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Costume Contest #4

We’re back with another costume contest!  But first, last week’s winner.  The Poptropican whose answers were the closest in Costume Contest #3 was…

Green Drummer!  Way to go Green Drummer!  GD identified all of the items as well as the islands that they’re from.  A special mention goes to Wild Comet who was a close second.  Congratulations to all of you who got the right answers!  Here are the official answers for Costume Contest #3:

HEAD – the hat from the camouflaged spy on Balding Ave (Spy Island)

FACE – coal-smudged face from the coal shoveler (Mystery Train Island)

BODY – white shirt and red vest from Mr. Silva (Shrink Ray Island)

PANTS – the kimono bottom from the banzai tree seller (Red Dragon Island)

BACK – steam-work engine backpack from the Steam Robot  (Poptropica Store)

HAND – the Lightning Staff (Poptropica Store)

And, for extra credit, some of you correctly identified that the picture was taken on the neon sign of Club Nouveau Riche on Game Show Island.  Nice going!

Now, on to this week’s contest!  There are seven items in this week’s costume: five of them are from five different islands and two of them are from the Poptropica store.  How well do YOU know your Poptropica costumes?  As always, extra credit goes to those who can guess where this week’s profile image (above) was taken.  Good luck!

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  1. 1st!

    All I know is that the wings are from the Angel costume.

  2. The wings are from the angel costume, the shirt is from…Twisted Thicket? I haven’t been on the Poptrops for a long time. The rest, I don’t know.

  3. Head- Hat from casino player( wild west island)
    Eyes- Googles (steamworks island)
    Body- shirt from elf (twisted thicket island)
    bottoms- from one of the supporters (poptropolis island)
    back- angel wings (store)
    hand- karate stick (store)

  4. oh and the backround is in steamworks island in the museum

  5. Omg Zippy Turtle this is getting annoying, stop posting these things, and tell us what happened to FIERCE MOON, now Brave Star left and everybody else will stop coming to this website too, INCLUDING ME!!!!!!!

  6. Zippy Turtle Read the comments.

  7. I want to go back into my chatroom, full of other Skrillex fangirls.

    This website is getting boring anyways.

    I don’t remember the last time we were all here.

  8. then why don’t you go there? this website is boring from this stupid guessing game.

  9. There’s only about 20-30 comments a day, there’s no new walkthroughs, only these guessing games and polls and the aura around here feels like Long Drive on replay.

    I’m not really in the new Skrillex stuff anyways. It’s more Mainstream and there’s more haters every day.

    I guess, today, I’ll just go defend Sonny’s good name.

    Peace, until, about 4-6 PM.


  10. Repost: i 4got sumthin
    Head- Hat from casino player( wild west island)
    Eyes- Googles (steamworks island)
    Body- shirt from elf (twisted thicket island)
    bottoms- from one of the supporters (poptropolis island)
    back- angel wings (store)
    hand- karate stick (store)
    belt- bag from guy at the telescope (skullduggery island)
    backround- steamworks island museum

  11. Please Zippy Turtle you are going to ruin this website because you’re making people leave

    It’s like u don’t even care about us

    Stop posting these games or I’m leaving too

    PS The games are boring

  12. I’m close to leaving too.

    If you post another one, that’s it, I’m gone.

    Even though I mostly talk about Skrillex, I’d like to see my past posts and not always having to switch pages.

    These games aren’t fun, the games are easy, the polls are stupid and the guessing games are lame.

  13. Zippy Turtle, please stop doing these.

    We want FIERCE MOON!!!

  14. Yeah!!! And plus where is she?

  15. I was asking zippy turtle

  16. I bet he doesn’t read the comments.

    Wub wub wub wubwub. Wub wub WUB wub.

  17. Cheerful Singer

    @Small Moon: I love your Poptropicans intials. Lucky 🙁

    I just spent a few hours watching only Skrillex and listening to his music and when he was in From First To Last.

  18. Cheerful Singer

    I’m trying to figure out which whatever to get for myself.

    Please check out this website and post back here what you think I should get.

    I’m gonna order it, everything looks so awesome but, EXPENSIVE!!! 🙁

    Please decide on 3 things you think are best.


    I’m getting the “YES! OMG!” t-shirt.

    Black or white though?

    But, which other ones should I get?


  19. Cheerful Singer

    Why the hell is Skrillex Merch not showing?!?!?!

    Okay, just look up Skrillex t-shirts.

    I’ll have it in the the comment below.

  20. This is soooooooooooooooo freaking boring and what ever happen to fierce moon and her walkthoughts ?

  21. Cheerful Singer

    Do you guys TRY to offend me by saying that it’s boring around here?

    If you do…



    I love Dubstep, mostly Skrillex and Deadmau5.

    Deadmau5 is a brony.

  22. Plus Zippy Turtle dosen’t even have a poptropica forums account.

  23. Cheerful Singer

    Put aside Skrillex, there’s something really serious.

    (I only do that when it’s REALLY serious)

    Have you heard about the hackers and that most people won’t be able to get on the internet after midnight?

    And for a few days?

    I’m really nervous guys. We need to pray.

    I need to pray for internet access.

    It’s…Sunday, so I can pray. Officially today.

    Guys, I’m really nervous.

    I love you guys.

    I need to say my messages now.

    You guys are all my friends and I love you and I think of you as my brothers and sisters and I will always love you and never forget you and hope you guys love me too! I love Dubstep and Skrillex also! And God, I love you most!




    Brothers and sisters, at 11:00 PM tonight, let us all pray.

    As long as we can, do not stop.

    I don’t mean to be a troll but, we should do this.


    -Skrillex Fangirl, Kat Allen

  24. can you please stop talking about Shrillex. Practically evey of your comments involves Shirllex.

  25. Cheerful Singer

    Don’t expect to see me tomorrow. Or the next few months.

  26. Cheerful Singer


  27. Cheerful Singer

    It’s not Shirlex, it’s not Shillrex, it’s not Skrillax, it’s Skrillex.

    But, I call him Sonny Moore most times.

  28. Skrillex,Shrillex, WHATEVER!!!

  29. Skrillex saying it, is GETTING ON MY NERVES!

  30. i agreee offtopic cs wont shut the hell up bout skrillex

  31. please cs im beggin u SHUT UP BOUT SKRILLEX

  32. Cheerful Singer


    Was wondering, what type of music do you like?

    Was just wondering.

    What I’m into is basically just Dubstep and Reggae. More like that, Buju Banton, Beres Hammond, Damian Marley, Bob Marley, et cetera.

    Oh! Did you know that two artists from each of my favorite genres collaborated and made more like a Reggae/Dubstep type song? I love that song and I downloaded it.

    It’s a very interesting song. I say, the both of those artists have come a long way. 🙂

  33. Cheerful Singer

    Well, now I feel like a bitch.

  34. 🙂 🙁 :8 👿 :mrgreen: 🙄 😡 ❓ ❗ 💡 😥 😀 😮 😉 :))

  35. Cheerful Singer

    I am a bitch, aren’t I? 🙁

    I’m a loser.

  36. im closing the comments

  37. hat from wildwest island from the guy that gives you the map to gold armor bottom from the person on poptropilis games with the helment with wings the money pouch is from wildwest person that gives you the map to the gold nugget bo staff from the poptropica store from the karate master gold card the angel wings are from the poptropica store from the gold card angel boy or if you are a girl angel girl top shirt from the gaurd that says grrrr when you touch him on twisted thicket west south of the elf queen the googles are from cryptids island the person with big hiar holding the blue green and red kite that looks like a hang glider

  38. Cheerful Singer

    Oh, shut up, “Fierce Moon”.

  39. thephoto was taking on steamworks in the steamworks center and muesum

  40. i won the contest

  41. Cheerful Singer

    Well, tomorrow is a break from all this.

    We’ll all be disconnected to the internet and the DNS whatever will be cleansed and we’ll be better.

    We all need a few days break anyways.

  42. hi cs

  43. look at the last comment on the other page

  44. the perviious comments and read my comment

  45. Cheerful Singer

    Oh, and hey Ayman.

    Mainstream Music today isn’t really anything worth listening.

    There’s lyrics, there’s points to songs and I noticed: Most of it is about either sex, drugs or alcohol. Or break ups. Or love. I hate love songs.

    One day, I was fed up with it all. I was fed up with the music and the messages behind it.

    That’s why I switched to Dubstep and songs with hardly any words.

    It’s loud, it’s makes your heart race and it’s enjoyable.

    Especially the bass drops.

    Well, Reggae is about peace, love and music.

    It’s nice, easy to listen to and beautiful.

    I love Cultural Music. And Electronica.

  46. read my long comment on the previous page cheerful singer

  47. Cheerful Singer

    And most Reggae Music doesn’t really have a point.

    Does it?

    It’s awesome like that.


  48. the smile is from a random poptropican

  49. ayamn how old r u? just asking if you don’t mind.

  50. cheerful singer read my long comment on the previous page

  51. spell my real name right

  52. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, Ayman, I read it.

  53. was it long

  54. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, yes it was.

    I was going to make a Skrillex referance but, never tf mind.

  55. Cheerful Singer

    People think he’s gay, he’s not gay, he’s straight.

  56. talking

  57. Cheerful Singer

    Myself, Ayman. Myself.

  58. Cheerful Singer

    Know what I don’t mind about Skrillex?

    The fact he’s quite short, the fact he has long hair, the fact he has a high voice.

    I loved FFTL.

    He hates talking about it.

    I find he’s better off as Skrillex.

  59. Cheerful Singer

    Why the devil face?

  60. Cheerful Singer

    Please answer my genre question, someone.

  61. Cheerful Singer

    Time to pray! I’ll talk to you guys again at like, 10:10.

  62. hat from wildwest island from the guy that gives you the map to gold armor bottom from the person on poptropilis games with the helment with wings the money pouch is from skullduggery the person on the lookout telescope and on the boat cook bo staff from the poptropica store from the karate master gold card the angel wings are from the poptropica store from the gold card angel boy or if you are a girl angel girl top shirt from the gaurd that says grrrr when you touch him on twisted thicket west south of the elf queen the googles are from cryptids island the person with big hiar holding the blue green and red kite that looks like a hang glider picture takenon steamworks in steamworks center and museum

  63. Cheerful Singer

    Hey I is back.

  64. Are you mad or something,OFFTOPIC???

  65. Zippy Turtle, Your cool! And where is Fierce Moon? Fierce Moon need to play from poptropica and upload to youtube by now in wimpy boardwalk. 🙁

  66. Young if you want a walkthrough GO TO YOUTUBE!!! that place has many videos.

  67. Cheerful Singer

    I published…why won’t my comments…?

  68. Cheerful Singer

    I love shopping online. Especially for Merch.

    I am starving and I can’t have pancakes. 🙁

  69. Cheerful Singer



  70. I’m so bored……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  71. Drake I thought you said you were leaving.

  72. Oh and Ayman, sorry but I think Small Moon won

  73. W00t not to sound annoying or anything, but I’m finally 14 today

  74. Happy 14th birthday Drake

  75. cool I’m turning 14 next month bummer.

  76. Cheerful Singer

    I hate the spammers.

    So, today, I was online, just going through the Sonny Moore fan blogs, et cetera, pictures, fanfiction, et cetera and, um, well, I’m not gonna gonna sleep tonight. Anyways, I was looking at posts and I saw a website. Had a Sonny Moore URL. But, it of course, was not.

    I hate spammers.

  77. I’m turning 13 in November 20

  78. Cheerful Singer

    Well, I’m gonna go back to looking at the fan sites.

    In a new tab.


  80. Cheerful Singer

    I just realized something…

    I’m allergic to cats.

    I went to the hospital a few days ago (Friday) and I got told I was allergic to Cats.

    I have a cat. 🙁


  82. Cheerful Singer

    I also have a hampster named Teddy and a Golden Retriver named Butterfingers.

    I love Dr. Pepper.

    It tastes AWESOME! To me, at least. That is my opinion.

    According to the bottle, there’s…erm…23 flavours! I think.

  83. ……………..

  84. well she isn’t talking about Skrillex right now.

  85. Cheerful Singer

    No need to be hating on my music tastes.

    From First To Last was a band.

    Man The Destroyer was a band.

    Maroon 5 (ugh) was a band.

  86. Cheerful Singer

    Well, if you’d excuse me, I’m going to go back to my pictures.

  87. its a miracle offtopic

  88. Cheerful Singer

    Do you guys ever read past comments?

    I’m one of those people who never bothers to read them.

    I mean, from like a page ago.

    Well, peace, anyways. 🙁

    WubWubWub… 🙁

  89. Cheerful Singer

    Poptropfan, do you try to offend me?

  90. I always read past comments dust till dawn I read all of them.

  91. Um, if any of you guys even CHECK the poptropica creators blog, you’d know that Wimpy Boardwalk is already open for Members…

    Not that I’m saying you don’t know. I don’t read past comments often, either. Sorry if I’m being annoying.

  92. Fierce Moon and Zippy Turtle, do YOU even know about this???

  93. I’m waiting forever to see the walkthrough!

  94. Cheerful Singer

    I tried listening to the “Top 40 Songs” on the radio.

    It was worse than Metal.

    The Top 40 songs aren’t that great.

    If I had to choose some people I like, they would be:

    Taylor Swift, I guess

  95. Cheerful Singer

    White Sword, I need to ask you…

    Are you Asian?

  96. Cheerful Singer

    No mean to be racist, I mean, I’m sorry if you’re not I just supposed because you said you know Kelly from her Chinese school or maybe her After-School thing? i don’t know but, please tell me and I will thank you.

  97. Poptropfan don’t be mean

  98. I hate it when spammers or jerks come on to this website just offend people.

    Well I want it to stop right now!

    If you’re a spammer or a jerk, you better read this comment so u would learn your lesson

  99. This is the…odd Sonny Moore fanblog I’m reading right now.


  100. White Sword I always check the creators blog.

  101. I’d love to be drawn as I described myself, with kitten ears, doing the PewDiePie brofist on one hand and the peace sign on the other, wearing a Skrillex shirt.

    Damn, that’d be awesome.

  102. The fan blog is so odd.

    It’s the one that has the most posts too.

  103. Hello is anyone with me to get rid of spammers and jerks on this website so new or old people won’t leave?

  104. Sonny fanfiction…

    I shouldn’t of…read on…after I saw…well…

    I-I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  105. spammers like imposters of Fierce Moon I’m in.

  106. What did your father ever say to you?

    Father told me,

    You can find me on broadway.

  107. Thank you cheerful Singer are you in?

  108. Yes, as long as no one has a problem with me talking about Skrillex/Sonny Moore or bothers me about my references.

    By the way, that last comment of mine was a Skrillex reference.

  109. 👿 👿 👿 👿

  110. Cheerful Singer


  111. Cheerful Singer

    Really? It shows that comment? WHAT THE HELL?!?!

    Some Skrillex fans are a little…over the top.

  112. Cheerful Singer

    There’s bigger fans than me.

    WAY BIGGER fans than me.

    I would really want to be drawn like that.

    That would be so cute.

    I mean, me, with my short, curly hair and caramel skin, with cat ears, doing a peace sign, wearing my black shorts and my Skrillex shirt. I mean, that would be awesome.

  113. Cheerful Singer

    And yeah, TL, I’m in.

  114. I love Dr pepper to! happy 14 birthday drake! my little bro turned seven yesterday we went to Hershey park we rode the tilt a whirl and a lt of other stuff I rode my first roller coaster. brave star is on the forums still so if your gonna leave at least make an account on the forum plz causer I’m on it. oh white sword where were you I missed you!

  115. Cheerful Singer

    What’s up the Skrillex/Deadmau5 fanfiction? Is there like, a bromance between them?

    SONNY IS NOT GAY! The internet doesn’t understand that. He’s dating Ellie Goulding.

    You know those STUPID couple names?

    The internet made one for them.

    And when I say them…

    Anyways, they made one for Skrillex and Deadmau5 (Sonny and Joel).

    But, I forget it.

    And there’s one for Skrillex and Ellie Goulding.


    Skrellie I think.

    Okay then.

  116. Scary are you in so we can stop spammers or jerks on this website?

  117. uhhhhh……..sure

  118. Cheerful Singer

    I found the name for Skrillex and Deadmau5.

    They’re both straight! Seriously internet….

    It’s Skrillmau5.


  119. Cheerful Singer

    I follow tons of Skrillex Tumblr’s.

    With names such as:

    “I Love Sonny Moore”

    Don’t judge me!

  120. Let’s try to spread the word

  121. Cheerful Singer

    It’s either him or Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco.

    Yeah, seriously, don’t judge me.

  122. Cheerful Singer

    I’m starving.

  123. Cheerful Singer

    Dr. Pepper.


  124. CS WHO R U TALKING TO!!!!

  125. I just had lunch I woke up at 12:30 pm today

  126. Cheerful Singer

    I have to get up at 8 and help my Gramma.

  127. Now I going to Inshape (gym) with my mom

    So bye

  128. Cheerful Singer

    I am bored, can someone please tell me some good Skrillex songs to look up or a link to a Skrillex video so for a few minutes you won’t have to hear me talk about Skrillex?

  129. I thinking of won just give me a min

  130. Cheerful Singer

    I guess.

    Do you know alot of Skrillex?

  131. or five

  132. Cheerful Singer


    I’m gonna look at his Tweets anyways while you think of one.

  133. Cheerful Singer



    In one of his Tweets he said he’s heading to CANADA!!!

    That’s where I live!!!

    I love Sonny.

  134. have you heard of the song called mora

  135. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, Scary Sky.

  136. Cheerful Singer

    I mean Hannah!

  137. its ok and ill look some more

  138. Cheerful Singer


  139. Cheerful Singer

    Hannah, did you find any?

  140. not yet it may take a while

  141. Cheerful Singer

    Slats Slats Slats
    Father Said
    Rock ‘n’ Roll
    With You, Friends

    Some random songs.

  142. Cheerful Singer

    It’s fine.

    I’ve listened to all of them, there’s no use trying.

    I’m on http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/sonny+moore looking at the photos.

    Should I…read that fanfiction?

  143. Cheerful Singer


  144. Is anybody on?

    And right now?

    Come on, now!

    This is random.

  145. Cheerful Singer

    I am here.

    Won’t you give me a reason to believe?

  146. i did not see that comment so i guess ill stop white sword where have you been ? i missed you should both make an account on the forum

  147. Cheerful Singer

    They haven’t sent me the email yet.

    How long did it take you to get accepted?

  148. Cheerful Singer

    I hate FanFiction.

    Should I read the one on that website? It’s…um…an…gay fanfiction.

    I don’t mean happy. It betrays Skrillex and Deadmau5 to be homosexuals.



  149. a week

  150. Cheerful Singer


    Yeah, I know the feeling.

  151. Cheerful Singer

    Know what?

    I am working on my biography.

    It’s so amusing.

    If I’m bored, I start writing Skrillex on a piece of paper, quite small and do OWSLA right in the middle.

    Which is label.

    After signing off with his first label, he went onto Mau5trap.

    Which is Deadmau5′ label.

    Then, he signed onto OWSLA.

    I remember, when I was 5, I was obsessed with Nicki Minaj.

    Then, surprisingly, I was into Lady GaGa.

    She’s different, that’s why I loved her.

    At the age of 9, I began to like Dubstep.

    I started to realize what everything meant. I cried everyday because of bullying.

    I came home, trying to hide every scar and bruise.

    My world didn’t change because of Dubstep.

  152. aww im so srry you got bullied the first day i got back to my old school he was mean to me but later he did get nicer

  153. Cheerful Singer

    I remember at my old school, I was friends with most of the guys.

    Now, I’m friends with one girl who calls me a lesbian all the time for being friends with her.

    What makes no sense…

    She knows I have a boyfriend.

    What fanfiction shall I read?

  154. @Kat: You read FanFiction?!

  155. Cheerful Singer


    The last one I read was REALLY disturbing.

    I read all music FanFiction.

  156. Cheerful Singer

    Should I post the disturbing one on here to show how disturbing it was?

  157. Cheerful Singer

    You guys may not find it disturbing.

    I’m into Dubstep and all so, it’s more disturbing.


    Monsters And Nice Sprites.


    No, it was Scary though.

  158. small moon didnt win he guessed the goggles wrong they arnt from steamwork their from crytids island from the bighared guy

  159. hey white sword Kat and ayman

  160. hello?

  161. Hey it’s me Short Leopard.Go to the forum I sent you a message,Scary Sky

  162. What your not lesiban…… but its kinda rude though because she’s your friend..

  163. Cheerful Singer

    I found this on the Sonny Moore/Skrillex Fan Tumblr.

    Don’t read this if you don’t want to get nightmares.

    This will haunt me forever.

    I didn’t read it all, I just read “I love you Joel” Sonny breathed and the end.


    I will post it.

    I think this is betraying them to be gay.

    WHOO!!! SONNY!!!! Where you at in Canada? I wanna go “innocently walk by” and sit down and listen to Skrillex songs.

    Love You, Sonny

    Is there…a kiss emoticon?

    I will post the scary fanfiction in the next comment.

  164. Cheerful Singer

    Are you still asking for ideas? If not ignore me. Joel takes Sonny on their first real date? No? Okay. I’ll go away now. I’m sorry for bothering you.
    mhh i dont really understand what u mean with “takes” but i can try it ;A;

    and i’m so sorry about the mistakes,i’m from germany and my english isnt dat good ;.; but i hope u enjoy it v.v


    Sonny sits on the couch while texting to Joel. Short time before,maybe a few days,Sonny had confessed that he has a crush on Joel,as he thought the friendship was over,Joel suddenly kissed him on the forhead and confessed too that he has a crush on Sonny. But they aren’t really together,Joel said he had to think about it.
    Suddenly Sonny realized,lost in thought,that he received a new message from Joel. In this,he asked if they could meet at some quiet place. It’s importand,Joel added to. 
    Sonny don’t have to think about it and answered,that they could go for a walk. 
    10 minutes later they met a few streets further and walk on the pavement. 
    Sonny blushed a little bit as Joel gave him a kiss on his cheek as he saw him.
    Sonny broke the oppressive silence and ask:

    “What was so important?”,he looks in Joels eyes. Joel had to grin a little bit.  

    “Yeah.. uh.. i missed u,mang..”,he answered and Sonny blushed a little bit more than before. 

    “Missed u too,dude.. bute there’s still something,right?”,Sonny stopped walking and looks nervous in Joels eyes. 

    “Yeah.. it is.. uhmm.. after all what has happened in recent days.. i want to ask you.. would you be my.. boyfriend?”,now Joel blushed as well and he bit his lip nervously. 
    But then Sonny starts to grin a lot and threw his arms around Joels neck.
    “Of course i want!! Thought you would never ask me!” Joel starts to laugh and threw his arms around Sonnys hips. 
    “Of course,i would! Mang.. i love you,Sonny..” the last words he whispered and kissed him instantly.

    ”..I love you too,Joel..”,Sonny breathed. 


  165. Cheerful Singer

    I am scarred for life.

    Thank you chapmangirl.

    But, I still love Sonny.

    Even if some of his fans are mental and create that story.

  166. Cheerful Singer

    Sonny’s a great guy you know.

    I love Sonny.

    That story…

    I blushed when I saw it. I NEVER blush.

  167. Cheerful Singer


    Even if they did have a bromance, that would be so…

    I wouldn’t mind that.

    It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

  168. Cheerful Singer

    You know, that would be so cute…

    In a…twisted sorta way.


    Well, I’m gonna go on that fanblog again.

  169. Cheerful Singer


  170. Cheerful Singer

    Okay, I hate you Poptropicasecrets.

  171. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  172. Cheerful Singer

    I’m gonna go search up some more FanFiction.

    I’m scared to.

  173. Cheerful Singer

    Oh, hey OFFTOPIC!

  174. why do u hate the site

  175. Cheerful Singer

    All of the FanFiction is Skrillmau5, I knew that.

    I’ll read it, because I’m alone and bored.

  176. Cheerful Singer

    Oh, sorry, Hannah, didn’t see you there.

    Oh, I did a Skrillex song COMPLETELY out of Wubs and it didn’t show.

  177. oh you can still message me on the forum toy know?

  178. Cheerful Singer

    I’m waiting to get accepted!

    I’m reading worse Skrillmau5 fanfiction.

    I love you, Skrill.

    I love you, Sonny.

    I love you, Skrilly.

    I love you, Skrillex.

  179. I know I.cant wait

  180. Cheerful Singer

    I will add fashion posts and make a Skrillex forum and I will browse and see if they are any haters.

  181. Cheerful Singer



    Seriously, people who make Skrillmau5 fan art, GAL. Which means, Get A Life.

  182. Cheerful Singer

    I just watched Elders React to Dubstep.

    It showed Skrillex.


    I looked up Sonny and it said…

    Did you mean Sonny Moore?


    Well, I look him up often so, I deserve that.


  184. Cheerful Singer

    I did mean Sonny Moore though.

    I’m NOT going to sleep tonight.

    Oh, internet, did you HAVE to do this?


    These photos?

    These photos that?

    These photos that scare?

    These photos that scare me?


    And make?

    And make me?

    And make me have?

    And make me have less?

    And make me have less respect?

    And make me have less respect for?

    And make me have less respect for Deadmau5?

  185. Fierce moon I miss u Hon please come back. 🙁 my life is already sad enough.

  186. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia doesn’t mind it.


    Hells no, I’m not showing Matt.

  187. Cheerful Singer, I guess we have problems together Hon.

  188. Cheerful Singer

    Shiny Tiger, like OFFTOPIC said,



  189. I have worse problems.

  190. Divorces aren’t easy ya know.

  191. Cheerful Singer

    What do you mean?

    I hate being called “Hon”. My Dad’s ex-girlfriend called us that.

  192. Cheerful Singer

    How do you think I feel?

    My Father divorced with my Mother when I was 9.

    I’m 12 now and so over my Dad.

  193. Cheerful Singer

    And if you’re talking about Skrillex, nothing is more important than him.

    To me.

  194. Sorry about calling u Hon then

  195. Cheerful Singer

    Well, what do you need?


  196. Cheerful Singer


    I saw a Skrillex photo that was scary.




  197. You know whats scary, “The Slender Man”.

  198. Cheerful Singer

    I’m gonna go TRY to sleep.

    It was Skrillex fanart.

    I will send a link to it.

  199. Cheerful Singer

    What the hell?

  200. Cheerful Singer

    I miss those good old days where no one had heard of Skrillex and there was no fan art.


    OH EMMMMM GEEEEEEES, I’m gonna watch Skrillex vids all night to…cleanse my mind.

  201. Cheerful Singer

    That’s the first time I ever said OH EMMMMM GEEEES!!!! and was scared.

  202. this image was taken in Steamworks Island inside the little shop

  203. Wassup, Kit-Kat? i haven’t been on in forEVER!!!!! i’ve been so busy lately. celebrating summer and stuff. You’ve posted a lot of comments. Whatcha talkin’ about? How’s Keyshia(did i spell that right)? And i know how you feel about split parents.

  204. the back groung i think is in steamworks island i think in a building in this island but i dont know which one

  205. hey Kat! wb Freindly Spider y’all just give me a sec I need to start a rant

  206. you know what I’m not gonna be mean but zippy turtle could you plz post a walkthrough for wimpy boardwalk

  207. and Kat that picture was freaking scary where It looked like it was in prison and it was sitting on heads

  208. hi everyone

  209. hi everyone on here

  210. Hey, anyone who’s on, could you please help me with Hyper Shadow on the Wimpy Boardwalk page?

  211. sure ill try but I don’t have mebership

  212. Hey I’m bored

  213. hey bendy

  214. shoot srry I gotta go bendy why don’t u make an account on the forum

  215. ok I oz back

  216. I gtg

  217. Okay, it’s Cheerful Singer, PoptropicaSecrets is just choosing to do this to me and won’t let me comment at all.

  218. Uh….How do you put your picture up here?

  219. CS why on earth are you posting those LINKS!! you know kids younger than us go here too u know.

  220. Cheerful Singer

    It scares me, goddamn.

  221. Head- Hat from casino player( Wild West Island)
    Eyes- Goggles (Steamworks Island)
    Body- Shirt from Elf (Twisted Thicket Island)
    Bottoms- from one of the supporters (Poptropolis Games Island)
    Back- Angel Wings (Poptropica Store)
    Hand- Karate Stick (Poptropica Store)

  222. angel wing pop store hat from that card man in wild west island ninja master stick pop store glasses i think time tangled

  223. Head- wild west gambling area
    Face- Goggles from time tangle
    Body- Shirt from twisted thicket
    Pants- Skirt from score keeper Poptropalis games
    Back- Angels wings from poptropica store
    Hand- Stick from Karate Master from Poptropica store
    Extra Credit- muesum in steam works

  224. uh spotted cactus, i think your supposed to name ALL the cloths

  225. I’m here to say to all the people who have won poptropica and those who are still playing (To win) Thank You but We will be closing Poptropica for a brief 2 , or 3 days and it will open back up on next Friday. Thank you!

  226. is someone out there who wants to chat with me

  227. are pop cheats closed for 3 days?

  228. Cuddly Tiger: YES! What’s your username?

  229. Hat: hat from casino challenger (Wild West Island)
    Face:goggles (Steamworks Island)
    Shirt:elf shirt (Twisted Thicket Island)
    Belt:a sidebag attached to a belt from a pirate (Skullduggery Island)
    Pants:scorekeeper’s skirt (Poptropolis Games Island)
    Back:angel’s wings (Poptropica Store)

  230. Sorry. I forgot
    Hand:karate stick (Poptropica Store)
    Extra Credit:museum on Steamworks Island

  231. stick thing from red drangon island angel wings from store shirt from elf queen in twisted thiket hat from gambling area wild west island goggles time tangle pants from score keeper in poptropilis games extra credit muesuem in steamworks island

  232. HEEEEYYY!

  233. Extreme tortoise NIbby.

  234. How do I join one of these contests anyway?

  235. Head~hat- Casino~the challenger (Wild West)
    Face- Goggles (Time Tangled)
    Body~shirt- Shirt from one of the elves (Twisted Thicket)
    Pants- Scorekeeper’s skirt (Poptropolis Games)
    Back- Wings of the Angel (Poptropica Store)
    Hand- The pole of the Karate Master (Poptropica Store)
    Place- Museum (Steamworks Island)

  236. Oh yes and the belt:
    Belt- From the pirates (Skullduggery Island)

  237. Hat- From that card guy dude in Wild West who likes to play SlapJack
    Goggles- from Steamworks Island
    Wings- The angel costume in Poptropica store
    Stick-either from Red Dragon Island or Karate costume in Poptropica Store
    Belt- from one of the pirates in Skullduggery Island
    Skirt-from some gladiator in Poptropolis Games Island.

    hope I got it 🙂

  238. i know ! he pictures taken in the robot world the museum i think.