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Costume Contest: Villains!



SO, you guys are awesomely creative! Some spectacular costume combinations for our first Villain-themed Fan Costume Contest. Below are the entries with the poll further down below that. Good luck to all of the contestants and may the best bad guy win!

(Sorry about the delay in posting this. I know some of you were worried about your submissions, but they all look great to me. In the future, try to get all of the info that’s required — the link and the SHORT description — into one comment. Then you don’t have to worry about whether I got it all. Oh, and for future contests there’s no take-backs and no edits. Once you submit something, it’s in. It’s too hard for me to have to figure out who wants to omit or edit their submission. On my part, I’ll try to time these better so you have more time to submit and less time between submission and the poll getting posted. Thanks!)

Contestant #1: Pop Koopa (submitted by Incredible Carrot/Cool Smarticle)


This is the new member of the King Koopa tribe, Pop Koopa. She lives on Corona Mountain and sometimes visits the Steamworks for her evil deeds. She steals everything and tries to commit murder, but it never works out, since she never does anything right. Her weakness is SEGA. Go Nintendo! Well, there we go! Into the pipe! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!

Contestant #2: Fiery Rider (submitted by Quiet Fire/Red Lion)


I call her Fiery Rider, She lives on Super Villian Island But she always rides around Super Hero Island on her motorcycle (not shown in picture) Trying to kill all the superheros and gain all power MWAHAHAHAH…..Er bye….

Contestant #3: Paki Polly Tergeist (submitted by Wild Star)


This is the story. Of a girl named Paki. Paki Polly Tergeist (pronounced TER-gis.) she was a little girl who lived on ghost story island, but vanished before the creators could find out her story, (but keep looking, she is looking for you…) Paki was a girl who knew too much. [Editor: Wild Star commented that there might be more to her story than this. Check the comments to see if Wild Star has more to say about the mysterious Paki.]

Contestant #4: Wicked Princess (submitted by Sleepy Ghost)


Don’t be fooled my the pretty dress, this girl is not a fairytale princess. Or at least the kind you think of. This would be from a non-existing island called “storybook island” or something along those lines. She is the “evil” daughter of the king apposed to the good daughter that happens to be her twin sister. She doesn’t think it’s fair that the king chose to have the other sister to be next in line for throne just because she was born a bit earlier. She thinks that they should rule together. So she lashes all out on her father and turns against everyone.

Contestant #5: Dr. Evil Lin (submitted by Quiet Bubbles/Cool Smarticle)


She is a Mad Scientist who is known as Dr. Evil Lin. She lives on Super Villain Island as a “doctor” and performs surgeries both minor and serious on all villains. No heroes, just villains. She also comes up with cures to all kinds of diseases. So to sum it up, she helps the ill and injured villains get well to fight the good. The only weakness she has is a potion that can only be made by her sister, Dr. Reanne Goodwin, a Hero Scientist.

Contestant #6: Notorious Pirate (submitted by Giant Eagle)


It’s a pirate

Contestant #7: Verna Vampire (submitted by Sporty Dragon)


My villain is called Verna vampire and she is on vampire cruse island and she is count bram’s long lost wife and she left him to go solo and become more powerful and take over poptropica. her powerfilled gum she chews is poisoned and the bubbles she blow can poison anything or anyone. her weakness is if you take the poison gum out of her mouth she is powerless.

Contestant #8: Bright Skull (submitted by Magic Pear)


What, you want my story? But I’ve got you all tied up! Why waste time? Are you planning to escape? Got backup coming? Whatever. Might as well entertain the prisoners.(I’ve got a force field around my lair anyway…)
“So, Yeah. I’m Bright Skull, due to the particular condition i leave my rivals in. I grew up on Steamworks island, where after whoever woke the population up I became magnificantly skilled in making machines. I built the lightning cannon (I take credit for all destruction to Town Hall.) and the genetic re-writer. I made it so I am immortal, duh. After a while, the police tracked me down and sent me on a helicopter to Super Villan island, but the thunderstorm settings were just right to let the heli get struck with lightning, and through my smuggled genetic re-writer, became one with lightning. (Oh, that sounds good, I should write that down.)I escaped, and took over Olympus on Mythology island when I heard of Zeus’ absence, becoming the goddess of lightning, even though I kept my dark clothes to keep the effect of whenever I needed to shoot some foolish mortal. It was quite fun, actually! After a couple of years, I began hearing rumours about this “Edison” and “Tesla” Poptropicans, and I wasn’t happy one bit when they claimed they could ‘control’ lightning! Please! I’m the powerful one here! You don’t control lightning by flipping a switch and harnessing it to turn a light on, or using it for some motion-picture device! We had HOLOGRAMS several years before them! Ugh. So, when I heard that BOTH of them were traveling to this “World Fair” in Chigago, I decided to secretly butt in. I manipulted this silly French reporter, Le Monde, I think it was? Whatever. I filled her pea-sized brain with lies about the future of Paris. “It’s gonna become the world’s captital!”, “France is the first country to go in space!”, “None of this will happen if Edison and Tesla both achieve fame.”,“blah blah blah.” . Yuck. I can’t believe she actually believed that. Lunar Colony showed her that. Anyway, I was clever enough to plant into her mind a plan that would devestate both Edison AND Tesla at once! She had it all done carefully. I even gave her extra boxes to put the motion camera in, should she only able to a backround bag. But NOOOOO….. Never depend on a silly Poptropican to commit a crime for you. She got the device, sure! But she was lazy with her evidence! I told her to wear gloves when she pulled the train car’s brake, burn the gloves, then hide the device in Tesla’s luggage. She didn’t wear gloves! So she left evidence everwhere! She was even STUPID enough to put the device in HER OWN TRUNK!!! I was like, WHAT GIVES?! Ugh… Calm down……… In short, she was a slop when it came to crime. I did eventually get my revenge, because I am the master of lightning! After that, I realised how fun it was to tamper with the little Poptropicans. I stole some things from a pixelated town that I thought would be important, to see how long it took them to find their stuff, and also to hint that they should keep their stuff even more safe. I also created a fun little virus I implanted in some fruit to make people look and behave like zombies. Eventually, it died out, and it evolved into some weird sickness on some other nearby island. Flius Hunter island? (I didn’t know there was a poptropican named Flius. ) I was even clever enough to make a base in space( Ha, I love that. Base in space, base in space. Hey everyone, I’ve got a base in space! Hehe.) and I sent down all of the debris I didn’t need down to Poptropica. I think one was soaked in talent enhancer… a rather small one, anyway. Probably burnt up in the atomsphere. I also aided a good friend of mine in a rather awesome space base (HaHaha… there it is again! Space base, base in space….) Name Mordred, I believe. So many other things I did, but would you believe some people actually rised up against me? It was so fun! I know see why villans actually confront up front! The thrill of the chase! Even so, s’why I have this eyepatch… I like it anyway. Oh, my staff? Yeah, it’s got two purposes, actually. One, it’s kinda like a power bank for me. It’s crackling with electricity. Whenever I have extra energy, I wait for the energy to become lightning, and transport it inside my staff. I’ve done it so much it shows and glows! Literally! Oh, there I go, rhyming without meaning it. Ha… Its so funny. Whenever I’m summoning a large amount of power, I use the lightning from my staff. Long-term investments really so help! I also use it to look like a weakness. The way I lean on it? That’s just an act. No one can just take it from me, it’s brimmed to the top with pure electricity. I can only hold it because I’ve had lightning coursing through my veins (Another good one there!) for years. Anything else touches it, it sparks like a firework. However, I cannot resist the urge to press a big, red, threating button when I se one. You know what? You’re being awfully quiet… Oh…………Dang it, I’m talking to the Barbie Dolls again. But what’s this?! Brrrrrr! Oh, no! it’s the egg-carton plane, swooping in! There’s no escape this time, Bright Skull! It’s got the teddy bear of Barcelona! Oh, no!!! We’ve disabled all of your defenses! Even the giant one in the walls! Oh, did you? Because when I waxed that floor, TBoB, I made it so when you ran to your plane, you would slide right into the wall, and see the trap within a trap, and try to disable it. But you actually activated it! When you cut those wires, the clamp holding down the release button was disabled, and the countdown began. The connection leads right under where I’m sitting straight-jacketed in the asylum in the sky, to a set of double trapdoors that are about to open in several seconds. Oh? What’s this? Is that the stompity-stompity of guard boots I hear outside my door? Yes, it is! I’ve got vistiors, yes I do!”
“Bright Skull, get away from the corner of that wall.”
“I already did! See?! I’m bouncing on the airbag floors, I am! WHHEEEEEEEEE!!!!”
“Back away. This is an order of the Asylum of Poptropica!”
“Why? Boo-hoo, you cut all the fun out of bouncing, you did. I’m gonna cry, I am.”
“Zippy Tree, hold her down, please.”
“Ohmph! Is that how you treat a lady?”
“It’s how we treat madwomen like you.”
“Haven’t you heard of the law? You can’t treat someone differently because of the way they act!”
“Zippy, where’s that wrench? I need to disable these doors.”
“You mean this wrench I’ve got in my hands?”
“Wha…How… Zippy! What did you do to him?!”
“Comple knockout gas. When you pulled up the floor, a silent alarm triggered and a nozzle of knockout gas I installed several years back sprayed on him, just like you’re going to get now.”
“How did you know where he would be standing four years beforehand?! Cough, cough.”
“I don’t know! That’s the fun of it, it is! Hehehehehehe!!!”
“Cough, cough, you’re a…cough… madwoman….”
“I know, right?! It’s so fun fun fun, it is! And the doors are opening all on their own! Whoops, My ride’s here! Gotta go! I’m going to be late for the Villans convention. It’s casusal Friday, which means anti-gravity paintball fight! WhEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Contestant #9: The Terrorist (submitted by Fearless Storm)


“Watch Out! The terrorist has a gun!”

Contestant #10: Rachelle Richards (submitted by Brave Sky)


Meet Rachelle Richards, a sly woman with an addiction for being rich and famous. She shoplifts expensive clothes from malls all around Poptropica. She also spends some of her spare time sneaking around inside the lavish mansions on Cryptids Island stealing clothes, jewelery, anything valuable. Rachelle will stop at nothing to be covered by high quality clothing material, to be showered and bathed with pearls and diamonds, and living like a king.

Contestant #11: Piper (submitted by Cool Kid)


Her name’s Piper. She’s a rich orphan who owns a mansion all to herself. Piper is a sport freak and this is what she would normally wear. At her school, she pickpockets people without them suspecting anything. She is very agile, tough and quick. Piper’s mansion is like a training course. She has karate, gymnastics, sprinting and soccer trainers that all work in her mansion. These trainers all help Piper improve her skills so one day, she will be able to be an art thief.

Contestant #12: Salemene (submitted by Perfect Cloud/Serious Bite)


My character is a rich, classy, and evil woman named Salemene. She was an applauding actress on Back Lot Island, until her career declined. Now she lives with rage and hurt, for she lost her career by people’s choice. She breaks in on sets and uses her special hypnotizing glasses to make people do her biding. She wants to become a star again, but this time to take over the world.

Contestant #13: Shark King (submitted by Friendly Shark)


Contestant #14: Skull Rider (submitted by Orange Bee)


My villain’s name is Skull Rider her father was part of Captain Crawfish’s crew and she got the pirate look from him. Her mother was very fond of bones and skulls so the skulls remind Skull Rider of what happened after the war. I forgot about the questions here’s the answers: She lives on Skull pirate island the only reason why she’s bad is because she seeks revenge on those who killed her mother and she hates people who get in her way of finding them. Her weakness is her mother whenever she hears about her she feels very weak.

Contestant #15: Pirate Feather (submitted by Grey Feather)


This is Pirate Feather, the bride of Captain Crawfish! Of course, she’s from Skullduggery Island. Just like Captain Crawfish, she is planning to rule the seas! However, her only weakness is charcoal.


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