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Every Cow Has a Story

If you’ve played Wild West Island yet, then you’ve probably run into this cow. When you finish the underground mine section and climb out via the rope, you’ll find this lone cow sitting in a mine cart. He’s wagging his tail a bit and nodding his head, but otherwise he doesn’t seem to notice–or care–that he’s inside an underground mine in a cart.

What do you think his story is? Did he go for a joyride in the mine? How did he get there? And when will he ever get out?

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  1. first comment

  2. second to comment! 🙂 😆

  3. I wonder…

  4. hmm…. 5th

  5. ~6th comment!~

    He probably had an underground adventure. That sounds like the one of the most thrilling life a cow could have! ☺

  6. Poor cow, a underground adventure that went horribly wrong.

  7. Maybe he took aride in the cart and got stuck.

  8. A cow in a cart???!!! How dumb!

  9. Maybe he turned temporarily mad and thought himself to be a miner and then in the middle he got back his normal cow brain and got stuck. Poor Cow…. 🙁
    It’s also possible it’s a she, and was very vain and heard that coal was good for horns?

  10. not sure people but i totally agree with red heart AKA friendly dragons story

  11. opps it its dragon sorry

  12. No fair! I got the unlucky number! For the record, 13th to comment!

  13. yeah, he does look dumb

  14. Invisible Lightning

    i agree with Red Heart A.K.A Friendly Dragon…

  15. I think that he was walking around in a prissy way, a strand of sweet alphalpha hanging out of his mouth, when all of the sudden he fell. Now, this was before the little bird stole the key. O

  16. it is weird

  17. How about this?
    A Poptropican farmer was also a miner. Lucky him, he had a mine right next door to him! One day, his cow somehow went into the mine cart and he ended up being trapped in the area. The cow thinks its a dog and it is at some sort of party, so he’s waggin the tail and he’s noddin like he doesn’t care. A few days after you reach that area, the farmer found the cow and took it back home.
    The End.
    I know. That can be a candidate for one of the world’s lamest stories. I actually agree.

  18. Amazing, I just had a day talking about cows.

    This cow is hiding. Yea, FROM US.
    Unfortunately, the cow got spotted,
    but is hoping we think (s)he is a goat, or don’t even notice em’ at all.
    You see, cows are hiding from Omnivores/Carnivores.
    They left this message:
    “We won’t cum bak until you EAT MOR CHIKEN!”
    (Does this sound familiar??? ;))
    P.S- Cows cannot spell, so yes, those WERE on purpose…

  19. Yeah, I actually made some people crack up with that. 😆
    If you get it, that is… 😉
    (HINT: it has something to do with chickens.)

  20. Oops, “won’t” should be spelled “wont” 😳
    (sorry cows…)

  21. Unknown, you are 12th to comment, cause Yuki commented twice.

  22. that cow has problems

  23. CHICK-FIL-A!!!

    Lol, on a poster, that’s what the cows wrote!!! 😆

    But no one guessed… 🙁
    I’ve been having this problem lately of people not paying attention to me when I say something.

  24. What did you say? Lol. 😆

  25. nice brave tomato internet high 5

  26. Yes! I finally beat the train robbers! :mrgreen:

  27. BT and EP’s stories make sense too. And Brave Tomato’s story has a happy ending, unlike mine. Never mind. I wonder why poptropica put the cow there anyway.

  28. people ur story all make sense but still why did the creators put it there in the first place i wonder 🙂

  29. yay i just finish wild wild west people yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  30. Well, probably to add some small humor in the scene.
    At least it stirred something to discuss…

    And thanks guys, I think is was fate I talked about the chick-fil-a cows @ school b4 I saw this post… 😮

  31. how do you get the gold pan:D

  32. Hello.

    -Lolita Circe, the lazy cynic

  33. cow cattle
    cow stuff

  34. It probably fell into the pit onto a cart while munching dumblessly on something. Besides, that should explain the rock shower.
    I should be asleep by now cause where I am right now the time is XII:V. BTW, I’m typing while I’m in bed on my dad’s IPhone. He doesn’t know that right now. 😀

  35. It probably fell into the pit onto a cart while munching dumblessly on something. Besides, that should explain the rock shower.
    I should be asleep by now cause where I am right now the time is XII:XX

  36. Man, they always make me make a mistake like that.

  37. This cheat didn’t work it sucked ballsac

  38. A cow? In a cart? In the Underground Mine?
    You don’t see that everyday. (Maybe you can if you visit the cow everyday 😆 )

  39. I was thinking he fell into the hole

  40. Awwww, the poor cow! I wonder if anyone knos its down there…

  41. Cheerful Cactus

    Maybe he used to belong to a miner…

  42. somerandomperoson

    i think that (s)he was really bored and didnt notice that there was a big hole in front of (s)he. then they fell in and rolled along a bit on a path finally coming to a stop!!! poor cow 🙁

  43. maybe he is a human under cover! DUNT DUNT DUNT DUNT!

  44. I think he is actually Sylvester in a cow costume…Trying to fool the canary aka (Tweety bird). When Tweety found out that it was that “bad old putty tat” he decided to trick Sylvester into falling into the mine (and of course that’s why Tweety had the key) And so then Sylvester went on a crazy mine ride of twists and turns until…He found himself zooming up and out of the mine on an old track but soon to find out when he got out he fell strait into another hole…which is where we find our poor kitty nowXD …Yep and that’s what happened:)

  45. OK, but what if it poops cow dung? then any theories of undercover humans is ballastic.

  46. invisible catfish

    i think this cow was captured by el mustachio grande, and the latter stuffed 10000 tons of hot chilli powder into the former’s throat, giving the cow the same effect as drug addiction. So, Mustachio made the cow work as his personal slave, mining for precious stones. However, Mustachio ran out of chillies, so he deserted the cow, thinking that precious stones were not precious anymore. So, after a few days, the cow climbed into the cart, treated it as a grave, and supposedly died. However, he was just brain dead and he is doomed to stay here forever, either making Poptropicans laugh so loudly that the Marshal can hear it, or scaring the living daylights out of them.
    PS there is an anti-drug essay competition that i am participating in so this little novella is something like a prequel.

  47. invisible catfish

    hey! any of you guys from singapore?

  48. Shy Rider (Poptropican name)



  50. I’m from Singapore, Invisible Catfish! Some of you haven’t seen Singapore on the map because it’s too small to see. But it doesn’t matter. Poptropica will rule forever!!!! ☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺♥☺!!!