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Costume Contest: Villains!



SO, you guys are awesomely creative! Some spectacular costume combinations for our first Villain-themed Fan Costume Contest. Below are the entries with the poll further down below that. Good luck to all of the contestants and may the best bad guy win!

(Sorry about the delay in posting this. I know some of you were worried about your submissions, but they all look great to me. In the future, try to get all of the info that’s required — the link and the SHORT description — into one comment. Then you don’t have to worry about whether I got it all. Oh, and for future contests there’s no take-backs and no edits. Once you submit something, it’s in. It’s too hard for me to have to figure out who wants to omit or edit their submission. On my part, I’ll try to time these better so you have more time to submit and less time between submission and the poll getting posted. Thanks!)

Contestant #1: Pop Koopa (submitted by Incredible Carrot/Cool Smarticle)


This is the new member of the King Koopa tribe, Pop Koopa. She lives on Corona Mountain and sometimes visits the Steamworks for her evil deeds. She steals everything and tries to commit murder, but it never works out, since she never does anything right. Her weakness is SEGA. Go Nintendo! Well, there we go! Into the pipe! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!

Contestant #2: Fiery Rider (submitted by Quiet Fire/Red Lion)


I call her Fiery Rider, She lives on Super Villian Island But she always rides around Super Hero Island on her motorcycle (not shown in picture) Trying to kill all the superheros and gain all power MWAHAHAHAH…..Er bye….

Contestant #3: Paki Polly Tergeist (submitted by Wild Star)


This is the story. Of a girl named Paki. Paki Polly Tergeist (pronounced TER-gis.) she was a little girl who lived on ghost story island, but vanished before the creators could find out her story, (but keep looking, she is looking for you…) Paki was a girl who knew too much. [Editor: Wild Star commented that there might be more to her story than this. Check the comments to see if Wild Star has more to say about the mysterious Paki.]

Contestant #4: Wicked Princess (submitted by Sleepy Ghost)


Don’t be fooled my the pretty dress, this girl is not a fairytale princess. Or at least the kind you think of. This would be from a non-existing island called “storybook island” or something along those lines. She is the “evil” daughter of the king apposed to the good daughter that happens to be her twin sister. She doesn’t think it’s fair that the king chose to have the other sister to be next in line for throne just because she was born a bit earlier. She thinks that they should rule together. So she lashes all out on her father and turns against everyone.

Contestant #5: Dr. Evil Lin (submitted by Quiet Bubbles/Cool Smarticle)


She is a Mad Scientist who is known as Dr. Evil Lin. She lives on Super Villain Island as a “doctor” and performs surgeries both minor and serious on all villains. No heroes, just villains. She also comes up with cures to all kinds of diseases. So to sum it up, she helps the ill and injured villains get well to fight the good. The only weakness she has is a potion that can only be made by her sister, Dr. Reanne Goodwin, a Hero Scientist.

Contestant #6: Notorious Pirate (submitted by Giant Eagle)


It’s a pirate

Contestant #7: Verna Vampire (submitted by Sporty Dragon)


My villain is called Verna vampire and she is on vampire cruse island and she is count bram’s long lost wife and she left him to go solo and become more powerful and take over poptropica. her powerfilled gum she chews is poisoned and the bubbles she blow can poison anything or anyone. her weakness is if you take the poison gum out of her mouth she is powerless.

Contestant #8: Bright Skull (submitted by Magic Pear)


What, you want my story? But I’ve got you all tied up! Why waste time? Are you planning to escape? Got backup coming? Whatever. Might as well entertain the prisoners.(I’ve got a force field around my lair anyway…)
“So, Yeah. I’m Bright Skull, due to the particular condition i leave my rivals in. I grew up on Steamworks island, where after whoever woke the population up I became magnificantly skilled in making machines. I built the lightning cannon (I take credit for all destruction to Town Hall.) and the genetic re-writer. I made it so I am immortal, duh. After a while, the police tracked me down and sent me on a helicopter to Super Villan island, but the thunderstorm settings were just right to let the heli get struck with lightning, and through my smuggled genetic re-writer, became one with lightning. (Oh, that sounds good, I should write that down.)I escaped, and took over Olympus on Mythology island when I heard of Zeus’ absence, becoming the goddess of lightning, even though I kept my dark clothes to keep the effect of whenever I needed to shoot some foolish mortal. It was quite fun, actually! After a couple of years, I began hearing rumours about this “Edison” and “Tesla” Poptropicans, and I wasn’t happy one bit when they claimed they could ‘control’ lightning! Please! I’m the powerful one here! You don’t control lightning by flipping a switch and harnessing it to turn a light on, or using it for some motion-picture device! We had HOLOGRAMS several years before them! Ugh. So, when I heard that BOTH of them were traveling to this “World Fair” in Chigago, I decided to secretly butt in. I manipulted this silly French reporter, Le Monde, I think it was? Whatever. I filled her pea-sized brain with lies about the future of Paris. “It’s gonna become the world’s captital!”, “France is the first country to go in space!”, “None of this will happen if Edison and Tesla both achieve fame.”,“blah blah blah.” . Yuck. I can’t believe she actually believed that. Lunar Colony showed her that. Anyway, I was clever enough to plant into her mind a plan that would devestate both Edison AND Tesla at once! She had it all done carefully. I even gave her extra boxes to put the motion camera in, should she only able to a backround bag. But NOOOOO….. Never depend on a silly Poptropican to commit a crime for you. She got the device, sure! But she was lazy with her evidence! I told her to wear gloves when she pulled the train car’s brake, burn the gloves, then hide the device in Tesla’s luggage. She didn’t wear gloves! So she left evidence everwhere! She was even STUPID enough to put the device in HER OWN TRUNK!!! I was like, WHAT GIVES?! Ugh… Calm down……… In short, she was a slop when it came to crime. I did eventually get my revenge, because I am the master of lightning! After that, I realised how fun it was to tamper with the little Poptropicans. I stole some things from a pixelated town that I thought would be important, to see how long it took them to find their stuff, and also to hint that they should keep their stuff even more safe. I also created a fun little virus I implanted in some fruit to make people look and behave like zombies. Eventually, it died out, and it evolved into some weird sickness on some other nearby island. Flius Hunter island? (I didn’t know there was a poptropican named Flius. ) I was even clever enough to make a base in space( Ha, I love that. Base in space, base in space. Hey everyone, I’ve got a base in space! Hehe.) and I sent down all of the debris I didn’t need down to Poptropica. I think one was soaked in talent enhancer… a rather small one, anyway. Probably burnt up in the atomsphere. I also aided a good friend of mine in a rather awesome space base (HaHaha… there it is again! Space base, base in space….) Name Mordred, I believe. So many other things I did, but would you believe some people actually rised up against me? It was so fun! I know see why villans actually confront up front! The thrill of the chase! Even so, s’why I have this eyepatch… I like it anyway. Oh, my staff? Yeah, it’s got two purposes, actually. One, it’s kinda like a power bank for me. It’s crackling with electricity. Whenever I have extra energy, I wait for the energy to become lightning, and transport it inside my staff. I’ve done it so much it shows and glows! Literally! Oh, there I go, rhyming without meaning it. Ha… Its so funny. Whenever I’m summoning a large amount of power, I use the lightning from my staff. Long-term investments really so help! I also use it to look like a weakness. The way I lean on it? That’s just an act. No one can just take it from me, it’s brimmed to the top with pure electricity. I can only hold it because I’ve had lightning coursing through my veins (Another good one there!) for years. Anything else touches it, it sparks like a firework. However, I cannot resist the urge to press a big, red, threating button when I se one. You know what? You’re being awfully quiet… Oh…………Dang it, I’m talking to the Barbie Dolls again. But what’s this?! Brrrrrr! Oh, no! it’s the egg-carton plane, swooping in! There’s no escape this time, Bright Skull! It’s got the teddy bear of Barcelona! Oh, no!!! We’ve disabled all of your defenses! Even the giant one in the walls! Oh, did you? Because when I waxed that floor, TBoB, I made it so when you ran to your plane, you would slide right into the wall, and see the trap within a trap, and try to disable it. But you actually activated it! When you cut those wires, the clamp holding down the release button was disabled, and the countdown began. The connection leads right under where I’m sitting straight-jacketed in the asylum in the sky, to a set of double trapdoors that are about to open in several seconds. Oh? What’s this? Is that the stompity-stompity of guard boots I hear outside my door? Yes, it is! I’ve got vistiors, yes I do!”
“Bright Skull, get away from the corner of that wall.”
“I already did! See?! I’m bouncing on the airbag floors, I am! WHHEEEEEEEEE!!!!”
“Back away. This is an order of the Asylum of Poptropica!”
“Why? Boo-hoo, you cut all the fun out of bouncing, you did. I’m gonna cry, I am.”
“Zippy Tree, hold her down, please.”
“Ohmph! Is that how you treat a lady?”
“It’s how we treat madwomen like you.”
“Haven’t you heard of the law? You can’t treat someone differently because of the way they act!”
“Zippy, where’s that wrench? I need to disable these doors.”
“You mean this wrench I’ve got in my hands?”
“Wha…How… Zippy! What did you do to him?!”
“Comple knockout gas. When you pulled up the floor, a silent alarm triggered and a nozzle of knockout gas I installed several years back sprayed on him, just like you’re going to get now.”
“How did you know where he would be standing four years beforehand?! Cough, cough.”
“I don’t know! That’s the fun of it, it is! Hehehehehehe!!!”
“Cough, cough, you’re a…cough… madwoman….”
“I know, right?! It’s so fun fun fun, it is! And the doors are opening all on their own! Whoops, My ride’s here! Gotta go! I’m going to be late for the Villans convention. It’s casusal Friday, which means anti-gravity paintball fight! WhEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Contestant #9: The Terrorist (submitted by Fearless Storm)


“Watch Out! The terrorist has a gun!”

Contestant #10: Rachelle Richards (submitted by Brave Sky)


Meet Rachelle Richards, a sly woman with an addiction for being rich and famous. She shoplifts expensive clothes from malls all around Poptropica. She also spends some of her spare time sneaking around inside the lavish mansions on Cryptids Island stealing clothes, jewelery, anything valuable. Rachelle will stop at nothing to be covered by high quality clothing material, to be showered and bathed with pearls and diamonds, and living like a king.

Contestant #11: Piper (submitted by Cool Kid)


Her name’s Piper. She’s a rich orphan who owns a mansion all to herself. Piper is a sport freak and this is what she would normally wear. At her school, she pickpockets people without them suspecting anything. She is very agile, tough and quick. Piper’s mansion is like a training course. She has karate, gymnastics, sprinting and soccer trainers that all work in her mansion. These trainers all help Piper improve her skills so one day, she will be able to be an art thief.

Contestant #12: Salemene (submitted by Perfect Cloud/Serious Bite)


My character is a rich, classy, and evil woman named Salemene. She was an applauding actress on Back Lot Island, until her career declined. Now she lives with rage and hurt, for she lost her career by people’s choice. She breaks in on sets and uses her special hypnotizing glasses to make people do her biding. She wants to become a star again, but this time to take over the world.

Contestant #13: Shark King (submitted by Friendly Shark)


Contestant #14: Skull Rider (submitted by Orange Bee)


My villain’s name is Skull Rider her father was part of Captain Crawfish’s crew and she got the pirate look from him. Her mother was very fond of bones and skulls so the skulls remind Skull Rider of what happened after the war. I forgot about the questions here’s the answers: She lives on Skull pirate island the only reason why she’s bad is because she seeks revenge on those who killed her mother and she hates people who get in her way of finding them. Her weakness is her mother whenever she hears about her she feels very weak.

Contestant #15: Pirate Feather (submitted by Grey Feather)


This is Pirate Feather, the bride of Captain Crawfish! Of course, she’s from Skullduggery Island. Just like Captain Crawfish, she is planning to rule the seas! However, her only weakness is charcoal.


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    Icy Snowball
    Cool Smarticle
    Red Lion, Fearless Owl, Brave Sky, and Sleepy Ghost

    DR. SNOWBALL: It is a cold day, but I am a scientist, and we are ascending Himalayan point, Mount Everest, where Hillary and Tenzing first ascended.
    DR. SNOWBALL: We can’t keep up. We have to keep going.
    DR. BUBBLES: Uh……? Where are we again? Mount Snowverest, what?
    DR. SNOWBALL: [looks around for a map] I’m sure I packed a map this morning… [feels a squishy ball in a cone-shaped object] Hey, hey, hey, ice cream for everyone! No? Okay. Maybe later. Let’s keep on track.
    DR. SNOWBALL: You there, little one, what was your name again?
    DR. BUBBLES: Who, me?
    [DR. SNOWBALL takes a quick stop at 4,261 feet and walks over to the youngest ascender in the team.]
    DR. SNOWBALL: No, the little one! You’re bigger than the little one!
    [DR. SNOWBALL heads over to the youngest one and hands him a compass.]
    DR. BUBBLES: Who’s the “little one”? I’m hungry. Let’s go to McDonald’s!
    DR. SNOWBALL: What’s your name again?
    JR. ICECAP: JR. ICECAP, sir. And what is this thing?
    DR. SNOWBALL: It’s my compass. It shows you what direction you’re facing.
    JR. ICECAP: Wow, cool! Thank you, sir.
    [They all carry on. At 6,192 feet, a snowball lands on DR. SNOWBALL’s head.]
    DR. SNOWBALL: This appears to be a snowball.
    JR. ICECAP: How high are we?
    DR. SNOWBALL: 6,192 feet.
    JR. ICECAP: How high is Mount Snowverest or however you say it?
    DR. SNOWBALL: 29,028.8 feet.
    JR. ICECAP: That means we have to walk the remaining 22,836.8 feet!
    JR. ICECAP: Hey, there’s a restaurant at 7,000 feet! That’s unusual.
    DR. SNOWBALL: Dr. Bubbles, have no fear. If we walk another 818 miles, we’ll be at the unusual restaurant.
    DR. BUBBLES: Is it McDonald’s? I swear if it isn’t, I’m going to be ticked off! I want a… uh… 10 OF EVERYTHING ON THE MENU! Wait… Is that Noodles and Company? No wait… a Chinese Restaurant?
    DR. SNOWBALL: We’re at 6,916 feet. I did not mean miles.
    JR. ICECAP: 84 feet to go!
    DR. SNOWBALL: Getting closer by 50 feet.
    [They arrive at the restaurant. It’s McDonald’s and the top of the sign and roof are covered with snow.]
    DR. BUBBLES: We going to go there or what? I’m HUNGRY!
    DR. SNOWBALL: This is a stop, and it looks like it’s the only restaurant on the point.
    CUSTOMER: Actually, there’s a McDonald’s every 7,000 feet.
    JR. ICECAP: If you said there were 29,000 feet, then there would be three.
    DR. BUBBLES: We going or not? And stop ignoring me!
    [The ascenders go inside.]
    JR. ICECAP: Can I order a cheeseburger?
    DR. SNOWBALL: Take your time, I’ve only got… [whispers] $96.
    JR. ICECAP and DR. SNOWBALL: What do you want, DR. BUBBLES?
    DR. BUBBLES: [screams] $96?! I’LL HAVE 10 OF EVERYTHING ON THE MENU!!!!!
    DR. SNOWBALL: I’ll order a chicken wrap.
    DR. BUBBLES: Give me extra sauces for the McNuggets too!
    WAITER: In that case, it’ll be $96.90.
    DR. SNOWBALL: Here you are.
    WAITER: Thanks. You receive 10¢ in change.
    JR. ICECAP: I can’t wait to get out and enjoy my cheeseburger!
    DR. SNOWBALL: Neither do I! What about you, DR. BUBBLES?
    WAITER: Extra sauce is 10¢.
    DR. SNOWBALL: Okay, here you go. 10¢ for the extra sauce.
    DR. BUBBLES: I thought you said you only had $96? Where’d you get the 90 cents?
    [The ascenders leave and eat what they got during ascending time.]
    DR. SNOWBALL: I’m broke!
    JR. ICECAP: Sorry.
    DR. SNOWBALL: Never mind. We’ll find more money.
    JR. ICECAP: We’re 7,009 feet. [Slides back down to 6,318 feet and goes back up to 7,009 feet, ready for them all to continue.]
    DR. BUBBLES: You had extra change? You said $96, NOT 97.
    DR. SNOWBALL: I found the 90¢ at 6,318 feet.
    DR. BUBBLES: No. You just didn’t want me to order another soda.
    JR. ICECAP: This yummy cheeseburger – onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese on sesame seed buns!
    DR. SNOWBALL: I got a Choc Swirl Frappe. Ice cream and chocolate with small pieces of ice on top!
    [JR. ICECAP bites his cheeseburger and DR. SNOWBALL takes a sip of his Frappe.]
    DR. SNOWBALL: Gonna eat, DR. BUBBLES? Do you know what to start with?
    [Soon, the power of McDonald’s goes out and they try to fix the back-up generator. Then, when the power went back on, everything went like crazy! The ice cream machine, the chip machine, the refill machine, everything!
    That didn’t worry the ascenders who kept on ascending.
    At 8,901 feet, Dr. Snowball and Jr. Icecap have already just finished their meals. It was too cold for them to eat one bite after another, so they took small bites.]
    JR. ICECAP: DR. BUBBLES? What are you eating now?
    DR. BUBBLES: Oh, I’ll eat alright.
    [At 10,000 feet, a snowball landed on Jr. Icecap’s head, caused by a woman.]
    WOMAN: Sorry, I love dropping snowballs!
    DR. SNOWBALL: I have a good idea, let’s roll a snowball up to the top, no matter how big it gets.
    JR. ICECAP: Dr. Bubbles? [snaps fingers] Are you frozen by the cool?
    JR. ICECAP: What’s the time?
    DR. SNOWBALL: Good scientists always tell the time and have watches. It’s 7:01 a.m.
    JR. ICECAP: Don’t tell me we left early in the morning?
    DR. SNOWBALL: We did, not surprisingly.
    JR. ICECAP: Perhaps we should keep going and see what food DR. BUBBLES is eating now. DR BUBBLES? [snaps fingers three times] Snapping fingers thrice always gets another to listen.
    DR. BUBBLES: [Swallows a ton of food] What? [shoves more food in her mouth] No, it’s 10:06 p.m.
    [At 12,501 feet, they spotted a shining gem.]
    DR. BUBBLES: [gasps] It’s a……
    DR. BUBBLES: How did…… There’s no way… It’s a… a…
    JR. ICECAP: Whoa! An emerald! My favourite gem!
    DR. SNOWBALL: Have a close look at the colour.
    JR. ICECAP: It’s not emerald, it’s blue. [groans]
    DR. SNOWBALL: What sort of blue?
    JR. ICECAP: Ruby?
    DR. SNOWBALL: Ruby’s the red ones.
    JR. ICECAP: Amethyst?
    DR. SNOWBALL: Amethysts are purple.
    DR. SNOWBALL: Yes, it’s sapphire!
    DR. BUBBLES: No it isn’t! It’s an emerald alright. But not an ordinary emerald… Believe me. I know what this is. And it’s not a sapphire.
    JR. ICECAP: I know what kind of gem this is… It’s the Glowing Emerald! I have a book of gems that I highlight – “The Glowing Emerald is lucky to be found – by anyone. The first Glowing Emerald was made out of glow sticks and green card on May 16, 1902 by…” I can’t read who made it! The text is blurry! But this is unusual. I need a candle.
    DR. SNOWBALL: I have a candle made out of 100% pure wax. Take your time, I only have a few matches.
    DR. BUBBLES: Close my friend, very close. It’s a………… Chaos Emerald! There are only 7 in the world! Oh wait…? Is it?
    DR. BUBBLES: Hmm… I think it is a chaos emerald…? Right?
    [DR. SNOWBALL hands a candle on a plate to JR. ICECAP. The light effects, but doesn’t absorb.]
    JR. ICECAP: It’s not very well absorbent. I need a BLUE candle! And I know where I can find blue flames! At 13,000 feet! I’ve ascended Everest 11 times with no problems!
    DR. BUBBLES: DR. FIRE, what do you think? Is it a Chaos Emerald or a Glowing Emerald?
    DR. FIRE: Hmm, I think it’s a Chaos Emerald.
    DR. BUBBLES: I think I see a chamber up ahead? Or do I need my glasses?
    DR. FIRE: I see the chamber too, but you still need glasses! XD
    DR. BUBBLES: I heard that in these chambers, there might be 3 different types of colored fire: Red, green, and blue. Should we have a look?
    DR. FIRE: Yes, yes we should!
    [They keep going to the blue flames that JR. ICECAP was talking about. They bring the Emerald along with them.]
    JR. ICECAP: The creators of the emerald were… the Greeks?!
    DR. BUBBLES: DR. SNOWBALL, JR. ICECAP, are you guys listening to me? DR. FIRE is. The Greeks? I dunno…? Chaos…?
    DR. FIRE: I think it could be the Mayans?
    JR. ICECAP: The Glowing Emerald was created by the Romans in 100 BC. This is the Chaos Emerald. Oh, look, a sign! “McDonalds – 1,000 feet up.”
    DR. FIRE: Now I want some chicken nuggets.
    DR. SNOWBALL: We should look at the chamber. There’s an entry ladder that takes you back down 500 feet.
    DR. FIRE: B-but what about McDonald’s?
    DR. BUBBLES: We just went to McDonald’s! Let’s have a look, shall we?
    DR. FIRE: Fine, let’s go to the stupid chamber.
    [Everyone explores the chamber.]
    DR. SNOWBALL: There are signs everywhere! [spots a sign saying “Red Flames – left”]
    Hey, everyone! Red flames!
    DR. SNOWBALL (to Dr. Fire): We’ll go after we explore the chamber. There are signs and maps on the walls, so it’s easy to navigate through. And, there are original-coloured candles on the walls!
    DR. SNOWBALL: Hmm. Green flames are to the right. And there’s a secret door!
    [Everyone rushes to the door and notices something…]
    DR. BUBBLES: I thought we were looking for the blue fire…? Hmm… I’m curious.
    DR. FIRE: Can we go to McDonald’s now?
    JR. ICECAP: This is not any ordinary chamber. It’s the underground catacombs! And there’s a blockage about the door. “To open, you must insert a red flame, a blue flame and a green flame, and you will get a chance to see what is inside.”
    DR. FIRE: Where are we gonna get flames?
    [JR. ICECAP rushes to find one of each colour, inserts, then sees what’s inside.]
    JR. ICECAP: No way! It’s the largest Chaos Emerald of them all.
    JR. ICECAP: I can’t believe it! Have a look, DR. BUBBLES!
    DR.FIRE: NO WAY SISTA, or brother……
    JR. ICECAP: DR. BUBBLES? Everyone? Looking?
    JR. ICECAP: I packed my camera. [gets it out, turns it on, snaps a photograph]
    DR. SNOWBALL: Can I see the picture?
    JR. ICECAP: [closes the hidden room] Seen the photo, everyone?
    DR. FIRE: Yeah.
    [Everyone leaves the chamber, ascending 500 feet. At 1392 feet, JR. ICECAP spots in the distance, a McDonald’s restaurant.]
    DR. FIRE: YES. FINALLY!!!!!!!
    JR. ICECAP: You guys hungry? I found $18 in the chamber. We’re 8 feet away from the closest McDonald’s.
    DR. FIRE: [stares in awe at the McDonald’s, then runs all the way to McDonald’s]
    DR. FIRE: Are you guys coming?
    DR. SNOWBALL: You found money in that creepy chamber? Good, ’cause I don’t want anything. I was full from the Frappe!
    JR. ICECAP: We’ve been ascending for 1 hour and 38 minutes now, and it’s already 8:47 in the morning!
    DR. SNOWBALL: How do you know? You don’t have a watch like me.
    JR. ICECAP: Sir, I have a smart in my brain that says, “TIME TELLING”!
    DR. SNOWBALL: I had a smart in my brain that said, “HUNGRY” but now I don’t!
    JR. ICECAP: I’ll get a Strawberry Thickshake. DR. BUBBLES? DR. FIRE?
    DR. FIRE: I want a 10-piece chicken nuggets Kid’s Meal with fries and a blueberry pomegranate smoothie, and don’t forget the toy!
    DR. SNOWBALL: I’ll get something.
    JR. ICECAP: Have your own money if you want anything.
    DR. SNOWBALL: How rude!
    JR. ICECAP: Do I have to make you descend 1,000 feet?
    DR. SNOWBALL: Oh, what’s this? I must be seeing things. [rubs eyes] What? Nothing changed.
    JR. ICECAP: Okay, DR. FIRE. Not unless you have your own cash. I have… [whispering] $18.
    DR. SNOWBALL: Somebody heard that. [pointing to a Poptropican with overgrown blonde hair]
    JR. ICECAP: Uh-oh. BLONDIE ALERT! [dropping some cash, dashing out, runs back down to 13,512 feet, ascends 41 feet for safety and another 41 feet]
    BLONDIE: What is this? Dropped money?
    DR. SNOWBALL: Don’t put your hands on those coins and banknotes, you blondie!
    DR. FIRE: Guys?
    DR. FIRE: B-But my chicken nuggets! [Goes back to pay for the chicken nuggets]
    JR. ICECAP ascends back up and reaches McDonald’s.
    DR. SNOWBALL: It can’t be the Chaos Emerald. I wonder what it is.
    DR. FIRE: It looks kinda red; maybe it’s a ruby?
    JR. ICECAP: It’s the Amethyst Ace! “The Amethyst Ace is the most popular Amethyst gem in the world. It is 11 meters long and 14 meters wide. It was built by the Jews in AD 51.”
    DR. FIRE: Wow, it’s huge.
    DR. FIRE: Hello?
    JR. ICECAP: A Jewish gem! The Amethyst Ace is made of red and blue flames mixed together to make purple flames – [gasps] The Purple Ring of Fire is at 17,500 feet – and purple card.
    DR. SNOWBALL: [gasps] We lost – [gasps] Dr. Bubbles!
    JR. ICECAP: My senses tell me she’s descended. She’s at 14,066 miles.
    DR. BUBBLES: The largest! Impossible! The Master Emerald should be on Angel Mountain!
    DR. SNOWBALL: Hey, look, another gem! [looks at his reflection on the gem like a mirror]
    JR. ICECAP: This one looks… [taps it] …cold at an accurate temperature of… -61°F!
    DR. BUBBLES: DR. FIRE? You coming?
    JR. ICECAP: DR. BUBBLES, come see the gem we discovered! It’s not a Chaos Emerald because of its colour. It’s a white gem this time!
    JR. ICECAP: What is the name of this gem? And why’s it shaped like a diamond? Let’s see if my book can help. “White gems – page 67.” [flicks to page 67 and gazes at the White Gem Index] “White Diamond Novelty Ultra-Classic Gem – page 71.”
    DR. BUBBLES: You’re right! If it was a Chaos Emerald, this one would be clear! And it would glow while being exposed to this one! It’s cloudy… Hmm… A Sol Emerald? It’s shaped differently too…? What’s the shape of the other one?
    JR. ICECAP: It says here,
    “The White Diamond Novelty Ultra-Classic Gem.
    Size – 6m in length, 8m in width
    Value: 94%
    Temperature: Up to -61 degrees Fahrenheit
    Quantity: 5
    Designers: Jewish Scientists
    Nationality: Jewish.”
    DR. BUBBLES: I think I might have come to a conclusion about the gems too soon.
    DR. BUBBLES: Never mind. Carry on!
    JR. ICECAP: That’s what the book says. I don’t know its actual temperature. Wait!
    “Actual Temperatures – White Diamond Novelty Ultra-Classic Gem.
    Surface Temperature: -61 degrees Fahrenheit
    Internal Temperature: -92 degrees Fahrenheit
    Be careful, the gem is valuable!”
    DR. BUBBLES: OOOOOO! Give me it!!!!
    DR. SNOWBALL: We have lost contact with DR. FIRE.
    JR. ICECAP: Where could she be?
    DR. SNOWBALL: Right behind us.
    JR. ICECAP: You call that “lost contact”? [spots DR. FIRE frozen] We’d better thaw her out! Oh, the poor scientist!
    DR. SNOWBALL: Bring her along, we’ll carry her up. Anyway, I thought I might have seen a… polar bear.
    JR. ICECAP: I can blend its poo and make it into a rich chocolate spread!
    [JR. ICECAP drags the frozen scientist all the way up to the top.
    At 19,725 feet, they spot a spooky pink glow leading to a chamber.]
    DR. BUBBLES: JR. ICECAP, you’re disgusting. Don’t go near that bear.
    DR. SNOWBALL, I am not going to carry her… although she was a good friend… How did this happen?!
    [Still carrying the gem, they examine it, falling into the chamber without taking the ladder because this one doesn’t have an entry ladder.]
    DR. SNOWBALL: THE PEARL GEM CHAMBER! Home to some of my survivalist friends – DR. PINK, JR. PEARL and SURVIVALIST GEM! How are you all surviving?
    DR. PINK: Berry Delicious Smoothies, bottled water, canned soup, and boxed pizzas.
    JR. PEARL: I’m surviving on pizza, croissants, tacos, and German cakes.
    SURVIVALIST GEM: I am surviving on pasta, caramels, pizza, swiss rolls, lamingtons, and the assistance of my shadow puppet, Señor Hombre.
    JR. ICECAP: I wonder how long it will be until all the Spanish gets annoying. Although, “Señor Hombre” is Spanish for “Mister Man”.
    DR. BUBBLES: There’s food? DR. FIRE can eat now! Er… after we thaw her out, of course.
    [DR. SNOWBALL and JR. ICECAP attempt to thaw the scientist out. Finally, she is thawed out and she grabs a taco and fills it with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, taco sauce and sour cream, plus a few corn chips.]
    DR. BUBBLES: I want a taco!
    DR. SNOWBALL: Have you got any pepperoni pizzas, there, DR. PINK?
    DR. PINK: I have plenty of pepperoni.
    JR. PEARL: Friend, if you need tacos, I have plenty. Also, I have these ingredients: meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, corn chips, and taco sauce. Preparing taco shell…
    DR. BUBBLES: Okay! I’ll have that and a pizza!
    DR. BUBBLES: I’ll have everything on my taco please!
    DR. BUBBLES: Pepperoni please! Too bad DR. FIRE isn’t eating. You feeling well?
    JR. PEARL: Decided what you want on it?
    ?: Mwhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahaahhahahaahh!!!
    DR. BUBBLES: Yes, everything please! And I want a pepperoni pizza too! Do you have any Pepsi? Or an Icee?
    ?: >:-D
    DR. BUBBLES: Hmm… You guys hear something?
    [A few minutes later, everyone was eating. Then it was time to leave and continue ascending. At 20,900 feet, they spot another restaurant in the distance.]
    DR. SNOWBALL: No restaurant. Maybe later. I’m full.
    JR. ICECAP: I’m already eating, so I can’t be bothered.
    ?: Tee – hee!
    DR. BUBBLES: I heard it again.
    DR. SNOWBALL: Before we left, DR. BUBBLES, JR. PEARL gave you a thank-you drink.
    DR. BUBBLES: Aww. How nice of him!
    [It was a nice cool drink of Pepsi.
    23,910 feet, they spotted another gem.]
    JR. ICECAP: I love stopping at gems! What kind is this one? It’s huge, round and black!
    ?: Mwhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahaahhahahaahh!!!
    DR. BUBBLES: Round and black? I have no idea……? Is it just me or is there something like a spirit moving inside of that thing?
    DR. BUBBLES: Guys! Do you hear that noise?!
    JR. ICECAP: I hear that noise. It’s the Colour Combination Virus! It’s black and turns everything to black when landing on that item!
    DR. SKY: What’s the name of the black gem?
    DR. BUBBLES: Hmm…? Mysterious looking gem? What is it, JR. ICECAP?
    DR. BUBBLES: JR. ICECAP? Where are you? And where’s DR. SNOWBALL?
    DR. SKY: Wait, where is JR. ICECAP? Where’s DR. SNOWBALL?
    DR. BUBBLES: We just had tacos! And pizza! I still have some soda left! How can you be hungry?! Are you a robot?
    DR. BUBBLES: I just said that! JR. ICECAP! DR. SNOWBALL! Where the heck are you guys?!
    DR. FIRE: JR. ICECAP is not here. Where did he go?
    [bushes move]
    DR. SNOWBALL: Is someone in the bushes?
    DR. FIRE: [grabs soda] Yummy!!!
    DR. BUBBLES: Meh. Maybe it was the wind. Where are they?! At a fiesta?
    DR. FIRE: This is very suspicious. Hmm… Maybe we left them back at the restaurant place?
    DR. BUBBLES: What are ya doin’ with my soda?
    DR.SKY: [Freezes in place(but not literally!)]
    DR. BUBBLES: [tackles DR. FIRE]
    [both roll downhill]
    Fine then! You can have the soda!
    DR. SKY: [goes after the two]
    DR. FIRE: [Calls Jimmy John’s] Hello Jimmy John’s, I’d like a BLT with some sprite. Thank you, bye.
    [A Poptropican enters the room. She is… Well, long story short, she’s me in a labcoat and holding a scanner.]
    ???: Nope. Not a robot. Though I’m sure you said that in jest, the only strange thing in this room is that gem.
    [DR. BUBBLES and DR. FIRE scream]
    DR. BUBBLES: Too late!
    ???: Aaand they’re gone. [leaves room to follow the others]
    DR. BUBBLES: We’re falling down!!!!!!!
    [Soda falls into a bottomless pit]
    DR. SKY: aHHHHtyulkvcdfgvbhnjAHHHYuUHKjigfygAHHH [passes out]
    DR. FIRE: NOOOO! MY JIMMY JOHN’S!!! Thanks a lot, DR. BUBBLES [DR. BUBBLES doesn’t wake up] DR. BUBBLES..? Okay so you’re either unconscious or dead……OH NO, YOU’RE DEAD…or passed out…
    DR. SKY: [runs over to DR. FIRE and DR. BUBBLES] GUYS! GUYS! ARE YOU OKAY?!
    DR. FIRE: I-I think DR. BUBBLES is dead…
    DR. FIRE: DR. SKY, I’m scared…
    ???: [looking into the pit, shouting] Anyone down there? Can you hear me?
    DR. SKY: NO! This can’t be! [finds grappling hook near edge of cliff, dangles hook over edge of cliff] DR. FIRE, carry DR. BUBBLES and hold on to the rope while I try to pull you up.
    DR. FIRE: [carrying DR. BUBBLES, bawling] I NEVER GOT MY JIMMY JOHN’S!!!! WAAAA!!!
    DR. SKY: Your Jimmy John’s don’t matter at the moment. DR. BUBBLES is either dead or unconscious. This is a matter of life and death. [checks for pulse]
    DR. FIRE: [sips Dr. Pepper] Well, at least I got the soda…
    ???: Anything I can do to help?
    DR. SKY: There’s no breath, no pulse… [give Dr. Bubbles CPR]
    [Dr. Bubbles chokes on her saliva]
    [Awkward silence…]
    DR. BUBBLES: What the heck am I doing? And where am I?
    DR. BUBBLES: Hmm….? Wasn’t I with you guys all along? What’s going on here? o.O
    DR. FIRE: You were unconscious and DR. SKY pulled us out of the bottomless pit.
    DR. BUBBLES: Hmm…? Are you a robot? You there, please examine this “DR. FIRE.”
    DR. SKY: Yay! She’s alive!
    DR. BUBBLES: That’s right! Where the hell is my soda? I want it now!
    SG: KNEW IT WAS GOOD!!!… [cricket noises*… well, that was awkward.
    DR. BUBBLES: Whaddaya mean?! I want my soda and I want it right NOW! T_T
    DR. BUBBLES: Who the hell are you?
    DR. FIRE: I’m your best friend! Remember me? Oh, and I drank your soda.
    DR. BUBBLES: Where the hell are DR. SNOWBALL and JR. ICECAP? Did they fall? Abandon us?
    DR. FIRE: We left them at the cave place…
    DR. BUBBLES: DR. SKY, do you approve of DR. FIRE’s behavior?
    [All of the people hear footsteps coming behind them. They are not sure what it is.]
    DR. SKY: We must’ve left them at McDonalds!
    DR. BUBBLES: Whaddaya mean we left them?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!
    DR.FIRE: I’ma go watch Full House on my phone now…
    DR. BUBBLES: What was that?
    ?????: Mwahahahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!
    [All of the doctors and people hear footsteps coming behind them. They are not sure what it is.]
    DR. BUBBLES: No time DR. FIRE, I hear something… someone’s coming. Quick, hide!
    SG: No, I’m just kidding with you, I’m not evil.
    DR. BUBBLES: [whispers] Quick, hide! And keep quiet!
    DR. FIRE: [Hides face behind hands] They’ll never find me here!!!
    DR. SKY: DR. SNOWBALL and JR. ICECAP. They are either in the cave or McDonald’s. How many feet are we anyway?
    DR. BUBBLES: Dang! We were caught. Who are you?
    ???: [consults scanner] Right. Dr. Fire here is not a robot. However, Dr. Bubbles might have amnesia from the fall. I’m not an expert though. I’m Lone Owl, by the way.
    SG: [walks in their direction] Ugh! I swear I heard voices.
    SG: Ummmm, well, right now, lost. Call me SG.
    DR. BUBBLES: I dunno! DR. SNOWBALL and JR. ICECAP know that! They have the book!
    DR. FIRE: See, I TOLD you! I’m not a robot!
    DR. BUBBLES: “Lone Owl.” I think I’ve heard of you before……? And SG, you are lost? Where are you heading?
    SG: Hello? I hear you! What’s this about robots now?
    DR. BUBBLES: DR. FIRE, you need to calm down. The heat is getting to your head.
    SG: Well, I was with a group of people, but I don’t quite remember their names…
    DR. BUBBLES: Wait!
    DR. BUBBLES: I remember JR. ICECAP and DR. SNOWBALL talking about this! Mayans!
    DR. BUBBLES: Are you a Mayan?
    SG: Umm I don’t quite remember anything. Wait, where are we again?
    LONE OWL: What about the Mayans? And, DR. BUBBLES, you must travel in some interesting circles…
    SG: Wait, your name is Lone Owl? Do I remember you from someplace?
    DR. FIRE: [Hears footsteps] I think I he- [falls backwards]
    DR. FIRE: Okay, who pushed me?!
    LONE OWL: Well, who are you, SG?
    DR. BUBBLES: Mt. Everest, SG.
    LONE OWL, I dunno. I just remember him saying something about them.
    DR. FIRE: Was it you, DR. BUBBLES?! I knew it!
    SG: I don’t remember. I only got SG from these initials on my bracelet. See?
    DR. BUBBLES: DR. FIRE, what are you talking about? SG, may I see?
    LONE OWL: You can call me “Owl.” And SG… You seem vaguely familiar as well.
    SG: Sure. [hands over bracelet]
    DR. BUBBLES: I did not push you!
    DR. FIRE: Someone pushed me. If it wasn’t you, who was it?
    DR. BUBBLES: Hmm…? Ahh!
    DR. BUBBLES: DR. FIRE, be quiet. I’m thinking……
    SG: [stumbles] WHO JUST PUSHED ME? I swear, someone just pushed me.
    DR. BUBBLES: What? DR. FIRE! How dare you!
    LONE OWL: No one was even near you… No one visible, at least. [casts furtive glance at scanner]
    DR. BUBBLES: [trips] Dafuq? Who dare touch me?
    SG: Anyone else feel like there is something they don’t know, or is it just me?
    DR. BUBBLES: DR. FIRE! SG! Stop playing games with me!
    DR. BUBBLES: [feels deep heavy breath on shoulder]
    DR. BUBBLES: What the heck?! Don’t breathe on me! Stop playing games!
    DR. BUBBLES: SG! Come on! What’s wrong with you guys?! Get a grip.
    DR. FIRE: [feels sharp pain] OWWWW!!! Who did that?!
    SG: It’s not me either, I swear!!!
    DR. BUBBLES: Okay, I’m jumping! Geronimo!
    SG: Who did wha- [Falls over and it appears that there is a cut in her side]
    DR. BUBBLES: Catch me if you can!
    DR. FIRE: [jumps off cliff] We’re all gonna die!!!
    DR. BUBBLES: You guys gonna jump? Or sit there like ducks? I dunno. Maybe you’ll lay an egg!
    DR. BUBBLES: Never mind! I’m long gone! LONE OWL! Give me the device.
    LONE OWL: [falls on the floor and scanner flies out of hand] What the-?
    DR. BUBBLES: [grabs scanner] Got it!
    SG: [squirms a little]
    DR. BUBBLES: Tee-hee. I’ll just tinker with it a little and take this wire out- [sparks flash]
    SG: WAIT! What is this scanner thing?
    DR. BUBBLES: I dunno. Ask LONE OWL. [mumbling] And just cut this wire, trim this one…
    DR. BUBBLES: [voice fades away]
    LONE OWL: [gets up] Okay. Something weird’s definitely going on. What are you doing to my scanner?
    DR. BUBBLES: Um…? [freezes in place and falls to the floor]
    SG: [stands up but something isn’t right. Has a big cut in her side that’s bleeding]
    DR. BUBBLES: [groans then tries but barely opens her eyes. Notices SG’s huge cut, passes out.]
    SG: Hi OWL, haven’t seen you in a while.
    SG: I bet you don’t recognize me now, OWL. What are you doing with that scanner again? And BUBBLES, you don’t even know me.
    DR. BUBBLES: …
    DR. BUBBLES: …..
    SG: Yes, you heard me right. Where are your other friends, BUBBLES? And why does it smell like Dr. Pepper?
    SG: Oh, you know I’m not really SLEEPY GHOST, just a spirit perhaps that somehow made it into her body.
    DR. BUBBLES: …… [silence]
    SG: [eyes flash red]
    DR. BUBBLES: [blinks and struggles to get up] Dafuq? You okay? And your arm-
    SG: Ha, my arm? What do you think happened?
    SG: Where is the scanner?
    LONE OWL: You again! I spent my entire life searching for you, anything like you, any shred of evidence to prove that you had ever been more than a fabrication of my mind – and here you are, messing with these scientists who will never believe your existence. Touché. But this needs to stop.
    SG: Ha, why do you say that, OWL? [eyes flash red. SG suddenly collapses and doesn’t know anything of what just happened. Then, DR. BUBBLES collapses.]
    [DR. BUBBLES stands up, now eyes flashing a violent blood red. SG slumps down on the ground motionless.]

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  143. I love these costumes ❗ I should’ve entered. Who entered Piper, because I like that one the best ❓

  144. Hullo! 😛

  145. I’m going to play badminton outside. 😛

  146. Cool! I just played badminton outside.

  147. Nice costumes everyone ❗

  148. GF! What happened?

  149. Everybody! Come to this multiverse!

    The code is DSF57!

  150. NVM. Party ended.


  151. You told them to vote for you? o.O

  152. I don’t use the computer very often.

  153. What ❓
    It’s the only way I can win ❗

  154. Oh.

    You told them to vote for you? o.O

  155. GF! The contests are for fun!

    Did you ever win before? o.O

  156. You think that’s cheating right ❓
    Well, people from other blogs can vote too.
    And if they don’t know about it, they’ll never vote ❗

  157. Yes.

    But telling them to vote for you is different.

  158. I know…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 😯

  159. Then why did you ask those questions?

  160. You only have 12 votes? 🙁 Who did you vote for?

  161. Oh. I voted for Pop Koopa, NF’s but ZT messed it up.

  162. Hai…I kno chur suprised to see me on but i am so deal with it….

  163. RL! 😛 😛

  164. OMG! Zomberry! You dead gurl! 😛

  165. Im not dead im just doin sumthin…


  167. ima open a multiverse u comin?

  168. well this is fun…

  169. Hey!

  170. oh how i love talking to myself…

  171. should i open a multi?

  172. I thought you were camping? You lie to me? o.O


    I ain’t dead gurl! You da one who dead! 😆

    Heck yeah!

    Yes it is!

  173. I’m a here and a coming so what da room code gurly?

  174. i am camping… turns out they have wifi there….

  175. I was reading comments. I’m gonna be on till 11:30 or 12ish.

  176. OooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooX10000000000000000000000000000000000000

  177. Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Chu died in sky dive!

  179. Oh. That’s what took so long. Log out and log back in maybe?

  180. So, hows camp?

  181. Err…… Give me a minute. I have too many friends….. I’m gonna delete Giant Penguin.

  182. Oh.

  183. Gud. Chu?

  184. The answers to the questions are not always true.

  185. yay i finally won 🙂

  186. im using my laptop…

  187. MF: hi

  188. *NF

  189. NF: Hi. Im Playing Super Smash Bros Brawl. I ALWAYS PICK KIRBY!!!!!!!

  190. NF: You talking to me? o.O

  191. NF: Oh. La, la, la.

  192. Hi.

    @ NF – ❓ _ ❓

  193. Nintendo Friend

    ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

  194. TTYL.

  195. Meow? *Hiss* 😛

    SC you dead? ZOMBERRY! 😯

  196. I love these costumes ❗ I should’ve entered. Who entered Piper, because I like that one the best ❓

  197. Can you people tell me if you see this comment ❓

  198. Hayllo.

  199. SUP ❓

  200. Replaying Mystery Train Island.

  201. Ah.

  202. Getting my room painted……

  203. Guess what color.

  204. Nope. 😉 Keep guessing!

  205. how do i copy and paste

  206. awwwwwwwww i was a little to late to enter

  207. Yay, I got more votes ❗

  208. Pop Koopa, Fashonista, Primid, Ancient Minister: HI!!!!!! I CHANGE NAME!!!!!! IM NINTENDO FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRACIAS!!!!!! AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!

  209. NOOOOO,NF! I’m the fashionista here!

  210. Pop Koopa, Fashonista, Primid, Ancient Minister: No you’re not! >:P >:D

  211. I dont get y im not on there…I ENTERED!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  212. I voted 4 Bright Skull! 😀

  213. lol did any1 catch the joke? Paki POLly TERGEIST

  214. Ugh! :-* I had the perfect villain to dress up the in the contest! Now I can’t enter! 🙁 Fierce Moon! Can you help me enter in the contest?! 😉

  215. Who?