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Awesome Cheat for Red-Eye Snake Puzzle in Mythology Island

I think that the hardest part of Mythology Island is the Red-Eye snake puzzle in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth. A lot of people agree and one of the biggest questions/complaints in the comments for my Mythology Island Walkthrough is, “How do I get past the Red-Eye snake puzzle?”

If you haven’t played Mythology Island yet, this puzzle is hard. You have to “catch” the red-eye snakes by clicking on them. But they move really fast and only stay visible for a short time. So it’s kind of tough to move your cursor to one when it appears and click on it in time. That is, until now. Watch this video for a really great cheat that’s simple to do and will finally help you finish this really challenging puzzle.

If you can’t view the video, here’s a quick explanation of what’s going on. When you right-click your mouse in Poptropica, the action freezes up but you can still move your mouse. This gives you all the time you need to re-position your cursor so that it will be right on top of the snake’s head. So it now is really easy to catch the snakes. Just right-click as soon as they appear, move your mouse, left-click twice and that’s it. You’ve caught the snake. It’s a pretty lame way to win the puzzle but if you’ve been frustrated or stuck for a long time, try this so that you can proceed on your quest.

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  1. princeess middle east

    I always master a Poptropica island.
    I mastered all the islands.
    Well at least for now.
    I was a member until a few days ago.
    My membership expired.
    I had membership for 6 months.

  2. Thank you this helped me so very much, I was stuck on this and could not get out it. I appreaciate it very much xxx Sarah

  3. Omg!! That was like feeding a Cat!! Wait wait, click on the odd looking snakes,…HY-YA!!! Bam! What Red-eyed snake has a head ache now? Hmmm?

  4. I finished Mythology Island four times and this never occured to me. It gives me some ideas for other stuff, though.

  5. Thanks for the hint! I am using my laptop right now. Just to give you a little bug, when I press the right-key it freezes for a short moment then starts again. Maybe poptropica is aware of this and might have to change it? I don’t know?

  6. poptrapica is so cool but is not easy i love playing it!!!!!!!!!

  7. cool cheat man $scary typhoon$

  8. it dosnt freeze with my computer, so…im kinda stuck…..

  9. it had me and my friend 4 or 5 times to catch that snake.

  10. omg!! i have a mac and it doesnt work do u have any other cheats

  11. the right click thingy doesnt work for my computer but its alot easier it turned out if you use a mouse controller than a mouse pad. i kept trying with the mouse pad over and over but then i pluged in a mouse controller and i got it easily.

  12. I agree tiny penguin its hard and how do u catch its hard

  13. doesn’t work for me

  14. what do you mean by right click?

  15. it doesn’t work for me

  16. Incredible Thunder

    whenb i right click the scene doesn’t freeze for me.

  17. it dosent work for me on my laptop.

  18. Ummmm actually, I have a macbook pro and the cheat doesn’t work. The screen won’t freeze. Any other cheats?

  19. this cheat doesn’t work I
    tried it and unless I’m doing something wrong you people are just unusually fast

  20. it does not work

  21. It doesn’t work!!!Exist another cheat?Please answer!

  22. Anyway,I finished the level whithout cheat!Thanks very much!

  23. it is hard i just wanted to ask because every time i try to i cant because i have the other mouse pleas help me

  24. “A pretty lame way to do it”, lol

  25. @bakuganshun8: Uh, you watch Bakugan?

  26. The cheats do not work for me. Sometimes it goes on and off so I am guessing, you should do it before it goes on.

  27. ugh you guyz are liars it doesn’t work for me !!!!!

  28. or you could just play videos or something in the background to slow your computer down…

  29. Um, it doesn’t work. I try to, and when I get my mouse there and double click, all the snakes go somewhere else. Please help!

  30. An ok way is to keep your mouse where the snake’s head would be if it were through a hole, and whenever it came out, you just have to click! It takes probably 15 min, but it’s worth it!

  31. what this is not work @ all you need a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. my computer is weird and when i right click the snakes still move so i found another cheat… well sort of: you have your cursor hover over a hole and wait until the red eyed snake appears.

    P.S do you have to click on its head ? please reply, your unknown stranger, Haley

  33. it didnt work for me!

  34. Yeah, you have to click its head.If you click on a black eyed snake OR accidentally click on close you have to start over. I completed Mythology island 5 times. Fortunately, I mastered it like a ninja. LOL! I tried the one to make your computer slow with a music video. (Turn up Evanescence Baby!) That worked really good for me! The right click thing didn’t work for me. Guess Poptropica is really really smart….

  35. Yeah… That doesn’t work for me on my laptop. I’ve done it before without cheats but it’s super hard and I was hoping for a cheat.