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Famous Pirates – Long John Silver

Aaaaaarrr! There are less than two weeks until Skullduggery Island launches for the public on Poptropica. Until now, only members and lucky winners of the Skullduggery Island contest have been able to play. It’s one of the biggest islands on Poptropica so far. The best part of Skullduggery is that it’s all about pirates, and in this adventure you must defeat the notorious Captain Crawfish and his pirate crew.

In celebration of the coming launch, here is a look at some of the most famous pirates in history and literature. Let’s start with one of the best-known of all, Long John Silver.

Long John Silver was the captain of the pirates in the book, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. He was the quartermaster of his ship and served under the notorious pirate, Captain Flint. In this story, Long John Silver has a plan to recruit several other pirates to find some of Flint’s long lost treasure. His plan is to lead a mutiny on board a ship, the Hispaniola once the treasure is found.

Long John Silver has a talking parrot, also named Captain Flint, and is missing a leg so he hobbles around on a crutch. He is one of the most famous pirates from stories and many pirates from movies and television, as well as other books, are based upon him.

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  3. Only 12 days until Skullduggery comes out for non-members!!! I can’t wait! It’s gonna’ be AWESOME!!!

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  13. I’m acutally reading the book “Tresure Island” right now! And my favorite movies are Pirates of the Caribbean.

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