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Costume Contest #3

We’re back with another costume contest!  But first, last week’s winner.  The Poptropican whose answers were the closest in Costume Contest #2 was…

Muddy Dolphin!  Yay, Muddy Dolphin!  That’s two winners in a row with Dolphin in their name.  Will the streak continue next week?  Congratulations to all of you who got the right answers!  Here are the official answers for Costume Contest #2:

Costume Contest #2

HEAD – the top hat and monocle from R.J. Earls at Rock Ridge (Wild West Island)

FACE – Pharaoh’s eye makeup and beard (Poptropica Store)

BODY – farmer’s overalls (24 Carrot Island)

CHEST – the tartan sash from the Scotsman on Loch Ness (Cryptids Island)

BACK – the cape from Masks & Capes store  (Superpower Island)

HAND – puppy bone (Poptropica Store)

And, for extra credit, some of you correctly identified that the picture was taken at the Coconut Shack on Shark Tooth Island.  Nice going!

Now, on to this week’s contest!  Like last week, this outfit has six items: four of them are from four different islands and two of them are from the Poptropica store.  How well do YOU know your Poptropica costumes?  As always, extra credit goes to those who can guess where this week’s profile image (above) was taken.  Good luck!

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  1. face-mystery train island[coal man]
    hat- spy island [guy hiding in the bushes spying on the bistro]
    shirt- shrink ray island[mr. silvas shirt]
    pants-kimono you get from red dragon island in the bosai shop
    hand-lightning rod from store
    back-water holder from steam robot in the store

  2. hey kat drake and anyone else i will not be on only today because on the weekends we have a family time so didn’t want u all to think i left sincerely hannah

  3. picture-night club on game show island p.s. the kimono is the middle colour on the item card

  4. 3rd commenter

  5. the hat could also be from the person who gives you file x

  6. picture- above night club doorways [game show island] I made a type-o earlier i put rod when i should have put syaff

  7. the image was taken in gameshow island and face from mystery train the coal man the hat from spy island from the guy in the bushes the shirt from mr.silva in shrink ray pants are from red dragon and it is a komono and from the store in the hand their is a lightning rod andthe water on his back is a robots

  8. sorry staff not syaff

  9. HEAD- The guy that spies on the bistro (Spy isalnd)
    FACE- coal man (mystery train island)
    BODY- kimonoko from red dragon and shirt is mr. siliva’s shirt in shrink ray
    BACK- the steam robot bubble in poptropica store
    HAND- lightning staff from poptropica store

    PICTURE- game show island called picture-night club

    P.S. i didn’t cheat

  10. katie6032295 (orange joker)

    hat- man who is keeping an eye on the bistro (spy island, balding avenue)
    face- coal man (mystery train island)
    back-steam robot water thing (store)
    shirt- Mr Silvas (shrink ray island, evil science teacher)
    pants- yellow fish kimono bottom (red dragon island, bonsai tree woman)
    hand-lightning staff (store)
    background- Club Nouveau Riche (game show island)

  11. Head-Camoflauge man on Spy Island Island
    Face-Coal Man on the John Bull in the Coal Car on Mystery Train Island
    Shirt-Mr.Silva’s from Shrink Ray Island
    Pants-Bottom of kimono you get from the old woman on Red Dragon Island
    Back-Steam Robot water container from the Store
    Hand-Lightning Staff from the Store
    Location-Next to the sign of Club Nouveau Riche on Main Street on Game Show Island

  12. Kat ? are you still here ?

  13. Extra credit for location? I can tell what the location is already, the sign of the club on Game Show. Can you guys PLEASE make this a little more interesting?

    Congrats, Smart Dolphin!

  14. pants: red dragon shirt: mr. silva shrink ray back exesorrie: steam robot store coal mark: coal man mystery train hat: comoflauge spy spy staff: from poptropica store store

  15. brave star how do u get your picture up

  16. Saying this in honor of Cheerful Singer,”WUB,WUB,WUB”.

  17. You make ur own gravatar S.S.

    P.S. For the picture the hat was from the spy hiding in the bushes on Spy Island. The face is from the coal man on Mystery Train Island. The shirt is from Mr. Silva’s shirt from Shrink Ray island. The pants are from the Kimono dress on Red Dragon Island. The water pack is from the Steam Robot in the store. And Zippy Turtle is holding the Lightning staff also from the store.

    P.S.S. The picture was taken at the club in Game Show Island

  18. and where do you do that ?

  19. nvm im not supposed to sign up for stuff like that

  20. If u wanna know then ask Brave Star, he’s the one that has it. I know 2 other friends that would help u but they haven’t been here for a really long time

  21. Did people stop coming here all together? I mean usually every day theirs usually about 50 comments, and now people are commenting like every couple of hours.

  22. That would be a big loss for Fierce Moon and maybe even a loss to Zippy Turtle

  23. By the way I think that Cheerful Singer might have been banned too, because of the bad stuff she said about Fierce Moon

  24. no she’s not banned.

  25. hat- person hiding in the bushes in spy island
    face- coal man’s mask from mystery train
    body- Mr. Silva’s shirt from shrink ray
    back- water tank from steam robot costume in the store
    hand- lightning staff from store
    pants- kimono you get from the bonsai shop on red dragon

    the pic is taken on game show island in front of the club logo.

  26. Theback is the steam robot from the store the head is the spy in the bushes on spy island the face is the coal miner from mystery train island the shirt is mr silvas on shrink ray island the skirt is from the kimono on red dragon island the hand was the zeus lightning staff from the store and the photo was tooken in the night club outside.

  27. sorry i didnt put spaces between the and back: )

  28. well Kat says she’s camping

  29. the hat is from the guy that tells you about the fingerprint. remember i said i had my own costume contest? here’s the answers:

    hat- person on astro knights
    face- scuba mask from diver in the well on early poptropica
    body- cowboy on wild west island
    chest- Hercules’s strap on mythology
    back- scuba tank from big nate
    pants- museum guard’s pants on nabooti
    hand- fireworks from store

    extra points for who figures out what gum i’m chewing. i’ll give you a hint: CFP.

  30. how does everyone know eachother but me? i’m a total outcast on this website! will at least ONE person tell me their actual name?

  31. Firce Moon tell me why you blocked Ayman??? did you block Katniss too !?!?!?! do you realize how many people have been banned ? I mean what happened to Jade and white sword really and what did you do to short leopards account ? I, not very happy with this site and i know times are tough but no reason to block my friends ! and what did you do to cheerful singer ?

  32. CS can still post,I think.*Gulp*

  33. The hat is from the guys hiding in the bushes on Spy Island,the face is from the coal man on Mystery Train Island,the shirt is from Mr.Silva on Shrink Ray Island,the bottom is from the old lady at Red Dragon Island,the hands is the lightning staff from Poptropica Store,the back is the water container backpack from the robot in the Poptropica Store.

  34. hmph

  35. Hat: The hat from the guy who gives you “File X” (Spy Island)
    Face: Coal Marks from the Coal Man (Mystery Train Island)
    Neck: Water Container from the Steam Robot (Poptropica Store)
    Shirt: Mr. Silva’s shirt (Shrink Ray Island)
    Hand: Lightning Staff (Poptropica Store)
    Pants: Kimono from Bonsai Shop (Red Dragon Island)
    Profile Image: Club Nouveau Riche from Game Show Island

  36. Skary Sky, if you keep on saying things like that, you’ll be blocked too. oh, and one more thing I want to say. WHY DO I HAVE A GIRL ICON???? IF BRAVE STAR GETS A BOY ICON THEN I DO TOO!!!

  37. Skary Sky, i thought you live in America. you live in Italy?!?!?!

  38. Kat ? Drake ?

  39. Costume Contest #3 Zippy Turtle Head – IS camouflaged hat with leaves who spy at Bistro on Spy Island Face – is coal man face on mystery train island Shirt is same shirt THAT Mr. Silva [Principal] had on Shrink Ray island His Pants IS KIMONO ON red DRAGON ISLAND YOU GET In his hands is Lighting Staff that cost 250 credits in Poptropica store His back is back of costumes of steam robot that is 75 credits in Poptropica The location should be night club in game show island P.s i check it out so i didn’t cheated.

  40. Yes, Hannah?


    I’m making a new blog for music, it won’t JUST be a blog for talking about Skrillex.

    And, I’ll start a new one called “Jamaican Style” which will be Keyshia, Matt and I all blogging about what’s happening, pictures from our trip to Jamaica (next year for a week) and sharing stories and random updates about our lives.

  41. HAIR – Spy Island (the guy doesn’t have a name, he’s just hiding in the bushes by the BAD Bistro

    FACE – Coal man from Mystery Train Island

    SHIRT – Mr. Silva from Shrink Ray Island

    LEGS – the yellow kimono from Red Dragon Island

    BACK – Poptropica Store

    HAND – Poptropica Store

    LOCATION – Club Noveau Riche on Game Show Island

    -Fearless Owl

  42. guess what Kat !

  43. this person is a troll it was supposed to be a smosh vid http://www.citywars.ca/pub/3126

  44. The head I’m sure is from spy island ,It’s either one .The mask is from Mystery train island The Coal man.The kimono is from Red Dragon after you go to jail (it’s from the bonsai store.) the hand is very similar to Zeus’s lighting rod , but it’s from the store . The shirt is From Mr.Silva and I’m surprised You customized it. the water holder is from the store that’s based on steam-works.

    the picture above the launched avatar studio pic it is taken in Game Show, Club Neavou Riche

  45. :D:);0

  46. sorry, 😀 🙂 😉

  47. Oh ur back C.S. I thought u got banned

  48. yes shes back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Drake, she did get banned but NOW she’s back! good to have you back C.S! you’d better get ready for Where in Poptropica #3. i’ve been waiting for it to be posted. 🙂

  50. Yes, Drake. I’m back.

    I HATE TROLLS! Always check the YouTube Channel.

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  52. what is the channel

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  54. what’s the YouTube channel? I thought you could only see YouTube on the computer! ;(

  55. i bet everyone is a teenager and i’m not. i bet everyone is in high school and i just finished fourth grade!

  56. hey everybody !

  57. HEAD- The guy that spies on the bistro (Spy island)

    FACE- coal man (mystery train island)

    PANTS- The yellow kimonoko from (red dragon island)

    BODY- Mr. Siliva’s shirt (shrink ray island)

    BACK- the steam robot water holder (Poptropica store)

    HAND- lightning staff (Poptropica store)

    PICTURE- CLUB NOUVEAU RICHE(game show island)

  58. Wimpy boardwlak is now out!!

  59. emma [wild comet]

    Head-man on the left of the B.A.D Bistro Face-coal marks on the coal man on Mystery train Shirt-mr. Silva’s red shirt Back-steamworks robot at store Pants/skirt- 2nd outfit on the red dragon island clothing item Hand-lighting staff store item

  60. incredable eagle

    sorry had to change my name because of my fourth poptropica person

  61. I am Kat Allen, one of the first people to come onto this website.

    I am a liar and I have no life.

    Hey, people, want to know a secret?


    My name is NOT Kat Allen.

    My name is Elysia Allen.

    Heh heh…yeah!

    And, while we’re telling secrets, I’m not 12! I’m 12 1/2!

    And…I DON’T have a sister named Keyshia. Or a brother named Matt. They’re just fragments of my imagination.

    I look exactly as I described but, those are my secrets.

    I’m a loser.

    I know, after this, you will never want to talk to me again.

    So, I’m taking my blog down.

    The only way you could communicate with me is through email.

    I’m a loser.

  62. This will be my last message.

    I will be leaving until things calm down and I get my friends back.


  63. Face- Mystery Train Island (coal man)
    Hat- Spy Island (guy hiding in the bushes spying on the bistro)
    Shirt- Shrink Ray Island (Mr. Silvas shirt)
    Pants- Kimono you get (Red Dragon Island in the Bosai shop)
    Hand- lightning rod (store)
    Back- water holder (Steam Robot in the store)

  64. I was kidding.

    Not kidding, I was kidding. 😉

  65. It was taken on that club on gameshow island.

  66. comical rider: dont worry im in elematary school too

  67. It was taken in red dragon where the bird is on the statue of the samurai.

  68. 🙂 🙂 80

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  70. Fearless Penguin

    Head: Person that keeps an eye on the bistro (Spy Island).
    Face: Coal man’s mask on the train (Mystery Train Island).
    Chest: Mr. Silva’s (the science teacher) shirt (Shrink Ray Island).
    Bottom: Fish kimono from old lady (Red Dragon Island).
    Back: Steam robot water holder (Poptropica Store).
    Holding: Lightning Staff (Poptropica Store).
    Location: On top of Club Nouveau Riche (Game Show Island).
    Thank You!!

  71. Fearless Penguin

    @comicalrider me too! I’m going into 5th, so ur not alone 😛

  72. Headwear: One of the people in Spy Island
    Face: Coal Mask from Mystery Train Island
    Top/Shirt: Mr. Silva’s red shirt (Shrink Ray Island)
    Bottom/Pants: Yellow Kimodo from Red Dragon Island
    Hand: Lightning Staff from Poptropica Store
    Back: Part of the Steam Robot costume from the Poptropica Store

  73. invisible lightning

    hat from spy on spy island
    beard from coal man on mystery train island
    lightning staff from store
    chinese skirt from red dragon island
    steam robot backpack from store
    mr. silva’s shirt from shrinkray island

  74. Head : The guy that spies on the guy on spy island

    Face : Coal man on the train on mystery train

    Pants : The yellow kimonoko from the old lady on red dragon

    Body : Mr. Siliva’s shirt from shrink ray

    Back : The water carrier from the store

    Hand : lightning staff from the store

    Picture : Its the club on game show island

  75. ok,i will just try some

    hat:spy island(agent holding the secret message)

    mouth:mystery train island(coal man)

    bottom:red dragon island(half of the kimono)

  76. Hat: Spy island (the guy who gives you the secret message)
    face:Mysterytrain Island (The coalman in the engine)
    Top: Shrink ray island(Mr.Silvas shirt at the science fair(not the disguise)
    Pants:Red dragon island(the old lady’s yellow kimono)
    Back: Steamrobot back(poptropican store)
    Hand:lighting staff(poptropica store)
    thats my guess!

  77. invisible flame

    head- guy watching the bistro(spy island)
    face- coal man (mystery train island)
    shirt- Mr Silva(shrink ray island)
    bottom- kimono(red dragon island)
    hand held- lightning staff(poptropica store)
    back-water holder(steam works island)
    picture- club nouveau riche(game show island)

  78. Friendly Monster

    Head: Hat from the guy on Spy Island watching the bistro and the guy that gives you File X
    Face: Coal man on the train to Chicago in Mystery Train Island
    Shirt: Mr. Silva’s shirt from Shrink Ray Island
    Back: The water container from Steam Robot costume obtained from the store.
    Pants: Item obtained in Red Dragon Island. The yellow option form the kimonos.
    Hand: The Lightning Staff gold card obtained from the store.
    Background: Club Nouveau Riche on Game Show Island

  79. okay I’M GOING TO TRY TO…..figure out where each costume is from.
    1 : the hat from spy island
    2: a kimodo from red dragon island
    3: mr.silva’s shirt from shrink ray island
    4:a mask from the coal man on mystery train
    5: lighting staff from store and so with the back pack
    6: the background is from game show island

  80. the new island is called lunar coloney
    My pedection is right there is a new moon type island

  81. Face- Mystery Train Island (from the coal man)
    Hat- Spy Island (the guy hiding in the bushes beside the towers spying on the bistro)
    Shirt- Shrink Ray Island (Mr. Silva’s shirt)
    Pants- The kimono you get in yellow color(from Red Dragon Island in the Bonsai shop)
    Hand- The lightning staff (poptropica store)
    Back- The water holder (the Steam Robot in the store)

  82. oh, and the background is game show island

  83. Dangerous Snowball

    You know what I should do this poptropica costume contest thing I mean I am just awesome like that I come up with awesome costumes all the time 😀

  84. Dangerous Snowball

    If anyone is aware of my awesomeness just reply back 😀