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Costume Contest #2

Hey hey hey, it’s time for another costume contest!  But first, the winner of Costume Contest #1 was…

Smart Dolphin!  Smart Dolphin was the first to guess all of the items correctly, including the fact that the vest was from Zack on Steamworks Island and the bandolier (the strap across the chest) was from Skullduggery Island.

Congratulations to all of you who got the right answers!  Special shout-out to Brave Bean for being the first, but he was edged out by Smart Dolphin who was a tad more specific about the vest and the chest strap.  Congrats to both and to all of you awesome Poptropicans who played.

Here are the official answers for Costume Contest #1:

Costume Contest #1 - In World

HEAD – the headdress from the Aztec King (TimeTangled Island)

BODY – Zack’s vest (Steamworks Island)

CHEST – the bandolier from the British soldier (Skullduggery Island)

PANTS – the leopard skin wrap from the Nabooti Museum guard (Nabooti Island)

BACK – the king’s cape (Astro-Knights Island)

HAND – Poseidon’s trident (Mythology Island)

And, for extra credit, some of you correctly identified that the picture was taken on the dock at Fort Ridley on Skullduggery Island.  Nice going!

Costume Contest #2

Now, on to this week’s contest!  This outfit has six items: four of them are from four different islands and two of them are from the Poptropica store.  How well do YOU know your Poptropica costumes?  As always, extra credit goes to those who can guess where this week’s profile image (above) was taken.  Good luck!

Costume Contest #2

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  1. Cheerful Singer

    I find they post WAYYYY too much!

  2. Offtopic, on the last post, you said that lots of your old friends here left, but in truth, i was here long before you came. I just took a year and a half break of not commenting. Check some of the very old posts.

  3. Brittany: What do you mean?

  4. i have only been first in two posts… 🙁 👿

  5. You guys act like there’s a problem with new people coming to the site,you can’t stop them from coming or commenting.You don’t own the site.

  6. 8) was supposed to mean 😎

  7. Who cares if you were here before others,this isn’t a competition,this is just a website

  8. Cheerful Singer

    Babysitting, having Kraft Dinner I made.

    The kids like it.

  9. Cheerful Singer

    I am back!

    Which country is the most racist?

  10. Oh sorry my lil’ bro put that.
    Hmm,which country,I don’t know?

  11. Sup peeps haven’t been on for like 2 weeks, my computer wasn’t working. Anyways for this costume the hat and the glasses look like their from that merchant on Wild West Island. And that picture was taken in front of Coconut store (The Common Room) in Shark Tooth Island

  12. Oh by the way I think the bone that Zippy Turtle is holding is from the Puppy Costume at the store.

  13. Cheerful Singer

    Which genre of music is the one you just cannot stand?

  14. Whats the thing on his shoulder?

  15. Cheerful Singer

    My favorite is, personally, Electronic Music (House, Dubstep, Techno).

    I personally like it because, it’s loud, constant repition of beats, the bass is heavy and also the bass drops which are quite loud. It’s fast, has effects and beats.

    And that is why I like Electronic Music.

  16. No one posted the answer yet???
    Background-Coconut Place in Shark Tooth
    Outfit- Overalls from Puerto Rico in Cryptids, shoulder red cloth thing from guy in from of the pub in Loch Ness.
    Red Shirt from Jack’s sister in Red Dragon Island.
    Bone from Dog costume.
    Eye mascara and beard from Egypt Pharoah costume.
    Eyepiece, Hat, and hair from the guy with potions in Wild West
    Cape from Super Power Island.

    Hope I’m right!

  17. Yes guys, I’m still the same old RW from the blog. My blog is RedWing’s Cabin, I’ve joined the forum, yadadada so and so….*headdesk*

  18. Oh and I have to add, the belt from the costume is from Super Power too!

  19. Cheerful Singer

    In the city of Brantford, on Sunday the 24th of June, 2012 at about 7:15, it is a firly sunny day. The sky is blue and cloudless, the sun shines ever so brightly and the birds fly atop the houses.

    The sky is cloudless.

  20. Cape from poptropolis games island.
    You had the dog costume for bone and mummy for the chin and mascara.
    The shirt from 24 carrot island.
    The one eyeglass from mystery train.
    You took the picture at shark tooth island.
    And the hat from wild west island.
    P.S In poptropica I am Noisy Tiger.

  21. Cheerful Singer



    I hate dresses and skirts, I never wear short-shorts in public (because I hate showing off my legs) and the one thing I would die if I did when I’m of age is to go to Hard Fest and…

    I’m pumped just thinking about it!!!

    I usually wear just normal t-shirts, jeans or capris, nude lip gloss (at my age, yes, I should know better (say if you know where that came from 😉 and I was lying)) and just purple plaid shoes.

    Sweet freedom this year!!!

    I always go shopping in the summer for 2 days in America and I usually need approval if it’s appropriate enough or if I should pick something else…


  22. Cheerful Singer


    I just had…the best idea EVAR!!!

    What if we did like, polls on here?

    And quizzes?

    And we got to like chat?

    If you called me Kat, I’d be grateful.

    If I got this right, I’d be grateful.

    If I got my name in the article, I would too.

  23. Cheerful Singer

    First quiz!!!

    Okay, I will answer them myself as well.


    Not KKK.

    That’s racist.

    Here’s the quiz!

    Favorite Bands/Artists?
    Mainstream Music: Yes or No?
    Hate/Love JB?
    Favorite Food With At Least 3 Vowels?
    Favorite Thing That SPAAAARKLEZ!
    Memes Are Awesome! True Or False?
    Favorite SUMMAH SONGS???

    Ok, dat’s it…for this week.

    My answers:
    Um, well, P!ATD, MCR, BVB, NC=Bands.
    Skrillex, Nero, 12th Planet, Kill The Noise, Deadmau5, Knife Party=Artists

    HELLZ NO!!!

    Um…I don’t know. He’s mainstream so, HATE.

    I hate ANYTHING Mainstream.

    Whut elze did Iz do?

  24. White Sword?!
    THE White Sword?!
    (from the older post?!)

  25. Cheerful Singer

    I’d have to say…

    There’s, techinally, 4 vowels in it.


    True! My favorite would have to be Nyan Cat.

    Anything by my fav bands or artists.

  26. Cheerful Singer

    My sister is a troll.

  27. Here are the other two icons I wanted to post:

    😆 and 😳

  28. Cheerful Singer

    Would people believe me if I said that…

    OK, you know how I said I wouldn’t let Keyshia on here because of what she did last time?

    What she did last time was…

    She created a screename…

    The screename was Ke$ha.

  29. Cheerful Singer

    She was 9 back then.

    9 years old.

  30. Oho! I knew Kesha! She was that girl who commented seriously on this old post called Counterfeit vs Mythology!

  31. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, I know all about her because she was my sister.

    She post sexually explicit comments on that post. She said she was 18.

    She and Shadow Prince (the guy she was always having as people used to call it “cybersex” with) got “married” on there. (She can really roleplay)

    He broke up with her and she mourned but, continued to post explicitly with, Green Grape, her “clone”.

  32. Cheerful Singer

    She met a girl named Sandy who used both the screenames “Sandy, the 10 Year Old Girl” and “Sandy, The Mad Dragon”.

    She and Sandy used to “shop” at Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret, posting links to what they wanted.

    Sandy loved Paramore and Evanescene.

    She and Jade were arch rivals. They used to cuss each other out and Jade would always win. At some point, she begged Jade’s forgiveness and asked to be friends but, Jade denied it (good choice 😉 )

    She and (the other girl with the last name Moon) were good friends but, soon became rivals.

    That’s all I have to say.

  33. I first met Kesha on a Strange Moon fashion post, and we became sorta good friends,
    but then we went on that C vs M post and a bunch of other people came, and ShadowPrince’s original name was actually Ostrich Rider, but I decided to make fun and called him RIDER, Ostrich. That made KEsha mad.

  34. I totally remember Sandy. And I remember GG and Jade (she just posted above, so like, obviously!)

  35. SP and Kesha, the youknowwhat part, was kinda, ya know… yeah.

  36. And Icy Fire and Cute Daisy…

  37. Cheerful Singer

    Yeah, I know.

  38. If the next person to comment sees this, say “bananas and chocolate”

  39. I never really met keyisha anywhere before and I will have to check out that post because thatkind of stuff. is funny to me

  40. it will not pull up the page and I clicked on it grrrrr and hellllloooooooo?????????

  41. I always try to get the first comment ill have to get onearly in the morning

  42. Zippy turtle you are at shark tooth island

  43. Head-Magician from wild west island(Sorta magician)Eye from the Pharaoh at the store
    Body-Cape from Poptropolis Games,Clothes from Counterfeit Island,Straps from Nabooti Island
    Pants-Pants from Counterfeit Island

    Background-Shark Tooth Island at the Coconut Cafe

  44. Oops,I’ve mistaken.These are the right answers

    Head-From the Guy that sells magic potions/magician in Wild West Island,Eye and beard from Pharaoh
    Body-Pants from Cryptids Island, Straps also from Cryptids Island,Shirt from Red Dragon Island,Cape from Poptropolis Games,Astro Knights and Super Power Island.Hand item is from Puppy.

  45. And Background at the Shark Tooth Island at the top of Coconut Cafe.

  46. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia was Ke$ha.

    She was into Mainstream Music and thought that would be a good name because:

    Keyshia-Y, I & S+ $=Ke$ha

  47. Cheerful Singer

    Can someone please post a link to get into Mythology V.S. Counterfiet to see like, what’s there because, I’m pretty sure I didn’t read it over correctly.

    There’s, like, enough drama in these comments over the pages to make one of those cheesy books.

    Like, the ones I never read and get for Christmas and end up donating them and when people ask where they are I say I “lost them” and when, they find out where they really are, I get in like, a TON of trouble.

    Today is…


    I’m soooooooooooo nervous.

    I think my friends, Kelly and Jessie, will get better grades then me because, our class was doing a project and I helped them with theirs, they got done first. But, I was sooooooooooooooooo behind on mine, I was finished last.

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  48. Cheerful Singer

    Hey, are any of you on Fantage or MyLife?

  49. Cheerful Singer

    MyLife isn’t a virtual world…sigh…


    I had a dream…


    There was candy.

  50. You are on top of the Coconut cafe in Shark Thooth

  51. Wow it seems like Kesha and Jade were arch rivals.

  52. By the way C.S. don’t u have summer vacation?

  53. Amahlia (Poptropica: Quiet Cloud or Mighty Moon)

    Bone in hand: Doggy Costume (store)
    Eye kohl and beard: King Tut Costume (store)
    Farmer’s overall and shirt: 24 Carrot Island (Farmer outside cat house)
    Cape: Super Power Island, Costume Shop for Super Heroes
    Location: On top of the Coconut Shop, above the drink seller, on Sharktooth Island
    “That’s all folks.” Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes


  55. hey remember when you were talking about your sister pretending to be 18 talking about cyber#$% ? well i finally found it and it did not work Anybody got a youtube account

  56. It is on top of the roof of coconut shop in Shark Tooth island.

  57. HEAD – Hat of R.J Earl’s Hat (Wild West Island)
    EYE- Left- Pharaoh’s Eye (Store)
    Right- Monocle (Mystery Train Island)
    BODY – Farmer’s Outfit (24 Carrot Island)
    CHEST – Native Strap (Nabooti Island)
    PANTS – Anyone who has blue pants.. Sorry IDK.
    BACK – Cape of the guy with megaphone (Poptropolis Games) or maybe a cape of a superhero (Super Hero Island)
    HAND –Bone is maybe from a halloween character at Haunted House?
    BEARD- Pharaoh’s Beard (Store)
    BACKGROUND- Coconut Cafe’ in Shark Tooth Island

  58. its storming where i am

  59. hello ?!?!?!

  60. Hat: R.J Earl’s from Wild West island. (You can find him in rock ridge). The same goes for the monacle, The Body or torso is from the farmer in 24 carrot island, the cape is from the fan who says that their parents and grandparents didn’t get to see the poptropolis games, the strap is from Nabooti island , the bone is from the puppy outfit, and the kohl (egyptian eyeliner) and the beard are from the pharoah costume, the belt is from the green super hero suit, and your picture was taken on the coconut cafe on sharktooth island.

  61. do I technically get second place on the first contest?

  62. brave been i have no clue

  63. Hat: R.J Earl’s from Wild West island. (You can find him in rock ridge). The same goes for the monacle, The Body or torso is from the farmer in 24 carrot island, the cape is from the fan who says that their parents and grandparents didn’t get to see the poptropolis games,the bone is from the puppy outfit, and the kohl (egyptian eyeliner) and the beard are from the pharoah costume, the belt is from the green super hero suit, and your picture was taken on the coconut cafe on sharktooth island. Also the shirt is from Annie on red dragon island (In the present, not past), the overalls are from the hedgecutter guy on cryptids, the strap is from mysterytrain, and that’s pretty much my redo entry

  64. bone from shark tooth island one ingrediant

  65. boom boom pow boom chacka lacka aka alpaka and hula hula hoop hoop heep

  66. I have summer but, I have to train all summer.

    First two weeks, I’m free.

    School ends this Thursday.

  67. I have some really sad news to tell you guys…

    Ayman Arif died in a car crash.

  68. wrong ayman.

  69. Ayman, if you read this and you decide to go on, I WILL NOT talk about Skrillex…

    Wow…I can’t believe I said that.

    Anyways, I won’t talk about Skrillex until the 2nd week of summer.

  70. um ayman can’t comment on here

  71. I CAN COMMENT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Cheerful Singer

    How do you know that?

    I can talk about Skrillex!!!

    Skrillex is awesome.
    His hair is awesome.

  73. he told me in a chatroom

  74. he can’t comment for a while

  75. why can’t he short leopard ? kat i knew that he did not die in a car crash because that was like a few years ago or something but before i realized that i was angry!!!! you would not wanted to have been around me

  76. if you look up scary sky on google i was like what the heck ?

  77. hello ?

  78. ????????????????

  79. Cheerful Singer

    Look up Cheerful Singer on Google!

    Some of my best moments in some of those posts.

  80. And CS, the same thing to you. I don’t think we can acccess it anymore because there were like a million comments on it.

  81. If you look up White Sword on google, guess what you see?

  82. THe photo was taken on top of Coconut Cafe, Shark Tooth Island, on top of the words stating the building’s name.

  83. I am stuck on where the belt is from.

    Did anyone even notice the belt?

  84. Cheerful Singer

    One of my favorite times was when I was all depressed.

    Lying FTW!!!

    Dubstep FTW!!!

    Skrillex FTW!!!

    You know I couldn’t do FTW without mentioning Skrillex.

    @WS: Yeah, Keysh’s really bummed bout dat.

  85. Cheerful Singer

    That page made history. 😉

  86. But it got boring anyways.

  87. CS: YEah… Didn’t see your comment and I posted!

  88. Cheerful Singer

    What’s that fashion post again?

  89. Yes, CS, yes it did. It was the page with the most comments ever. To read all of that would be like reading a dictionary.

  90. Um, something like “School Girl”

  91. Cheerful Singer


    I look very cute!

    I’m wearing a red plaid skirt and a white tank top.

  92. Cheerful Singer

    Lots of people said.


    The guy I have a crush on said I looked cute!

  93. Friendly Spider

    Anybody still here? im so nervous because my report card was supposed to arrive in the mail like FOREVER AGO and my friend said she got hers. And then last night i had this weird dream where i was this fairy in the olympic games(who knows why?!?!?!) and i was in the swimming pool trying to reverse the current or something. the water was all going in one direction like a stream does and for this fairy olympics i had to reverse the current or something. it was starting to hurt( magic isnt easy apparently) and then i got out of the pool. i had purple hair and then i walked up to my friend and said i never got my report card. i woke up and i was like what the heck just happened?! but my friend Shea had an even weirder dream. tell me if you want to hear about it…..

  94. Cheerful Singer

    Is anyone on?

  95. Friendly Spider

    im on!!!!!

  96. Friendly Spider

    And even though i cant see u im sure u do look cute in that outfir, kat! wait can i call u kay…..?

  97. Friendly Spider

    sorry stupid typos. i meant outfit. and i meant kat, at the end, but i wrote kay…..:)

  98. Cheerful Singer

    Please tell me how to look better.

    Here’s what I look like:
    I have naturally curly hair cut short, mocha skin and pink lips, big brown eyes and an hourglass figure.

    Please tell me how to look better ASAP!

    Kat (I get called Kit-Kat now)

  99. Friendly Spider

    Well, Kit-Kat, it sounds to me like you already look fantastic! The thing is, do you like how you look? Because if you really like yourself, then why try to look better?

  100. Cheerful Singer

    Call me what you like 😉

  101. Cheerful Singer

    I hate how I look.

    I want my hair longer so, it’s more wavy.

  102. Friendly Spider

    But you sound beautiful! I hate how I look. My hair is so thick and poofy all the time! Its like a milk chocolate brown, and its kinda getting too long. But my eyes are okay i guess. They are green and gold. Anyway what is it you want to change? Because im afraid i cant make your hair longer 🙂 sorry i didnt mean to be sarcastic. My hair is kinda wavy, but i love when i make little ringlet curls in it. Curly hair rocks!! Do you want help with your clothes, make up, etc…

  103. Cheerful Singer

    Anything you can.

    And, thanks.

    I’m growing my hair.

  104. Cheerful Singer

    Grades are more important than looks but, I want to get noticed by some guys, you know?

    There was a dance today and every girl in my class had a date and I just stayed in my class, wrote Skrillex on my nails and started texting Alexa, one of my BFF’s.

  105. Friendly Spider

    Well you came to the right person 🙂 Since your eyes are brown, if you want to look naturally stunning( 🙂 ) shades of bronze and gold are best, for eyeshadow. But, of course, most dark shades will work. Lots of times people try to use bright colors and then they look silly. no offense if you have done that. anyway if you think your eyelashes are too thin or not curly enough, mascara is there to help. Different mascaras for different purposes are available, but an eyelash curler isnt necessary. Your skin sounds like a wonderful shade, but if you need to you can use a little concealer. trust me, we’ve all been there 🙂 . a neutral shade of blush, if you want some. For lips, i prefer to use a sort of rosy, mauve color. But my skin is lighter, so you might want to use a softer pink, or maybe a shimmery tan gloss that will tint your lips. when in doubt, always use the lip gloss. Your hair is pretty the way it is, but if you dont like it there are SO many cute styles. Wow this comment is getting long. Ok anyway usually a pretty headband or sparkly clips work for me, but if it doesnt for you there are a lot of styles you can explore online or in magazines. Remember to brush your hair, of course. OK now my fingers are cramping. But still im gonna keep it up! For clothes, dont go bold and show too much. Thats just not right. It all depends on your style. What IS your style, Kit-Kat? (p.s. i like that name 🙂 )

  106. Friendly Spider

    and i hear you. no one asks me for dances either 🙁 but im sure one will eventually…

  107. Cheerful Singer

    Well, I’d say my style is unique.

    I wear trends from a few years ago and neon colo(u)rs as well as Skrillex t-shirts, whom is my favorite artist period.

    I wear jeans and skirts when nessicary. Today, I wore something I thought was VERY cute.

    I wore a red plaid skirt (the ones with black in them), ripped black leggings and a white tank top with nude lip gloss and a bit of eyeshadow.

    I wear makeup all the time but, my little sister Keyshia has hidden them.

    I found my lip gloss and don’t know where she put it.

    I have $75.

    My Grandmother whom I spend most time with, buys me all the cosmetics I need.

    She got me my nude lip gloss.

    I want my hair to grow longer.

    I want to look cute and the least bit smexy (I will follow your tips and use them in September) but, not like a…

    How old are you?

  108. Friendly Spider

    I dont think i should give that out, but im within the 11-15 range. I’ll say that much, just for privacy reasons. Sorry 🙂 But anyway i am also unique! For fashion, i like to wear skirts sometimes, with a cute top, of course. Usually though i prefer my fave jeans. who doesnt? I like t-shirts with cool designs like swirls or sparkles, but ones with logos are best. Like bands or (my fave) Spongebob!!!!! When i want to be dressy, of course dresses work but i have several dress shirts. But really its ALL ABOUT THE ACCESSORIES. And shoes. If colors are totally clashing in your outfit, its going to ruin the whole look. Leggings look good, with a skirt or a long shirt. For example, if you had a long sweater, or a long, flowy, blousy top looks good with neutral leggings, depending on what color the top is. Jeans go with everything of course. For shoes, its kind of obvious when you look at you outfit. T-shirt and jeans, sneakers or flats, or sandals for summer. If you are dressed up heels or flats. Boots of course are always an option, whether they are Uggs or heeled knee-highs. Accessories are easy, because silver and gold go with like evrything. But if you have color accessories wear what you feel matches. Wow time is ticking away… i didnt finish cleaning my room 🙂

  109. Cheerful Singer

    Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites won a Grammy.

    So did Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

    I forget what else.

  110. Friendly Spider

    Also tank tops with spaghetti straps work with skinny jeans or short denim skirts. If you wanted.

  111. Friendly Spider

    Um, what (or who, i think) is Skrillex? and dont yell at me since i dont know, please.

  112. Cheerful Singer

    It’s already 8.


    I usually wear a Skrillex t-shirt with some jeans or capris or something.

    Along with my Skullcandy headphones.

    And my iPod 4th Generation (got a new one!) with a Skrillex case I bought at http://www.skrillexmerch.com

    I’m also between that range!

    I was gonna say, I want to look cute and the least bit smexy but, I don’t want to overdo it and look like a whore.

  113. Friendly Spider

    Just dont show to much unnecessarily, and you’ll be fine. It is 8. Wow. But poptropica comments says its 5….. wats up with that? sorry i should probably get going. You’re welcome, of course. You seem very nice, Kit-Kat. I dont think we are friends on poptropica yet. U want to be? my username is lalaloopsy1331 .

  114. Cheerful Singer

    I’ll add you.

    I’ll post below a link about who Skrillex is.

    See you sometime soon!

    Peace out!

    (I’m saying Mon, because I’m Jamaican, LOL)

    Peace Out, Mon!

    I sounded so stupid there.

    -Kit-Kat 😉

  115. Friendly Spider

    Ha lol. Peace, Kat. Good night. And I hope we get to chat again soon. I like to hang out on the mythology page, but also here. Oh well bye!! p.s. americans say Dude. it kinda funny when someone calls a girl dude. Peace out, and may our oceans be free of pollution. I salute you, Poseidon!
    —–Friendly Spider >0< (oh geez, that looks stupid. oh well)

  116. Cheerful Singer

    I want his hair.

    It’s so long.

  117. Cheerful Singer


    I think tomorrow’s the day…

    Tomorrow’s the day it’s a huge party.

    I’m taking your tips and going clothes shopping.

    Peace Out!
    (Rachel says it wayyyy better than I do aka cupstackinggirl)

  118. Friendly Spider

    Just how long? 🙂 Having long hair is hard to deal with. It’s a lot to take care of, especially when its thick, like mine. Yikes. *shudders* anyway bye!

  119. Friendly Spider

    All my comments come to late. Oh well I was happy to help, Kat. Sorry, Kit-Kat. 🙂 Have fun at that big party 😉

  120. Cheerful Singer

    Thanks. I’m back and followed your advice.

    I look better now.

    Thanks FS!


    FS FTW!!!

    FTW=For The Win

  121. The picture was taken at the Coconut place shaped like a coconut in Shark Tooth Island. The cape is from Super Power island and the overalls are from the big-headed guy in Wild West island. The bone is from the puppy costume in the store.

  122. Friendly Spider, you really are friendly!

  123. cats cats cats cats they are cute ! I’m growing my hair back out the way it used to be long and not having to be styled I’m even growing my bangs back out

  124. the shirt is from 24 carrot the farmers

  125. Cheerful Singer


    Thanks SOOOOOO much!

    I hope I get compliments.

    Today is the day we get to tape our teacher to her chair and send her into any room.

    Our teacher is female so, we were thinking the guy’s washroom 😉

    And I get to play Minecraft on the Netbooks.

    And listen to Skrillex.


  126. Redo Entry too…
    HEAD – Hat of R.J Earl’s Hat (Wild West Island)
    EYE- Left- Pharaoh’s Eye (Store)
    Right- Monocle (Mystery Train Island)
    BODY – Farmer’s Outfit (24 Carrot Island)
    CHEST – Native Strap (Nabooti Island)
    PANTS – Anyone who has blue pants.. Sorry IDK.
    BACK – Cape of the guy with megaphone (Poptropolis Games) or maybe a cape of a superhero (Super Hero Island)
    HAND –Bone (Puppy Costume, Store)
    BEARD- Pharaoh’s Beard (Store)
    BACKGROUND- Coconut Cafe’ in Shark Tooth Island

  127. Cheerful Singer

    Pop and Dubstep are, like, arch rivals. Here’s why.

    My opinion:

    Pop has been around for a long time and…

  128. I’m watching let it shine the full movie on youtube finally a movie i can watch !!!!

  129. you don’t ever want your hair short you really can’t do anything with it !!! i got it cut to my shoulders i thought i was cute me and my friend lilly had the same and we both got it cut the same but i ad to style it and i hated it and i could not do a thing with it it was so annoying

  130. anybody on ????

  131. Hey, guys!
    It’s me, Lauren.
    I just saw this old movie, Harvey. If you want to learn more, ask me.
    Also, ask me questions that I can answer. It seems like you guys have got quite a talk here.

    Ciao for now,
    Yours Truly,
    Lauren Kinney



  134. head+monocole- wild west (R.J earls)
    beard+eyes – pharaoh (poptropica store)
    mouth-earth day costume (won from gold card in poptropica store)
    shirt+pants- 24 carrot (carrot farmer)
    belt +strap- cryptids ( irish man standing outside the pub by the loch ness )
    cape- superpower (green hero costume in cape+masks shop)
    bone-puppy costume(poptropica store)
    picture-shark tooth island on top of coconut cafe (common room)

  135. @poptropfan: 🙁

    You’re right. I’m a loser.

  136. I’ll just shut up…

    I’ll just talk once in a while.


    I’ll leave for a few weeks to make you happy.


  137. And, it’s Skrillex, not Skirrlex.

  138. I changed my name.

  139. Actually, I won’t leave but, just ignore haters.


    I have a life. I’m on a Volleyball Team and Badminton Team (I got better at it!) and made it to the Finals but, lost to another school.

  140. hello!!!!! I just got back from my friends house

  141. Hello peoples! CS, I don’t really think you are a loser. But maybe, you know, you just sometimes talk about Skrillex a little “too much” and it kinda “creeps me out a bit”…
    No offense…

  142. Zippy Turtle the picture of the cow was taken in the mine in Wild West Island!

  143. I’m baaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!

  144. Cheerful Singer


    Wouldn’t that be awesome if everyone here (like on these posts who post frequently) got a shout-out with their name, a compliment and what they think they LUVVVVVVV?

    I had a dream about…


  145. cape from person on astro knights, belt and sash from farmer on skulldruggery, hat and eye thingy from mystery train, shirt from boy with big head in the wild west, chin and eye dye from sphinx costume in the store, and the dog bone from dog costume in the store. Zippy Turtle is on the coconut cantina in shark tooth island.

  146. i’m having my own costum contest with my friends. if you look at me you’ll see my costume for the week.

  147. Hat: R.J Earl’s from Wild West island. (You can find him in rock ridge). The same goes for the monacle,the cape is from the fan who says that their parents and grandparents didn’t get to see the poptropolis games,the bone is from the puppy outfit, and the kohl (egyptian eyeliner) and the beard are from the pharoah costume, the belt is from the green super hero suit, and your picture was taken on the coconut cafe on sharktooth island,your strap is from one of the sherpas on cryptids island, and the shirt is from annie on red dragon island.

  148. No! the belt is from one of the hare minions on hare’s secret lab!

  149. Wow……this is weird.

  150. Hey Zippy Turtle, since I WAS the first to get all them right, can you mention my blog?

    I couldnt post the WHOLE link here, but its
    redwingscabin and then add .blogspot.com


  151. redwingscabin.blogspot

  152. Red wing, I missed your party your party last week 🙁

  153. SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  154. The head is from R.J Earl’s in wild west ,rock ridge . the cape is from the poptropolis island (when you drop down your rope on poptropolis then you’ll see him.)the body is from a worker on twisted thicket ,the spyglass also is from R.J Earl’s , the eyeliner is from the store item Pharaoh FOR BOYS !!!! PS so ‘s the thingy on his chin the bone could be either from the ad. the dogs vs cats or it’s from the store . it’s from the store.The belt is from the costume store on super power . it is the green outfit . I Think the strap around Zippy Turtle’s chest is somewhere on Cryptids.

  155. Please tell me it’s right and the pic above is on the coconut cafe in shark tooth where you get the coconut shake .

  156. 🙂

  157. Cheerful Singer

    @poptropfan: And I was offended at what you said to me.

  158. Come too my ROOM:AZX32
    (im bored)

  159. wait, i change my mind again. the sash is from a farmer on cryptids island. (if you think i looked at the other comments you’re wrong.)

  160. How do you get a picture on the side of your comment?

  161. not like the mystery girl , like what fierce moon has or brave star. or jade. Please tell me . 😉

  162. the pics taken on shark tooth island

  163. Zippy Turtle!!!! The picture at the top was taken of the cow in the mine on Wild West Island!!!

  164. Jade and Speedy bean, what are you guys’ usernames?!?!?!

  165. hey, Scary Sky, i just saw you in the soda pop shop!!!!! what a coincidence!

  166. I used to be red lizard befor friends now I am poptropicann.

    Head + face =rj earls bits.
    Beard: the Pharos costume(store.)
    Cape: poptropolis games fan.
    Eyeliner: also pharoh( store.)
    Shirt: twisted thicket worker.
    Belt:green hero on super power island.
    Bone: the puppy on the store.woof!
    Chest belt/strap:criptids island Sherpa
    For extra points, he is on top of the coconut cantina on shark tooth.
    100 points?

  167. I used to be red lizard befor friends now I am poptropicann.

    note: I NEVER copy pepole.

  168. I used to be red lizard befor friends now I am poptropicann.

    I mean their answers .

  169. Can you make a girl costume contest????????

  170. Cheerful Singer

    Please do this fill out the blanks for me and whoever does this for me, I will do it for them!

    Name: ____________
    Age: ____-_________
    From: _____________
    Lives In: ___________
    Loves (music): _________________
    Loves (people): _________________
    Loves (celebrities): ________________
    Looks Like: ____________________
    Known For (on this website): ___________
    They Say: _________________
    Favorite Artists: _______________
    Celebrity Crushes: _______________


  171. Crazy Lightning

    The beard and eyes are from the Egyptian Pharo costume, the hat is either from Wild West or Mystery Train, I forget wich, the rest, IDK

  172. Crazy Lightning

    Oh, and it’s taken on Shark Tooth, on top of the Cocunut Place

  173. the hat and monicle from wild west.

  174. I found out that the cape can either be from the person who fires the arrow to light the poptroplis games torch or the green hero costume on super power they are exactly the same.

  175. sorry. it’s just that every one talks about skrillex, and some people who don’t feel uncomfortable. 🙁

  176. havi’n a common room party at the midas gym today. i’m the guy that’s torched, has cinnamon fire pop gum, and has a red dragon follower. if you want to come it’s o.k. the more the marrier!!!

  177. i’m still waiting for people…….(!)

  178. head+monocole- wild west (R.J earls)
    beard+eyes – pharaoh (poptropica store)
    mouth-earth day costume (won from gold card in poptropica store)
    shirt+pants- 24 carrot (carrot farmer)
    belt +strap- cryptids ( irish man standing outside the pub by the loch ness )
    cape- superpower (green hero costume in cape+masks shop)or poptroplis games cape from the person who fires the arrow into the torch
    bone-puppy costume(poptropica store)
    picture-shark tooth island on top of coconut cafe (common room)

  179. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    beard and eye make up from the store outfit of Pharoph or Cleopatra
    the bone is from the puppy outfit in the store
    the smile is from the coconut milk seller
    the hat is from the potion man at wild west island in rocky ridge who gave someone a potion that turned people into invisible people
    the cape is from the capes and masks store in super hero island the 4th costume you see
    the farmer clothing is from the carrot farmer on 24 carrot island

  180. when are the answers gonna come out? it’s already July 1st! (Sunday).

  181. this time i’m having a party at the hair club on spy island and it’s happening RIGHT NOW, so be there people! ( Poptropican, Scary Sky, Cheerful Singer, etc.)