Remote Control

Remote Control

Use the Remote Control to your great escape from the apartment and rescue CJ from Mr. Silva. You can’t easily go out from the apartment because the cat is waiting for you.

How to Get the Remote Control

The remote control on top of the refrigerator, but it’s a bit complicated in getting it. First you need to get a grape from the dining table in the second part of the kitchen, you may do so by following the step in getting the Piece of paper. Pick up the grape, then get to the first part of the kitchen. Jump up on the counter and run over to the toaster. Click on the plug to plug it into the socket. Jump onto the toaster handle while holding the grape and stand there for a few seconds. The toaster will heat up and then the handle will pop up, sending you flying up into the air. You’ll land on a shelf with a spatula, a cup full of utensils, and a salt shaker.
Push the salt shaker to the left so that it’s on the very end of the spatula handle. Then jump up onto the cup and then jump to the right so that you land on the other end of the spatula. Hold still and let the salt shaker fly up in the air and come back down. When it lands, it will make you fly up in the air. Jump a little up and to the left as you fly through the air and you’ll land on top of the refrigerator, where you can now pick up the remote control.

Remote Control in Shrink Ray Island

Find your way to get up to the refrigerator to get the Remote Control


  1. salt does not work

  2. I don’t know why… but it doesnt work for me! 🙁 It won’t lift me up!

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