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Astro-Knights Trailer

There’s a new Astro-Knights trailer on the official Poptropica Site. Check it out. The new Astro-Knights island will be ready to play very soon. Check back here for all the poptropica cheats, secrets and walkthroughs for the new Astro-Knights island.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. I need to tell you something very funny that happen to me yesterday!

  2. I dont know how to launch the space ship

  3. are you a girl

  4. what is it

  5. sweet! do you have the cheats to get it?

  6. you made my person in poptropica not exist anymore i completed alot of islands and i loged in and i lost all my progress so give me my progress back i am realy mad right now my username is congoose my password is constanze1 i completed big nate,super power,sharktooth,spy,early poptropica, and 24 carrot so i want it back asap or i will tell my dad to write a stronge letter

  7. I cant seem to be able to make the last jump to get to the volcano.
    how do you do it i realy need help!!!

  8. how do you defete the dragon on the fire planet?

  9. i dont know where the coin is in astro knights on the foutain

  10. how do you beat the fling monster jungle planet?it is hard!i can’t beat it.

  11. do you know hoe to get into the book shelf on astro knights

  12. how do you get into the book shelf on astro knights

  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww,congoose..i have tried but it says that u have tried too many attempts with the password or user name wrong so it has locked ur account..i do not know how to get in touch with u …if u can in another way let me know …i am always online ..i can give u one of mine..it has finished “nabooti,early poptropica,24carrots,super power and shark tooth..if u are interested let me know…☻☻☻☻

  14. i have finished two more they are:big nate and time tangled ..this is my second player…u can have it if u want..

  15. When is Reality Tv island coming out on Poptropica?

  16. I cant get to any planet on astroknight! it is hard!vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. hmmmmmmmmmm,congosse i have finished it…..i am working on some…don’t worry ..i will try ..k?there are six more but they are all girls.

  18. I hate astro knight island, It’s boring, unhappy and classic

  19. I have finished 6 islands .who had win more then me.

  20. I’m flighting morded, who had gone in this place?please answer me?

  21. wheres the astroid

  22. i ned hlp w/ that hol ilnd

  23. oh Sally…i have finished five of the players and won all the medallions…ahahahhahahh…i have gone tooooooo far…work on yours☺☺☻

  24. does anyone go to Weyanoke

  25. please help and defeat space sharks. my account is: user: quiet239 pass: rocker HELP thnx

  26. someone help me defeat that guy of of astroknights in the castle password tiger username veronica2644

  27. y wuld u guys ACTUALLY give out ur account? just D.I.Y OK???????? u could be hacked!!!!!!!!!!! (D.I.Y = DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!) anyway i finished it surprisingly and MORDRED WAS SO EASY!!!!!!!! 😀 (hardest: director d & his mini-bots.)

  28. i act seem to land my rocket on the ice planet

  29. i cant seem to land my rocket on the ice planet

  30. sally i had 7
    plus i did it 4 times makes it
    28 islands


  32. i cant beat the sharks!!! :S

  33. i almost completed this island i’m on boss part where owl dies

  34. Does anybody want to come chat / battle with me? My room code is ATJ63 at sweet tooth.

  35. You’re not the real Fierce Moon.