Marshal’s Badge

Marshal's Badge

In Wild West island, if you have the Marshal’s Badge, you are the Marshal. Put on the Marshal’s Badge and the people will now recognize you as the Marshal in town. But with a great power comes with a great responsibility. If you put on Marshal’s Badge, you will need to protect the island from thieves and bandits such El Mustachio Grande.

How to Get the Marshal’s Badge

Go inside the saloon and walk to the right where you’ll find two guys spitting chewing gum into a bucket (gross!). They’ll let you play.
In this mini-game, called Spit-N-Time, the object is to get your gum into the bucket. You move the arrow to select the angle and hold the mouse button down for more spitting power. A small arc appears and moves. Release the mouse button when it hits the center of the bucket. If you beat the other player, you’ll win and the guys will point you to Marshal Taylor who is sitting on the left. Note that if you try to talk to Marshal Taylor before winning this game, he’ll just be asleep.
Go over and talk to Marshal Taylor. Read him the letter and he’ll give you his Marshal’s Badge. Congratulations, you’re now the Marshal!

Marshal's Badge in Wild West island

Give the letter to the Marshal and he will give you his Marshal's Badge

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