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Check Out the Poptropica Secrets Forum

Have you visited the Poptropica Secrets Forum yet? It’s a great place to hang out and chat with other Poptropica fans. You’ll find tips, cheats and tricks about all the islands, tons of cool costume ideas, and even just fun conversation with friends. There are lots of people participating every day, so take a minute to check it out!

When the forums launched, I announced that the first 500 members would get a special Charter Member badge. Well, we’re getting close. Right now, there are 482 registered members in the forum, so if you want to get the special charter member badge that will appear under your name, you need to register for the forum right now! After we hit 500 members, I’ll roll out the badge and then that’s it! No one else will get one.

Poptropica Secrets Forum Charter Member Badge

Want to get a sample of the forum? Here are some of the most popular topics going on right now. Some of these already have hundreds of posts!

The Poptropica Secrets Forum is filled with lots of members who post a lot! Here are the top three posters from the forum. Check ’em out and say hello!

Remember, the special charter badge only goes to the first 500 members to register in the forum, so hurry up and join us today!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. How do you add your picture? Do you have to sign up?

  2. Young Sun, go to Gravatar.com, and make an account under the email address your using for this site. then chose a photo for the photo options and choose it, comfirm and come back to this site and you can see it by your name. Hope it helps. :mrgreen:

  3. cae315, have you started school yet? i have!

    …..i wonder where meg is…

    Fun Fact! i was doing homework (i have to do a paragraph about our name) and i found this really cool name: Lalia! (pronounced LAY-lee-ah.

  4. mmmmm….
    i love my Bubble Yum gum.

  5. Hiya everyone. Check out the forum. I love it. 🙂

  6. Haha. I’m famous for posting…..

  7. Who Has The Tesla Coil????????????????????????

    wwww:{ } \:-)x

  8. DOCTOR WHO????

    The Doctor As A Text Emote. \:-)x

    Prisoner Zero As A Emote. wwww:{ }

    Sontaran As A Emote. (:d)

    Ood As A Emote. C:=9.


  9. Click On My Name For More Emotes.

  10. Hey Neat Hopper, I star on the 22nd, Monday. To anybody reading this, what city do you live nearest to?
    I live in Chicago suburb.

  11. Well, I live in Skokie, IL, more north-west to Chicago.

  12. What school do you go to? When do you start? I start on Monday.

  13. School already started on August 10th for me. (not telling you which school! 😛 )

  14. i go 2 j frank Hillard middle school!! it is in Broadway Virginia. i start the 23. my moms school starts after labor day!! i hate my moms school!! but she dosnt get out till after my school and she goes 2 school when i have snow days!!! that’s the good part. sucks 2 live in Shenandoah county!!

  15. David Greek American institute of wat?

  16. I go to East Prarie Elemtery and Middle School. I’m going into 5th. We have 4th and 5th grades as 1 grade mixed and it sucks! 4th grade was filled with teasing 5th graders and we hated it!

  17. that sounds sucky. i searched your school cae315 and it is in a beautiful location!!

  18. my schools name is j frank hillyard middle school. the elementary is john c Myers elementary and the high school is Broadway high school.

  19. Hey, Pirate Girl, I finished Skullduggery for you.

  20. you r welcome

  21. Do you have a cell phone? I got 1 when i was 9 and i now a t-mobile my touch

  22. Does anybody want to do a multi-verse? Code:

  23. hey cae315, this is wat pirate girl told me. i no this becuase we r friends. she said “that she hates your charcter and that it should more like her. u no, slutty!” i thought that was really rude!!

  24. hey cae315 me and pirate girl r BFFLs and this is wat she told me about u! she said, “u no cae315 right, well i hate her character on poptropica cheats. u no no offense 2 her but i think she should dress mor like me. u no show a little more skin on her character.” i thought that was really rude.

  25. BTW i aint got a cell phone which sucks :(.

  26. sup David ;).

  27. David wat r u talking about?

  28. Little late ain’t yu?

  29. I’m going 2red draGon

  30. Wat r u talking about?

  31. I’m on my I pad now, I’m getting a grilled cheese 2eat with chicken noodle soup and a milk shake :D.

  32. I watched my 2 year old cuz saying, hey, me frow rock at u? Hey,hey! It is 2 cute!

  33. I recorded it on my I pad

  34. David how old r u cause I’m 12

  35. i left because i had to go eat

  36. wait so Cuddly Sun, pirate girl is saying that she hates me because i don’t dress like her?

  37. No she just doesn’t like the way u dress. She dos like u though

  38. thanks for the compliment! :mrgreen:

  39. The cutesy boy in my school is going 2nd in my band class

  40. wow this artical has only been here a day and there are already 70… i mean 71 comments

  41. click my name Its my blog! please join!!

  42. i just found out that mystery train island will be coming on sept 9 2011 and there’s the new trailer of it

  43. =D

  44. Poptropica name:
    Shifty Speck

  45. hi shifty speck!! r u a boy, cause that is a pretty boy name ;).

  46. started school today. no matter how lame the homework is, i don’t wanna do it. i still have the lazy left in me from summer

  47. School school school!!! :P.

  48. Me 2 cae315. Wat school r u going 2?

  49. I haven’t even started school yet… Hehe 🙂 I have open house today!

  50. my school doesnt start until september 18th but it finishes late