Golden Vase

Golden Vase

The Golden Vase is one of the missing items that you need to recover and return to the correct time period. This Golden Vase must be return in the time of Ancient Greece (1 o’clock, 328 BC in your Time Device), give it to the oracle on the Hill.

How to Get the Golden Vase

The vase for Ancient Greece (1 o’clock, 328 BC) is at the Vikings island (2 o’clock, 831 AD) and is slightly difficult to recover.

You will need the barrel of gunpowder from the Great Wall of China (6 o’clock, 1593 AD), which is where you’d be going for the Thor Amulet as well. Both are on the right side of the Wall. Bring the gunpowder to the rocked-up cave on the hill at the Viking island. It will blast the rocks away and you can enter the cave.

Unfortunately, you have only a torch to light your way and it is rapidly burning out. You have about 30 seconds to reach the hidden vase, and there are pools of water that will also put out the torch. You must run down, up, up, up, across, down and left, jumping three pools of water at the end. After you have the vase, you can easily leave using the time device.

Golden Vase in Time Tangled Island

You will find the Golden Vase inside the cave in the time of the Vikings


  1. This is super hard to get, but with this website, the items were easy to recover!

  2. how do i give the golden vase?!?!?! its not working how do i give it?

  3. You have to give it to on elf the guards at the entrance.

  4. i got the vase, but who do i give it to?

  5. I have to idea how where the cave even is. I have the barrel of explosive powder, but where is the cave? ;-;

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