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Dr. Hare Continues His Travels

Update: Well, it turns out my guess was right. The creators revealed today that Dr. Hare was hiding out in Acadia National Park in Maine. Now the only question is what is he up to?

Dr. Hare is back on the Poptropica Creators blog, continuing his travels. This time, he’s shown sitting on some rocks overlooking the ocean. All we know is the hint that he’s in a national park somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. My guess is that he’s in Acadia National Park, which is on the coast of Maine and is one of the few national parks to border the ocean. The pine trees in the background mean that it’s likely that Dr. Hare is somewhere in the northeastern U.S. What do you think? And where might Dr. Hare turn up next?

In other Poptropica news, we’re still waiting for Mystery Train Island to arrive on September 9. In the meantime, you can still play the D.C. Diner mini-game. I updated the D.C. Diner guide with a video walkthrough. Check it out!

And after Mystery Train Island, we’re in for another treat. Another island, most definitely having something to do with robots, will arrive later in September. Right now, we still don’t know much of anything about the Legend, except that a lot of screenshots featuring robots have started showing up in the Daily Pop section. There’s also a poster that appeared a few weeks ago in the official blog. Take a look:

Legend is Coming

My current guess is that the Legend and these appearances by Dr. Hare are no coincidence. We already know that Dr. Hare has a thing for robots. He created a rabbit shaped robot that he used to escape into outer space in 24-carrot island. He also invented a mind-control device that turned the citizens of that island into his mindless drones. The poster features someone wearing some sort of device on his head. I’m not saying that’s Dr. Hare in the poster, but he could have something to do with this robot army. Only time will tell. Until then, I’m going with this prediction.

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  2. Incredible Thunder

    3rd to commetn

  3. i love the game monopoly deal! who knows how to play? i wanna go to the beach.

  4. “Follow the spiders? Why couldn’t be follow the butterflies?”

  5. The comment above me is made by a really, really scared Ron…

  6. why did you quote Ron in harry potter and the chamber of secrets

  7. Im testing you silver moon
    1.what does Dumbledore see in the mirror of errised
    2.how many wands did harry try before the right one
    3.when did the characters wands start to have there own design(in the movies)
    4.who killed Sirius black(this ones easy)
    5.is Snape a good or bad man
    6.how old is adult in the wizarding world(its not 18 like here)

  8. snape is good David,to tell you why I must spoil the last book,do you want me too do that

  9. I haven’t been on here for a while. Anyone miss me? :mrgreen:

  10. First 3 days: no time. 4th day: internet broken. 🙁

  11. what about the others on this site

    who wants a spoiler for the new harry potter movie(if you haven’t seen it)

    who does not want a spoiler for the new harry potter movie(if you haven’t seen it)

  12. Im testing you silver moon
    1.what does Dumbledore see in the mirror of errised
    2.how many wands did harry try before the right one
    3.when did the characters wands start to have there own design(in the movies)
    4.who killed Sirius black(this ones easy)
    5.is Snape a good or bad man
    6.how old is adult in the wizarding world(its not 18 like here)


  13. yay! unknown’s back!
    p.s. unknown, i had a comment on the previous post that listed my “friends” (meaning they are either nice to me, i like, and/or dont hate me) on this site….and, well, since you weren’t commenting on that page, i kinda forgot to add you to that list. honest mistake

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    Below Basic
    and on the thingy it had a box-and-whisker thing that shows your score compared to the state goal. tha goal is shaded around the goal. there is a line near the 50 mark. and your score is marked by a diamond. if it’s higher than the goal, it’s advanced. at the goal is proficient. lower is basic. past the end line is below basic.
    p.s.i’m in all honors classes

  15. and the high school classes are determined by this:
    1 third 7th grade TCAp scores
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    1 third the “Explore Test” which will be in the winter.
    i don tknow about that last one yet….but 8th grade parent nite is thursday (oh, joy!)


    huh, i bet hogwarts students have to make an actual reading log. as in a log that can read. get it? because u were talking about harry potter?

    here’s another one: there once was a dog named joke. he was playing in the road one day and got hit by a car. end of joke.

    and today we were looking in our social studies book in reading (we’re looking at text features and learned the BIG FOX method: before you read, look for “Bold, Italics, and Graphics” afterwards, find “5 Facts, Opinions, and X-marks-the-spot a.k.a. main idea) so there was a pic of a longhouse. so i pointed to it and said to the guy next to me, “Why the long house?” hahahahaha! i’m sooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!
    in fact, that’s the signature on my phone: -[my name] :):D:O:P:B i’m funny but this guy who rides my bus tried to change it to say i’m not funny but there wasnt enough room so it said -[my name] :):D:O:P:B i’m fu hahaha

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  18. and thursday:

    Rely on intuition and postpone any trip, no matter how important! (so…i can’t go to school?)

    The tense atmosphere at work might result in a scandal. (again,…no school?)

    You are advised to avoid attending to parties and paying visits. You need to rest more. (my friends will miss me. especially in 4th period)

  19. Um…neat hopper…. a little odd……. and random! I think the next island after mystery train could be kinda like 24 carrot and steam works combined…

  20. mystery girl, i know it was random.

  21. good night everyone

  22. 1 woolen socks
    2 dont know
    3 dont know
    4 Bellatrix Lestrange
    5 good
    6 17

  23. my harry potter quiz
    1.what is the strongest love potion?
    2.what does it smell like to harry?
    4who is aragog’s wife?
    5what is buckbeack’s other name?
    6What is hermione’s middle name?
    7what is ron’s middle name?
    8what is cho cangs patronus/
    9what is hermione’s patronus?
    10what do muggles see when they look at Hogwarts?
    11what does ginny say is tatooed across harry’s chest?
    12what do the dursleys give harry for his first christmas at hogwarts?
    14what is ron’s patronus?
    16ernie macmillan’s?

  24. 17 what is dumbledore’s favorite muggle snack?
    18 what is harry’s wand made out of?(wood)
    19what are the names of neville’s family members?
    20what is the core of the elder wand?(this is in jk rowling’s site)
    21what color is the knight bus?
    22how many times did hermione turn the time turner?
    i made this in school. hope you have a hard time! :))

  25. Hey! Albus Loves Lemon Drops are you still there? of course we can share that title! answer my quizz! p.s. your name is one of the answers)Yeah i would love to have hp trivia!

  26. i have a joke! Knock! Knock! Who’s there? you know.You know who? yes, Aveda Kedavra! get it ?get it?

  27. 1.what is the strongest love potion?Amortentia
    2.what does it smell like to harry? treacle tart, a broomstick, and Ginny weaslys hair
    3Hermione? fresh cut grass, new parchment, toothpaste, and Ron Weasley’s hair
    4who is aragog’s wife?Mosag
    5what is buckbeack’s other name? Witherwings
    6What is hermione’s middle name?jean
    7what is ron’s middle name? billius
    8what is cho cangs patronus? Swan
    9what is hermione’s patronus?otter
    10what do muggles see when they look at Hogwarts? they see a ruin with a sign saying it’s unsafe
    11what does ginny say is tatooed across harry’s chest?a hippogriff
    12what do the dursleys give harry for his first christmas at hogwarts?a 50p piece
    13second?a toothpick
    14what is ron’s patronus?Jack Russell Terrier
    15luna’s? a hare
    16ernie macmillan’s? a boar
    17 what is dumbledore’s favorite muggle snack? Lemon Drops
    18 what is harry’s wand made out of?(wood)Holly
    19what are the names of neville’s family members?Frank and Alice Longbottom Augusta “Gran” Longbottom Harfang Longbottom Neville’s Gran-dad(no available name) Great Uncle Algie Great Aunt Enid
    20what is the core of the elder wand?(this is in jk rowling’s site) the tail hair of a thestral
    21what color is the knight bus? purple
    22how many times did hermione turn the time turner? three times

  28. oh and nice joke silver moon, its clever

  29. What??? Why are you always talking about Harry Potter?

  30. silver moon gave me Harry Potter questions,I answered them with ease

  31. Hmm….. I wonder where Dr. Hare is going next.

  32. In Computer Heaven:

    The management is from Intel,
    The design and construction is done by Apple,
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    In Computer Hell:

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    What happened when the ghost asked for a whiskey at his local bar?
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  34. harry potter jokes!

    How many Voldemorts does it take to light up a wand?

    None. Why do you think he’s called the ‘Dark’ Lord?


    Whats snapes boggart?

    A cauldron full of Shampoo!


    What does a death eater eat for breakfast?



    What do you call a Hufflepuff with one brain cell?



    What do you call a Hufflepuff with two brain cells?



    Three girls, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw, and a Slytherin are all first years- which is the sexiest?

    The Hufflepuff because she is seventeen.———

    A blind wizard walks into a pub. He says to the barkeep, “Want to hear a Hufflepuff joke?” The pub goes completely silent. The barkeep says, “Sir, I am a Hufflepuff. I’m used to handling a rough crowd alone. I have my wand drawn. The wizard to your left is an auror with his wand drawn. He too is a Hufflepuff. The witch on your right has her wand drawn. She is a dueling champion and also a Hufflepuff. Are you absolutely certain you want to tell that Hufflepuff joke?”

    The blind wizard says, “Gods no! Not if I’m going to have to explain it three times!”


    Hermione went to Madam Pomfrey with uncontrollable hiccups to see if she could do something to stop them. Madam Pomfrey examined her all over and then pronounced gravely, ‘I got news for you, Miss Granger. You”re pregnant.’ At that news Hermione fainted on the spot, and when she finally came round a few minutes later she asked ‘Oh, dear – am i really pregnant?’ – ‘Of course not!’ she said ‘But it has cured your hiccups, hasn’t it?


    Knock knock

    Who’s there?

    You Know…

    You Know who?

    Oh silly, you don’t have to call him that anymore, he’s dead!


    How many weasley’s does it take to light up a wand?

    Seven: Ginny to look upset and do nothing, Ron to sulk, Fred and George to blow it up, Percy to yell, Charlie to hold it in front of a dragon and Bill to roll his eyes at everyone.


    How many centaurs does it take to light up a wand?

    None, mars is unusually bright today.


    How many deatheaters does it take to light up a wand?

    One, but you’ll have to find one with a hand.

  35. These are the group jokes, so read them in order!

    Why did the Weasel cross the road?

    Somebody tossed a knut.

    Why did Potter cross the road.

    No reason, but someone will write a book about it.

    Why did Draco cross the road?

    So he could swing his hips at Potter.

    Why did Crabbe and Goyle cross the road?

    Draco did.

    Why did the Dark Lord cross the road?

    Because Potter couldn’t stop him.

    Why did Death Eaters cross the road?

    The Dark Lord ordered it.

    Why did Trevor cross the road?

    To get away from Longbottom.

    Why did Dumbledore cross the road?

    He was following the poisoned lemon drops.

    Why did Professor Snape stand in the road?

    So no one could tell what side he was on.

    Why do Slytherins cross the road twice?

    Because we are doublecrossers.


  37. Infernape:
    11.hungarian horntail (hippogriff is in the movie)
    oh yeah another question:)
    23.where is flitwick’s office?

  38. 23.Seventh Floor, Near West Tower

  39. based on game

  40. i am sorry about all the hp jokes.

    but it proves………. i’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 1. I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons, nor will I insist that their House colors indicate that they are “covered in bees”.

    2. No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class.

    3. Growing poison ivy is not “an extra credit project for Herbology”.

    4. “ I’ve heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood’s name” is not a challenge.

    5. I am not allowed to attempt to breed a liger.

    6. “I had to find the last Horcruxe,” “I had to defeat You-Know-Who,” and “I had to save Hogwarts” are not acceptable excuses for missing class.

    7. The Giant Squid is not an appropriate date to the Yule Ball.

    8. I will not use Umbridge’s quill to write “I told you I was hardcore”.

    9. I will stop referring to showering as “giving Moaning Myrtle an eyeful”.

    10. Polishing my wand in the common room is acceptable. “Polishing my wand” in the common room is not.

    11. If a classmate falls asleep, I will not take advantage of that fact and draw a Dark Mark on their arm.

    12. House elves are not acceptable replacements for Bludgers.

    13. Starting a betting pool on the fate of this year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is tasteless and tacky, not a clever money-making concept.

    14. I will not start every Potions class by asking Professor Snape if today’s project is suitable for use as a means to get revenge.

    15. Adding the name “Bueller” to Professor Binns’ roster is not funny.

    16. “Springtime for Voldemort” is not an acceptable suggestion for the class play.

    17. Seamus Finnegan is not “after me Lucky Charms”.

    18. I will not refer to the Weasley twins as “bookends”.

    19. I will not refer to the Patil twins as “bookends”.

    20. The Slytherin prefect is named Draco Malfoy, not “Rocky Horror.”

    21. It is exceptionally tasteless to tell Professor Lupin that “Once you go Black, you never go back.”

    22. I will not call Lucius Malfoy “Jareth”.

    23. I will not bring a Magic Eight Ball to Divination class.

    24 . I am not to refer to the Potions classroom as “Kitchen Stadium”.

    25. I will not tell Ron and Hermione to “Get a room” whenever they start to fight.

    26. The Forbidden Forest is forbidden for a reason.

    27. I am not a tribble Animagus.

    28. I am allowed to have a toad, rat, cat, or owl. I am not allowed to have a reticulated python, snow leopard, Tasmanian devil, or piranha.

    29. I do not weigh the same as a duck.

    30. Remus Lupin does not want a flea collar.

    31. Sirius Black is not #24601.

    32. I will not lick Trevor.

    33. I will stop asking the Arithmancy teacher what the square root of -1 is.

    34. I am not being repressed.

    35. Calling Lucius Malfoy “Luscious Mouthful” is just plain gross.

    36. I will not change the password to the prefects’ bath to “Makes getting clean almost as much fun as getting dirty”.

    37. There is no such thing as an Invisibility Thong.

    38. I am not a Pinball Wizard.

    39. Asking “How do you keep a Gryffindor in suspense?” and walking away is only funny the first time.

    40. I will not offer to pose nude for Colin Creevey.

    41. I will not offer to pose nude for Dean Thomas.

    42. It is a bad idea to tell Professor Snape he takes himself too seriously.

    43. It is a bad idea to tell Professor McGonagall she takes herself too seriously.

    44. Sir Cadogan is not one of the knights who say “NI”.

    45. I will not offer to prepare tandoori owl.

    46. I will stop asking when we will learn to make “Love Potion Number Nine”.

    47. I will not ask Dumbledore to show me the pointy hat trick.

    48. I will not greet Professor McGonagall with “What’s new, pussycat?”

    49. There is not now, nor has there ever been, a fifth House at Hogwarts, and I am not a member of that house, nor am I its founder.

    50. I will not take out a life insurance policy on Harry Potter.

    51. When I get sent to the headmasters office, I will not sing ‘We’re off to see the wizard!’

  42. that is the 51 Hogwarts Commandments

  43. i have one: what is the name of liquid luck?

    answer backwards: xilef sicilef it was in the half blood prince and Ha to all of you, i saw a pre-screening of movie 7 part 2! July 14 at 6:30!

  44. i love the 51 H. C.!!
    my faves: 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16, 17, 20, 23, 28, 30, 33, 36, 38, 39, 42, 43, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51.

  45. i have good jokes.
    my social studies teacher told up one:
    A man goes to a psychiatrist ande says “doctor, i cant decide if i’m a teepee or a wigwam!” the doctor says “dont worry, you’rre two tents (too tense). the man goes back a week later and says “doctor, now i feel i’m neither a teepee opr a wigwam. the doctor says “don’t worry, you’re past tents. (past tense)

    i told her: where did they sigh the declaration of independence? at the bottom of the page!

    to which she replied….
    Where did george washingto keep his armies? in his sleevies!


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  47. weeee! just activated my now current membership!

  48. I LIVE IN MAINE!!!! 🙂

  49. infernape: witch window?

  50. liquid luck is felix felicis

  51. BC, Crystal? Anyone? I am Risha! 😆

  52. Hey Peeps! I haven’t posted for a long time! We’re trying to get a list of different countries where you came from! Just COPY & PASTE this, then add your name or country (or both):

    USA: Junkmail 4 U

  53. USA: Junkmail 4 U
    China: Unknown

  54. I think the guy from the challenge screenshot is with Dr. Hare or he is his brother

  55. USA:Infernape

  56. USA: Junkmail 4 U
    China: Unknown

  57. infernape: which window?

  58. if you mean where our ancestors came from, than it’s:
    Greece: Neat Hopper

    if you mean where we live now, then it could be:
    USA: Neat Hopper
    Tennessee: Neat Hopper
    Earth: Neat Hopper
    This Dimension: Neat Hopper
    Poptropica Secrets: Neat Hopper
    Poptropica: Neat Hopper
    Webkinz: Neat Hopper
    Middle School: Neat Hopper
    My House: Neat Hopper
    The Internet: Neat Hopper

  59. i justr realized that a shorter version of my name is…………. (ya’ll ready for this?)
    yeah, it’s awesome. ind if there were nickname awards, i’m sure you’d all “Give Me Everything”
    hahaha get it?

  60. on second thought, that name wont work cuz i’m a girl………

  61. new members item in srore for mystery train island! just bought it!

  62. does anybody wanna do multi-verse?

  63. InfeRape, stars wars is 4 losers. Get a life u wiener! Btw you suck eggs 👿

  64. Hey y’all. I’m back :mrgreen: cs u r rite. Inferrape quit bein a big baby! U have a lot of issues. CS nos wat she’s talking about. Finally I am ungrounded :mrgreen: dumb baby bro.

  65. you dare call star wars boring?! Its the second best selling movie in the world (the first is harry potter,look it up)

  66. hiiiiii
    im here now
    your lives just got better
    jk im not THAT awesome

  67. oh and cs, really here to? please do the that somewhere else cuz stuffs like that sucks
    yep im a gramatical genius!!!!!if you were actually wit me ud know i was jus kidding cuz my friends know that i joke lots so if i say smthin that affends u just remeber im most likely jkin u if im not i might say so

  68. this kind of reminds me of the book “Evil Genius”. Except with strange magnet hats…

  69. maybe Dr.hare is going to Switzerland to ski and make an evil plan involving the cern supercollider watching the big bang theory episode The Large Hadron Collision

  70. Sup,Noobs I’m Jades cousin

  71. List of Retarted People In Poptropica Secrets.com. Note;LISTED IN ORDER
    2. Cuss31
    4.Neat Hopper

  72. What happened to Jade and Wild Thunder havent seen them dor a long time?

  73. .Oh yeah and number 6 is Jeall and 7 is Cae31

  74. Oh yeah heres another gay one and P.S. im 24

  75. Ver bad manners David

  76. I dont understand retart language

  77. U get the point right shut up and ill shut up

  78. Drakes a cool guy and hes Jades cousin

  79. You must be Bashful Cloud, Jades told me about you

  80. I mean Jade

  81. Havent seen him commenting for a long time though

  82. Your that girl that was talking about the cutest boy at your school at open house lolz

  83. What a fail

  84. No offense

  85. Drake, why did you post this?

    List of Retarted People In Poptropica Secrets.com. Note;LISTED IN ORDER
    2. Cuss31
    4.Neat Hopper

    why am i at #4? why am i on the list? r u jealous of my funniness?

  86. they are not retarded. (except cuss31, whom i dont know….yet…)

  87. p.s. are any of you annoulina on blingee.com? cuz i got a friend request and i dont know who it is

  88. drake, i’m 10 years younger than you

  89. drake, are you named after the bad guy in the Gone series by Michael Grant (great books, btw)

  90. your also named after drake and josh

  91. good series

  92. Srry guys most of the names my brother wrotes to screw me up

  93. The only thing I agree with is Jade, Jeall and Infernape

  94. Me and David have had an agreement so I guess were even

  95. Oh yeah and B.C. dont try to pull it off I know it was you

  96. YES! That IS Acadia National Park!!!! I JUST got back from a week long vacation in Maine and I stood in that EXACT SAME SPOT!!!!! AGGHHHH That is SO weird!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  97. and who the heck is cuss31?

  98. I have three questions.

    1.Why is Dr.Hare traveling the world?
    2.Is Dr.Hare even a doctor?
    3.How is Dr.Hare traveling the world anyway?

  99. USA: Junkmail 4 U
    China: Unknown
    India!!!: Bashful Cloud (aka BC) But I live in USA.
    USA:Bony Skull

  100. well maybe Dr.Hare is like Dr.Doofenshmirtz, called by Wikipedia a mad scientist. maybe Dr.Hare is a mad scientist


  102. @Bony Skull:

    Malaysia: Me!

  103. hey guys i just wanna say one thing drake if you’re 24 why are you playing on poptropica

  104. Inferrape is here 2