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D.C. Diner Cheats

The new mini-game D.C. Diner has arrived in Poptropica as part of the sneak peek preview for the upcoming island, Mystery Train. This game is very similar to popular “diner” style games such as Diner Dash, but set in the same era as Mystery Train Island: the late 1800s in Washington D.C. You operate a restaurant serving customers who are having a meal before boarding a train to attend the World’s Fair in Chicago.

As each customer comes into the diner, there are a few basic tasks you need to perform:

  1. Greet and seat them
  2. Wait for them to make an order
  3. Go fill that order (drinks or meals)
  4. Bring the order back to them and serve it
  5. Clean up their plates when they leave

You have a limited number of items that you can carry on your tray at any particular time, and there’s a timer ticking down, so you need to move quickly. In the later rounds of the game, strategy becomes important. For example, you’ll want to order meals from your cook and then wash the dishes while you’re waiting for him to make things run as quickly as possible.

Completing a Shift

Poptropica D.C. Diner Shift Complete

Completing a shift in D.C. Diner on Poptropica

When you serve a certain number of customers, the shift is complete and you’ll get a reward screen. If you had a special VIP customer visit and you’re a paid member, you’ll even get some special rewards, like the Edison Light Bulb from Thomas Edison. On the next shift, you’ll get to choose from some upgrades to the game that make it easier to play, especially when the D.C. Diner gets really busy.

Poptropica D.C. Diner Upgrades

Choose from upgrades in the D.C. Diner game on Poptropica.

Celebrity Diners

D.C. Diner Celebrities

Celebrity diners visit and then a picture goes on the wall of the diner.

Several celebrity diners will visit while you’re serving. If you successfully complete the round in which they visit, you’ll get a special prize and the diner’s portrait will appear on the wall above the entry door. Here’s a list of the celebrity diners and the rewards you can get. Note that most of the rewards and celebrities are only available to paid members.

  1. Thomas Edison – Edison Light Bulb
  2. Mark Twain – Mark Twain Haircut
  3. Harry Houdini – Magician’s Hat
  4. Gustave Eiffel – Eiffel Tower Hat
  5. Nikola Tesla – Tesla Coil
Poptropica D.C. Diner Rewards

You can win an several different rewards by serving celebrities in D.C. Diner.

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  1. I have 3 items: Edison light bulb, Twain hair style, Houdini magician hat.

  2. Second and I finished the game on the first day it came out.

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  11. I only got 3 items. The lightbulb, Mark Twain’s hair and the magician’s hat.

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    I got everything I can get… as a nonmember. that means only three prizes out of five. Does anyone know what the other prizes are?

  20. eiffel tower hat, tesla coil

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