The Goggles is one of the missing items that you need to recover and return to the correct time period. These Goggles must be returned to the time of Mount Everest(1953 AD – 11’oclock in your Time Device) give it to the man in blue hoodie near the tent at the top of the Mount Everest.

How to Get the Goggles

In the Aztec Empire 1519 AD (5o’clock in your time device), and a guard is wearing them, the guard will give them to you if you are wearing the Warrior’s Mask. But to get the Warrior’s Mask, in the Aztec Empire there is an old warrior who wants to retire. Talk to him and he’ll give his mask to you. Return to the guard and get the Goggles.

Goggles in Time Tangled Island

Get the goggles from the Indian Guard in Aztec Empire Time


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the dude that had the goggles on creeps me out

  3. poptropica is really awwsomme

  4. Thank-you! This was a life-saver! Maybe not really, but I was considering jumping off the roof if I couldn’t find those things!

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