oh and is Nicholas here? I have a question.

  102. NC! *faints* You guessed it! That’s where I live!

  103. Testing, Testing 123. Oh. NC. I might see Smart Paw. In what city?

  104. Dani the Magnificent

    Really. Fact Monster. Cool. Oh. Hi Nick. Hmmmmmmm. They are moving near Fort Bragg I believe.

  105. Yeah what city???!!!

  106. I am not saying where I live.

  107. Srry to worry you, Viv.

  108. I’m not asking you, silly! I’m asking Zira!

  109. Lin! I’M the one asking that question!

  110. Anyways, what happened before, Lin?!

  111. I mean, who is Lin? And who is Zira?

  112. I thought my dad woke up. I said “Good Morning!” but no one said anything. I went to his bedroom. He was asleep.

  113. Zira is the girl who is taking Dani’s place today.

  114. Dani the Magnificent

    That dude who thinks he is awesome is weird.
    Like me.
    Anyway! I am so totally awesome!
    Hey who knows what my name means!?

  115. Oh and Viv is Khmer Girl.

  116. Dani the Magnificent

    Fact Monster. This is Zira. Danny asked me to type some stuff down for her.

  117. Back to the story Lin.

  118. You’re name is hate is Swahili.

  119. Dani the Magnificent

    Yep. I hate my name. Well I like it. But I hate what it means.

  120. Ok Viv. Anyways, my dad was asleep. But I still heard sounds, so I investigated. I looked where the sounds were coming from. NOTHING!!!!!! I think there’s a ghost here!!!!!!!

  121. But your house is NEW!!!!

  122. Dani the Magnificent

    Ooh. Ghosts. I like the supernatural. Well stories about the supernatural. If your house is haunted. That is cool. Just hope the ghost isn’t crazy.

  123. Dani the Magnificent

    A ghost can still live there. But it could be rats or bugs.

  124. Zira’s name means: A city and a municipal council in Firozpur district in the Indian state of Punjab.

  125. Me too. But I don’t like it in real life!!!!!!!!!

  126. My hose is new, Zira.

  127. Dani the Magnificent

    No. It means hate in Swahili. But it could mean all that other stuff.

  128. Let’s just hope it’s squirrels.

  129. Dani the Magnificent

    A ghost could have lived on the land and is mad that you disturbed his/her peace. But at least it isn’t a vampire.

  130. Asia ♥, Look underneath your dad’s bed.

  131. Dani the Magnificent

    I’m hungry. I’m going to grab a snack. Or eat breakfast. Farewell until I come back mortals.

  132. No. I should be the one saying that Lin. I have an old house.

  133. Let me go eat breakfast.

  134. Dani the Magnificent

    Finished. I’m a pretty fast eater. (I’m not a pig. Who shoves food down her mouth.) Anyway. That was all Danny wanted me to type. So. Goodbye humans from the planet earth. And on behalf of Danny. Hear me for I have spoken!

  135. Yeah.
    You should be here a lot more Zira!

  136. i ate a whole water melon

  137. Yo, everyone!

  138. Hey little brother.

  139. how abot we have a poptropica party?

  140. let me make it

  141. the code; bcu82

  142. hi i’m going to have a party!!

  143. I’m here, Mary Conley!

  144. thank you r u still here though

  145. ok if no one is here at all i am leaving like for ever

  146. srry. Viv and I have to go do something for the rest of the day.

  147. hey! School starts 30th and i found out my teacher! well,bye!CBL

  148. jeall come back thankyou a million times ily thankyou i mean it jeall i can repay you just tell me you poptropica account and i do any island you want me to do for you please thats how ill repay you jeall please i insisct

  149. please jeall i will do it for you

  150. Jeall has completed every island already, Mary Conley.

  151. I finished all islands but Steamworks but cant get it(Non member) I just do stuff for friends.Ill do more right now. bye! cbl

  152. Hi. This is Smart Paw’s friend. Um……..yeah. Has Zira come on here?

  153. Zira? I dont know of a Zira here…I tthought Smart Paw moved. Are you a NEW friend? and CW, howd you get your outfit?

  154. He hasn’t moved yet. And I am new.

  155. Oh.so… still here?It would be nice to talk. how old are you and whos Zira? his new girlfriend?! haha!(Just so U know Im the teaser of smart paw)

  156. Im the oficcal welcomer

  157. welcome…uh…whats your name?

  158. My name is Haley. Um……..Zira is not Smart Paw’s girlfriend. I am 13. And uh……Zira is Danny’s friend. Actually. Smart Paw is letting me use his username on here. I have really liked this website for a long time and I’m glad to express my views and opinions.

  159. Oh and mary,Im workin’ on Mythology for ya. I almost got it but didnt.

  160. Oh cool. How old is Dani and Zira?the youngest to oldest people here are 6(I think) to 14 I think. bye(I knew Zira was Danis friend.) Im known for acaganal meaness puting up blogs, being the offical Welcomer, and also being acagalaly kind and sweet and caring.(I know SP would laugh his head off) Are you Danis age or SPs?

  161. Im also known for giving nicknames. So your name is Hale,Zira=Zi,Dani=dani,and Im just jeall.

  162. I’m Smart paw’s age. Dani is 8. And Zira is 15. I’m known for being normal and loving surfing. And on here is Smart Paw sweet and caring?

  163. Actually most people call me Lexi. Because of my middle name.

  164. k. Ill call ya that. k,So you live near the beach? and Smart paw is probbably exactly…THE OPPISTE or Sweet and caring. well,preety much. and me,CW(fact Monster) and someone else are 9(Ill be 10 in october) so perfect. how olds SP? he never said. Im guessing the age range, 5-15 I think.

  165. sorry I respond late. Are you at SPs house?Wheres SP,dani, any of them?

  166. Yeah. I’m at SP’s house. With his brother Tony. Danny is with her Dad. SP is with his other friends. SP is 13.
    And I never knew he is the exact opposite of sweet and caring. He seemed nice. *sigh*

  167. sorry. *shrugg* you know…Im gonna sing. uh…Got it!

  168. I’m a horrible singer.

  169. oh and if your mad at him,sing I cant Dance from HSM2(I hate it but like that song) he HATES it! so…just tips.

  170. Yeah. I’ll try singing it.

  171. On here…Think of it this way: Sing as if no ones listening. Dance as if no ones watching. Live as if it were your last day. (I write books,give advice, AND im great with animals. song tiem now!:

  172. I write books too! And I made a comic book series! Just wanted to point that out! BYE!

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  174. Demi is actually pretty good. Boo you Justin and jonas brothers!

  175. I dont think The new girl likes a Bragert like you,Nicky. Please Nicky. Still there , Lexi?

  176. Boo you too.Please, come back later?

  177. Wow. Long song. Never heard of it though.

  178. Actually. You can’t tell me what or what I don’t like and you were bragging the whole time. So. Leave people alone. Anyway. I just wanted to express that.

  179. Lex?Ya there Lex? aww. bye

  180. Who you talking to? nand Its in the new Movie, Camp Rock 2.Its all over Disney Land

  181. Why are you leaving?

  182. I mena Disney CHANNEL. hello? and Im sory I assumed that. I thought u wouldnt like meeting bragerts your first day. Still there Lex? and I got 250th comment!

  183. I wasnt. I thought u left. still there? and answer my questions please

  184. why do you leave suddenly like that?

  185. I’m still here. And if people want to talk about there accomplishments they can. And never heard of the movie heard of Disney channel though. Watch it sometimes.

  186. Im gone. your gone so mmy to.

  187. oh. your here. you heard of Mweor? and what islands have ou not done on pop?

  188. why do you leave so suddenly!?

  189. you have membership?

  190. Don’t have membership.
    And I haven’t finished Astro-Knights.
    I am doing 2 things at the same time.
    Soo. I won’t be here all the time.

  191. I have heard of Mweor.

  192. ohhh! i can do some astro for you. Ive done ALLL the islands but steamworks.Im non member. whats you mweor name

  193. Oh. I don’t really have a mweor. I have HEARD of it. Never actually played it.

  194. Oh. sorry. make one.Im The mweor Master and My page looks cool. bye GTG

  195. hello? somebody talk to me!!

  196. uhhhh…What islands have you not done?

  197. I want to party!! who wants to come?

  198. if you need help just tell me!!

  199. k. what islands have you not done?

  200. jeall i have not competed sullduggery

  201. Ill help out! is that it? and party?

  202. but i have colpleted it for a firend!!

  203. oh.man!i can NEVER help out! im gonna help Mary out. bye…inless theres a party

  204. Me too, Poptropica Girl!

  205. CW! mweor too? and Im there! any spicific theme before I come?

  206. Nicks there! where are ya nick?! And…Im asuming the theme is pink since there wearing it.Im wearing it to.

  207. OK. I’ll be there in a minute!

  208. smart paw? cw? Nicky? Pop girl? wow

  209. CW! howd ya get the outfit?!!!

  210. I costumized the dog in Spy island!

  211. Be in th party later

  212. hey thanks for coming i was the girl wering the prom dess!!

  213. give me your username and password and i can do is islands for you!!

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  226. Hi. Anyway. Peace out.

  227. wow. bye. and…CW,You know my account…could you put me infront of a dog? no farther though?

  228. i cant cosomz the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Hi every1!!!!!! I’m testing out my new laptop!!!!!

  230. So…Where’s Viv???!!!
    or anyone else???!!!

  231. Good for you Lin. Ummmm……………………SONG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If you’re looking for a show.
    Where they go hardcore
    And there’s glitter on the floor.

    And they turn me on.
    When they Take It Off.
    When they Take It Off.
    Everybody Take It Off.

  239. Oh, oh, oh!


    Oh, Oh, Oh!


    Right now! TAKE IT OFF!
    Right now! TAKE IT OFF!
    Right now! TAKE IT OFF!

  240. uh. no one tell who CW is. shell figure it out sooner or later. has anyone else got a message from a “Fotune teller”? Oh and on mweor?

  241. Oooh.

    Right now! TAKE IT OFF!
    Right now! TAKE IT OFF!


    There’s a place downtown,
    Where the freaks all come around.
    It’s a hole in the wall.
    It’s a dirty free for all.

    And they turn me on.
    When they Take It Off.
    When they Take It Off.
    Everybody Take It Off.

    There’s a place I know
    If you’re looking for a show.
    Where they go hardcore
    And there’s glitter on the floor.

    And they turn me on.
    When they Take It Off.
    When they Take It Off.
    Everybody Take It Off

  242. I GOTTA get someone who DOESNT like to sing AS A FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. eh! I like The Chimpmunks better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roll with It!!!! my FAV song by them. and…I LIKE ORIGANAL WICH DOCTER!!!

  244. I have? what have you?

  245. The Chipmunks? I LOVE them!

  246. Hmmm. I don’t know you. Jeall.

  247. I’ve gotten a message from The Fortune Teller.

  248. Yeah. There are great. Me and Viv like them.

  249. Song: Also from Ke$ha

  250. oh. welll… I got the CD from the library! i got tell the end of the month! Im gonan put it on now! hold on. and i know YOU AL! BRB

  251. Kesha – Tik Tok

    Wake up in the morning
    Feeling like P Diddy
    [[ay what up girl]]
    Grab my glasses
    I’m out the door
    I’m gonna hit this city
    Before I leave
    Brush my teeth with a
    Bottle of JACK
    Cause when I leave for
    The night I aint coming back

  252. I’m talking pedicure on our toes (toes)
    Tryin on all our clothes (clothes)
    Boys blowin up our phones (phones)
    Drop topping, playing our favorite CD’s
    Pulling up to the parties
    Tryna get a little bit TIPSY

  253. Don’t Stop
    Make it Pop
    DJ blown my speakers up
    Tonight I’mma fight
    Till we see the sunlight
    Tick tock on the clock
    But the party don’t stop
    No oh, oh oo whoa oo whoa oh
    Oh oo whoa oo whoa oh

  254. I’ll probably play a Chipmunks song as well.

  255. yeah! i put the CD on! Im getting Bad Day right now! soo…next?

  256. I’m playing: Stayin’ Alive. By: The Chipmunks.

  257. blah! Had a bad day! nahnahnahnahnahn!!!(Oh…wheres THE REAL smart paw?)

  258. oh. thats not on the sountrack. now is the cristmas song. Im not gonna listen though. new song! hold!

  259. He’s moving, remember?

  260. now: Follow Me Now(This is THE FIRST movie CD)

  261. Now Playing: Follow Me Now. By: The Chipmunks.

  262. I didn’t know you were going to play that song! We are both listening to the same song!

  263. yah but His friend got on and said hes not gone yet. and she was on HIS computer. if a Zira,Haley,Tony,any of them thier SPs friend.

  264. ha! mines almost over though now.

  265. my fav song! How We Roll1 YAYY! how roll!!!! ololololololo!

  266. found the case! next is…Wich Docter rap version. k.

  267. Somehow, Mine is playing the same song.

  268. wow! we ahve the same CD and somehow put it on same time

  269. Same thing playing on mine. 😀

  270. doesnt Coast 2 Coasts(listening to now) begining sound like Pheneas and Ferb? BRB

  271. yah… *cry* 😥 Only U!!! My mom said this song some boyfriend played to her a long time ago! 😥 *sob* aawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  272. oh its just…romantic. how about mweor. bye! BOMFN! CBL

  273. oh and i lOVE tic Toc! oh bye

  274. is any one here????????

  275. I am, Mary Conley! 🙂

  276. ok well umm this is wiered

  277. fact monster can i ask you some thing

  278. uhh do you have a member account on poptropica??????????

  279. Yes. But no, you can’t have my username and password.

  280. i know i wasnt gonna ask

  281. i was gonna say can you help me on mytholigy island

  282. Oops! 😳 I meant 400th to comment!

  283. I can complete Mythology for you.

  284. any ways help me on mytholigy island my user name is
    and my password is

  285. OK. Thanks! I’ll help you.

  286. i just need help defeating zeus

  287. thats all

  288. lol im watching family matters
    Steave: Did i do that hehehe

  289. fact monster why did you turn my hologram off dude i never gave you permmision to turn my hologram off

  290. you used me to play around didnt you

  291. I was watching family matters too. I saw the one where they needed to make 1200 cupcakes. I love that show.

  292. Song I should sing today:
    Heaven’s Light
    God help the Outcasts

    Songs from the movie Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Property of Disney

  293. Last day on here. This is the REAL Smart Paw.

  294. Sing Hellfire!!!!!!!!

  295. i dont use hell in less im talking about the place i dont use hell in gods name

  296. hi i am going to give away a poptropicakin!!!!

  297. a girl poptropicakin!!! wait and see!!!

  298. ok? can you tell me poptropica girl?

  299. the username is coolbean271
    the password is jacobson

  300. see has 175 to buy with!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. Hey!! Come visit my member room thing my code is BMC83!! Ill be on for at least the next 45 min.

  302. No wonder Bronze Monster looks like an Indian on blog.poptropica.com !

  303. Everybody come to my party on poptropica my code is ALG14

  304. hi? want to go to my party? if you do tell me the them you want



  307. I’m still trying to defeat Zues on your account, Mary. Oh, and Posieden’s Trident replaced the hologram. By the way, I have a lot of friends over, so I’m going to be on here for about 15 minutes.

  308. That was just the name of the song. And I don’t use he double hockey sticks ever. So what song should I sing.

  309. Oh and you spell Zeus like Z-E-U-S.

  310. The choices:
    Heaven’s Light=Sung by Quasimodo or Tom Hulce
    Hellfire= Sung by Frollo
    God help the Outcasts=Sung by Esmerelda

  311. i am The best at mytholgy

  312. Okay.
    One Heaven’s Light
    One Hellfire
    No God help the Outcasts

  313. More people have to vote.

  314. Did everyone leave?

  315. Good bye.

  316. Dang it! So close. Is anyone here besides me?

  317. So many times out there
    I’ve watched a happy pair
    Of lovers walking in the night
    They had a kind of glow around them
    It almost looks like heavens light

  318. I knew I never know
    That warm and loving glow
    Though I might wish with all my might
    No face as hideous as my face (Quasimodo sang this song.)
    Was ever meant for heavens light

  319. But suddenly an angel has smiled at me
    And kiss my cheek without a trace of fright
    I might even dare to dream
    She might even care fore me
    And as I ring these bells tonight
    My cold dark tower seems so bright
    I swear it must be
    (Bell ringing)

  320. Hell fire! I havent heard it since before our VCR player broke like 4 years ago! well, I have a dog named Zeus and a dog named Ellie. A cat=Finley and a ton a fish! 🙂

  321. Okay the song Hellfire. This song in the movie came right after Heaven’s Light. Soo. I decided to put them together.

  322. Frollo: Something Something Maria
    You know I am a righteous man
    Of my virtue I am justly proud

  323. oooohhh! thats his name! so? hello?

  324. hi Jeall.

  325. Frollo: Something something Maria
    You know I’m so much purer than
    The common vulgar weak licentious crowd

  326. Then tell me Maria
    Why I see her dancing there
    Why her smoldering eyes still scorch my soul

  327. I feel her
    I see her
    The sun caught in her raven hair
    Is blazing in me out of all control
    (Weird song.Maybe you can notice something about this song.)

  328. Like fire
    This fire in my skin
    This burning desire
    Is turning me to

  329. I get it. soo? sorry. i WAS on Fantage and mweor. and I on accident hit the capital butten for was.

  330. *shruggs* you know what?…i forgot. Im watching I think Mandy Bought Icarly or someting. its cool. now what

  331. It’s not my fault
    Preists: Something something
    I’m not to blame
    Priests: Something something
    It was the gypsy girl
    The witch who cast this flame

  332. It’s not my fault
    Priests:Something something
    If in God’s plan
    Priests: Something Something
    He made the devil
    So much stronger then a man

  333. hi Jeall. Again.

  334. Frollo: Protect me Maria
    Don’t let this siren cast her spell
    Don’t let her fire sear my flesh and bone

  335. Destroy Esmeralda
    And let her taste the fires of Hell
    Or else let her be mine and mine alone!

  336. Then a guard interrupts Frollo’s crazy song to the fireplace

  337. Hi Asia.

  338. hi Khmer girl.

  339. Guard: Minister Frollo, the gypsy has escaped.
    Frollo: What?!
    Guard: She is no where in the cathedral. She’s gone.
    Frollo: But how?
    Never mind. Get out you idiot! I’ll find her. I’ll find her if I have to burn down all of Paris.

  340. Hellfire
    Dark fire
    Now gypsy it’s your turn
    Choose me or
    Your fire
    Be mine or you will burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  341. God have mercy on her.
    God have mercy on me.
    But she will be mine

  342. oh. From “The Hunchback of Notre Dam”. Right, Nick?

  343. the end.

  344. Yep. I think I wrote down the video somewhere.

  345. where is “Hi KG,AL,Nicky, AND JEALL!” ok soo?

  346. Good song. I like it.

  347. Hey Lin…Nareena’s on facebook!

  348. Oh. Hello everyone.

  349. im kinda sad though well im really sad my dog died today

  350. Hi Mary.

  351. Your dog died? I’m sorry.

  352. he got ran over by a car

  353. What idiot ran over the dog?

  354. What the heck???!!!
    That driver is dumb!!!
    I would have sue him!!!!

  355. Oh!Losing a animal is always painful. last time I lost a pet, It was 2! 1 month apart! 2 mice died in 2 months! *Cry*

  356. (I would prefer saying something else other than dumb)

  357. NNNOOO!!!
    It was an innocent dog!!!

  358. my dog was so big how could he not notice it my family is growing flowers with his ashes

  359. i loved him i had him for 9 years!

  360. Poor dog. Poor poor dog.
    How could that person not see the dog.
    Mostly likely drunk.
    I’m sorry Mary.

  361. i loved him so much i had him for 9 freaking years!!!!

  362. The person who ran him over is a bama. I’m sorry Mary.

  363. Whoa! Ashes! Was he burned.

  364. ya i didnt want to but my family said we had to so we didnt have to look at so much blood

  365. the person that ran him over laughed at us

  366. every day i will look at the window and look at the stars and think my dog will be happy where he is

  367. i need help cheering up please

  368. I learned that your not supposed to burn the dead.
    It reminds me of well the dogs dead so you burn him= The dogs dead. He goes to you-know-what.
    Just saying. But that was your decision.

  369. aww. I know this isnt bad. but speaking of animal abuse… My cat got shot with a BeeBee gun 2 times. 1 in the ear…one right by the heart. He almost died. and still can…we think the pellets lead…then hell get lead poisining and…he might die! hes only 7!

  370. WTF!!! That…that LUNATIC!!!

  371. The man who ran him over is evil.

  372. Song.
    I will sing a song.

  373. OMG!
    Rlly Jeall???!!!

  374. Me too. Too many tragic things.

  375. STOP SPEAKING ABOUT DYING ANIMALS! *holding back tears*

  376. this is not making me feel better

  377. uh! my cat! ok… so…?

  378. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  379. someone try and make me laugh so i can forget what happened

  380. oh what am i doing im not smiling at all

  381. Mine didnt die! but… I had a dog who died 5 years ago and before I was born. he had a tumor. and really.

  382. nvm i might not stop thinking of him

  383. jeall i dont see how this is making me feel better

  384. Ok…well?
    Knock Knock.

  385. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  386. Someday
    When we are wiser
    When the world’s older
    When we have learned


  388. corn who? and… ???

  389. Omigosh. *rolls eyes*

  390. Wait! I now an awesome song! I love this song!

  391. its just to cheer up!

  392. Have you found my ear of corn?

    It’s corny, isn’t it?
    (yeah. It’s dumb)

  393. Wait never mind.
    I wake up in the morning
    Remember that your gone
    Wonder where the sun went
    The rain is falling now.

  394. weres Mary? and bad joke!

  395. its really soothing click it

  396. Daniel Powter ~ Bad Day

    Where is the moment we needed the most
    You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
    They tell me your blue skies fade to gray
    They tell me your passion’s gone away
    And I don’t need no carryin’ on

  397. click it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rawr!!!!!!!!!

  398. I can’t think of any song.

  399. You stand in the line just to hit a new low
    You’re faking a smile with the coffee you go
    You tell me your life’s been way off line
    You’re falling to pieces every time
    And I don’t need no carryin’ on

  400. Because you had a bad day
    You’re taking one down
    You sing a sad song just to turn it around
    You say you don’t know
    You tell me don’t lie
    You work at a smile and you go for a ride
    You had a bad day
    The camera don’t lie
    You’re coming back down and you really don’t mind
    You had a bad day
    You had a bad day

  401. Will you need a blue sky holiday?
    The point is they laugh at what you say
    And I don’t need no carryin’ on

    You had a bad day
    You’re taking one down
    You sing a sad song just to turn it around
    You say you don’t know
    You tell me don’t lie
    You work at a smile and you go for a ride
    You had a bad day
    The camera don’t lie
    You’re coming back down and you really don’t mind
    You had a bad day

  402. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pSyYhRYeIM
    guys i know you want to click it
    im still crying

  403. I clicked the video!

  404. (Oooh.. a holiday..)

    Sometimes the system goes on the blink
    And the whole thing turns out wrong
    You might not make it back and you know
    That you could be well oh that strong
    And I’m not wrong

  405. (yeah…)

    So where is the passion when you need it the most
    Oh you and I
    You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

    Cause you had a bad day
    You’re taking one down
    You sing a sad song just to turn it around
    You say you don’t know
    You tell me don’t lie
    You work at a smile and you go for a ride
    You had a bad day
    You’ve seen what you like
    And how does it feel for one more time
    You had a bad day
    You had a bad day.

  406. Hey1 alvin did that! YOU HAD A BAD DAY! YOU TAKE AWAY! (I forgot next part )

  407. oh yeah Viv?!
    Listen to this!

  408. Don’t forget
    The person that you love
    Don’t regret
    That you never did hug
    Just move on
    And let those memories live
    Sing a song
    And let it sink in
    Cause along

    He’s there

  409. Bad day. Stupid annoying song.

  410. “The Climb” By: Miley Cyrus

    I can almost see it
    That dream Im dreaming but
    Theres a voice inside my head sayin,
    Youll never reach it,
    Every step Im taking,
    Every move I make feels
    Lost with no direction
    My faith is shaking but I
    Got to keep trying
    Got to keep my head held high

  411. Theres always going to be another mountain
    Im always going to want to make it move
    Always going to be an uphill battle,
    Sometimes you going to have to lose,
    Aint about how fast I get there,
    Aint about whats waiting on the other side
    Its the climb

  412. The struggles Im facing,
    The chances Im taking
    Sometimes they knock me down but
    No Im not breaking
    The pain Im knowing
    But these are the moments that
    Im going to remember most yeah
    Just got to keep going
    And I,
    I got to be strong
    Just keep pushing on,

  413. Theres always going to be another mountain
    Im always going to want to make it move
    Always going to be an uphill battle,
    Sometimes you going to have to lose,
    Aint about how fast I get there,
    Aint about whats waiting on the other side
    Its the climb

    Theres always going to be another mountain
    Im always going to want to make it move
    Always going to be an uphill battle,
    Sometimes you going to have to lose,
    Aint about how fast I get there,
    Aint about whats waiting on the other side
    Its the climb

  414. I can almost see it! That dream Im dreamin’ but, theres a voice inside my head sayin’ youll never reach it!

  415. Keep on moving
    Keep climbing
    Keep the faith baby
    Its all about
    Its all about
    The climb
    Keep the faith
    Keep your faith

  416. Oh oh oh oh the climb!

  417. Huh. *sigh*
    “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

  418. The Climb? Seriously. I like the song. But seriously? oh well.

  419. its nice…AND Mary SMILED! and that was the goal!

  420. He got hit by a water bottle.

  421. Someone can smile and not be cheered up. Besides.

  422. omg my mom bought me a new puppy it so smal i can hold it in one hand

  423. Okay. this has to be the worst day of my life does anyone realize this is my last day. I understand you want to cheer her up( If my dog died I wouldn’t be on here.). But gosh not even one goodbye! And besides. Everyone shut up!

  424. Yea! A puppy.

  425. Okay everyone shut up………………now.

  426. what breed of up? Yorkie? Chiwowa? Mini Dauachen? and why wont you have a computer in da new house?

  427. you have no right to tell me to shut up im 13

  428. I’m 13 too. So. Shut up. And I will have a computer…………never mind. Shut up. Shut up. shut u.

  429. he is too! (I think) and what type? oh KG and AL are 13 almost14.

  430. well why wont you come here then?

  431. Okay. Jeall. I won’t be here for………………………..forever. My sister will be on here. I won’t. Period. The end of the conversation.

  432. Its not the end! why cant you come too?!!!

  433. Peace out suckas! (You guys really aren’t suckas.)

  434. Oh. and Bye smart Paw.

  435. huhhhhhhhh…Goodbye SP…I cant beleive Im sating this but….Ill miss you. bye…

  436. Whatever then.

  437. Bye. Won’t miss you.

  438. My comment? if you dont take my comments nicley…I take em back


  440. But it is true. Won’t miss you. I’ll have plenty other things to worry about. Considering you were a jerk to me. But I do mean my good bye.

  441. Okay. And you are a girl who type stuff on this website.

  442. Good bye Asia.

  443. :Confused: we arer enimies when it comes to most parts…but i KNOW WERE FRIENDS SOMEwhere. bye

  444. Good bye Khmer Girl.
    Oh and bye Nicholas. You were my favorite on here.

  445. Jeall:We are friends. But I despise you.

  446. My fav here is CW,KG, .bye

  447. Aw. Thx. You made my life worthwhile, Jeall. 🙂

  448. Lin. You know I love you as a sis, right?

  449. 😀
    Well I love YOU as a sis too.

  450. My final goodbye. I would like to end it with mwah ha ha.
    Goodbye to the people I hate
    Goodbye to the people I like
    I know this is my last day
    I like to say goodbye
    You all say you will miss me
    But most likely you’ll forget me
    My goodbye is really long (and stupid.)
    But I would like to end it with a
    Mwah ha ha

    See ya later losers and friends!

  451. I might not forget you. 😉

  452. IO DEFINITELY won’t forget you SP. 🙂

  453. I wont forget the fights,I wont forget the meaness, I will NEVER forget u SP.Youll forever be in the hating side O’ My heart.

  454. Cu never so y r u leaving

  455. oh and sp I forget no one

  456. And it doesn’t matter because I’m the only one here

  457. I might actually already miss him:cry:

  458. I mean 😥

  459. Would u just leave already Smartpaw!!

  460. hey guys im gonna change my name to reina since reina is my real name so pass it on

  461. hey guys its marconley here i changed my name to reina because thats my real name

  462. Where is moroard secret lab

  463. hi hi im so happy since i got a new puppy

  464. 😀

  465. i know i’m late but bye smart paw. ididn”t know what all the jeall and smart paw stuff was about but is is checking.

  466. i actually wish sp didnt leave 😥

  467. He was a good one, but he moved on.

  468. Monday, August 16, 2010 steamworls premier party
    Poptropica Members have been having a blast on Steamworks Island. Besides trying to solve the mystery of what happened to the Island’s inhabitants, Poptropicans have also been spending a lot of time at the Steamworks Gear Shop — that’s this island’s common room.
    It’s been fun to see Poptropica Members hanging out on a new Island, with all the zany combinations of costumes and items they can imagine. Check out this motley crew!
    I dropped by, too, but nobody told me there was a dress code! I felt out of place not wearing a Mech Pilot costume.
    Always a wallflower…
    Keep an eye out for the Poptropica Creators in the Steamworks Island common room. Maybe we’ll see you there!
    BLACK WIDOW JJA and yah… hes gone forever…*cry* Im gonna miss ‘im! Bye!CBL!

  469. 650th comment! bye!

  470. I told the Witch Doctor you didn’t love me true
    I told the Witch Doctor you didn’t love me nice
    And the the Witch Doctor he gave me this advice
    He said
    Ooh-EE- Ooh-Ah-Ah
    Ting-Tang- Walla- Walla-Bing- Bang
    Ooh-EE- Ooh-Ah-Ah

  471. I just sang that for fun.

  472. Okay? Which song for today?
    1. Journey to the Past (Anastasia)
    2.Someday(Deleted song from HoNd)
    3. Lullaby( Lion king 2)

  473. I dono. never heard any of ’em. so… ohh! eeee!oh aw aw ting tang walla walla bing bang! oh eee oooo aww aww ting ting walla walla bang bang! I know that part a the song by heart! oh and…I have a whisleing habit…And in my school its not aloud…I dont wanna get in truble so… how can i stop myself?!!!

  474. Oh. Well. I really like lullaby. A villain sang the song.
    Why don’t you hum instead? Or program (no really program) yourself to whistle at certain times.

  475. Fortune cookie in poptropica store!

  476. Costs 250 credits. No post about it.

  477. Um………..hello?

  478. Did you see the fortune cookie? And which song should I sing?

  479. Okay. Journey to the Past.

  480. Heart
    Don’t fail me now
    Don’t desert me
    Don’t turn back
    Now that we’re here

  481. People always say
    Life is full of choices
    No one ever mentions fear

  482. Or how the world can seem so vast
    On a Journey to the Past

  483. Somewhere down this road
    I know someone’s waiting
    Years of dream just can’t be wrong

  484. Arm’s will open wide
    I’ll be safe and wanted
    Finally home
    Where I belong
    Starting now I’m learning fast
    On this Journey
    To the Past

  485. Home
    There was once a time
    I must of had them too

  486. Home
    I will never be complete
    Until I find you!!!!!!!

  487. One step at a time
    One hope
    Then another
    Who knows where this road will go

  488. Back to who I was
    On to find my future
    Things my heart still needs to know

  489. Yes!
    Let this be a sign!
    Let this road be mine!
    Let it lead me to my
    And bring me home
    At last!!!!!!

  490. Okay. The end.

  491. Okay. I really like this song. You all might but I do.

  492. Okay. Bye.

  493. Hey nick. and everyone else here. wat’s up?

  494. no!!!!!don’t go!!!!!

  495. Okay. Back.

  496. Hope you didn’t leave.

  497. Hi. Did you check out the videos?

  498. Dani the Magnificent

    *sigh* I am so tired.

  499. Yeah, I saw the videos.

  500. Did you like it? If you didn’t it is okay.

  501. I went to talk with Lin and my friend Philisha.

  502. Cool. Wait a minute. Is that Danny? Nah.

  503. Oh. She is already at her house? Wow. Hi Danny.

  504. I liked the vids, Nick.

  505. Dani the Magnificent

    I wnated to say hi. Inb ta ym wen esuoh. !nekops evah I rof em raeH. Man I’m tired. I’m speling thngs rong.

  506. What the heck. Danny what are you saying?

  507. im going to sing an older song say if you no it
    turn the beat around love to hear percussion
    turn it upside down love to hear percussion
    the french horns sound so pretty
    the violins keep moving to the nitty gritty
    turn the beat around love to hear percussion
    turn it upside down love to hear perrcussion
    the guitar players star playing with that syncopated rythm
    scratch scratch scratch
    makes me want to move my body yeah yeah yeah

    the drummer starts beatin that beat
    andhe nails that beat with the syncopated rythm
    and the rattatat onthe drums hey yeah
    turn the beat around love to hear percussion
    turn it upside down love to hear perrcussion
    love to hear it love to hear it love to hear it love to hear it
    turn the beat around love to hear percussion
    turn it upside down love to hear perrcussion

  508. Almost to 700.

  509. New page.

  510. that took forever

  511. i sung that in third grade chorus

  512. NEW POST! It’s about the fortune cookie. That I talked about earlier.

  513. I wish the fortune cookie was free. And nice song Bashful.

  514. cool

  515. thnx i didnt feel like getting the words but i remembered it

  516. im eatin fruit by the foot its good

  517. hola mary

  518. i would be but ive had to much mango today

  519. wats rong mary

  520. mary u ok

  521. r u there

  522. is any one here filipino

  523. 😥

  524. not that im sure

  525. sorry rong facial expresion i meant to do this

  526. oh did u like my song

  527. i wasnt here for your song

  528. than can u go and look at it plz

  529. can you help me do skulldugery island i only hve five thousand and something doubloons please!!!!!!!!!!

  530. I could help mary conley. I did someone’s account and finished in a day.

  531. 😮
    i like it you probably dont belive i read it but i read faster than usual
    and i type faster except the website always sais you typed to fast

  532. ok just look for salvage sell all buy nothing and look for salvage again and repeat and youll be rich on doing that i got the coy

  533. im still not done but my friend has the phenox war bird

  534. thx nicholas
    ok my user name is
    ans my password is

  535. i hate when it says u typed to fast

  536. you guys dont tell anyone else

  537. I’m on it. Be finished by tomorrow.

  538. I could help mary (can I call you that?)

  539. iwont crss my heart and hope to dye sticka needle in my eye and never again eat a pizza pie

  540. I’m tired. Viv, do we HAVE to do a song???

  541. i just made the pizza pie thing up

  542. Umm…Naa. Let’s do it tomorrow Lin.
    I’ll go outside for now, guys.

  543. who saw my song

  544. Ok. Get on facebook when you come back, ok Viv?

  545. Yeah. Ok guys, see you in 20 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

  546. u have a facebook

  547. i kinda want a face book

  548. nicholas i thought id help get doubloons too

  549. Okay. Let me get your boat first.

  550. nicholas i logged off then logged back on before i logged off i had 12 thousand doubloons now now i only have 7000

  551. You have a new ship. Your welcome.

  552. Back everyone!!! Miss me???

  553. hey nick i think i can take it from here log off my account

  554. because i worked hard on getting 20000 doubloons and im afraid if i log off now ill have 7000 doubloons again

  555. Khmer Girl, You were gone for only 20 minutes.

  556. Logged off.

  557. Yeah. Youre right CW.
    Anyway, I was talking with Lin (Asia Love) when my boyfriend, Adi (I call him Andy, course he’s asian) came.

  558. You have very few doubloons but lots of cargo. Sell the cargo earn doubloons!

  559. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  560. Wow u guys r nerds seriously ur on the computer ALL the timey cant u just go play outside or somethin for once (especially Jeall)

  561. I don’t come on here all day. AND you need to stop talking about people because people will talk about you so close your mouth. Oh you hoboken.

  562. Now i am going to get the heck of of here. Wait. I’m supposed to be gone until after I’m done with Steamworks Island. Peace out People!

  563. Hey Viv. Go to Facebook. I sended you an application.

  564. dude!!!!!!!!!!!!! you left me with 18 doubloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was going to earn your doubloons back.

  566. So dude, I was trying to help. Don’t worry okay. I’m not trying to steal all your doubloons or anything like that. K dude? I love the word dude.

  567. lol pple.
    I could beat Skullduggery, maryconley.

  568. nicholas im having an elergic reaction rightnow and im home alone and my parent left their phone at home im gonna call my aunt from the other block now bye cdvdfyrgwadsagdfgfrge

  569. I can do it!!
    I know I can!
    Just don’t get cranky!!!
    I can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: Or :angry:

  570. :upset:

  571. guys my aunts not answering im going to my neigbors house

  572. Uh oh. Crap. Dang it. What the snap sickles did you eat or touch? Or smell?

  573. OMG MARYCONLEY!!!!!!!!!!
    Just gooooo!!!!!

  574. dude i just told you im aabout to faint right now im not
    i just ate an apple im having a alergic reaction

  575. Wait! I’m supposed to be gone!

  576. OMG mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  577. im not
    at all bye now im leaving now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!112343tyhgggsg

  578. Why the heck did you eat an apple!
    Anyway run the heck out that house knock on there door and hope they answer! Run bama! Run!

  579. JUST GO WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  580. what the heck!
    Why were you on here !!!??
    Gosh run like the wind.
    Who gave you funking apple!
    Gosh run!
    I am hoping you live!!
    Don’t worry. YOU WILL LIVE. Wait don’t you have a sister. Where she at. Gosh. Where is anyone? Man i’m going psycho right. Now. I need to breath. *breath*

  581. Guys I’m back.
    :O :O :O :O :O

  582. Why are you typing run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God please let her run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  583. 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

  584. guys im back my neigbor stuck a alergy needle in my lllllleg i feell sooo drowsy1!!!!1

  585. RUN LIKE THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE LET HER LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU’RE NOT GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  586. im gonnnnnnaaa take a litttlle enap noww fddd

  587. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  588. she is fine Fact monster! i knew she would live. I just knew it.

  589. What…just…happened…TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  590. Hmm. Something is suspicous. Very fishy. I’m leaving.

  591. Phew! That was a close one!

  592. 🙂
    SHE’S ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  593. Could someone tell me what happened?????!!!!!

  594. Ah.. Yes. Mary Conley had an allergic reaction. And her neighbor put an alergy needle in her leg. Now she’s asleep.

  595. Something is fishy.

  596. I could be wrong but something feels fake and staged and just for attention.

  597. I don’t know what it is.

  598. Hmm. From wat I read, mary should have been running for her life; NOT chatting on here.
    I agree with nick.

  599. I know. I mean. C’mon. She kept on chatting. It was weird. But I don’t know for sure. I mean I’m supposed to be leaving but this keeps on bugging me.

  600. Me three. It seems like Mary Conley faked it. (For all we know, she could be a criminal)

  601. I know. Wow. I thought I was the only one thinking it.

  602. No… you’re not alone.

  603. This is rlly bugging me.

  604. I know. It is weird.

  605. when u explained that Viv, I could see wat you are saying.

  606. ……….I’m speechless……………

  607. She might have been trying to get some attention from us.

  608. Wow. We are either very suspicous and paranoid people or smart people who can see the phoniness in people.

  609. I know, Nicholas. I think someone should report this.

  610. I take the smart thing. Me and Khmer Girl are in Score in our school.

  611. Yeah. What if someone called the police. Trouble, trouble.

  612. you guys are so mean but you make all this seem funny except for the fact that maryconley has cancer that is just horrible

  613. Score?
    Anyway I’m both. I have a fear of people sneaking into my home or anything sharp in my eye. And I’m in the smart group(AG.) and Chess. Surprisingly I’m not a nerd.

  614. Alright. Someone, please report this.

  615. Just because you have glasses doesn’t mean you are a nerd.

  616. I wasn’t talking about glasses. I wore fake glasses to school one day. It’s cool wearing glasses!

  617. Well anyway, I have real glasses.

  618. Cool. My sis wears glasses.
    Nerds are different from smart people and people who wear glasses.

  619. I know. I’m not Smart or Dumb.

  620. Anyway. Is anyone going to report what just happened?

  621. OMG your khmer to??

  622. I don’t kno who u peeps r but if this is a club i would like to join!N this is a pretty good chat room!!

  623. Hey guys if this is a club may i join?

  624. i cant believe im famous!!!

  625. Dani the Magnificent

    Sure. Science Boy.

  626. Great job Bronze Monster! But I can`t wait to beat it- I wanna know the mystery so much it`s practically killing me!(just like waiting for school to start tomorrow!)

  627. i really like poptropica my guy looks really cool!!!!!

  628. oh yea good job bronze monster!!!!

  629. im so happy i cant belive I WAS THE FIRTS ONE !!!!!!!!
    ok bye.

  630. Hi i wuz wunderin if anyone had a room code i could go to??

  631. the only reason bronzy can finish islands first is cuz hes got membership

  632. Hi everybody, Bronze Monster is in the house!
    Yay! Congratulations to me!!!!
    By the way, thanks for the walkthrough!
    If you want to find me, I usually play between 1:00pm to 5:00pm.
    -Bronze Monster

  633. The comment above me is the REAL and ONLY Bronze Monster!
    Don’t listen to those other copycats!

  634. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All island is finished By me (the truth)

  635. I finished Steamworks Island too

  636. im trying to find the mech crank for the robot

  637. I wonder what poptropica’s next island will be?

  638. Hey lyra! i think the next island will be the great pumpkin island. hm… how about AFTER the great pumpkin island. you know who the creator of poptropica is?


    from: icystar

  639. i think that the hardest island is skullduggery- i STILL haven’t beat it 🙁 but ive beat every other island

  640. princeess middle east

    I like reading Jeff Kinney’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.Jeff Kinney is also the creator of Poptropica.

  641. I also finished Steamworks island. I am Kiev, playing as kievg3.

  642. i am stuck on steamworks island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant finish it because i cant do the stupid puzzle to get the mech crank!!!!!!!!

  643. DOES ANY ONE KNOW HOW ??????????????????????????????????

  644. i love diary of a wimpy kid.

  645. i just need to finish steamworks and skullduggery i just finished astro kinghts and im almost done with steamworks i just cant defeat the monsters wiht the acid coming up……. i got past the 2nd monster but casnt beat the 3rd monster….. how many monsters are there anyway? and ithink skullduggery is the hardest…………………. 🙂

  646. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven’t even finished 1 island and i have been on poptropica 4 nearly 12 months

    but im nearly finished great pumpkin and steam works island


  647. Yo. Im on this blog everey day and it is awesome! Ive benn working on game show

  648. omg I just finished steamworks island!!! it was pretty hard though!