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Counterfeit Island Video and Bonus Points

The Poptropica Creators posted a new video on YouTube that shows a promotion for Counterfeit Island. Among other things you get to see some of the scenes from Counterfeit Island. All you really learn from the video is that there’s an art thief who’s going to try and steal some paintings from the museum on the island and you need to figure out who the thief is. It looks like you’ll encounter the thief in one scene in the dark but we don’t really know for sure.

The creators also announced that there will be a sneak peek period for Counterfeit Island, just like there was for Astro-Knights. And you’ll earn 200 credits instead of just 100 if you finish the island during the sneak peek period! Well, keep your eyes peeled here because we’ll post the full walkthrough just as soon as we can so that you can earn those bonus credits!


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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hello take away the O and you get hell

  3. I take it back

  4. sweet! i cant wait my fav islands are the one that dont really have a villan u have 2 fight but i guess this will do!

  5. wowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ok then. when is the sneek peek peroid and pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassse post that walkthrough i need credits!!!!!!!!!

  7. I for my self, think poptropica is the best! If I had a choice of any website that I could play for life it would be poptropica!

  8. how do u get it??????????

  9. COOL!!!!! When is the preveiw peroid and when are u posting the walkthrough???!???

  10. There’re more clues from this video.You have to get a balloon to fly.You have to jump up a building with a red pointed flag on top to get a piece of paper.You have to enter “All That Jazz Cafe” to catch a theif.You have to chase someone on a scooter .You [might] have to paint an orange smiley.You have to steal something from the museum.If you get caught and end up in jail[0:36-look carefully-there’re the words”MORNING THE POLICE STATION]you have to escape.You also have to search a dustbin[0:39]look at the background to get an idea about where the dustbin is.You also need to get a X-ray device.You have to get a red balloon [0:24],why I don’t know.You have to carry a painting[0:40] to the Expressionism area.There might be more clues in the video,watch it carefully.

  11. Credits oh boy !!!!:)

  12. please post a walkthrough! i really need it because i bought the early access pass and i’m stuck on the part where i need to find the tickets!!!plzzzzzz post a walkthrough!!!!!!
    : ^ (

  13. I have counterfit island on early access and I am stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP ME

  14. Maty, you the smartest person on this site. I can’t believe you figured out like half of what you have to do just from that video. WOW!!!!!!!!!

  15. maty is not that smart because i won the island without a walkthrouugh and he’s not completly right smarty pants maty

  16. i need help with credits

  17. you should make the walkthrough in words that would be helpfull ALOT!!!!!
    well you really should the video is stupid !

  18. awesome you get 200 credits if you beat it in early access that is the best thing ever.

  19. you are all suckerz i completed every level without walkthroughs

  20. i already beat counterfeit island like 5 days ago.

  21. it was NOT that easy.

  22. Is perfect cloud crazy?its even easier than shark tooth. there is no things to attack.

  23. i guess maty found out that he / she wasnt right and is not leaving any more comments

  24. well maty’s facts from the video were half right instead of a red balloon its green u don’t steel a painting u r framed and u rshifting a painting 2 make it right u don’t have2 draw an orange smiley that is just 4 fun u do have 2 search a dusbin u don’t have 2 escape u r let out u do x-ray a painting as a test and 4 real. they r sort of right really.

  25. I agree with Zippy Bite, it was really easy. I made a new account to do it. It was fun too! 🙂

  26. where is the key to that stupid house jeez its taking forever or me to find it!

  27. I completed counterfeit island in 30 minutes I was dissapointed at how easy it was

  28. what does the orange smily face do??????????????????

  29. Well, the thing is at nighttime you get in the mueseum using the goat thingie and you get past the girl but how do you get past the lasers cause my cpus slow and i get there and its still loading and i get hit! wat do you do

  30. this is absolutley no help at all! im asking for a way to complete the island! not peoples dumb conversations… what do u do with the key card?

  31. lol ok I love poptropica its so cool i fnished all the island thats so cool right so ya later I love you poptropica!!!!!!! Ya! rock! and roll!!!!!!!!!!!…

    Good luck people who did not fnished all the island watch a youtube video to help you it helps because I saw one for fun its awesome try it ok bye…

  32. cooooooooooool

  33. No need to show off prettyeyes

  34. I’ve beaten counterfeit island already!!!!!


  36. poptropica is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  37. I hate that your glasses are so uggly!!!

  38. i luv poptropica sine my friend showed me it i’ve never stoped playing it
    thanks for the video on youtube for astroknights it was GR8!!!!!!!!!

  39. To elijah:, You have to get behind the statues when the lasers go

  40. Yo this ain’t no picnic

  41. all i have to complete is one more island, its fun and easy!! i love it and my person is so cool, her name is Smart Snowball!!

  42. the ones that are stuck on couterfeit the tickets are in the trash can the right one on the very bottom.

  43. the comment i just posted is for bay176.

  44. man this sucks i bought the early access pass and i tried so hard to beat it but i didn’t know it was already out when i did.

  45. To find the key go to the art mueseum in early poptropica, talk to the curator

  46. Awesome it is really. Cool and fun to play. !!!!!!!

  47. I really think that later on, they may post in a Poptropica blog that like you can do some things to get balloon boy down. There was some questions with me and my friends about the construction worker and why does he block it of anyway?

    To all poptroica people the LAST SCRAP OF PAPER TO THE PICTURE IS look at the instructions below:
    Go to the underground tunnel. now climb up the piece of cord the is attached to the light bulb. there is the last piece of paper. I think the people at poptropica did it very cleverly. They did that because If a poptroipca citizen cant find the last piece of paper, that may just be why the mysterious construction worker blocked of that section of counterfeit.

    You have heard some comments about poptropica from(poptropica members):
    fartcoconut, ncweird, and ima dork

  48. Hey, Where is the video walk through? D9 needs help!!!

  49. go on u tube its there d9 thats how i passed .

  50. awsome 1 comment. hahahahahaha, kidding i really dont care

  51. Where is the videos for the counterfiet island?

  52. youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! type poptropica cheats

  53. hehhehehhehe yea

  54. i’ve already finished counterfiet and it was a bit hard but then it was easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  55. i did this in december/january. 🙂

  56. the level is soooo easy i beat it in august

  57. I beat Counterfeit a long time ago. Too bad I wasn’t there during the sneak peek period! I could really use 200 credits. :-p