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Cryptids Island Sneak Peek

Breaking news! There’s now a sneak peek of Cryptids Island available for everyone to visit. You’ll find it on your Poptropica map, and anyone can go visit the new island. You’ll arrive on the shores of Loch Ness, where everyone is eager to see Nessie, the Loch Ness monster! This is very similar to the sneak preview that appeared for Great Pumpkin Island when it launched, except there’s a lot more to do here.

Hunt for Nessie

Poptropica Nessie Viewfinder

Hunt for Nessie the Loch Ness Monster at the Viewfinder in Cryptids Island.

One of the key attractions in the sneak preview is to go up to the castle above the docks and peer through the viewfinder to try and spot Nessie! You can move the viewfinder around and try to spot Nessie. You have a few seconds and members get extra time. If you spot her you win a prize. If not, you can try again once per day during the sneak peek.

Nessie is really hard to find and it’s just a matter of luck if you get to see her or not. If you want to find her, look in the upper-middle part of the screen. She will appear far in the background near the islands. Here’s a long-distance shot of her that we received from a professional Nessie-spotter.

Spotting Nessie in Poptropica

This is where Nessie will appear if you're lucky enough to spot her.

If you spot Nessie, you’ll win a special prize, the Nessie Hat. Here’s what it looks like, courtesy of Quiet Wolf.

Poptropica Nessie Hat

Even if you don’t spot Nessie, you can see a lot of funny and strange things through the Viewfinder. The biggest surprise of all is Balloon Boy! Sometimes you will see him fly in from the upper-left corner of the screen. He’s flying alongside a big hot air balloon. I’m not sure who that is inside the basket, but if you scroll up to the top of the balloon, you’ll see Balloon Boy flying alongside, still clutching his little green balloon.

Ballon Boy in Cryptids Island

It's Balloon Boy above Loch Ness!

There are plenty of other things to see through the viewfinder. Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve been able to spot.

  • A carrot
  • The Phoenix Warbird from Skullduggery Island
  • A bag of popcorn
  • All kinds of dogs, including many different-sized Scottish Terriers
  • A toy sailboat
  • Lots of fish jumping out of the water
  • A seagull
  • A pelican
  • A motor boat
  • A helicopter

Cool Scottish Costumes

Scottish Kilt in Poptropica

Looking good while searching for Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

Another neat part of the sneak preview is that you can costumize. There are a lot of new characters and outfits. A great one is the guy near the viewfinder wearing the kilt. You can put together a nice Scottish outfit. Be sure to explore around the island to check out all the tourists as well.

The Mews Foundation

Another incredibly cool thing that the Poptropica Creators did is to launch a whole website called the Mews Foundation. This website gives us lots of information and clues about Harold Mews, the eccentric billionaire who is funding the search for all the mysterious cryptids. If you visit the web site, you can learn all about Harold, the foundation and his challenge to prove the existence of cryptids around the world.

Visit the Mews Foundation Site to learn more.

Cryptids Island Coming Soon

We still don’t know when Cryptids Island will be coming out for members on Poptropica, but it should be soon. If Poptropica follows the same pattern they have with previous islands, members should get access within a few days after the sneak preview and then non-members will need to wait a month to get access. So far, Cryptids Island looks really exciting. Remember to keep an eye on our Poptropica Cheats for Cryptids Island page for all the latest news and the complete walkthrough once the island is released for members!

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