Piece of Paper

Piece of Paper

The Piece of Paper looks like a blank sheet of paper, but there is a important note from it that was written in lemon juice. You need to turn heat to get the secret message from CJ. Jump up onto the lamp and then bounce up and down a few times to bring it down closer to the paper. When it won’t go down anymore, click the light switch to turn it on. The heat from the lamp reveals the secret message from CJ that was written in lemon juice on the paper. It says, Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates.

How to Get the Piece of Paper

It’s a bit tricky in getting the piece of paper. First, push the rolling pin so that it knocks the teapot onto the other burner. Then run up and jump into the steam coming from the teapot. It will lift you up to the shelf with the flour and sugar.
There’s a bottle of oil here. Push it over onto its side so that it starts dripping out. Drop down to the floor and then push the cat’s food bowl so that it’s under the dripping oil from above. Next jump back up onto the counter and then jump up and down on top of the cat food bag several times to make lots of food fall out. You should jump on it at least 4-5 times. The food and oil will stick together making a little stepping stool out of the cat food that you can use to get up on the table. Next, push the cat food bowl to the right so that it is underneath the table. Jump up on top of the cat food and then up onto the table top. Walk to the right to pick up the piece of paper.

Piece of Paper in Shrink Ray Island

Pick up the Piece of Paper above the table

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