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Boulder Push Guide for Reality TV Island

Boulder Push is one of the simpler challenges on Reality TV Island in Poptropica. In this game, the object is to push your boulder across the finish line before anyone else. Your pushing speed is determined entirely by how fast you click on your left mouse button. Another important thing to remember is that your mouse cursor must remain on the Poptropica game screen in order for it to register the click. So the best technique to use is to place both hands on your mouse. One hand holds the mouse steady and then the other is just for clicking as fast and as crazily as you possibly can. You should be clicking several times a second to win this game.

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  1. this is so not working any other suggestions?

  2. Haven’t done it.

  3. poptropica_expert

    it is so easy i always win!!!!! but ….. i just click like crazy i dont reallyhold the mouse!!!

  4. i want to be fomus

  5. purpleprincess11

    that didin’t work isn’t there ANY other way?4 some reason i keep getting my palm banged against the keyboard!

  6. this is so easy!! i could beat everyone in 3 second!!

  7. What Several time per MINUTE your CRAZY 😮

  8. easiest challenge ever in reality TV!!!!!!!

  9. My friend was on the phone with me when I was finishing this island and we both wished as hard as we could that my last event would be this one and it was!!!! I screamed OMG HOW THE HECK DID THAT HAPPEN and my friend was cheering with joy!

  10. I won, by the way.


  12. Dfoofnik the Twiddler

    Do the Twiddle
    Playing on Kewlbox has shown me the secret here. Hold the mouse on the game board with your left hand, and “twiddle” the mouse button using TWO fingers on your right hand : the index and middle finger. You can achieve click rates nearly 2x as fast as one finger. Just takes a little practice, and it’s like strumming your fingers on the table.

  13. I could never beat ANYBODY!!!!!!



  15. I Never Won This Game Its Kinda Hard I Just Never Win……Maybe Its Beacause I Dont Go Crazy Enough!

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  17. i have a strong muscle for boulder push. i always win! well, last time i let hippe harry win. i mean he deserves the medalion. he worked harder than me. winning doesn’t matter. it’s just about having fun and spending the whole entire day with you’re friends or you’re not friends. now does everybody know the lesson about winning? everybody SAY IT!!SAY IT SO THE WHOLE WORLD CAN HERE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. For a nerd that guy is strong!!!Just look at the picture.

  19. the first time i won this was the last time i played it.

  20. ned noodlehead is a nerd, i call him nerdboy.

  21. You’re so kind,Silly Sun!

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