Gold Pan

Gold Pan

Use the Gold Pan to find the Gold Nugget in the East of the Map (which is the Map to Gold that you got from winning the Slap Jack game). Shake the Gold Pan by moving your mouse to right and left until it shows figments of gold or the Gold Nugget.

How to Get the Gold Pan

Ride all the way back to the starting town, Dusty Gulch. The first stop here is the trading post. Go inside and jump up to the top. Trade your old saddle for a Gold Pan. Now go ahead to the location of the gold to find a gold nugget. When you get here, you’ll use the gold pan to try and find gold nuggets in the river. All you need to do is to pick a spot that is sparkling and click on it to put your pan down. Then move your mouse cursor slowly back and forth many times to shake out the rocks and dirt. I

Gold Pan in Wild West Island

Trade your old saddle for a Gold Pan

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