Piece of Stone

Sun Stone Piece

The Piece of Stone is one of the missing items that you need to recover and return to the correct time period. This Sun Stone Piece must be return in the time of Aztec Empire(1519 AD – 5’oclock in your Time Device) give it to man with headdress.

How to Get the Piece of Stone

The Sun Stone Piece is in one of the chimneys at Thomas Edison’s house (9 o’clock, 1877 AD in your time device). Go left to the horseless carriage and start it, and ride it to the tree, to reach the roof. The stone is in the second chimney.

Sun Stone Piece in Time Tangled Island

The Sun Stone Piece is in one of the chimneys at Thomas Edison's house


  1. thank you so much this help so much

  2. How do I get up?

  3. Wait use the station wagon to get up! like if u click on it or push it or something it rolls to the right towards a tree. Use the station wagon(it looks sorta like a bike) to get to the branch on the tree that hangs close to the building and from there jump up to the roof.

  4. Thanks this help a lot!
    This was the last things I needed to find

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