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Finding the Torn Picture Pieces in Counterfeit Island

Counterfeit Island is going to leave early access tomorrow and become available for everyone! So get ready Poptropica people! If you bought your early access pass, then you want to make sure you complete the island today so that you get 200 credits instead of just 100. And if you weren’t able to get early access, don’t worry because Counterfeit Island is only a day away.

Counterfeit Island Walkthrough

If you haven’t finished the island yet, or you’re just eager to study up and get a good start, please see my complete Counterfeit Island Walkthrough. It has a video that shows you how to complete the entire island.

Torn Picture Pieces

One thing that a lot of people are having trouble with are the torn picture pieces. There are six pieces scattered across the island that you need to find in order to assemble a picture of a gargoyle. You use the completed picture to figure out how to position the pieces that appear on a lock that gets you after-hours access to the museum. Here’s where all of the six torn picture pieces are located (with screenshots!)

Torn Picture Piece Locations

  • City Docks: look up on top of the mast on the fishing boat
  • City Docks: lying in the sand by the Underground exit
  • Museum: outside on the roof dome
  • Museum: in the supply room
  • Underground: in the domed archway (you need to climb the wire)
  • Moldy Baguette Inn: outside near the roof at the top right side

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. I’ve already found them. It’s easy.

  2. i found them all but i got the supply key when i came out of the museum and to the mystirious guy my key was gone why?

  3. maybe u don’t need itanymore thats why they took it away either that or theres a techincal problem

  4. you know the strange scar dude that tells you to get the job and to catch the thief and the guy you get in a scooter chase in with. well when you get arrested by the police and when the in specter says frezze and stuff you see a police gurd who has a scar just like the strange scar dude who you got in a scooter chase and told you to cath the thief and get the job. i just found that out

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    I love this site.
    It helps so much.

  8. The tunnel lady says the tickits are all sold out though!!!

  9. hey!thanks now i know how to do!you guys are the best!

  10. To Susandy9: Try refreshing. If it didn’t come back…I guess you have to create a new account and refresh once you get the supply room key.

  11. for some reason i cant go anywere im stuck on mainstreet grr so anoyin!!!

  12. wat do you do to make it day time again? nd y is it dat evrytime i try 2 do the dragon face its resets?????????//

  13. what happened to reality tv island?

  14. Ah Devilgrl98 the creators are making it. Check out the Creators’Blog for more details, please.

  15. what if u cant get into the museum.


  17. i have found all of the peices of the pic xept for 1. where is it? and how can you get the 4 pictures to where they go? i know wich ones need to b moved but i dont know how to move them. how do you move them?

  18. RokinGreenGuRut!k!

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  19. ineed to find the tickets

  20. don’t worry they where in the trash can

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  22. what do you do after you get the picture pieces?

  23. what happens if you forgot about the supply room piece, and how do you get back in there when it’s night?

  24. when dose the worker guy move and let’s me throught!?

  25. Hi again. When dose the guy with the scar come out again after you’ve been realesed from jail? also how do I find out what time it was when he stole the painting? pleaes answer back ASAP!!!!! I need to know toget past.and if I figuer it out I will tell you guys later. thanks your pal *Merissa*! k byet ext you LAYTAR………………………..

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  27. Ugh, can anyone help me? I just got out of the part where me and Scar guy are tied up and now i am in the other room? WHAT DO I DO?

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  30. I Hated balloon boy because he always crys about everything that happens to him he crys about that does not go his way . Ilove 24 hour carrot i never get anywhere but i still love it .

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  33. oooooooooooooooooohhh I just watched like two more seconds of the walkthrough and i HAD put them on the completly wrong side of the museum. heh eh

  34. This island is stupid! I can’t find the LAST piece! The last one! I have been looking for it for 6 hours!

  35. Okay…i cant get back into the museum….cause its night…how do i get in?

  36. like how do you mean to get the missing pic pieces? i know how maddie i already passed it

  37. At maddie: Go to the place where you met the scarred man. Then go through the unlocked exit. Go up the ladder in the tunnel and unlock the lock on top by moving the pieces of the dragon thingy to look like your picture. If you watch the walkthrough, you’d know

  38. its already night and i havent found all of them and i try going some places and i cant find them wat do i do i only have 5

  39. this island is cool but when u go 2 the jail why isnt black widow in the jail

  40. the black widow knows your innocent when you are at jail because SHE sent a guy to do the crime.

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  51. I don’t think you need a balloon.

  52. well it’s night time and i can’t get the last torn picture! Plus this weirdo said sorry boss, street’s shut down. Doing night work. What now? 🙁

  53. People, I am BACK! Yes, THE person who loves this site is BACK! I missed PoptropicaSecrets during my summer at the province………(which sucked) and there was school after.So only today I, THE number one fan, Is BACK! Plus, My birthday’s on Wednesday for the eastern countries, and Tuesday for the “Wild West Counts’ ” ! Love, The Friendly Ghost

  54. To Kad and Something you don’t need to know
    You can still get the last piece at night. Go over to Mysterious Guy at the docks and he’ll say he opened the tunnel exit for you. Then you can go inside. 😉 I got stuck too on the torn picture part.

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