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Counterfeit Island Promo and News

The Poptropica home page is updated with a coming soon picture for Counterfeit Island. When you click on it, there’s a new page that tells you a little more about the upcoming island. The story is that someone is trying to steal all of the world’s most famous artwork, which is on display in a museum on the island. It sounds really fun!

There’s also a new post in the Creator’s Blog that has some concept art for something called the gatekeeper. Here’s what the blog says:

Here is some concept art for Counterfeit Island. Watch out for the Gatekeeper! You will only like him when he’s…crazy.


The filename for the screenshot is garg which means that this gatekeeper guy is probably a gargoyle, which makes sense because lots of buildings have gargoyle carvings and stuff on the gates and outsides. The part about liking him when he’s crazy is probably a clue for something you need to do in this new island quest. We’ll see soon!

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  1. i want to play the game

  2. what game??? Poptropica?….if there are ANY new islands out I need to adventure on it. i passed all the others ones and im bored like a R-O-C-K!!! Rock i tell you!! oh and you can find me mostly at the soda pop shop on early poptropica island and everything in case you want ot chat or battle… OH!! Annndddd if you EVER want to see my character then then go on the place above and i’m either a level 3 or 4 and im under 34 if you wanna know….. 😀

  3. sorry but my character name is Feirce Scorpian!! 😉

  4. i’m on right now!!!!

  5. oh phooooooeeeeyyyyy!!! there is nooo reality t.v island etc. UGGHHHH 🙁

  6. Hi, my name is Ashley. Just so you know I beat some islands already and I’m going to get super cool stuff at the shop! So LOL.. that means laugh out loud. You can find me at the Soda Pop Shop on Early Poptropica and at The Old House Thing on Astro Knights. I’m Blue Dragon just so you know!!Oh and don’t make fun of my peep!!

  7. And I’m HOT on Poptropica.. I mean at beating the islands..maybe i’m cute in real life.. 😉

  8. how do you geet to new bords

  9. i can’t beileive it is christmas on december 24 and my username is datduong8 and th pasword is 379582 but don’t change the password

  10. I beat pretty much every island!;0

  11. did you guys hear about early access and the 200 credit reward?

  12. what the frick

  13. i have finished counterfeit island its so so so so easy

  14. this island is so easy

  15. i want fwend pweeeeezzzze.