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Costume Contest #1

Zippy Turtle here to let you know that starting today we’re going to have a costume contest every week this Summer!

The idea is pretty simple: Zippy Turtle and Fierce Moon are going to dress up — using our Costumizers, of course — with items from Poptropicans from all over the many different islands.  Your job is to figure out where each item comes from.  The more specific you are, the better your answer.  There’s no prizes, but come on, if you can guess all of the items that means you’re a pretty amazing Poptropica All-Star!

In some cases, the items might appear on more than one character, although we’ll try to make them as unique as possible.  The answers will be at the beginning of next week’s contest.  Oh, and there’s a hint in this week’s profile image (above) about one of the items, aargh…

Have fun!

Costume Contest #1

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  1. 1st, and the head item is from the aztec woman in Time Tangled, the upper body is Zack’s from Steamworks, the cape is from the red knight on Astroknights, the trident is Poseidon’s from Mythology, and the last part I believe is from Skullduggery, where the ppicture was taken (to be specific, it was taken in Fort Ridley a.k.a Main Street).

  2. Cheerful Singer

    2nd and…

    I believe you’re right, SD, so, I’ll go with the same answer.

  3. um its from these islands time tangled stem works um have no idea for the cape i have that its tridents um um its i forgot what its called ! foohy and thats all i know because i forget sometimes

  4. so I’m pretty much an idiot at times

  5. Cheerful Singer

    Hello, Scary Sky.

    Did I tell you that I’m not going to Hard Summer?

    Why not?

    Because, I’m not 18… 🙁

    It sucks too because…



    I’ll be there in 2018…or 2019…or 2020…

    You don’t need to know my age!

  6. Cheerful Singer

    I’m so lame.

    Okay, can someone please talk to me?

    Am I THAT big of a loser?

  7. So u r about 12 years old

  8. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, yes I am.

  9. um i also agree w/smart dolphin
    ps what ur usernames

  10. Cheerful Singer

    That’s weird.

    I have an account with a Poptropican named Popular Singer however, that’s yours.

    Quiz Time!

    Who’s everyone’s favorite artist?

    If you know me, you’ll know my answer.

  11. mash my fingers in a door and i still won’t cry lock me in a room and don’t feed me all day well then i may just cry because i can be tough and i can be weak!!! WAIT WHAT THE FLIP AM I DOING BECAUSE IM LIKE I HAVE A VERY CRUEL SONG WRITING AT TIMES TOO !!!!!!!!! geez louis

  12. ITS SKRILLEX !! YEAH BABY i like the black eyed peas and more

  13. what the

  14. everybody just friend me its lala23461

  15. Why Can’t I comment……….ugh

  16. OKay………Im crossing my fingers and hoping this shows up!

  17. Cheerful Singer

    You like Mainstream Music…I can tell.

  18. alright i gotta go i may be on later bye !

  19. Cheerful Singer

    K baiiii…

    I guess.

  20. Cheerful Singer

    Hey, it’s Cheerful Singer.

    I have a contest, here are the rules.

    Choose a celebrity which is well known today and go all over Poptropica to find a costume to look just like them. There will be 3 judges. Me and two other people.

    If you get an overall score over 15 or we decide it looks alot like the celebrity, I will tweet the celebrity with the link and, if they Tweet back, I will show the Tweet right here.

    The other two will have to also Tweet or Facebook or whatever said celebrity, as do I.

    Sound good?

    Hope to see lots of entries on here!

    -CS, Rookie Costume Designer

  21. Cool.

  22. I know I am not Fierce Moon but i would like to be her!!! 🙁

  23. But, you never know.

  24. 1st the head dress is from the aztec warrior gaurd 2nd the bag is from the mean treasure seeker from giza 3rd the bottom is from the man infront of the museum of nabootia 4th the blagde strap is from a person in nabootia 5th the red cap is from sir peta from astro knights 6th the trident is from the phosiden in mythology when hercules breaks the rock block your path you need to get when defeating zues

  25. also your standing in ridley port the place you land when you land in skullduggery island and the treasure seeker i was talking about is from nabbootia

  26. the aztec warrior gaurd is from time tangled island

  27. Hello, ayman.

  28. the shirt is from zack from steamworks when sprocket shows what zack looks like when you go to zacks room and when you help sprocket in captain ziggs room when the weeds got him

  29. did you think i did to much for the costum contest

  30. incredible panda

    smart dolphin same answer someone talk 2 me

  31. no its even longer

  32. No, I think it’s fine.

    If we get it right, would they feature our names in the article?

    I think that’d be awesome!

    I’m gonna go scour Poptropica to look like any celebrity.

    Just say the name and I’ll try.

  33. Fierce Moon, is Zippy Turtle your younger brother? Also, Red Wing and I have had some issues with the comments when we add our blogs to the “website” bar. Thanks!

  34. theres 4 pargraphs

  35. can you read my answer it starts from 11:02 to 11:12

  36. Cheerful Singer

    I fell asleep listening to my Skrillex CD and with strawberries in my mouth.

  37. If the next person to comment sees this comment, say ‘bananas’. I dont think my comments are showing up……….O___O *headdesk*

  38. Cheerful Singer

    It wasn’t nice when I got up.

    I keep falling asleep…LOL…

  39. hi cheerful singer im back

  40. Cheerful Singer

    Hey ayman.

  41. Hey guys! Im Noisy Seal and maybe you have seen me comment before, but I do plan on commenting a lot on PS (Poptropica Secrets)

  42. I’ve already got one Jennifer Lawrence in the hunger games she’s Katniss Everdeen she’s known a lot because so many people have read the books and seen the movie and people love her here it is /Users/hollyhilliard/Downloads/poptropican.jpg

  43. what is your username cheerful singer

  44. My username is liz9517

  45. Cheerful Singer

    @SS: Look back, I provided it in the last post for the About Me. And, please set the link as your username, I should be able to see it by tomorrow morning.

  46. friend me username ayman351

  47. Cheerful Singer

    I had a bubble bite in the middle of my 3rd and 4th toes on my right foot.

    I’m having Asian Food for dinner. Soup with lime and rice nooddles and broth with no taste.

  48. okay cheerful singer just friend lala23461 and you’ll see my costume

  49. Cheerful Singer

    Sorry, I’m on my iPod.

    Would anyone like to roleplay? Pick a show, movie, book, whatever and we can roleplay to it.

  50. thats SO EASY!
    the head crown (whatever) is from the aztec empire in Nabooti
    the cape is from the king in astro knights.
    the thing your holding is Poseidon’s trident
    the skirt is from the guy in the museum on Nabooti
    and the shirt is from Zack on steamworks island


  52. Cheerful Singer

    Hello, Jade. 😉

    Haven’t seen you in a long time.



  55. hi i keep going outside to much sorry hi jade and cheerful singer

  56. Cheerful Singer

    About Me

    Name: Kat Allen
    Age: 12
    Nationality: Jamaican
    Favorite Food: Any Jamaican Food
    Favorite Artist: …Obvious question.
    Favorite Word: Smexy
    Favorite Colo(u)rs: Red And Black!
    Favorite Sentance: NYAN CAT INVASION OF CUTENESS!!!
    Likes: Dubstep, Electronic Music, Money, Cuteness, Long Hair
    Dislikes: Trolls, Haters, Age, Spam
    Goals In Life: To Invent A Drink, To Go To HardSummer, To Listen To Dubstep For A Day Straight, To Eat 10 New Kinds Of Meat, To Go To 10 Countries
    Things That Gross Me Out: Pedos, Infections, Cancer, Smoke, Asthma, Tissues,
    Looks Like: Has Short, Curly Chestnut Hair, Big Brown Eyes, Red Lips, Thick Eyelashes, Has Mocha Skin.
    Wears: Neon Clothes. Bought A Skrillex T-Shirt So, Wears That Alot.

    That’s About It! 😉

  57. What’s the prize for this contests, anyway?

  58. nothing spotted kid and nice thing about your self cheerful singer

  59. Cheerful Singer

    @Spotted Kid: Possibly having your screenname in the article for the winners. That’s where I wonder if there actually gonna be a winner’s article.

  60. Cheerful Singer

    I find the best part about that was my Skrillex t-shirt, LOL.

  61. oh no please dont talk about shirlex cheerful singer sorry if that sounded rude

  62. Cheerful Singer


    Fine, I won’t!


  63. i just dont like it no offese

  64. Cheerful Singer



    Wub Wub Wub… 🙁

    I can’t say that with JOY anymore!

  65. no no no no dont do that you can talk about as much as you want cheerful singer


  67. Cheerful Singer


    No, it’s fine. I’m being immature.


  68. Cheerful Singer

    To cheer me up, I’ll go listen to…

    Oh, nevermind.


  70. what do you mean if i dont like something that doesnt mean also have to stop liking it cheerful singer

  71. Cheerful Singer

    I’m gonna go drive my bike to the nearest ice cream place.

    Be back in half an hour.

    Sadly Signing Off,
    CS aka KA

  72. Cheerful Singer

    It’s not that, ayman. You don’t know what he’s been through.

    His Mother died. He has Cancer. And he’s only 24!!!

    That’s what makes me upset. That’s why I listen to his music.

    But, that’s one of the reasons.

    He’s been through so much and he remains happy.

    That’s why I listen to him.

  73. i just watched Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island its awesome i loved it but when i first saw it in the movie theater at some parts this is me doh! and i spilled my nerds a lot and this time we rented it and i only finched once and i had a right it was a giant spider! i just don’t like spiders but it has someone from the hunger games to! its josh hutcherson

  74. thats so sad i feel bad for him cheerful singer

  75. Cheerful Singer

    Hello Scary Sky. I’m back sooner than I imagined.

    I got Dairy Queen and a Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard.

    Even this isn’t making me happy.

    I know only Dubstep will make me happy.

  76. Cheerful Singer

    Oh Em Gees…

    I can’t even pretend to be happy and say that.

    I have an infection.


  77. dont say that infections are dangerous cheerful singer

  78. party rockets in the house tonight everybody just have a good good time L.M.F.A.O IS AWESOME heres another won LETS GO ITS NOW OR NEVER OHHH OAHH OHHH thats calvin harris um this won last won for today but that the whole song so it’ll be in the next comment

  79. um it’ll have to wait till tom i gtg to bed i gotta get up at six in the morning tom ugh goodnight

  80. Cheerful Singer

    I’m gonna watch the MMVA’s.

    I hope there’s like, Dubstep on it.

  81. Cheerful Singer

    I have to get up at 5 and I go to sleep at like 11:30. I have to say prayers and thanks to God.

  82. me too i say my prayers in the morning at school and right before i go to sleep now i really gtg to bed good night

  83. good night

  84. Cheerful Singer

    Good night!

  85. Cheerful Singer


  86. is anyone out there that sounds like titanic

  87. Cheerful Singer

    I am awful bored and awful sad.

  88. im not going to sleep

  89. Cheerful Singer

    Me neither. I’m watching MMVA’s.


  91. ok cheerful singer 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  92. Cheerful Singer

    I am bored.

  93. what do you want to do


  95. Cheerful Singer


    UGH!!! 🙁



  98. hello?

  99. Head: Time tangeled island. Shirt: Steamworks. Pants: Nabooti. Trident: Mythology.
    And finally, cape: Astro Knights. 🙂

  100. I din’t see the bag but it’s also from Nabooti and the picture was taken on mainstreet Skullduggery.

  101. I go to vacation Bible school next year

  102. : ‘ / I meant tom

  103. The strap is also from Nabooti island.

  104. yes its on radio Disney so its a no bad word song

  105. it is twelve 12:04 am est time I’m going to fall asleep listening ti radio Disney peace and goodnight

  106. twitches eye its 12:42 am est and can not sleep

  107. Cheerful Singer

    I went to sleep fairly early.

  108. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia’s stories are always about like, murder or something.

  109. Head: Time Tangled island. Shirt: Steamworks. Strap: Nabooti (so is the bag and pants). Cape: Astroknights. And the trident: Mythology island. The photo was taken on the mainstreet of skullduggery.

  110. No! The strap is from pirate island!!

  111. Young Justice Invasion is the best show EVER. (Next to Doctor Who)

    Whovians! Unite!

  112. Okay:
    The trident is from Mythology island,the hat is from Time Travel island, the starp is from Scullderery Island, and i’m looking for the rest

  113. ummm… ok? Well, I know that the head thing is from time tangled in the aztec time period. umm, the trident is from mythology from posiden. I think the cape is from the king in astro knights. I think the pants are from nabooti but I’m not sure. AM I CLOSE?

  114. The Head item was from Time Tangled Island on the Azect time period, The trident came from Mythology Island from Poseidon, the cape from the Astro Knight king, the pants from the guy next to the door of the museum, the shirt from Steamworks Island from the mayor, and the strap is from Nabooti (I don’t know where).

  115. The Head item was from Time Tangled Island on the Azect time period, The trident came from Mythology Island from Poseidon, the cape from the Astro Knight king, the pants from the guy next to the door of the museum from Nabooti Island, the shirt from Steamworks Island from the mayor, and the strap is from Nabooti (I don’t know where).

  116. Did you know this morning Keyshia STOLE my iPod?

  117. Hat: Aztec king, Aztec time, time tangled island
    Shirt: Zach, Hologram from sprocket or hibernation zone, steamworks island
    Pants: Museum guide, Nabooti museum, Nabooti jewel island
    Belt slot (the beige satchel): Chicken farmer, main street, skullduggery island
    Cape: King, throne room, astroknights island
    Handheld item: Prosidn’s trident, Greek mythology island. (avialbl at end)

  118. Cheerful Singer


  119. Cheerful Singer

    Hello, brothers and sisters!

  120. wow cheerful singer i didnt know you were Jamaican?
    for some reason i thought everyone who was here is WHITE,lol
    (well im black and white.my mom is black and my dad is white)

  121. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, yes I am Jade.

  122. Cheerful Singer

    If you put 1 in front of 9…

    It would be 19.

    Wow, I’m stupid.


    I just forgot what 190+320 is.

    I feel so retarded.

    I always say ignore that haters. That’s what I do.

    People hate on me because of the colo(u)r of my skin.

    I am going to a racist school.

  123. I have darker freinds so theirs nothing wrong with being different colors

  124. Cheerful Singer

    Name: Kat Allen
    Age: 10-14
    Hobbies: Editing Videos, Making music, Writing songs, Texting, Skyping, Making myself look beautiful
    Loves: Dubstep, Electronic Music, Cleaning, Cuteness, Dating, Clothes, Shoes, Puppies, Kittens, Food, Meat, Beauty, Music, EMS, Hard Fest, Techno, Poems, Quotes, Love, Nicknames, Websites, Chat Rooms, Friends, Bubblegum, Gum, Soda Pop, Pools, Swimsuits, Smoothies, Ferrari’s, Lockers, iPods, Apples, Rap, Cute Clothes, Gold, Money
    Hates: Trolls, Bullies, Haters, Drugs, Alcohol
    Would Describe Myself As: Fun, Clean, Helpful, Lover, Dubber, Wubber (LOL), Happy/Gay, Cute, Sunshiny, Peppy, Lovely

    I’ll do the rest later.

  125. Hi zippy turtle my pop name is fast owl.I love to hang out at the common room on twisted thicket island, i would love to have you as one of my friends. i hope to see you on twisted thicket’s commen room.

  126. boom chacka laka laka alpaca

  127. Cheerful Singer

    Why did you post that?

  128. Cheerful Singer

    Name: Kat
    Age: 10-14
    From: Jamaica
    Lives In: Canada
    Hobbies: Video Editing, Song Writing, Playing Poptropica, Chatting Online, Editing My Appearance, Listening To Music, Choosing Music For My iPod
    Interested In: Dating, Friends, Money, School, Campaigning, Writing
    Loves: Cuteness, Puppies, Kittens, Dubstep, Electronic Music, Electro House, House, Techno, Electronica, Posters, Computers, Dating, Love, Editing, Writing, Typing, Volunteering, Music, Food, Cooking, Cleaning
    Hates: Dirty People, Racist People, Sexist People, Sexism, Racism, Obsessive People, Trolls, Haters, Hate
    Pets: A New Hampster named Teddy, White with a brown patch on his back and a brown spot over his eye, A Kitten named Bailey, Tabby, Dark Brown with Caramel markings and a Puppy named Butterfingers, Golden Retriever, light golden. 
    Siblings: Keyshia, female, 10 years old, younger sister, straight, black hair, long, caramel skin, small, brown eyes. Matt, male, 11, younger brother, messy, deep brown hair, short, mocha skin like mine, medium-sized, brown eyes. 
    Appearance: curly, deep brown hair, short, mocha skin, big, brown eyes. 
    Personality: no sense of humor, wubber, dubber, awesome, peppy, gay/happy, fangirl. 
    Favorite Artists/Bands: Panic! At The Disco, Black Veil Brides, Nyan Cat, Skrillex
    Favorite Food: Filet Mignion or, Lobster
    Favorite Colo(u)rs: Red, Black, Hot Pink & Skittles

    I Is Done! 

  129. Cheerful Singer

    Teddy is SO cute! I meant to tell you guys, I got a new hampster.

    I snuffled and snuggled him.

  130. um…. cause im crazy and oh you got a new hamster !!!??

  131. Im german british indain and american

  132. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, yes I did!

    I let all my pets sleep in my room. It’s big and I have like an area with a bunch of blankets, pillows and a few teddy bears for them. It’s so cute. Bailey, Butterfingers and Teddy are all sleeping there tonight.

  133. hey listen i need help with a song I’m making it goes like this
    psst i got a little rumor to spread
    i heard it from your best friend she said she wouldnt tell anyone but she went ahead and told me
    thats all i got so far do you like ?

  134. Cheerful Singer

    My Mother is Native-American and my Father’s Jamaican. She told me she went to Jamaica to see her cousin and her cousin had a friend who had a friend who happened tobe my father. So, they met, fell in love, had a baby (the day before they got married) and never got married. I’m on my Mother’s side mostly. Today, I live with her and she’s a good mother. She met another Jamaican and they’re dating. I haven’t seen Dad in awhile. He lives in Canada, I know that. I just miss him. My Mother’s boyfriend is nice and all but, now, I’m stuck with my Grandparents. 🙁 I wish I could see my parents more.

  135. aww I feel bad for you I dont see my family in Colorado and I miss them

  136. I trolled my mum won time and I laughed a lot later that night

  137. I’m an idiot but I love British singers I just listened to a hardcore alright I gotta go huh bye!!

  138. Head:time tangled shirt:steamworks pants ant the rest was from nabooti trident:mytology

  139. The head is from the Aztec King aztec time zone on Time Tangled Island,the cape is from the king on Astroknights Island, Shirt are from Zach on Steamworks Island,trident is Posiden’s from Mythology Island,background is where you first land on Skullduggery Island,belt is from the tour guide in the Nabooti museum on Nabooti Island,the satchel is from the carrot farmer at the old closed carrot farm on 24 Carrot Island.

  140. Cheerful Singer

    I miss them…

    My Mother used to tell me someday we’d all come together. Me, my brother and sister are all together. There’s two spare rooms but, they’ve kinda become our rooms. There’s two seperate beds in the one room so, me and Keysh (that’s what I call her) took that room and Matt took the other.

    My side of the room is awesome. It’s neon and stuff and so hard to sleep in. Keyshia’s side of the room is like, pretty cool. On my side, I have my laptop and iPod charging, my side is painted neon green so, I do videos on my side. I just LOVE my room. Keyshia’s has posters of her fav Metal bands. I ask her why she likes Metal. She says same reasons I love Dubstep. I never heard no heavy bass drops in Metal!

    I hope we move back soon. My other room was awesome. 🙁

  141. Head from Time Tangled island. Shirt from Steamworks. Strap from Nabooti (so is the bag and pants). Cape from Astro Knights. And the trident is from Mythology island. The photo was taken on the Fort Ridley Main Street of SkullDuggery

  142. The head crown (whatever) is from the aztec empire in Time Tangled island.
    The cape is from the king in Astro Knights.
    The thing your holding is Poseidon’s trident
    The skirt is from the guy in the museum on Nabooti
    And the shirt is from Zack on Steamworks island

  143. The Scepter is from Mythology Island from one of the water gods (I forgot his name), the cape is from Astro Knights it was the kings, the headgear is from time-tangled when you have to go to return the sun- piece i think, the shirt you got from Steamworks Island, the pants are from Nabooti Island from one of the Islanders and the strap, and bag. The picture however was taken on Main Street (Fort Ridley) Of SkullDuggery Island.

  144. I mean Time Tangeled

  145. Cheerful Singer

    I’ll describe Keyshia.

    Name: Keyshia Allen
    Age: 10
    Favorite Music Genre: Death Metal & Heavy Metal
    Least Favorite Music Genres: Jazz, Pop, Electro
    Favorite Colo(u)rs: Beige and Tan
    Least Favorite Colo(u)rs: Red And Black
    Favorite Artist/Band: Man The Destroyer
    Least Favorite: ANYTHING POP!
    Goals: To Learn The Guitar
    Hobbies: fishing, looking at YouTube comments, texting
    Talents: can play drums
    Pets: Teddy, Butterfingers & Bailey
    Favorite Food Group: Dairy
    Hates Songs About: Drugs
    Loves: nothing
    Hates: everything

    Based on what she told me.

  146. The hat is from time tangled, the trident is from mythology, the bottoms are from nabooti, the cape is from astro knights, the sash is also from nabooti, and the shirt is from… time tangled…?

  147. cheerful singer, it’s to bad people were making fun of your skin colour. If you came to my school in Canada and you were new and had no friends, I would welcome you and let you be my friend:)

    P.S, we are friends on poptropica:) my username is inkysuperstar3

  148. Cheerful Singer

    @jeandog2002: I live in Canada. OH EM GEEEEES, what province? I

  149. The headband and hair are from time tangled (Aztec time). The trident (the water god’s) mythology island. The cape Astro nights (the kings). The skirt nabooti island
    (from the man in the museum). The shirt steam works island (Zach/Zack’s shirt). And
    finally the strap and bag are found in skullduggery island (the man man on the 1st step
    on the tower with the teliscope, fort ridley).

    P.S, the photo was taken on skullduggery island, Fort Ridley. 🙂

  150. so my chest hurts when i move

  151. sporty scorpion

    hey cheerful singer u said that everyone in your school hates because of your skin color well i know how it feels well im not black but im arab and everybody hates me

  152. acutally not shirt is from nabooti.

  153. no, the shirt isn’t i give up

  154. hey cheerful singer I live in Ontario!!!!!!!!!!

  155. The hat, from Time-Tangled Island The shirt, Steamworks the belt thing, Skullduggery the trident, Mythology and I don’t know the rest.

  156. The hat and the skirt are the Aztec Emperor’s, which is in TimeTangled, the shirt belongs to Zack, which is in Steamworks, the cape is from the king of Arturus, which is in Astro – Knights, and the trident is Poseidon’s, the god of the seas, and in Mythology.

  157. hat and skirt timetangeled,shirt in steamworks,cape from astro knights,and trident from mythology

  158. The hat and the skirt are the Aztec Emperor’s, which is in TimeTangled, the shirt belongs to Zack, which is in Steamworks, the cape is from the king of Arturus, which is in Astro – Knights, and the trident is Poseidon’s, the god of the seas, and in Mythology.

  159. Your hair is from Time Tangled in the Aztec Empire Area from the Aztec King.
    Your shirt is from Captain Zepp on SteamWorks Island.
    Your pants are from the old man in the mountains of the moon on Nabooti Island.
    Your robes are from the Redcoat on Skullduggery.
    Your cape is from the King of Astro-Knights.

  160. Oops, I forgot Poseidon’s Trident, It’s from Mythology Island after you defeat Zeus.

  161. I mean the vest steamworks and the shirt from nabooti island.

  162. Come too my ROOM:AZX32
    (im bored)

  163. Maroon Lightning

    r u sure? Well who cares i dont like the outfit anyways. -_-

  164. i like the cape

  165. i don’t know what it is but it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!