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Costume Contest: Poptropica Villain!



EDIT: Keep your Poptropicans in  your costumes until Saturday the 15th! Thanks!

It’s time for another costume contest! The theme of this one? Make up your own Poptropica villain! Dr. Hare, Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, and [insert your villain name here]? Do you have the imagination, the knowledge of Poptropica costume items, and the chutzpah to put together a bad guy (or girl) to stand next to those nefarious legends? Here’s a reminder of our costume contest rules:

  1. Outfit your Poptropican in a costume that represents your own original Poptropica Villain
  2. Open the Avatar Studio
  3. Copy and paste the link from the Avatar Studio into the comments section below
  4. Include a description of your villain – who is he, what kind of island is she on, why is he so bad, does she have a weakness, etc?
  5. STAY in your villain costume until Thursday, May 13th at Noon EST. If you have any doubt, just stay in your costume until Friday
  6. I’ll collect the images and description and post them as soon as I can after that
  7. (If Virus Hunter Island ships this week, the contest might get slightly delayed, but will post soon after the walkthrough goes up)

Other than that, go nuts! Blow us away with your imagination and ideas. Can not WAIT to see what you come up with! Good luck!

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  12. ummm,i posted my villian on the 12th and it still says it is still being checked over…..

  13. Hello! I’m making a post on another blog and I wanted to know if this would be okay. I want you guys to tell me what I should edit. Okay? Also, the bold, italics and the pic won’t show….

    Here we go! ➡

    Title: Code Breaker!

    The Nameless Adventures on H.O.P. , is back and needs your help. Here are the things you need to know.

    1. No WordPress account is needed to enter your Poptropican / Poptropica username is not required either.

    2. Make sure you leave the link to your Avatar Studio

    3. You can read everything else you need to enter at H.O.P. in the top menu that has CASTING CALL.

    Right there in that black circle
    Right there in that black circle

    4. The contest ends THIS Wednesday the 19th.
    5. The First Nameless Adventures has already been written and will be posted sometime on Friday…

    There are only a few days left so hurry!

    H.O.P. is also going to accept two more Author’s until they reach 5,000 followers. So, if you would like to enter, let the authors on H.O.P. know if you have ever blogged before, what position you have blogged at and be active, comment a lot, etc, etc, ETC! Two more Author positions are also available. So enter FAST ❗ ❗ ❗ Again, they need all of the Casting Call entries by Wednesday. This Wednesday. And the Author positions must be filled soon.

    Did you get it through your heads yet? Well, what are you waiting for? ENTER!!! 😆

    Note: I also need a good title.

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  18. Her name is Vamira , She lives on Night watch island, she is bad because she sneaks in the mall every night and steals the Macguffin gadgets

  19. Her weaknesses are light areas, fire and stars. she lives in dark alleys

  20. Her name is vamira, she lives on vampires curse island, her weakness is the sun, she is the daughter of Count Bram, and she sucks the life out of tresspassers.

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  25. I am Richa Rocker Black Widows pesant I am also Dr. Hare`s daughter I am glad I turned out to be human instead of becoming a hare! well thanks to my parents I am with Black Widow!I made all of Black Widows plans. She has another pesant like me but she is in charge of cleaning and cooking. All of her plans are from me me and me. From the time she stole the paintings to the time she ruined the museum. She has somthing against art. Well if I were Black Widow I would rule the world right now I would be unbeatable! She only has me as her #1 pesant because I have briliant plans and I am a vampire. It is nice living with Black Widow well better than living with my father! He sold me to Black Widow for money! At my fathers home I got a nice bed and house but my father never let me help in his evil plans!Now I live in a cve with slated rock as bed but living beter than how I did with father.

  26. hey purple crash who is ur mom if ur dad is dr.hare ??????????

  27. hey guys who is ur fav villain mine is captin crawfish waiting for ur posts

  28. @ CT- My favorite villain is Black Widow.

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  29. @ CT – My favorite villain is Dr. Hare.

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  30. @ CS- Dr Hare is so cool because he’s a rabbit.

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