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‘Ears to Dr. Hare!


If you’re not already aware of it, Poptropica hit its goal for getting 7,500 votes for a Dr. Hare themed LEGO set and because of it has released the Doctor Hare Ears Power.  Here’s what they had to say on the Creator’s blog:

Sometime this weekend we passed another crucial milestone on our LEGO CUUSOO project. We now have more than 7,500 supporters!

As promised, the Dr. Hare Ears Power is now available for free. To get this card, all you need to do is enter the code DRHARE7500.

(Not sure how to redeem a code? Find out here.)

7,500 votes is great, but it’s not our ultimate goal. We’re not done until we get 10,000 supporters. So enjoy the fruits of your labor thus far, but if you haven’t yet supported our project — or, if you’re under 13, gotten someone over 13 to cast a vote for you — now’s the time!


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  1. 1st!

  2. So, what color?

  3. hey guys? do yall want me to tell pakis story? (warning:slight creepiness ahead.)

    BTW, who is “bright skull?”

  4. Okay.

    I dunno.

  5. WS?

  6. Wow! I love the new 24 Carrot! It’s SO cool!

  7. My name used to be puppielove310 but then I changed it. (Yes, if you’re wondering, I do LOVE One Direction! My favorite is Niall!)

  8. Neope. Derp.

  9. Neope. Derp. Keep guessing!

  10. Purple, pink, yellow, orange, or red? That’s all the colors that I could think of.

  11. Hi!

  12. @ FO – I am now.

    @ BS _ Nada, no, derp, …….., no. 😀

    @ SB – Hai!

  13. Hi FO!

  14. Man, it’s really dark where I live now.

  15. Me too.

  16. It was orange! 😀 It looks so pretty!

  17. ugh why wont my laptop let me cut and paste my villan

  18. i ment copy and paste

  19. FO! You on?

  20. Yep, sorry!
    What’s up?

  21. Hai.

  22. Where are you? Camp?

  23. 6th user to comment!

    So…who won the fashion contest?

    And the 24 Carrotene Island (with soundtrack) is out for Members…
    And for non-members on youtube *heh-heh* !!!

  24. *sigh* 🙁

  25. I have to get those ears ❗

  26. GF!

  27. Darn it ❗ I thought they could be part of your costume.

  28. GF!!!

  29. @CS: Nope. They don’t allow cell phones or computers there.

    @RW, I know! I just hope it doesn’t cause the plugin to crash or anything.

  30. Three lousy days, no computer… Well, as long as three days are 72 hours. 72 HOURS? NO! This isn’t going to work good… Oh, well.

  31. Hey!

  32. What happened?!? It’s been awhile…… And you live in France?!? I thought you lived in Australia……..

  33. The promo was DRHARE7500. What’s in store?

  34. What?!? IS!

  35. IS! What happened?!? It’s been awhile…… And you live in France?!? I thought you lived in Australia……..

  36. Don’t forget, when I make a multiverse, I’ll tell you the code and you can then post it on Poptropica blogs to let everyone know and then I’ll have a party full of visitors!

  37. IS, are you listening to me? o.O
    And yes I know.

  38. I’m in Mexico, though I speak English. You know how Mexicans speak Spanish? Hola.

  39. You are? You’re pulling my leg.

  40. You live in France.

  41. IS? You alive? o.O

  42. ICY SNOWBALL?!?!?!?!??!?

  43. -_-

  44. SC, what the heck is wrong with you?!

  45. CS:Why were you talking to me even though I didn’t even comment here yet?


  46. Cuz, I told you to come!

  47. SC, what’s wrong with you?!?!?

  48. -_- Fine then. Whatever.

  49. I’m back. -_-

  50. Kitty?