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An introduction from Zippy Turtle!

Hi everyone, I’m Zippy Turtle and from now on I’m going to be helping Fierce Moon with all the awesome news, secrets, cheats, and guides on everything Poptropica!  Not only that, but we’ve got some really cool new games, contests, polls, trivia, and more that we’re getting ready to roll out.  With me and F. Moon on the case, Poptropica Secrets is going to be better than ever!

Now that you know who I am, let me know who you are (in Poptropica, of course).  Tell me your Poptrop Name, your favorite island (or islands) and which Common Room you like to hang out in.  Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there!

By the way, can you guess where I had my photo taken?

About Zippy Turtle


  1. mythology island, mount olympus, zues’ throne of course.

  2. oh cool first comment! / \


  4. im golden brain,my favorite island is spy island, and the hair salon in spy island.hope i see you zippy turtle and fierce moon

  5. 4th!

    Where is everyone??? 🙁


  7. im scary sky add me my username is lala23461 and i like to meet you and firce moon at mythology island because thats one of my favorites and the island your on is …… mythology island on one of the last parts zues’s throne

  8. my stomach hurts so i might just go take a shower i dunno just tired but………. I’m getting a feather or two in my hair whoop whoop !@#$^&*()_+-={}|[]\?/><.,~`~~~~~ no it is not a long cuss word i just did it for affects heh I'm loony

  9. I’m Tough Lizard and my favorite island is 24 carrot island and the common room that I like is the Soda Pop shop

  10. My username is callie4554 and my poptropician’s name is Dizzy Snowball. I’m just flying off to Shrink Ray island. I just left Poptropopolis Island cuz it’s open to non members BUT i finished 8th so yeah man that island is hard!

  11. i’ve done shrink ray island a BILLION times it is just so fun!

  12. I’m Hungry Bird and my favorite island is Shrink Ray island and the movie theater in 24 carrot island.


  14. im young hippo and i got all the photos friend me ayman351







  18. I see we’re all introducing ourselves.

    Well, I’m Cheerful Singer, lover of Dubstep, Jamaican and I live in Canada.

    My favorite band in Nyan Cat and my favorite show is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

    I’m a girl BTW.

    My favorite artist is Skrillex and my 2nd favorite is Deadmau5.

    My favorite colo(u)rs are red and black.

    My favorite snack is a Poptart and a Cherry Smoothie.

    I make awesome sauce!

    That covers EVERYTHING!

    And, I have mocha skin.

  19. Cheerful Singer

    I love to make poems too.

    I come from Kingston, Jamaica.

    I don’t have a very heavy accent. I talk like a normal person.

    I dance oddly.

  20. Cheerful Singer

    Someone, please talk to me.

    I’m awful bored.

  21. Hi, my user name is TealFairy. My fav islands r:
    – Super Power Island
    – Spy Island
    – Cryptids Island
    – Mystery Train Island
    and now Poptropica Games
    fav hangout
    – Cryptids Island’s common room
    but really it depends on which island I’m on.
    where you r:
    Mythology Island, Mount Olympus, on Zues’ throne

  22. Cheerful Singer

    Good question.

  23. Cheerful Singer

    If you want me, I’ll be listening to Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.

  24. Easy. Zeus’ throne in Zeus’ Realm on Mythology Island. It’s one of the most memorable places because of the pink clouds, thunderbolt symbols on the pillars, and the glowing greenish-yellow colors.

  25. Cheerful Singer

    I am…


    Today, I was walking and some poser hands me some cake at a birthday party. I said, “What do you want me to do with this eat it? Happy Birthday TO THE GROUND!” I threw the rest of it too.

    Sorry, I was just sending lyrics to one of my friends.

    So anyways, I was getting an ice cream cone for my best friend. She loves strawberry and chocolate. So, I asked for it. The dude there called me an asshole and took my money.

    The world is so retarded.

    4:47 PM!



  26. thats not nice



  29. Cheerful Singer

    I’m going to write a story.

    Once, there was a girl named Kat. She insisted on wearing nothing but white clothes to match her blank personality. She had dropped out from school and was living alone at a young age. She was homeless and have been travelling ever since she was 6. One day, she came across a house in the deep dark forest she had been travelling in. The trees were dark and remained bare. The sky there was always white and never changed, except at night, when there was a black, starless sky. The house was painted white with black trim. It was nothing fancy. A medium-sized house. It was getting late. Hopefully, for once in 6 years, she would secure herself a bed. It didn’t have to be anything fancy. She just wanted a pillow on a matress. She knocked on the door and waited. No answer. She tried again. Still no answer. She tried again. No one seemed to be home. All the lights were off but, she saw a silhouette of a woman upstairs. She tried opening the door. Sucess. She went in and closed the door after her. She was a pale figure, with black hair and piercing blue eyes. Forever, when she was a child, she had demanded on white clothes. White clothes showed blood. When, she had come home one day with blood, she had been abandoned. When she went inside the house, there was a table set. Full of foods she had wanted forever. Dinner rolls with butter, steak done medium-rare and just some vegtables. She sat down at the table. She had noticed there were four seats. Was someone expecting her? Or was there other guests? A million questions rushed through her head. There, in four wine glasses was water. And, in the middle of the table, was a pitcher of water with ice in it. She had sat down, eating up her food. When she was done, she drank the water and walked upstairs to find a bed. She did not, however, she saw a woman whispering to a man. She soon found a bed and laid down on it. The woman came into the room and held the knife over her, lowering it down. That was the last thing she saw before she fell asleep.

    She did not wake up. The woman had killed her in her sleep. Her soul is resting in heaven and will rest for eternity.



  31. Definetly the Mythology Island on Zeus’ throne and I don’t know if you beat Zeus or not.

  32. I’m Sneaky Bear, my username is yipyip35(don’t judge me I was 6) and I hang out anywhere and everywhere! I like Mystery train, great pumpkin, and mythology island. *deadpans* No, I can’t guess where you are. Ha ha, just kidding. See you soon!

  33. Cheerful Singer

    She has a creative mind…doesn’t she?

    Soon, she’s going to be growing up like the little oddball she is.

  34. Cheerful Singer

    My little sister Keyshia.

    And me, Kat.

    My name is Kat.

    Like, a kitty.

    That’s my nickname! Kitty is my nickname!

  35. Wow, a nice story, Kat……………………………………………

    P.S. But I would refrain from putting stories like that too much here, cuz we have little kids.here

  36. Cheerful Singer


    Keyshia did that, not kidding.

  37. Shoeless Flipper

    Zeus’ throne in Mythology Island?? Just taking a wild guess haha.

  38. Cheerful Singer

    Which YouTuber do you hate?

  39. i’m fearless boot, my favorite island is every island and my favorite common room is the one at the poptropolis games!

    p.s. Zeus’s throne!

  40. Cheerful Singer

    I am bored.

    Won’t anyone talk to me?

  41. um i hate ……… these comments like if you don’t post this on other comments you will die in two day and I’m like HAHA WELL I CAN’T BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT ON YOUTUBE IT WAS MARKED AS SPAM SO LIKE DON’T CLICK ON THE SHOW SPAM COMMENT PART OR YOU’LL BE UP ALL NIGHT WATCHING T.V. EVERY STINKING NIGHT !!!!! and also this was an example not actually real

  42. why the heck did i do that ? I’m a loony everybody if you play club penguin look me up and friend me its Pollies1 ill either be in a spiderman suit or black widow or friend lala23462 because thats non member so ill be in a police suit and a construction hat

  43. Cheerful Singer

    I hate the ones with someone will kill you.

    I had to sleep with Keyshia because she clicked that one night.

    She’s 10 though.

  44. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER !!!! you want him to die i put a chain comment I’m serious so it’ll freak you out and you’ll be up all night like i was

  45. yeah i clicked on that won and it was on here to !!!!!!!!!!!! I’m serious

  46. Cheerful Singer

    If anyone’s on Fantage,

    I’m bunnies_123 and please, say so.

    And, I’ll be on Gold Gazelle in Le Shop.

  47. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia was like terrified.

    She stayed up until midnight and she started crying but, I was like, “Do you see any frickin’ headless boy?”

    And, then, my brother walked in and she screamed.

  48. oh that must of been hilarious and why don’t you create an account on club penguin and make sure that the username and password is nothing bad or they will ban your forever it has not happened but i have seen it happen on youtube for real because i tried it and it said you are banned forever and then i laughed cause i have a cruel humor

  49. Cheerful Singer

    Keyshia is such a disturbance.

    I see the comment about kissing and the message with your crush’s name and et cetera.

  50. i saw it on the smash website a week ago and i did not die but it said i would die in two days and i didn’t

  51. also i meant smosh and I’m very superstitious

  52. Cheerful Singer



    Oh, Smosh…

  53. and my crush is Justin Bieber ahh he’s so cute

  54. Cheerful Singer

    For celebrity crush on the other page,

    I meant to put…

    LOL, I’m such a retard.

  55. Cheerful Singer

    I saw him at Sound Of Music in Ontario.

  56. hi everyone im back

  57. Cheerful Singer

    I can annoy lots of people by bringing up Skrillex.

    I just realized that.

  58. ahh dont talk about that please i dont like it sorry if that sounded rude cheerful singer

  59. Cheerful Singer

    I will not right now.

    Does anyone want to bet things?

  60. Cheerful Singer

    You hate Skrillex…I know that… 😉

    But, I consider you my brother so, I won’t talk about him until 9.

  61. Cheerful Singer



    I swear, I didn’t put it on.

  62. I am Gentle Crown, my favourite island is Vampire’s Curse and my favourite common room is the sweet dreams candy shop in Shrink Ray island.

  63. Cheerful Singer

    Please someone talk to me.

  64. yes cheerful singer

  65. Cheerful Singer

    Hello, Ayman.

    If you could avoid calling me by my actual name (Kat) and calling me my screenname, that would be great.

  66. ok cheerful singer

  67. Cheerful Singer

    Because, it gets annoying.

    I hate my name. I swear, when I’m old enough, I’m changing it.

  68. ok Cheerful Singer 🙂

  69. Cheerful Singer

    Why you smiling?

    How old are you?

  70. Cheerful Singer

    That sounded so rude, I’m so sorry!

    🙁 I’m so upset with myself…

    Sorry again…

    I’m gonna go lock myself in my room.


  72. Cheerful Singer


  73. Cheerful Singer

    I am a failure…

    I have no friends…

    Well, I guess I shall go in hiding.

  74. your my friend

  75. who the heck is Zippy Turtle?


  77. Cheerful Singer

    @ayman: Thanks.
    @Jade: I dunno.



  80. i think i saw him in a room in carrot island

  81. Cheerful Singer

    Oh, cool.

  82. come to my multiverse code:ALM55 say 1 if your coming

  83. i might not be reposending because i might be playing a game

  84. Cheerful Singer

    I’m on my iPod, sorry.

  85. why are you apolijizing you didnt did anything wrong

  86. Cheerful Singer

    I can’t go in your Multiverse.

    I was just wondering, how old are you?

  87. hey um he’s on zeus’s throne and what is his user

  88. Cheerful Singer



    I wanna go to HardSummer but it’s 18+

  89. Cheerful Singer

    I can be a real __________ if someone insults my love for Dubstep or my love for Sonny.

  90. Cheerful Singer

    Sorry, just had to say it.


  92. I will be helping you on your website soon! My website is much better soon…


  94. _-_ _-_
    -_- -_-

  95. ^

    that was sopposed to be a smiley face

  96. Cheerful Singer

    That looks like an unamused face.

    Hey, it’s past 9!

  97. ok cheerful singer 8)

  98. He is on mythology island.
    Messy dragon if you reading this please continue the story you know the vampires revenge p.s. thanks 4 mentioning me =) =).
    p.s.s.my name is toaau

  99. whos messy dragon

  100. Hey, Zippy Turtle

    Im Happy Horse or rockster16

    I have beat all the islands so I know of course that you are at Zeus’s
    throne in mythology island

  101. Hey, Zippy Turtle.
    In the picture you are in Zeus’s realm on Zeus’s throne.
    My username is Onyx1001.
    I like to hang out at the Poptropolis Games common room.
    Thank you!

  102. Cheerful Singer

    Look up HardSummer on YouTube.

  103. Cheerful Singer

    I love Fan Fiction…I’ll post some about things I like from random people.

  104. I’m the second tallest kid in my class I’m over average

  105. ABOUT ME !
    age 8-11
    birthday sept 15 2002
    fun i have on poptropica lots and lots ! does a little dance
    username on poptropica don’t hold back friend me its lala23461
    how many friends i have on poptropica um let me check its : | 155 so don’t hate me
    humor very cruel
    one of my sayings I love you like a sister but if the zombies are chasing us I’m using you as a lethal weapon
    love ghost storys as long as there not like spam
    pets i have Bumble ! hes a Wheatin Terrier hes so cute
    thats its

  106. Cheerful Singer

    Age: 10-14
    Birthday: Jan 3rd ____
    User On Poptropica: One of them is my sister’s fav band and my last name and my licky number so, it’s elysiaallen10
    How Many Friends On Poptropica: 5, LOL
    Humor: I’d say it’s like Adult Humor…like, I get all the terms and auto-correct fails crack me up.
    One Of My Sayings: Don’t Go Fighting Me, If You Don’t Wanna Get Hurt
    Loves: Dubstep And Electronic Music
    Hates: Trolls On The Internet
    Pets: A Golden Retriver Named Butterfingers

  107. That is so cool!!! I wanna be fierce moon’s helper too!!!!!! Pick me!!!!! Pick me!!!!! Pick me!!!!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

  108. Hi everyone! We’ll see who gets to fierce moon’s other helper! Wild monster, I will see to it that you get to be fierce moon’s other helper. It’s your destiny!

  109. Cheerful Singer

    @WM: No, it’s not really that cool when you think about it. And, I bet he did something to earn that, not just be picked out of the blue.

  110. You’re on mythology Island! Duh!

  111. In honor of Dad’s Day, I’m dressed up as my dad for the entire time he’s on duty for the army. My costume will last until next monday. My Username is bluebunn55. Enter it in the avatar studio.

    P.S: The photo was taken on Zeus’s throne, mount olympus on mythology island.

  112. when i saw zippy turtle talking i thought i was on a different website (they really should have put the into first 😛 ) anyway me username is anna-craze (its random ok?) dont forget the dash! no numbers! my password is: iamnottellingyou4 XD

  113. sparky did you really just give away your password because people can change it just telling u

  114. Hello! You guys are such fantastic writers! Nice to know you Zippy Turtle! It’s wonderful to have a new person round! I’m pretty sure you and Fierce Moon are excellent partners to work with the cheats and secrets and news! That’s great. What’s your username by the way? I want to add you as a friend! Anyways….. Without further ado…

    Name: Super Cheetah (Rawr!)
    Fave Islands: Wild West (has a horse!), Steamworks (has plants!), Twisted Thicket (has more plants!) and best of all, Cryptids (it’s SUPER fun!)
    My fave hangout spot: The Pop Soda Shop in Early Poptropica
    And you’re standing in the throne in Zeus’ Throne Room on Mt. Olympus in Mythology Island.

    Here’s something ALL about moi (me in French):

    Name: Joy (means happy)

    School: SSIS (Siagon South International School) It’s an awesome school! Better than my old school. The teachers here are not strict, they don’t hit you with a ruler and they don’t shout at you.

    Age:13 (now)

    Height: 4ft 11in.

    Weight: 37kg.

    Siblings: A lovely twin sister named Faith

    Fave Animals: Horses, Lions, bats, Strawberry Poision dart-frogs, Kangaroos, Wolves and Bunnies.

    Fave dinosaur: Spinosaurus.

    Fave Birds: Canadian Goose, Scarlet Macaw, Barn Owl, Marabou Stork, Ostrich, Emu, Cassowary, Rhea, Victorian Crown Pigeon.

    Fave shark: Angel shark, Leopard Shark and Black tipped reef shark.

    From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    Fave food: Noodles.

    Fave sport: Badminton.

    Hobbies: Drawing, writing and singing.

    Talent: Singing, drawing, and writing, creating characters, and desgining beautiful patterns.

    Personality: Bubbly, sassy, funky, sunny, bright, friendly, cute, funny, pretty, vain, dramatic, nerdy, musical, arty, a hothead, loud, enthusiastic, kind, caring, thankful, jolly, grateful, sensitive, emotional, lovable, affectionate, and WAY TOO sympathetic…

    Love: Animals, my sister, my toy puppet, my toy puppet’s friend, my friends, my family, the earth, the four elements, nature, Greek myths, Egypt myths, birds, Africa, Malaysia, South East Asia, Spanish, Paris, Mexico, French, God, Israel, my school, the sky, sun, moon, ocean, land, rainforests, forests, mountains, purple, orange, green, clouds, snow, winter, ice, icicles, flowers, fields, grasslands, food, being funny, music, art, dancing, hugging, acting lovable, getting attention, getting praised, fashion, sleeping, playing with my sister, learning, reading, drawing, singing, writing (and maybe more…!)

    Fave subject: Humanities, Music, Art.

    Fave color: Purple, Orange, Green ans Gray (or grey).

    Fave music: Jazz, and Ballads.

    Weakness: Laughing (physical) and giving up and feeling left out (emotional)

    Strengths: Cooperating, planning ahead and preparing for what’s coming ahead.

    Motto: “You never know, Expect the Unexpected” and “Don’t listen to what others say. Only listen to yourself, then you can make the right decisions!” and “Do something that you’re already good at! Then Live up to it!”

  115. Oh, and my username is ilovehorses!!!11 (with exactly THREE exclamation marks!)

  116. Hey there Zippy Turtle!

    I’m Purple Star. My username is misybissy.

    I’m ten, and I’ve finished all the islands. My favorite one is Counterfeit Island. I like the bit where you’re in the Black Widow’s house and suddenly in get’s all dark!!!

    See ya around!

    P.S. You’re on Mythology Island, aren’t you? 🙂
    P.P.S. Remember to add me!

  117. i wanna help fierce moon plese comeone i completed all the islands and in 4 th grade i showed my whole class poptropica and helped them to win islands i did complete all the islands im 12 yrs old im nice and i like adventure also my favorite music is lmfao

  118. zippy turtle choose me so well be the 4 master”s of poptropica cause wild monster will be there too or the fierce 4 cause of fierce moon and youre sitting in mytholigy island hope i will get to be a helper CHOOSE ME PLEASE

  119. zippy turtle is #1 with fierce moon in poptropica

  120. Friendly Spider

    Name: Friendly Spider (or lalaloopsy1331:friend me!!)
    Fave island: Mythology!!(so obviously i know you’re standing on Zeus’ throne in his realm)
    Height: 5’6″ (im pretty tall for my age!!)
    Three words to describe me: fun, dramatic and talented(i like to sing and draw)
    Siblings: two crazy little bros
    Pets: i had a dog but we had to give him away. so occasionally i have a frog named popper.(no comment…..)
    Saying: “Maybe id tell you, but then id have to kill you. Ha. Just kidding. Maybe…..”
    Fave music: pop and electronic
    Fave colors: purple, blue, green, white and gray/silver. i hate pink. SO. MUCH.too girly.
    Fave school subject: lunch, science, art
    From: USA!!!!!
    Fave food: anything with sugar :)Hobbies: painting, singing, dancing, reading, drawing, playing soccer, volleyball and tennis
    Fave sport: tennis(or volleyball…cant decide)
    Love: my cousins, my family, Greece, New York, my bff, this boy in my science class, sports, archery, swimming, the clouds, sunshine, grass, snow, trees, winter, summer,hot werewolves,the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, jeans, jeggings, t-shirts with cool sayings on them, London, England, Ramen noodles, bread, cinnamon sugar butter on bagels, bagels, peanut butter,music, the name Lauren, books, wolves, dolphins, giraffes, nighttime, sundown, sunrise, fireworks, bright colors, smiles, hugs, hope, believing, jetskis, lakes, the ocean(my top fave!!),Greek mythology, Poseidon, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the Son of Neptune, neptune, and pickles!!!!!
    Hates: people who judge a book by its cover, olives, mushrooms, red, pink, vampires, and pickle haters!!
    Weaknesses: sitting still, being patient, being quiet for more than 5 minutes, too dramatic sometimes, rereading fave books a gazillion times over again 🙂
    Strengthes: archery, swimming, hiding, im a good leader, extended vocabulary, good at observing surroundings and mapping routes(which would come in handy in a war), heightened senses (which is weird, but true)
    That is me and i am very fun to be around!! and i have a cell phone!! but i wont give away my nuber cuz that is personal. friend me on poptropica i put my username in there somewhere!! peace out

  121. Friendly Spider

    oh and i like being cold more than being hot. and i have a wii and my fave game is just dance 3. my fave songs on there are pump it by black eyed peas and airplanes by b.o.b. ok now peace!!

  122. Friendly Spider

    y did wild monster say T?

  123. omg….well im wild bee and i love this website my favortie island is 24 carrot i love the consept of it and i also hang out in there common room to ( the movie theater) one of my favorite things to do there is go and change my hair color right now my hair is a light purple!!!!! :{D

  124. Hi, let me tell u a bit about myself.

    Poptropica name: Gentle Fire
    Fav islands: Reality TV island, Superpower Island.
    Fav hangout spot: I don’t really have one.
    Age: 10-14
    Height: 4 “10
    Username: My dog’s name, then a type of drink with an “s” put in it somewhere (malt). Which would be NickiMalst.
    Number of poptropica friends: 3, lol! plz add me.
    Loves: Puppies,bunnies, chinchillas, ferrets, noodles, sour candy, my bestest best BFF forever, baking, dancing, neon.
    Hates: Headaches, guacamole, my computer not loading, mean cats, someone not telling me everything about something, cussing. (I can’t think of any more right now.)
    Pets: My awesome cute mutt Nicki. (Dog)
    Hobbies: Dancing, cooking, drawing, doing stuff on my mac, being flexible.
    Motto: “Be different, be crazy!”

    -Gentle Fire

  125. Cheerful Singer

    I love P!ATD

  126. congraz for being on website

  127. whats P!ATD ?

  128. Cheerful Singer


  129. ohh thanx

  130. hi zippy turtle I’ve always wanted to help on a website and I’m really good on poptropica I’ve completed 20 islands so far i love this site so much and i would really like to help thanx for reading love Scary Sky oh and plz add me its lala23461

  131. Oh yeah, and btw u r in Zeus’ throne in Mythology Island

  132. Due to privacy reasons, this is the most I could post……
    Poptropica Account: Trusty Tooth
    Poptropica Username: jjjjjyyyyy

  133. Cheerful Singer

    All you need to know is that…

    I love my music and please don’t argue with my tastes, I like what I like.

  134. Your photo is taken at Mythology Island.At Zeus’s Throne Chair.

  135. hey guys. playin tiny wings on my Ipod touch…..SO COOL!

  136. whoah i just blew my mind

  137. oi. hi, Messy Turtle!!!!!!!! I was wondering if you could add me to your friends list(this is optional).My user’s anais101582. It’s ok if you don’t oAo.Besides, being on a blog ish kinda cool d(^.^)b

  138. Hi Zippy Turtle,
    BTW nice name!
    In the picture you are in Zeus’s realm on Zeus’s throne.
    My poptropica name is Icey Stomper and my user name is 4cubs67!
    I LOVE speanding time in the Poptropolis common room,too!
    Whats your Username??

  139. I finally beat all the islands 🙂 I have played poptropica since nabooti and I finally just beat skullduggery

  140. Hey, Zip(can I call you Zip) my poptropican name is Jumpy Spinner my favorite island is twisted thicket and my favorite common room is time tangled.

  141. hi
    poptropicer name flyingmonkey2000 or bethe2000 or fishcake2000 or bloby97 add me on all of the accounts
    ur on the throne room at mytholigey(soz dogey speller) island
    fave island superpower
    fave chat room twistid thickit

  142. Cheerful Singer


    I NEED to know your favorite artist! JUST NEEED!!!

  143. Cheerful Singer

    @FS: Pop and Electronic Music are like, arch rivals.

    Team Electro all the way!


  144. About me!! Also there is another person named Clean SinKer.
    My favorite Islands, Skullduggery Island and Astro Knights.(i Like hard ones)

  145. About me!! My favorite Islands, Mystery Train Island and Twisted Thicket. My Poptrop name is fierce heart. Please be friends with me. My username is bundle78. My favorite
    common room is Bjorn’s smorgasbord. What’s your user name?

  146. Hi I am shiny tiger. My favorite islands are counterfeit, mystery train and twisted thicket.

  147. Your pic was taken in mythology island by the way. I think it is Zeus’s throne. I haven’t beat the island yet so I might be wrong.

  148. Hey there Zippy Turtle! I’m Friendly Fox! I don’t really have a favourite island, but I enjoyed Mystery Train a LOT!!! I want to ask you something. Can you start adding the written walkthroughs for the other islands like S.O.S Island? Please!!!
    Thanks and good luck!

  149. I’m Angry Carrot. My favorite islands are mystery train, big nate, twisted thicket and ghost story. And i don’t really like Common Rooms, i prefer doing the multiverse with my best friend. 🙂

  150. I’m Quiet Ring my Favorite Islands are Poptropolis, S.O.S., Vampire’s Curse, Counterfeit, and Shiny Tiger, you’re right.

  151. Oh, and Mystery Train.

  152. Don’t forget Twisted Thicket.

  153. And Ghost Story. Basicly just every Island on the left side of the map.

  154. Hi, Zippy Turtle!!! My name is Lauren Kinney, and, yes, some people may tell you that I am the daughter of Jeff Kinney. Well, it’s true. I can’t really explain how it all happened right now, but if you comment to me, I will be able to tell you. Me and Dad and the crew are busy with Wimpy Boardwalk!

    My poptropican name is Lucky Lion, and my fave island is either Ghost Story or Vampire’s Curse. Usually, I like to rest at the Soda Shoppe in Early Poptropica.

    Ciao for now,
    Yours truly,
    Lauren Kinney

    PS: Tell F. Moon about me. I don’t think she’s noticed me yet!

  155. Hi, Zippy Turtle!!! My name is Lauren Kinney, and, yes, some people may tell you that I am the daughter of Jeff Kinney. Well, it’s true. I can’t really explain how it all happened right now, but if you comment to me, I will be able to tell you. Me and Dad and the crew are busy with Wimpy Boardwalk!

    My poptropican name is Lucky Lion, and my fave island is either Ghost Story or Vampire’s Curse. Usually, I like to rest at the Soda Shoppe in Early Poptropica.

    Yours truly,
    Lauren Kinney

    PS: Tell F. Moon about me. I don’t think she’s noticed me yet!

  156. Sorry about that. I accidentally sent the same thing!

  157. really he’s your dad,
    no offense but in his books,it says he only has sons

  158. Hi I’m Slippery Heart as you can see and I’m glad there’s another person on PS (Poptropica Secrets),not that Firce Moon is doing anything wrong. My favorite island is,SOS island,Vampire’s Curse island,Shark Tooth island,Ghost Story island,Nabooti island,Time Tangled island,Big Nate island,and Realty TV island. My favorite mutiplayer room to go in is Midas Gym is Mytholgy island. Oh I also like Mytholgy island too. Glad to meet you!
    -Slippery Heart

  159. hi! im tiny panda i dont hang out here but if you want to meet me try to find me on the Poptropica Secrets Forum and i used to be known as Joshlyn

  160. I don’t believe you really are Jeff Kinney’s daughter. Prove it.

  161. he only has sons,Lauren,it says in the “About The Author”part in the back of his books

  162. This is like the time u proved feirce moon was a fake

  163. tough lizard, i didn’t say fierce moon was a fake!!!!! oh and brave star, here is your “prove it” answer:
    a time long ago, Jeff was married to a girl named… ya know, im not really sure! it was so long ago. besides, i never really knew my mother. then, Jeff’s wife had a baby (moi) and you’d probably think it would be a “happily ever after”. but it wasn’t. two weeks after my birth, my mother died. so Jeff had to take extra special care of me. when i was about 3, Jeff married a woman named Jennifer (she is now my step mother). before she married Jeff, she had a boy named Grant. he is one year older than me. then, after a few years, she had another boy named William. so there ya have it, brave star. i have never taken a picture of myself or anything, so you won’t find me on the internet.

  164. yeah cuz i know he has 2 boys

  165. Lauren Kinny do Membership get to WimpyKid Boardwalk faster? Becuse I am not seeing it and Im a membershIP! And please add me as a friend my name is Tough Biker by the way! And how com thers no speed chat at least I think you should give it to membership! And I love Poptropica I maen I am your #1FAN!!!!!!!! And I would do anything to run Poptrpica! I mean like as soon as it came out i sighned on and started playing! And can membership get the the poptropica helping thingy for membership cuase we are allready paying! And Poptropica has so low pryses on membership! And I have so many more questins on membership! P.S my real name is Kalia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. hey there nice to meet you,im cheerful whale,ive been a poptropica member for over teo years have unlocked many items new and old and have a facebook account you can find me on- poptropicas walkthrough an news by cheerful whale,ive advertised for your website an facebook page and convinced enough people to like your pge and website,i love to help out my friends and i would appreciate if you would invite me to be one of your helpers on the website or atleast mind advertising for my facebook page please! i would appreciate as much help as possible and would be enthusiastic about your generosity if you would accept m invitation to be an admin on your page!

  167. Poptropican’s Name: Dizzy Beetle
    My Fave Island is: Reality TV
    The Common Room I like to hang out is: Billards (Reality TV)

  168. @Tough Biker,I’m not Lauren(but it is my middle name)but membership will get it before everyone else,but,it is not out yet,for ANYONE

  169. Tough Biker,
    Well, Poptropica doesn’t have free chat, and Wimpy Boardwalk isn’t out yet. Members only get to access it earlier than other poptropicans when it comes out. So sorry. Thanks for being my #1 fan! And by the “Poptropica helping thingy”, do you mean the book Poptropica: The Official Guide by Tracey West (a.k.a: Medusa)? ‘Cause if it isn’t, then give me more detail. Thanks!
    Ciao for now,
    Yours truly,
    Lauren Kinney

  170. Oh, I almost forgot! What is your user name? I can’t put in your Poptropican name. My poptropican name is Lucky Lion, and my user name is radio314.

  171. Lauren,Grant is also on this site,right???

  172. i’m silver gamer, i have another poptropican– that’s nervous gamer- my favorite island is reality tv

  173. My fav islands are big Nate r.t.v. Early poptrop time tangled and mythology. My name is brave dolphin, and I hang out mostly at soda pop shop.

  174. sHi Zippy Turtle!
    I am Slippery Raptor A.k.a CoolBlu
    My favorite islands are Mystery Train, Counterfeit,Red Dragon, and also the Wimpy Kid Islands.
    My Favorite Common/Multiplayer Rooms are the Frog Creek Library, Sweet Dreams Shop,Bling Boutique and Laser Tag (Even Wimpy Boardwalk is not yet out).
    See ya there!

  175. Smart Lightning

    My name is Smart Lightning, my favorite island is Shrink Ray Island, and my favorite common rooms are Bjorn’s Smorgasboard and Coconut Cafe.

  176. Lauren
    When you posted your user name i add you on poptropica. can you add me? my username is drhare203. also i love you dads books. i have every one!

  177. I just completed 24 carrot island and it soo fun itss one of my favs now

  178. Hey guys!
    Ok, i have many questions and I’ve got many answers:
    Short Leopard: “He only has sons it says so in the ‘About the Author’ part of the book”
    LK: Well, that is true, but there is a little story to this: right after he finished his first book and was going to publish it, he didn’t know about me. So when I came, he already had the about the author thing stuck, and couldn’t afford to change it.
    Short Leopard: “Lauren,Grant is on this site too, right?”
    LK: Uh, he might be. He has a computer in his room and it’s a laptop, and he locks that thing real tight so I can’t get in. He also has a password to it.
    Slippery Heart: “Lauren when you posted you username i add you on poptropica. can you add me? my username is drhare203. also i love your dad’s books. i have every one!”
    LK: Thanks for adding me! I will add you soon. I’ll tell my dad that he has a new fan!

    That’s it for this week’s edition of, “LK Q&A”! Send me more questions and I’ll give you answers!
    Ciao for now,
    Yours Truly,
    Lauren Kinney

  179. my favourite island is skullduggery and my favourite common room is astro knights
    [pic was taken on mythology island

  180. Hi LK,

    Does your dad have an account for Poptropica?If so then do you know his username?And also could you add me?My username is 4cubs67.(A.K.A. Icy Stomper)

  181. hi

  182. Brave dolphin
    what is your username for poptropica. i want to add you but i need your username

  183. it was tooken on zues’s throne. my fave island was shrink ray. LK can u add me my username is 2000laffytaffy. i beleive ur story!

  184. why do keep sending all these little post things!?!?!?!?!?! 🙂
    lauren kinney i have a few Q’s for ya
    Q: if I friend you, will you PLZ friend me as well? ( my user is the second or third message i posted )
    Q:i read you LK Q&A thing and let me get this strait, so your dad made the books before you where born? cause i didnt understand that 🙂
    Q:i wanted to post this, can you ask your dad to make a twilight one but like way more different from vampires curse island where victoria kidnapps bella and plans to kill her and jacob and edward and the rest of the crew make a truce to save her orsomething and your poptrop person can help them? PLZ ASK!!! 🙂

    and ciao for now,
    fierce star

  185. hey lauren i added you as a friend and just to tell everyone i live in costa rica and itis a spanish speaking country but 3/4 of brain is all american except part of my familia vive hayi (translation: except part of my family lives there)
    if you would like to hear more espaniol (spanish) plz let me know!!! 🙂

    P.S lauren you and i are almost the same cause my profile is the same as your’s

    ciao for now,
    fierce star

  186. P.S lauren i want to give you my email but people will try to hack me or something like so sry!!!!!! 🙁


    fierce star

    p.s(again) man i type a lot its soooooo much fun!!!! 🙂

  187. fierce moon i would LOVE to join your website just like zippy turtle PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    let me know ASAP!!!! 🙂

    ciao for now,

    fierce star

  188. never mind i already left the room sry

    ciao for now,

    fierce star

  189. Hello Lauren Kinney,

    My daughter Fierce Star told me that you are the daughter of Jeff Kinney
    and I would like to say your father is very creative with this online vitural
    world game. I love it and my kids love it as well. My daughter owns all your dad’s
    book’s and she love’s them as well. I please congratulate your dad for me if you
    dont mind.

    thank you very much,


  190. Oh my gosh!!! I can’t belive I’am writting this to Lauren Kinney!!!! Oh ya, hi!!! 🙂
    BTW I’am a boy but still this is increadibul!!!! I love your dad’s book’s, my sister
    let’s me read her book’s. I have a Q for you, does your draw those picture’s in his book’s? If he does he is talented!!!!! I’am YOUR number 1# fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plus your dads but I’am a member but I need help on some island’s, can you give some tip’s please?

    Hope to talk to you later tomorrow,


  191. madisonapril112002

    omg hi lauren kinney my best friend in real life is chloe also none as fierce star
    her annoying brother is nick also none as nickacg
    and her awesome dad is DADDYKINZ46

    i really want to see wimpy board walk sooooo badly!!!! i need some tips on some islands if ya dont mind tell me tomorrow

    thanks and have a nice day! 🙂 ( or night!! )

  192. Hay f.moon can u plz frind me my user name is angeraaron my sis picked it

  193. If u c my page hope u like my looks

  194. To firece star
    VICTORIA IS DEAD. i like you idea though.

  195. slippery heart,

    i know victoria is dead. i read all the books already but i mean before she dies.

    ya now switch it up a bit make sure she isnt dead until they save bella then edward kill’s her. thats all i am saying

    p.s slippery heart plz give me your user name so i can friend you! 🙂

    ciao for now,

    fierce star

  196. oh ya i forgot to post this my user name is chloja123 my other ones are nickacg,
    madisonapril112002 and chloja

    thanks plz add those slippery heart
    ciao for now,

    fierce star

  197. madisonapril112002

    hey fierce moon friend me plz!!!



  198. madisonapril112002

    o and BTW madisonapril112002 is my user name


    madisonapril112002 also none as rough cloud

    friend me f. moon and z. turtle plus i want l. kinnney to friend ME


  199. since me and F. star do, like, everything together can i join the website too?
    i dont realy care if i cant its ok but PLZ let F. star join this will be the best thing ever happening to her!!!! 🙂 let her por favor ( please ) we are sisters.


    rough cloud

  200. Firece Star
    My username is drhare203. thanks for letting me know about the twilight idea. i love twilight and i was confused.

  201. Come too my ROOM:AZX32
    (im bored)

  202. lauren kinney you are full of crap,you so called “father” updates his about the author in every one of his new books,it is proven on the internet he has only had one marriage and its been for eleven years,also i know his address where does he live if youre his “daughter” and dont say “i cant tell you cause youll stalk me” cause we all know your full of crap,you dont know cause youre not his daughter so stop trying to trick these people you IDIOT! they might fall for your crap but i surely WONT!

  203. Hello, Poptropica!
    Welcome to this weeks edition of “LK, Q&A”! You sent me many questions and I’ve got answers ready:
    Icy Stomper: “Hi, LK, Does your dad have an account for poptropica? If so, what’s his username? And also can you add me? my user is 4cubs67. (A.K.A. Icy Stomper)”
    LK: Not exactly. He sometimes uses the creators’ accounts, but he doesn’t have one of his own.
    fierce star (3): if i friend you, will you PLZ add me as well?
    LK: Sure!
    fierce star: i read you “LK Q&A” and let me get this strait so your dad made the books before u were born? cause i don’t understand that 🙂
    LK: I sorta messed that part up. He actually made it when I was ALIVE and when he married Jennifer and she had William. He sort of FORGOT ABOUT ME and he couldn’t afford to change the about the author thing.
    fierce star: can u ask your dad to make a twilight sequel of vampire’s curse? (I made it short. ~LK)
    LK: I dunno, I’ll ask my dad about it. But it sounds like a good idea, though!


  205. DADDYKINZ46: (He loves Jeff’s virtual world)
    LK: Thanks, DADDYKINZ! that’s very thoughtful of you (sniff)
    nickacg: I AM YOUR #1 FAN!!
    LK: THX SO MUCH!! Just to warn you, this guy named cheerful whale thinks I’m crap. I AM TELLING THE TRUTH, PEOPLE!!! sorry about that. I am frustrated.

    and my #1 fans, i am sorry about this. i am very frustrated.

  207. Name Jackandannie180 friends please

  208. hi everyone.
    Sorry, but i feel a bit down today.
    if you could make me feel better in any way, please either send me a comment with something

  209. with something nice on it (cuz im done with bad things)
    and plz tell your friends about me. you will see my real face when i get my YouTube channel. so please stop being mean to me, and if you aren’t, then good.

    Ciao for now,
    Your Friend,

  210. Hey, a minute!
    Jeff Kinney has no kids named “Lauren Kinney”!
    Only Will Kinney And Grant Kinney

  211. I have all Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and none of them mentions any Lauren Kinney in Acknowledgments.

  212. Crazy Lightning

    What’s up Zippy Turtle? I’m Crazy Lightning, my favorite island would either be Mystery Train, Reality TV, Ghost Story or Vamprie’s Curse. My favorite Common Room? IDK. Nice to meet you, and if anyone wants to friend me, my username is stargirl2728.

  213. hey lauren “lo siento que amable ballena no estaba diciendo cosas buenas a ti:(
    yo creo que tu estas diciendo la verdad”

    ciao for now,

    fierce star

  214. I belive LK

  215. I’m with Slippery Heart

  216. Thanks, guys, for supporting me.
    And I am telling the truth.
    I have a message for you all:
    Dank für ihre Unterstützung. Ich werde mein erstes Video auf YouTube über mein Leben und Poptropica. Wenn Sie mir glauben, dann, bitte erzählen Sie den Menschen, die nicht tun, dass ich die Wahrheit sage. Nochmals vielen Dank.

    (This is in German. Try to translate it on translate.google.org.)

    Ciao for now,
    Yours Truly,
    Lauren Kinney

  217. Oh, and look up from this comment and see what cheerful whale wrote!!!

  218. I translated it. COOL!!! Your welcome.

  219. Join my room DWU89 poptropica. my first

  220. Ok, I’ll check it out! And I added you.

  221. Thanks

  222. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    i’ll do my new best acount
    Poptropica name : Jumpy fly
    Fave island : shark tooth
    Fave multiplayer room : the early poptropica arcade if it is still there

  223. I posted this on the Haunted House walkthrough, so I’ll post it here, since this is apparently where “Lauren Kinney” is.
    Lauren Kinney is not Jeff Kinney’s daughter. If she were, Jeff Kinney would have said so. There are alot of imposters on this site as well. Lauren, if you really are Jeff Kinney’s daughter, prove it. Ask Jeff Kinney about the six island ideas submitted by Jace999608 (my username) If you can tell me all of them, then I might believe you.

  224. Actually, I can prove you are not Jeff Kinney’s daughter. You said this:
    ‘-when he married Jennifer-”
    Wikipedia says: Kinney attended Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, Maryland and lives in Plainville, Massachusetts with his wife, Julie, and two sons, Will and Grant.

    You said: He actually made it when I was ALIVE and when he married Jennifer and she had William. He sort of FORGOT ABOUT ME and he couldn’t afford to change the about the author thing.

    Really? He “FORGOT” about his daughter? For ALL of his books? Yeah, I’m so sure.

  225. You said:
    LK: Not exactly. He sometimes uses the creators’ accounts, but he doesn’t have one of his own.
    You can friend him at nednoodleheadcreator.

    With all of these issues, I think it’s safe to say you are NOT Jeff Kinney’s daughter.

  226. Yeah what kind of “dad” forgets about his only daughter?!?!?!

  227. It is not better than ever. How do u defet thunder volt on poptropica?

  228. EDIT: The “You can friend him at…” part was what I was saying.

    So I made a mistake. I’m human.

  229. hi zippy turtle!

    poptropican: smart knuckle
    username: ppzudo5
    favourite island:24 carrot island
    common room : cap n salty’s ( at big nate island )

    p.s. that photo is in mythology island

  230. ok, you found me out. this isn’t fun anymore, it was just supposed to be an online name tied to a hero of mine, but it seems hard to entertain our imaginations sometimes online. kinda weird, huh? I’m feeling harassed, so here’s my truth:
    my name is Maggie, i’m a kid who LOVES the Wimpy Kid series, Poptropica, and all things Jeff Kinney. I love to write stories and have created many of my own, inspired by Jeff Kinney. I am sorry for misleading anyone, I really thought it was just for fun. I think that what brings all of us here is that we feel connected to these fantasy (aka, made up) worlds that Jeff Kinney has created for us to enjoy. Again, I’m sorry and hope you understand. if not, please leave me be. Go ahead and laugh, just know that I’m sorry.
    Ciao for now,
    Maggie (aka Lauren)

  231. fierce star, nickacg and rough cloud

    WHAT? YOU LIED TO US?!?!?!?! gr8 my dad is gonna be sooooooo disapointed when he hears that lauren Kinney is a FAKE!!!! our brother ( nickacg ) is MEGA sad because of you! i cant belive we fell for that you, you, IMPOSTER!!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    now my sister rough cloud and i are SUPER DUPER SAD cause you lied to us!!!!!!!!!!
    uhg, i feel like DELETING you from my frineds list!!!!

    thanks a lot MAGGIE!!!!!!
    ciao for now,
    f star r cloud and nickacg

  232. fierce star, nickacg and rough cloud

    oh and sorry didnt mean to be so harsh but we are sad that you lied to us and now
    we ALL wanna know way you faked it all and thanks to cheerful whale its all true an brave star. TELL US ALL WHY MAGGIE

  233. It’s okay, I just wanted you to admit it. I’m happy that it entertained you and I’m sorry I made you stop it.

  234. It’s ok, brave star. I went a bit too far, and sorta blew it. I just… wanted to be popular. I’m not exactly popular, but I’ve got friends. But, one question: why’d ya want me to admit it?
    Lauren Kinney will now just be my screen name.
    Thanks, for understanding, guys. Let’s just all forget the past and be friends cuz I hate fights and that sort of stuff.

  235. You can’t trust wikipieda these days.

  236. why?

  237. I… I don’t know what to say. I’ve already explained that it was just supposed to be for fun and I didn’t mean to mislead anyone.
    WHY R YOU HARASSING ME then apologizing for being harsh?!?!?
    I’m a human being who made a fairly innocent *bad* choice here.
    I didn’t mean to lie, i guess I got a little carried away.

    So so so so so so so so sooooo sorry,

  238. I’m sorry, it’s just that all the imposters and cyberbullys set me in a bad mood here. You seem like a great girl, Maggie, and I’m sorry to have stopped your fun. I won’t be on the comments anymore, I just had to deal with a few things. Once again, sorry.

  239. Brave Star, You seem like a nice guy (or girl) too, so don’t go. I want to be friends with you. I agree, that cyber bullying is awful. I hope you are not leaving because of me . I was talking to fierce star, nickacg, and rough cloud.
    Please stay,

  240. I’ll stay for a bit, but there are ALOT of other people that stress me out here. You weren’t ever really one. I’m on the forum, though, so you’ll always be able to find me there!

  241. Oh, uh, I don’t know if my mom will let me do the forum, she might. But now that you’ll stay for a bit, we can chat.
    Could we be friends?
    sorry if that sounds creepy.

    see u l8r,

  242. Okay! 🙂

  243. I’m massive cheetah, I like early poptropica, and the soda pop shop.

  244. I’m Brave Sky, my username is wimpykid2675, my fave island is Poptropolis Games, and I like the hair club common room.

  245. yay!!!! 😀

  246. im going to canada

  247. Friendly Peanut

    I’m Friendly Peanut, I like Mystery Train Island, and my fave common room is the laser tag one on Wimpy Boardwalk. Your picture was taken in Zeus’ throne on Mythology Island.

  248. Sporty Brain/Speedy Knuckle

    Hey! My name is Sporty Brain, My other account is Speedy Knuckle. My favorite island is Astro Knights, and I like the Soda Pop Shop.

    Add Me on Poptropica if you want: ttaga/ ttagabro

  249. I dont really care MAGGIE! Cuz all you do is LIE! LIE LIE LIE! I am still REALLY mad at you for lying to every1!!!

  250. Fierce Star, Rough Cloud and Nickacg

    hey um maggie? We are REALLY sorry for being a little mean to you………. and we didnt want to be mean…… can we be friends? sorry if that sounds creepy but can i tell you something? me and rc (rough cloud) arent FAMOUS or POPULER AT ALL! like only 3 people like us that is are friend and pretty much every1 HATES US! 🙁 Every1 tries to get us in trouble even if we didnt do it! I hate our school…… But I cant WAIT to move to Costa Rica!!!!!!!

  251. Fierce Star, Rough Cloud and Nickacg

    Oh and sorry about the lie lie lie comment…… I think I was over reacting and whats your user again? I forgot it and I deleted you when i was mad……….. SUPER sorry!!!!

  252. and can i b BF’s with brave star? is that her name? and tell her sorry if that sounds creepy……. I FEEL LIKE A HORRIBLE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. hey brave star um can we be friends? sorry if this sounds creepy to you…. 🙁 I will leave you alone if that is what you want……:(

  254. Fierce Star and Rough Cloud

    Hey we didnt delete you from our friends list…. ignore that but are you even gonna go on this anymore?

  255. Fierce Star, Rough Cloud, and nickacg,
    I forgive you, and I’m sorry, too. We can be friends. Also, we can be friends on Poptropica. My user is radio314. Give me your username.
    Thanks for being friends,

  256. I understand how you feel. And I’m always available here.
    Your friend,

  257. Fierce Star, Rough Cloud and Nickacg

    these are our usernames (this is fierce star, rough cloud and nickacg)
    fierce s: chloja123
    rough c: madisonapril112002
    nickacg: nickacg
    thanks “lauren” haha (JK)

    your BFF,
    f star r cloud and nickacg

  258. Fierce Star, Rough Cloud and Nickacg

    well actually my brother and sister (rough cloud and nickacg) are the ones that deleted you, not me. I just noticed that yesterday.

    your BFF,
    fierce star

  259. yay i will add you!~!!!!! 😀
    your BFF,

  260. Cool, ok and um will you be checking this site often?
    Cause I do and I might wanna chat with you if your there.

    your BFF,
    Fierce Star

    P.S I AM a little disapointed that you werent really “lauren kinney” cause I really did wanna make a twilight thing….

  261. Oh, so THIS is the website Grant was talking about……
    Hey everyone, I am William Kinney as you can planely see, and I am here to check out this website that my friend Grant told me about, so ya, thats the gig…….
    well I can tell you this I dont play poptropica so I dont have an account so sorry to say, you cant add me but I think I have a VERY old account and I dont remember the username…… well if I remember it I will tell you if I can. So I just came to say “hey” to everyone and MAYBE, just MAYBE, I will make a new account and dont ask me to join the website cause I dont want to but my friend chloe, (I dont know if you guys do but, she is known as “fierce star” on poptropica) and she REALLY wants to join the website, she the one who told me so I came to ask you if you will let her, fierce moon.

    yours truly,
    William Kinney

  262. uh oh dont belive that!!!!!
    My brother, nickacg, took my PC and wrote this!!!!
    Sorry everyone its a trick my brother did, I just got my PC back so I JUST saw this.
    SUPER DUPER sorry guys, I WILL beat him up for this!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo MAD AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your BFF,
    fierce star
    again, SORRY!

  263. And did anybody see that comment from the imposter william kinney, cause the comment is gone so idk if i am losing my mind

    your BFF,
    fierce star

  264. its still there LOL srry i was gonna be like ” oh REALLY???” and stuff. but did he get that from me??? OH MANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

    ur BFF,
    Mags 😀

  265. geez I dont know maybe! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ur BFF,
    fierce star
    P.S: have I ever told you guys my REAL name?

  266. hey maggie,
    how come you dont just put “maggie” for the name thing?
    and when I tell you guys my real name, I am changing my screen name to “keeyla9”

    ur BFF,
    Fierce star

  267. or I might keep it a Fierce star

    ur BFF,
    Fierce star

  268. i dont know, i just like the name, plus, im using it 4 youtube videos.

    ur BFF,
    PS: I might change it to Magsawesome

  269. before i forget what’s your username so i can friend you

  270. Invisible Club. I hang out in the Soda Pop Shop. Haqomor.

  271. I kind of like Arcade in Early Poptropica, my favorite is Shrink Ray Island, & you are in Zeus’s throne from Mythology Island!:)

  272. Screw you hyper speck!

  273. Zippy turtle’s a fraud!my favorite type of music is

  274. hey maggie how come you havent been on lately?
    and I see that you copied me on “ur BFF” and stuff but I dont mind

    ur BFF,
    Fierce star

  275. where r u maggie?? i havent heard from u in 4ever

  276. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  277. hello fierce star!
    i am so sorry for the delay. my computer didn’t let me post my messages!
    i did not mean to copy you.
    i am on every day to hear from you btw

    ur BFF,

  278. HEY!!!! wild monsters!!!! ya I’m talkin’ to you!!! quit being I JERK and sayin’ stuff you dont even know if it TRUE!!!!! quit being a RUDE LITTLE BRAT TO EVERYONE YOU SAID BAD THINGS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thnx! 🙂

  279. That’s funny. Wild Monster wasn’t usually like that. I wonder if he’s being impostered?

  280. Hey feirce star i know we dont know each other and … nevmind…. but can u add me on poptropica my user is stinkymonster9

  281. and why wont u stop posting magawesome and feirce moon well not much magawesome

  282. ya’ll have a good day

  283. happy sun and fav…… soda pop shop

  284. Sure and IDK trying to get on their website! 🙂

  285. oh FYI tht was for dangerous wing

  286. hey maggs i dont mind if u copy but idk i felt like saying it and thats ok about the delay and all and cool that u saw my messages and i hardly go on this any more like i used to frequently :$ it was crazy *nerd*

  287. LOL hey brave star u know wild monster?? Oh…… will u like be my friend even if u dont know me? i know it sounds kinda weird……… :$ (FYI to everyone when i do *nerd* it means like AHHHHHH i feel weird and OMGish! I make my own little things like my *nerd* thing is like how i feel at the moment!! LOL) I feel MEGA *nerd*

  288. Question for EVERYONE ON THIS WEBSITE WHO GO HERE!!!! its kinda like a fun guessing game!!!! TRY TO GUESS MY REAL NAME WITHOUT HINTS!!!!!!!! lol!!!!! *nerd*!

    ____= MY REAL NAME ANSWER WILL BE POSTED ON OCTOBER 18th 2012 AT 1:28pm!!!


    ur BFF,

    fierce star 🙂

  289. hey everyone!!!!! sry i missed the dateline but I’m here now!!!!!!

    my real name is……. (drum roll) LOL


    ur BFF,

    fierce satr

  290. PLZ friend me at
    username: chloja123
    username: nickacg
    username: madisonapril112002
    add them plz!!!! its me my bro and my sis!!!! gracias!!!! (thats spanish for thnx!!!!!)

    ur BFF,
    fierce star

  291. “Ur BFF”?

    This isn’t a cutesie little friendship website with rainbows and bunnies.

  292. okey geez why do u care anyways?
    + i never said it was a “cutesie friendship website with rainbows and bunnies”
    that is for, like, 3 year old for peet sakes! come on! grow up!

  293. hey cheerful singer whats your user name i wanna friend you!!

    ur BFF,
    fierce star
    😛 🙂 🙂 😛 🙂 🙂 😛

  294. mine is chloja123!


    ur BFF,
    fierce star

  295. cheerful singer first off you dont have to insult fierce star. it is alright to have a couple of friends online. second off half your comments are NOT cheerful so if i were you i would change your username

  296. Your very nice billybobjoe! hey do you play poptropica? if you do, do you think you could give me your username so i could friend you? ^^ mines chloja123!

    Ur BFF,
    Fierce star


    Do you wanna help make like some weird like question game thing on the comment place? maggie you can do it to like when you pretended to be lauren kinney!!!

    Ur Bff,
    Fierce star
    (p.s plz join)

  298. Hey Zippy,
    Whats you user name?

  299. p.s. I love turtles 🙂

  300. 😀

  301. Hello everyone! Tonight I have a concert at school and it will be SUPER boring and tonight I actually look pretty for once…….. anyways IDK why I wanted to tell you but PLEASE cheer me on! I will be home a 6:00pm or 6:30pm 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉

    Ur BFF,
    Fierce star 🙂

  302. alright I am back! Who is excited for the new island?!

    Ur BFF,
    Fierce star

  303. Hi Fierce Star! I added you, add me loghome1

    Just wanted to tell you the top 2 things I got for Christmas:

    1: Xbox 360 Kinnect + 6 games for it
    2: Kindle Fire and I already have 20 downloads or more!

    Ur BFF,
    Fierce star

  305. Hey I got a kindle fire also.:)

  306. To: Tall Hawk

    Cool! FYI you should TOTALLY get Subway Surfers, and minecraft pocket eddition

  307. Hallo everyone, does anyone like me or am I totally annoying to you?
    Please answer thnx

    Ur BFF,
    Fierce Star

  308. Oh ya and if ANYONE wanted to know me more, look below 🙂

    Name: Zoey
    Age: 11
    Birthday: (I wont tell the month or day, just the year) 2001
    Fave. animals: Bats, Crocodiles, Sharks, Spiders and Scorpions 🙂
    Fave. Color: Black and red
    Fave thing 2 do: Draw or go outside and still finish exploring my 14 acre home 🙂


  309. Zippy turtle, what’s your username? I know that Fierce Moon’s is popsecrets but I don’t know yours. Thank you!!!!

  310. Hiya people wazzup? I think the new island (Back lot island) is soooooooooooooooo boring! I think it is not very good so far


    Ur BFF,
    Fierce Star

  311. Cool Smarticle


  312. TheAnimeStudios123

    Hi, Fierce Star!!!
    I am so sorry!! I have been trying to send a message to you, but my computers wouldn’t let me!! Every so sorry indeed!!
    Can we still be BFF’s?/????

    Ur (possibly) BFF,

  313. Cool Smarticle