Spud Gun

Spud Gun

The Spud Gun will be your second gun in Wild West Island. It’s a lot better than the pea shooter. Everyone knows that potatoes are way better than peas! You will use this when fighting the gangs of El Mustachio Grande.

How to Get the Spud Gun

Once you have your Pea Shooter, head for the town of Dos Cactos. When you first arrive, you’ll be at the shooting contest. In this game, you compete against other shooters to hit targets. There’s a timer and whoever gets the most points in the time allowed wins. The first opponent is the Man With No Name. The next opponent is Young Kid. If you beat both of them, you’ll take on the Gunslinger. After him, it’s on to Old Gunslinger. Finally, you’ll go up against Miss Annie Oakley, who is a tough and fast opponent to beat. Once you beat Annie, you’ll win the competition and they’ll give you an upgraded gun, the Spud Gun.

Spud Gun In Wild West Island

Beat Annie in the Dos Cactos and Rock Ridge and get the Spud Gun

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