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Ultra Vision Goggles

Ultra Vision Goggles

The Ultra Vision Goggles is the last item that you will get from the last agent that you will save. Using this you will see the Lasers in the B.A.D. Control Center, you will need to avoid these lasers to find the Teleporter Machine.

How to get the Ultra Vision Goggles

Put on your grappling bow-tie and stand on the ledge next to the guy in camo who gave you the file X. Then click on the bow-tie icon in the lower-left corner of your screen. Aim straight up. The bow-tie should catch far above and carry you up to a sign that points to the rooftop. Click it to head up there.

Jump up to the top of the roof and stand on the very edge over on the left. Click on the bow-tie again and aim at about a 30 degree angle to the left. The bow-tie should attach to the radio tower with red lights on it. You’ll jump all the way to it. It can be tricky to land on it cleanly, so if you miss, just keep using your bow-tie to get yourself to the very top of the radio tower. Once there, aim your bow-tie out to the right at about a 20 degree angle and you should end up on another glass rooftop. There’s a metal air vent up here. Click on it to go inside.

Now you’re in a big greenhouse. Run to the far right, where you’ll see a cherry bomb tree with a large cherry bomb growing in it. Click on the cherry bomb to make it drop. The fuse starts, so quickly push it to the left onto the top of the plant nearby. This is a spring plant and it will shoot the cherry up onto the platform above. Use your bow-tie to jump up there as well. Push the cherry bomb again to the left until it drops down. Then push it on the next plant and follow it up. Now push it in front of the door to a cage where another fellow agent is being held captive. Wait for the bomb to explode and destroy the door then click on the agent inside. She’ll give you some ultra vision goggles and the remaining piece of the satellite clues.

Ultra Vision Goggles in Spy Island

Take the Ultra Vision Goggles when you saved the Third Agent in the Greenhouse

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