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Cryptids Island for Members on Monday

The Poptropica Creators finally announced the launch date for Cryptids Island. It will come out this Monday, December 20 for paid members in Poptropica. Non-members will have to wait for one month to be able to play it once it’s out of early access.

There’s also a video posted on the creators blog from Jeff Kinney, one of the creators of Poptropica and the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

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  1. princeess middle east

    I not a member anymore.
    馃檨 :-(:-(:-(:-(

  2. What’s up with Wild West Island?

  3. go to this link: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/e4UhIVC/Are-you-a-werewolf-or-human

    Find out if youre a werewolf or not!

    by the way, i was third!


  5. The next island is gonna be Wild West Island!!! You can see it in the Video! Look in the Top right corner!!!


  7. That’s really cool! WILD WEST ISLAND! I have membership!

  8. it’s coming on Monday, November 20th, 2010

  9. I think Cryptids Island will be so much fun and so will Wild West! I think Wild West would take place in the desert!

  10. oh. 馃槼 I meant to say “December”.

  11. Chapter 1: Blackbeam lived in a fantasy world, as i said, and hated everyone. Unlike other werewolves, Blackbeam could transform anytime he wanted. He was also a powerful wizard; he was born by magic. A woman named Janex Blackbean practiced dark magic ever since she was 15. And one day, at shcool, Blackbeam was born, by a 15 year old girl. While Blackbeam grew, he became stronger and stronger until one day, Janex died, and Blackbeam had so much anger in him, he started practicing dark magic. He turned into the most powerful wizard when he was only 11, and at 19, he started to have the following symptoms: hairy skin, meat loving, anger, and love of the moon. And on december 12, he got so angry that he turned into a werewolf. Now he is 49, and everyone is scared of him, even the police. Nowone could do anything about Blackbeam. So, one foggy day, Blackbeam was sitting in a chair of fluff. He was on the internet, looking for new dark spells and trying to learn the raven’s wrath curse. He called these kind of days a chair day. On chair days Black beam usaully learnt a new curse and used on a random person on the street; thats why nowone goes for a little run on Blackbeam’s street. In fact, everyone moved away from Blackbeam’s street. So Blackbeam usually went to other streets, or bought a pet at the local pet shop and cursed the poor animal. It was just the way Blackbeam is; evil. Especially on chair days. But on stupid days, when the sun is shining and everones happy, Blackbeam stays at home. At night, he transforms into his werewolf form, which looks alot like Shadow from Sonic the hedgehog. But i warn you, stay away from him at all times! (More coming soon!)

  12. I can’t wait to face powerful Cryptids on Cryptids Island!!!

  13. *ignores*
    *mocks grigorys lame werewolf story*
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    Gossip Grigs

  14. i saw a island called wild west in that video

  15. so did i everyone did.

  16. Wild West!!!!!!!!!!

  17. What motavated you to write a story, grigory?

  18. Quoting ,Polly, “I think Wild West would take place in the desert!”… Really? No! It’s going to take place in like a swamp, or a jungle, wait! No! I know where! It’ll take place in the ocean! Also, another thing, Popular Jumper, you do know that younger kids who DON’T cuss read this too. True I have no problem with this matter, but you might be flagged by some readers. Just watch your tongue. And yes, Dhruv, if you read any of the comments on this post (Which you must’ve done to reach to the “Leave a Comment” box.) you would’ve known that most people were talking about the island.

  19. PS: Stay out of my buisness, and I know about that. Mind your own buisness and not mock Polly!!

  20. P.S. PS, it will take place in the desert. The truth is, No One Knows, you, ps are so dumb. Wild West Was At The Desert.

    Wild west ? i need to buy the cowboy outfit from now …

  22. Did anyone else notice the Poptropica Fun Book?

  23. Did anyone notice the picture in the background?
    It’s Jeff Kinney with Bigfoot….

  24. Poptropica funbook? Where? Is it in the video? And wow, real mature Popular Jump. And how real mature of me to be sarcastically saying how mature you are, F me. And what about that remark of “Wild West Was At The Desert”? I’m not like a F-ing Brit, I know where the Wild West is (No Offense to the British). And do i give a BS if anybody knows me on this comment list? Hello! Not everybody trolls and comments on every freakin’ post. And, look who’s talking. Your saying don’t mock Polly when you make a whole comment mocking the dude who wrote that werewolf story, you F-ing hypocrite. I’m sorry, Polly, I didn’t mean to attack you I just thought it was sorta funny that you said “think”. And another thing. If, Polly, had a problem with what I said then she should’ve been defending herself, not some loathsome, childish, hypocritical girl.

  25. Ok, now I see the funbook. I wonder what it is. A new product perhaps?

  26. I think there should be a llama island….

  27. Anyone find nessie in the mini island preview yet?

  28. Popular Jumper, don’t cuss on here. And if you don’t like to be mocked, then don’t mock people.

  29. ok, THANK YOU PurpleSnowball, for pointing all that stuff out I was seriously going to say pretty much the same thing but a bit different….. Anyway, the video isn’t working for me so would someone PLEASE explain to me funbook???? thanks

  30. Too bad. 馃槬 I can only go online on weekends, so even if I had membership, I’d have to wait ’till Friday. 馃檨 馃檨 馃檨

  31. wild west like dejavu suck a good island i hope ur a cowboy and u have to stop some smugglers?? and u get a gun definatly but there sheriff doesnt like u

  32. I think the next island is going to be the Wild West island.

  33. I wrote that story because i love writing fantasy and it’s not only about a werewolf it’s about a wizard to so here is part 2: Yesterday was a chair day, Blackbeam thought. Why is he thinking this? because he always does. And when he thinks that, he goes and eats cake. Meanwhile, a nearby town near Blackbeam had a new baby. The name: Scott. An easy, popular name. What nowone knew: he might defeat Blackbeam one day. When Blackbeam tried to find someone to curse outside, and when he saw the baby, he actually got a strange feeling in him saying: kill the baby. So he used the raven’s wrath curse, but the baby was still fine. He used a fireball, and the baby just yawned. Before he could use another curse, the mother of the baby ran. By the way, the mother’s name was Rachel Wilson. She had lot’s of babies before, but they grew unexpectedly fast, so fast, in fact, that in one hour after they were born they were adults and appeared to be smarter than Albert Enstein when the head nurse asked him questions. It was all Blackbeam, he used a growing curse, because he hated Rachel Wilson, but never got the chance to do anything to her, he was too busy cursing her babies. Except Scott had some kind of energy in him that prevented anything bad happening to him.

    At night, Blackbeam went out hunting in his werewolf form, as usual. Everything went normal. Everything would be the same. Scott would not destroy Blackbeam, according to Blackbeam. Would do you think? Yeah right? Well i know all stories have a good ending, but this ones ending is not good OR bad. Because this is the most unique story ever, and this is only the beggining. Chapter three is where the adventure starts, so stay tuned!

  34. By the way, i told the owner of the website to ban popular jumper so problem solved and read chapter 2 on the top.

  35. Thank you Popular Jumper! Really, Purple Snowball? Don’t try to mock me or I’ll mock you!!! Don’t ask how, but I will! HaHa! And also, Purple Snowball you would be dumb enough to think it’s an ocean or a swamp or jungle.

  36. “If, Polly, had a problem with what I said then she should鈥檝e been defending herself, not some loathsome, childish, hypocritical girl.” I officially am going to report you, Purple Snowball cause you hacked into my account and then banned it!I had to create another account! Have any of you guys played RuneScape. I hate that game. Is too boring!

  37. Also, PurpleSnowball, Wild West Island could take place in different places. For example, Vegas is also part of the Wild West, because of its location. Some of it could be in a casino. So Polly made a good guess about it being in a dessert.

  38. no. i don’t play runescape. i play club penguin & poptropica. your welcome. Purple Snowball, be nicer.

  39. PS: Don’t hack people or we will hack you. you r dumb enough to think its in a beach.
    This sounds like PS. “Oh! I’m dumb because I know that it’s gonna be in a swamp!! Or… *giggles like a 3 year old baby* AN BARBIE BEAch PLAY!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!”

  40. Polly doesn’t deserve to be mocked!! PoptropicaSecrets and Strange Moon don’t like bullies.

  41. Is Polly new here?

  42. I can’t wait for cryptids island on Monday!

    P.s: let’s stop fighting, everyone. I had enough. Let’s just taIk about what’s going on in poptropica right now, or feel my curse!!!!!!!

  43. I don’t think im gonna like WW island.
    So, *:cry:*

  44. I think its gona be in a field.

  45. Polly, polly…I ain’t heard of you. who r u?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  46. Polly……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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    *laughs hysterically*

  48. So?
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  49. hi Perfect snowball! ur back! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. hi! PS! (PErfect snowball, not perple snowball)

  51. white sword, i dont care what u say. i hope icy leopard comes on soon!

  52. i thought white sword was mean to me

  53. The organization in Dog World’s Wizard shcool known as Grimstone has opened and is in the center of attention. “Everyone in Grimstone will learn complex magic” Explained the Head Dog World Prime minister happily. The crowd still protests that Blackbeam might attack the shcool and Grimstone needs more protective spells. Dr. Magfest insists that it is physicly impossible to break inside Grimstone with Archegree. But the succes of Grimstone still is a succes and even the protestors are happy, says the Dog World daily news video. Hope you visit Grimstone!

  54. princeess middle east

    what’s the Poptropica Fun Book?

  55. princeess middle east

    what鈥檚 the Poptropica Fun Book?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    Contents [hide]
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    1.2 Austro-Hungary
    1.3 Canada, Hong Kong, India
    1.4 China
    1.5 Egypt
    1.6 France
    1.7 Germany
    1.8 Ireland
    1.9 Italy
    1.10 Japan
    1.11 New Zealand
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    1.14 Sweden
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    [edit] Austro-Hungary
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    [edit] Canada, Hong Kong, India
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    [edit] China
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    [edit] Egypt
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    [edit] France
    Effective 1911:- Fiscal year is calendar year (Ref Hansard; HC Deb 22 March 1911 vol 23 cc378-82; McKENNA)

    [edit] Germany
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    [edit] Ireland
    Ireland also used the year ending April 5 until 2001 when it was changed, at the request of Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy, to match the calendar year (the 2001 tax year was nine months, from April to December).

    [edit] Italy
    Effective 1911:- Fiscal year is 1st July through 30th June (Ref Hansard; HC Deb 22 March 1911 vol 23 cc378-82; McKENNA)

    [edit] Japan
    In Japan,[6] the government’s financial year runs from April 1 to March 31. The fiscal year is represented by the calendar year in which the period begins followed by the word nendo (骞村害); for example the fiscal year from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011 is called 2010-nendo.

    Japan’s income tax year runs from January 1 to December 31, but corporate tax is charged according to the corporation’s own one-year period.

    [edit] New Zealand
    The New Zealand Government’s fiscal[7] and financial reporting[8] year begins on July 1 and concludes on June 30 of the following year and applies to the budget. The company and personal financial year[9] begins on April 1 and finishes on March 31 and applies to company and personal income tax.

    [edit] Pakistan
    The Pakistan Government’s fiscal year starts on July 1 of the previous calendar year and concludes on June 30. Private companies are free to observe their own accounting year, which may not be the same as Government of Pakistan’s fiscal year.

    [edit] Russia
    Effective 1911:- Fiscal year is calendar year (Ref Hansard; HC Deb 22 March 1911 vol 23 cc378-82; McKENNA)

    [edit] Sweden
    The fiscal year for individuals run from 1 January to 31 December.

    The fiscal year for an organisation is typically one of the following (cf. Swedish Wikipedia):

    1 January to 31 December
    1 May to 30 April
    1 July to 30 June
    1 September to 31 August
    If an organisation wishes to use any other period, the organisation has to ask the tax authorities for permission.

    [edit] Taiwan
    Under the Income Tax Act of Taiwan, the fiscal year commences on January 1 and ends on December 31 of each calendar year. However, an enterprise may elect to adopt a special fiscal year at the time it is established and can request approval from the tax authorities to change its fiscal year.[10]

    [edit] United Arab Emirates
    In the United Arab Emirates, the fiscal year starts on January 1 and ends December 31.

    [edit] United Kingdom
    In the United Kingdom,[11] the fiscal year for the purposes of personal taxation and payment of state benefits runs from April 6 to April 5. However the year should run from April 1 to March 31 for the purposes of corporation tax [12] and government financial statements. [13]

    Although United Kingdom corporation tax is charged by reference to the government’s financial year, companies can adopt any year as their accounting year: if there is a change in tax rate, the taxable profit is apportioned to financial years on a time basis.

    The April 5 year end for personal tax and benefits reflects the old ecclesiastical calendar, with New Year falling on March 25 (Lady Day), the difference being accounted for by the eleven days “missed out” when Great Britain converted from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar in 1752 (the British tax authorities, and landlords were unwilling to lose 11 days of tax and rent revenue, so under provision 6 (Times of Payment of Rents, Annuities, &c.) of the Calendar (New Style) Act 1750, the 1752鈥3 tax year was extended by 11 days). From 1753 until 1799, the tax year in Great Britain began on April 5, which was the “old style” new year of March 25. A 12th skipped Julian leap day in 1800 changed its start to April 6. It was not changed when a 13th Julian leap day was skipped in 1900, so the personal tax year in the United Kingdom is still April 6.

    [edit] United States
    The U.S. government’s fiscal year begins on October 1 of the previous calendar year and ends on September 30 of the year with which it is numbered. Prior to 1976, the fiscal year began on July 1 and ended on June 30. The Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 stipulated the change to allow Congress more time to arrive at a budget each year, and provided for what is known as the “transitional quarter” from July 1, 1976 to September 30, 1976. As stated above, the tax year for a business is governed by the fiscal year it chooses.

    For example, the United States government fiscal year for 2011 (“FY 2011” or “FY11”) is as follows:

    1st Quarter: October 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010
    2nd Quarter: January 1, 2011 – March 31, 2011
    3rd Quarter: April 1, 2011 – June 30, 2011
    4th Quarter: July 1, 2011 – September 30, 2011
    [edit] Chart of various fiscal years
    [hide]By Country
    Country Purpose J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
    Hong Kong
    Japan govt
    corp. and pers.
    New Zealand govt
    corp. and pers.
    Sweden pers.

    United Arab Emirates
    United Kingdom pers. 6 April
    corp. and govt
    United States govt
    Country Purpose J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
    [show]By Start Date
    Country Purpose J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D
    Japan corp. and pers.
    Sweden pers.
    Sweden corp.
    United Arab Emirates
    Hong Kong
    Japan govt
    New Zealand corp. and pers.
    United Kingdom corp. and govt
    United Kingdom pers. 6 April
    Sweden corp.
    New Zealand govt
    Sweden corp.
    Sweden corp.
    United States govt
    Country Purpose J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D

    [edit] Tax year
    The fiscal year for individuals and entities to report and pay income taxes is often known as the taxpayer’s tax year or taxable year. Taxpayers in many jurisdictions may choose their tax year.[14] In federal countries (e.g., United States, Canada, Switzerland), state/provincial/cantonal tax years must be the same as the federal year. Nearly all jurisdictions require that the tax year be 12 months or 52/53 weeks.[15] However, short years are permitted as the first year or when changing tax years.[16]

    Most countries require all individuals to pay income tax based on the calendar year. Significant exceptions include:

    United Kingdom: individuals pay tax on a year ending April 5.
    United States: individuals may (but rarely do) elect any tax year, subject to IRS approval.[17]
    Many jurisdictions require that the tax year conform to the taxpayer’s fiscal year for financial reporting. The United States is a notable exception: taxpayers may choose any tax year, but must keep books and records for such year.[18]

    [edit] See also

  58. Since when the heck did I hack your account, Polly? Wow. How much lower can you get than lying to a person you don’t even know. And ,Super Thunder, Vegas is in the desert. Well… a valley… but nether the less in the desert, but yes it could take place in different locations other than just the desert. Sorry, Polly, I shouldn’t have mocked you (But at the same time, at least I didn’t lie.).

  59. Shoot, I read your message about Vegas wrong. LOL. I thought you were saying that Vegas wasn’t in the desert. Sorry, hope you can forgive me. :}

  60. I am a member ship so i play tomorrow cryptids

  61. Wow. I wonder if that poster in the video for wild west island is real or not. I hope so. Its sounds fun. Can’t wait for this island to come out!

  62. When Poptropica Cyritds Island comes out. I want some one to get a recording of it and post on youtube and here as soon as possible. CAUSE THIS MUST BE THE COOLEST ISLAND EVER I GOT TO SEE IT. I have no membership which really, really sucks. So plz get a video of it.

  63. WTF? Its monday december 20th but its not open for me, and imma member, what do I do,
    [respond very soon please]

  64. But i used a card for my membership, so am i a paid member or not?

  65. The island is not out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. I Have Member Ship And It s Not Working

  67. ok when a island comes out. Say like if they say a Wild West Island comes out on Friday, It won’t come out untill 11:00 or 12:00 around lunch. So the new island never come out until 12:00pm

  68. Thanks white dragon B
    Just hope ill be on there XD

  69. Then not there

  70. same problem about the island except iv been a member for over a year so thx White Dragon B!

  71. AAH!!! Where is Cryptids Island?

  72. Cyritds Island paty!!! aqx84!!!

  73. WHAT!?!? So you mean I camped out in front of my laptop the whole night!!!??? Ughh. Wait… 12:00 what time zone?

  74. Mr. Jeff Kinney, something’s wrong with your latest island. You said it’s going to come out on Monday, and today’s Monday. I logged in, and i’m a member, and doesn’t work. WHAT HAPPNENED?


  75. Polly the awesome girl

    Someone ha
    cked into my account. Had to open up a new one. Sorry, Suspected it was you because
    you mocked me sorry! And by the way, know you’re real name. Can’t tell.

  76. AAAAAAHHHH! It’s like 12:05 and it’s not on! Oh, the suspense!

  77. I’ll just wait…

  78. It’s 11:30 in my time zone, and it’s STILL NOT HERE!!!!! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Why can’t Poptropica actually follow their own schedule!?

  79. when will WILD WEST ISLAND come out?

  80. does cryptids island come out at 12:00 ? does it.
    ANSWER ME!Please.

  81. I’m tired! Ughhh. And Strange Moon? I have an outfit for you. It’s called Waiting For Cryptids. The link is: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bdFRoUXFvTVRJek5ITjNaV1Z6

    You copy the sash thingy, shirt, and skirt of the guy in the Nessie preview, and then you can get any hair, bangs, and skin color, and you use the Cheesy Mouse (75 credits) and you custimize the cheese!

  82. can we give ideas for new island for poptropica.because the have a a CONACT US thing on the bottom of the poptropica home page does it work

  83. ive been on forever waiting!

  84. I HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE SIX!!!! I AM SO ANGRY!!!! does anyone know the time it will come out?

  85. Yeah, but, it hasen’t come out yet, so I’m liking it less every second.

  86. it is 12:36!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. I need a favor from some one. When Cypitds Island comes out. and if some one beats it. I really one have a look at it. A small look. Meaning when some one beats the island can i go on there account and look around. Plz I wont steal the account. I just wanna have a look at the island.

  88. Ughhhh… I’ve been waiting all day… I REALLY can’t wait any longer…

  89. I’m treating this like a steak-out…

  90. Wanna have a party while we wait?

  91. 2:oo and still not on…

  92. Here’s the code… DPN24

  93. What do you think will happen when it comes on?

  94. what time will Crtptids Island come out?
    will it come out on Poptropica today?

  95. I’m checking the blog. When it says it’s on I’m going to log off and refresh the page. Hopefully we can play it then.

  96. hi super thunder

  97. do you want to get in a chat room on poptropica?

  98. oh yeah my poptropicans name is quick lepord

  99. quick thunder we played in a chat room.

  100. i just refresh the blog and does not say that the island is out yet but, i know it will come out today.

  101. Ugh,12:25 and still not on.

  102. Polly the awesome girl


  103. Polly the awesome girl


  104. did any one anwser my question

  105. They may have some sort of a malfunction… If it’s delayed until some other time I guess they would post it on the blog.

  106. This is insane…

  107. Do you know the U.S. time zones? If you do, I think it may come out 12:00 PACIFIC time…

  108. That’s 4:00 Eastern time…

  109. by the way super thunder nice account

  110. jeff kinney, put cryptids up fast!!! Im going to die!!

  111. they said it would come out todayfor members and i didnt buy a membership for nothing

  112. You know, Jeff Kinney FOUNDED Poptropica.

  113. 3:00 O’clock is Est. Standard time. Not 4:00, Quick Hawk. Can’t wait!

  114. cryptids, COME OUT!!!

  115. this is taking too long

  116. It’s almost 3:00 Est. Standard time. Noon for people in Pacific time is 4:00 Est. time.

  117. What’s the big red ball?

  118. it is 2:00 in texas

  119. I don’t know… somone was probably looking at the commments and saw the code.

  120. i’m the big red ball

  121. This is taking too long.
    I been on Poptropica all day & it is 2 in texas

  122. i like poptropica

    when will cryptids come out!!!!!!!!!


  124. it says cryptids island coming soon

  125. I’m gonna say in the next 10 mins the island will come out.


  127. i’ve also been on all day

  128. I so hoe it is worth the wait


  130. It’s not online yet.

  131. no it’s not

  132. i mean hope
    it is not on

  133. hi white dragon b, is it on yet?

  134. there is not medal for it
    and the island says sneek preveiw

  135. Available to the public January 17.

  136. tiny tornado, it’s not online yet, we’re guessing it’s coming out soon really quickly now though.

  137. thats weird it says so one this.

  138. if poptropica is having problems and cyrptids island doesnt come out till januray im sort of glad

  139. thanks purple snow ball, i just needed 2 know cause ive been waitin since 12 am

  140. they switched the hunt for nessie ad to the daily pop ad…

  141. when will it come on

  142. i hope it comes out soon!!!!

  143. I’m starved…

  144. Well, my estimation was wrong. It didn’t come out in the past 10 mins. 馃檨

  145. I think I was right on the time zone thing.

  146. wen does it then?

  147. why do we have to wait

  148. by the way if Cyrtids Island doesn’t out till Januray I WILL BE SO HAPPY

  149. i guess ill go on tomorrow

  150. i’ve been waiting since 7:00 this morning!!!!!!

  151. why would you be happy
    that is so selfish
    we waste our money to get memberships & it is not working


  153. ill go facebook
    and look on the club page

  154. by my watch it should till 1 pm

  155. I have been waiting since 12:00 AM, I want Cryptids Island!!!

  156. good idea

    check facebook…

  157. Why have you been waiting since 12:00 A.M.? Dudet, get some sleep. lol.

  158. check 56 times scince 12…..!

  159. cannot sleep and just wake up for this event

  160. It is 3:24 pm and is not out yet : ( so sad. i think it might not com out 2 day

  161. 4:00 Est. Standard time is my prediction.

  162. This may be a stupid question… but… where do you find the avatar studio? I can’t remember where it is.

  163. It’s in the store as a gold card. (it’s free)


  165. Tank Ya. 馃榾


  167. Uhhhhh…White Dragon 2…I think all this waiting is making you a little loopy.

  168. Then he’s normal! (I really don’t know if that’s good or bad…)

  169. Polly the awesome girl


  170. Polly the awesome girl

    you’re insane, white dragon 2

  171. Another half n’ hour till’ 4:00 :/

  172. on facebook it is still pumpkin island

  173. Even if it dosen’t come out today, it’ll be ok because Christmas will be that much closer!

  174. OMG i keep goin back but it keeps timin me and the cryptokids thing is out for members and i am one but i cant find nessie and i have litterally logged in and out a thousand times and i havent found her HELP!!!

  175. tik tok on the clock, but the party won’t stop no…

  176. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

  177. that’s nasty!

  178. we will fight till we see the sunlight

  179. whats nasty

  180. did u see that comment from white dragon 2?

  181. guys u would not belive this while i was resting i had a dream about the new island werid right.

  182. almost 4:00

  183. is there a poptropica e-mail?

  184. wat do u mean ‘almost 4:00’?.

  185. gerr 馃檨

  186. eastern time zone- 4:00pm

  187. maybe something will happen at 4:00

  188. hopefullly

  189. 2 minutes

  190. this is like new years

  191. 1 minute…

  192. lol yeah

    3 2 1 YAY HAPPY NEW YEAR lol

  193. login ready

  194. lol 馃檪

  195. hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    i cant wait
    n in 2011 there b even more island

  196. and it is not on

  197. Grrrrrrr…

  198. we reached 203 comment

  199. why why why!?!?! 馃檨

  200. why won’t cryptids come out 2:02 in arizona. i’m board i need that island

  201. yea
    3:02 texas

  202. Ugh………. *Gets out revolver* *Puts it to head* Don’t make me do it Poptropica… If you do, you’ll have to make a book after me entitled: Diary of a Dead Kid.

  203. Ugghh!!! *starts sobbing* Noo!! Why won’t it come out??

  204. 4:03 new york


  205. it is 1:03 in california

  206. hey guys what crypids will u hunt first?mine is nessie.

  207. probably nessie too

  208. we have to wait for hawaii.
    it is only 11

  209. I want to hunt down the New Jersey Devi. I wonder if we’ll go see the house he supposedly was birthed in?

  210. Hey, anyone know about CT

  211. Wow,it’s 2:11 and still not here.

  212. Boredom…

  213. 11-hawaii

  214. The Jersey Devil will be interesting to find.

  215. ill watch degrassi until it is time

  216. COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!

  217. Sandy: Look it up on wikipedia or youtube. That’s how I learned about it.

  218. It’s raining where I live. I wish it was snowing instead.

  219. HOW MUCH LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  221. im gonna look for the chubracobra first


  223. then nessie than bigfoot and lastly the jersey devil


  225. i’m lookin for the jersey devil



  228. btw it says the islands out but its not on

  229. It’s online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


  231. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  232. i’ve had 2 stay off skool to get better from being ill for stayin awake for days with no sleep and food

  233. Boo, Trusty Wolf is right ;(

  234. opps im a bad speller


  236. What says it’s online?


  238. im mean oops

  239. PurpleSnowball says so

  240. Random question: If you had to fight any monster, which would you pick? I’d pick a vampire, because all vampires are awesome, except the “vampires” in Twilight.

  241. I said Trusty Wolf was right, that it says it’s online. But it’s not open.

  242. well it says ts online 2 places the island page and when you go to log out but its not on

  243. wanna be friends?

  244. I think we’ll just have to keep refreshing the blog. That way we’ll know for sure when it’s out.

  245. ill tell you my room code

  246. when is it out already?i guess theyre just giving non members a last chance to find nessie

  247. 300 comments

  248. there is a medal it says it is on but there is nothing

  249. wanna be buddies?

  250. GUYs IT IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. please respond

  252. really
    what says


  254. that its on

  255. It’s not online yet! It’s just the page! Watch the blog, it’ll say when it’s out!

  256. if i could fight anything it would have to be a giant camel because i was attacked by one 5 and a half years ago so ya thats what id fight i know im crazy

  257. It’s not on… 馃檨

  258. u were rasied somewhere in the dessert what a sad lonely live u have

  259. Ok… who’s going to be with me and say it’ll come out at 5:00? (EST)

  260. when will it come out?

  261. This is painful.

  262. Jeff kinney everyones begging for it to be on!

  263. please respond someone

  264. ccccooooommmmmmmmmmmmooooooonnnnnn


  266. respond there i responed

  267. hey its on! i played it! its fun!

  268. oh nevermind its another izsland

  269. praying is no use unless u are praying for the poptropica god.

  270. Grigory, it’s supposed to be on for members right now but it’s not. It will supposedly come out for everyone else 1/17/11.

  271. dear god please let this island come on in the next 5 minuets

  272. grigory is right it truly is out!

  273. i think u have gone LOCO grigory.

  274. Aw there;s a little seagull 馃榾

  275. People, it really is out for members right now. Go on!

  276. its not on i wish it was

  277. Purple Snowball, it’s not on…

  278. no, its on! purple snow ball is right!

  279. finally now bye its on

  280. You guys sure? Cause’ I’m playing it as we speak. So far I went into a souvenir store, got a flyer about a million dollar hunt funded by the Mews foundation. Idk, but mine is working 馃榾

  281. pretty boring to me i need a waikthrough

  282. It’s not on!

  283. quik hawk, it is! are you a member?

  284. it…. is….. on! and dont say i get the point

  285. ok i’m a member and its still showing the sneak peek of the island. i guess i’m kind of confused. 馃檨

  286. oh well nowones here to listen i guess ill go play it

  287. be4guh: I’ll be your buddy.

  288. I’m on. And the island isn’t there just the preview.

  289. i found 5 dollars in a tree

  290. it is there im playing it right now the real island n ot the prewiev its on peaple

  291. just kidding its not on 馃檪

  292. IT’S ON!!! IT’S ON!!! OH, SWEET MAMA!!!IT’S ON!!!

  293. Quick Hawk OUT! PEACE!

  294. theres no use it is not on


  296. so please leave cause im losing my mind bad

  297. WHEN IS IT ON *starts crying*

  298. Dude, I’m really on it. I PROMISE.

  299. AND IT ROCKS!!!

  300. Man, I’m relieved.


  302. I’M ON IT!!!…………………………………….

  303. omg i cant figure out wat ur supposed to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im gonna go crazy if u dont help me!

  304. plz help me on it i cant get past the preview part and im a member

  305. 馃檨 I have been waiting all day and im a member

  306. GUYS I GOT IT if your a member and you were on the island before just go to another island and back to cryptids!thats what i did and im on!

  307. its out but it does not have a waikthrough so its boring

  308. hey, it doesn’t work!!!!!!!!!:(


  310. oh wait yes it does and its awesome

  311. Anybody find the camera yet? Is it with the lady near the Loch?

  312. im trying to find bigfoot now

  313. Neva mind found it. 馃檪

  314. Where is it? (the camera)

  315. Polly the awesome girl

    where’s the camera?

  316. Polly the awesome girl

    bluehowler, you have to go to another island and then take your blimpie and click on cryptids island. I was wondering about that too, when I first got on.

  317. I can’t get the Loch-ness one! please Help! How do i get the ticket i got the camera from the truck dude. WHAT ELSE????!!!!!!

  318. purple snowball, where is the camera?

  319. Where’s the walkthrough? The only walkthroughs I can find on Youtube are pranks from Club Penguin fans. Since I’m already bored with the Holiday Praty on Club Penguin, I WANT THE WALKTHROUGH!!!! NOW!!!!!!

  320. Why are you guys expecting a walkthrough? It just came out like 2 hours ago

  321. what do you do with the grappling hook?

  322. ooooooo i just saw the jersey devil!

  323. How’d you get the grappling hook?

  324. OMG I BEAT IT !!!!!!!

  325. does abyone know where the camera is?!?!

  326. Completed it. Sorta dissapointing. Tough Ring click on the guy wit the truck wit the trailer, then say: Can I Help? The n click on the left tire. You should then deplete the air. after he’ll be so grateful and give you the camera.

  327. lil oompa, use the grappling hook to get the eggshell from the nest

  328. thanks purplesnowball!!!!

  329. yeah, i did it

  330. Lil’ Oompa. Get to the bottom of the giant barren pine the Devil flew over, then click the grappling hook. It’ll get you the evidence you want.

  331. Anybody else complete the island?

  332. And your welcome, Tough Ring. I got stumped by that too.

  333. what do you do with the picture of the tire? how do you deplete it?

  334. how do you get the pic in close up

  335. Go to the rowboat guide, and use it. He’ll tell u it was all a scam.

  336. do u even use the sub?

  337. thanks so much!

  338. Yes. Once you have figured out the loch ness tire monster was a scam, you go back into the pub, talk to those two guys (The old one and the young) There the young guy will give you the ticket.

  339. What do you do after you get the picture of the footprint and show it to Mews?

  340. You have to complete the loch ness mission before venturing onward to bigfoot.

  341. ??? I got the picture… how do you complete the Nessie quest?

  342. You have the loch ness tire monster pic? If so, go back to the loch. Jump on the rowboat guide’s boat. then use the item.

  343. Tire monster pic?

  344. have you even started searching for the loch ness monster?

  345. Yah, I’m in the pub. I can figure it out, thanks.

  346. what do you do at the nessie underwater tour?

  347. Go to the very back, and descend down towards the make-shift loch ness monster sub. Once there use your camera.

  348. just beat it!!!!!!!!

  349. Nice Job. Isn’t just a little disapointing?

  350. i’m trying to find mr. mews inside his mueseum

  351. purple snowball! i just saw u in the game room!

  352. Good Work, Super Thunder! Popular Jumper, you need to click on each station then he’ll appear.

  353. Tough Ring you still in there?

  354. Where do you find the camera, Purple Snowball

  355. How is it disapointing?

  356. Polly, when you go to the loch. Talk to the guy near the truck. Say: Can I help? Then click on the left tire. Deflate it. Then he’ll give you the camera.

  357. And it wasn’t that much of a challenge having to take down Gretchen. So that’s why i thought it was disapointing.

  358. Polly the awesome girl


  359. Not so disapointing for me! Yay!

  360. Your welcome, Polly. And I’m happy that you had fun with it, Quick Hawk.

  361. I’m not done, just happy that this island is not a fail!

  362. can some one make a video, post it on youtube or send it to louised@myguide.net

  363. Oh. Lol. Now, I didn’t think the island was disapointing, just the ending.

  364. Where do you use the penny whistle?

  365. Go on the rowboat, and take it to the last location. (Just keep going left, until you can;t no more)

  366. Thanks.

  367. I wish the Chupacabra would have looked more like and alien…

  368. beat it!

  369. Nah, i liked it better as a devilsh looking dog, and in a way it sorta looked alien. Lol, I wasn’t ready for it to pop out and look the way it did. It scared me. xD

  370. Boy yeah…

  371. PS: I’m sorry for all the rude things i said. I was wrong about u: you r awesome!

  372. li’ Oompa?

  373. Me? Why thank you, and i shouldn’t had said what I said either.

  374. PLEASE CAN YOU SEND A VIDEO TO louised@myguide.net

  375. I forgot to add that I’m sorry, lol. 馃檪

  376. Friendship!

  377. Sorry, Tiny, I don’t know how to use unregistered camera 2. And I don’t have a youtube account. Srry 馃檨

  378. Oh put a sock in it Hawk. xD

  379. **Blushes and looks away awkwardly**

  380. is there anyone else who can help…please?………….

  381. how do u get the Bigfoot evidents!!

  382. You have to get to the monestary on top, talk to the monk inside the temple, go to the roof of the building, defeat the monk, then take a pic of the footprint at the top of the mountain.

  383. I won’t be any help, wait for the walkthrough tomorrow.

  384. i cant find the jersey devil because the note is too confusing!!

  385. I found it without using the note. Just keep going to the bottom right until you find a clearing that has a lake within it’s boundaries, and the road will become wider, and make a circle. once there click “Look Around”. Hopefully you have the lit lantern.

  386. I’ll give specific directions, just gimme a min.

  387. right ,left, right, left, right, right that should get you there.

  388. thanks i found it!

  389. right,left,right,left,right,left* that one is the true way.

  390. Your welcome, Quiet Biker.

  391. Hey which herd of goats do you go to

  392. I beat it. You were right, the ending is a little disapointing. (I’m sort of releived. I’m really bad at boss battles)

  393. when i saw the raccoon coming out i was like jersey devil here i come!

  394. lol, I’m bad at them too. And Congrats Quick Hawk!

  395. Where do you find the things to lure in the chupacabra?I just need him and i finish

  396. BTW, did anybody open up the dumpster? If so, how’d you get it open?

  397. oh my gosh i saw the jersey devil and it scared me when i first saw it!

  398. part of the instructions is in the dumpster so dont even go in there

  399. Yah! The jersy Devil sort of looked like a zombie goat with wings…

  400. Ikr, i wasn’t ready for him. lol. And, I just wanna know how you opened it. How did ya?

  401. With the bolt cutters.

  402. how do you lure in chupacabra

  403. which farmer helps you with the trap

  404. I forget…

  405. does anyone kno

  406. lol, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. :p

  407. I think the ending was ok. Me and Bigfoot floated down to safety. What I did hate though, is when Gretchen almost drowned me. And then I passed out, and Mews Foundation saved me!!!

  408. I found the bolt cutters :D. They were on the farthest farn in Puerto Rico. lol

  409. WOOT! i beat it without a walkthrough

  410. finished the island!

  411. wheres the camra

  412. ho do you play the dart game

  413. how do you play the dart game

  414. where do you get the camrea?

  415. heres how to capture big foot: beat all other missions then go to helicopter than youll find a new location go to it and follow big foot until he finds his cave then gretchen will catch him get to gretchen and hop onto her helicopter and grab pull her fuel holder off and jump to the rope and cut the rope off and you and bigfoot will land safely and you go back to the mews foundation and get your medallion

  416. how do you get a camera, truck from bridge, and yeti

  417. Thx PurpleSnowball!

  418. cool island the ending left you hanging though

  419. purplesnowball i need help on bigfoot/ yeti quest and i completed nessies can you help me?

  420. *yawn!* Time for bed. Night everyone!

  421. Good job, everyone who beat it! I think Purple Snowball will be one of the first ten finishers!

  422. GUYS IM ALL DONE WITH ISLAND great thx to purplesnowball AND quick biker

  423. oh and srry i meant queit biker

  424. wonder what number ill be in the finishers?

  425. how to comfied the yeti??

  426. guys i finished the island i am so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like to thanks queit biker for giving me tips on how to find the jersey devil and THAT IS ONE UGLY GOAT/JERSEY DEVIL

  427. I don’t think any of us will be one of the first ten finishers besides PurpleSnowball.

  428. hey purple snowball, in how many hours did you defeat cryptids?

  429. purplesnowball is awesome

  430. how to use the penny whistle a second time?

  431. Thank ya Super Thunder, and Harry Dragon, for those nice comments 馃檪 Idk how long it took me to beat the island. Let’s see… It started a little bit before 5, and I immediately came back on to the comment list after I beat it, and this blog’s time is PST, so that would make it… roughly 3 hours.

  432. Who else thought that finding the camera was the hardest part of the island?

  433. who wants to get in a party room. heres the code. bew61

  434. purplesnowball, thats so cool i defeated it in around 3 hours too. and i think that fiding the camra was hard also.

  435. oh yeah my real poptropicans name is quick lepard so i’m going to start posting as quick lepard.

  436. ps that was harry dragon posting.

  437. i believe this is how you capture the chupacabra: ask the farmer for the jeep and go north to his brother and get fur then leave and come back to the place and the farmer will say Im going to capture it! get ideas on how to capture it ask one of the farmers and lead 3 goats with 3 spots into the lair then go hide with the farmer behind the rocks then there will be a thump go over there and then the chupacabra will burst out and run away get tooth and use the coyote fur first in dna testing then use the tooth of chupacabra and you have comfirmed the chupacabra exists

  438. Polly the awesome girl

    purple snowball, you’re very nice. I had TONS OF FUN WITH THE ISLAND. I THINK THEY’RE GOING TO RATE IT EASY.

  439. if you look in the background there is a poster for a wild west island
    thats probably what the next island will be

  440. i know of a new island that MIGHT be comming out . it is wild west island . if u dont belive me then watch the video and there is a blue poster with wild west writtten on it
    thaought that u might want to know that

  441. congats purple snow ball your the 10th person to finish cryptids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  442. i belive you shiny clown. i saw the poster too. i told all my friends but they didnt belive me. mabey if they have somebody elses word, they’ll belive me.

  443. congratz, purple snowball!! You’re the 10th finisher of Cryptids Island!!

  444. MULTI-VERSE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARS89 IS CODE~!!!!

  445. its coming out for nonmembers January 17, 2011.

  446. when do you think wild west island come out what month?

  447. Wild West? Hm.
    Wild Wild WEST!
    Yah. Interesting.

  448. will it be wild west or something to do with cave people?

  449. Pls tell me when is this new island will b unlocked 4 the non-members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  450. hi its dawnyr and im going to give you my poptica anount don;t you dare go on Crytids and i will tell you soon so bye.

  451. it is definitely wild west get on daily pop and look at the pictures they have some of them are very cowboy ish!!!

  452. defintely wild west! look in the background of the vidoe , there is a poster that says wild west. it probably will cime out inf march!!!???

  453. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! THE 17TH?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  454. how do u play the dart game the dart keeps falling

  455. this is the best island ever i have played on

  456. how do you beat cryptids island when ur on the motorcycle in the woods looking for the monster?

  457. Hey I’m not very good at Poptropica! How do you get the Penny Whistle to summon Nessie? Thanks!!

  458. no one here!!!

  459. but,when i’m go to loch ness,i not use a baloon.