Key Ingredient

Key Ingredient

The key ingredient gives the potion its power in Poptropica.

The Key Ingredient will most likely be the 3rd of the three ingredients to make a Calming Potion that you will need to calm the Booga and to complete your mission in rescuing Professor Hammerhead and a young boy who have been trapped on an island in Booga Bay.

Getting the Key Ingredient

Underground the chamber on Ancient Ruins, on the last path that you will be entering you will find the secret ingredient that is placed at the tower. Once you got all three ingredients hand them to the Medicine Man to make the Sleeping Potion.

Key Ingredient in Ancient Temple

The key ingredient is at the end of the ancient temple in Shark Tooth Island.


  1. Sandy, the Mad Dragon


  2. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    After a few minutes, I have regained my tranquility and came to a realization: you, Jade, are a despicable animal with the intelligence of a lobster. Of course, you wouldn’t understand that sentence. Good day to you, my dear enemy.

  3. 1 day where you two wouldn’t fight…one day…

  4. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    And that day will never come, unless Jade decides to accept homosexual people as human beings.

  5. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Observe America’s greatest fear: a gay man with swords.

  6. You may know I am Kesha by now…

  7. Sandy has the right to say that. You don’t choose if you’re a man and you fall in love with a man or if you’re a woman and you’ve fallen in love with a woman. Although, challenge yourself. Ask out a woman if you’re a guy or ask out a guy if you’re a woman. I do not support Sandy. I do not support Jade. I am out of this. I may say something once in a while but for now, I’ll stand here, making side comments. Or maybe playing Poptropica. I think most of us on PoptropicaSecrets spend most of our time on here then on Poptropica!

  8. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Now, which dress looks better: Jasz 4324 or Faviana 6714?

  9. Good morning. I am currently on Poptropica!

  10. Kesha also know as Little Seal’s Status:

    Nothing is more pleasant then the relaxing, soothing sound of waterfalls. I am currently at Niagra Falls, in my hotel room.

  11. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Evanescence’s new album is going to rock.

  12. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Seeing Tim Curry wearing clothes that aren’t made for a woman is slightly odd.

  13. 🙄 Suuuuurrrrre.

    Yeah, you can’t help if you fall in love with the same sex.

  14. So, what’s new?

  15. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I’m currently writing a story about us, albeit with heavily altered personalities. Also, we are all recantations of Greek gods. My character is Hecate, Kesha’s is Hedone (goddess of pleasure, daughter of Psyche and Eros), psophia is Selene (or possibly Chloris), WS is Athena, and Jade is Eris. And I have another story about a girl name Alexia who wishes that her best friend would be brought back to life. . Her wish is granted, and for a while, she’s happy. But then she notices that Alice…is a bit…odd. Angst, black comedy, death related themes, and magic ensues.

  16. I’m writing a story about Rosaline and Katherine. They never knew they were related. Rosaline and Katherine are the daughters of Poesidon. Violet is the Daughter Of Hades. Caite is the daughter of Zeus. I just though of that. Soon, my idea will become a reality.

  17. Party Room Code: DMB93

  18. Poptropica Music Videos.

    Hello! Welcome to the Poptropica Music Videos! We need people to make some so, I’ll tell you how.
    1. Go onto iTunes or YouTube and choose a song.
    2. Dress your Poptropican as that character.
    3. Try to make it the same gender. If it’s a song by a male, choose a male for this.
    4. Now, give it a microphone or a guitar and act out your Music Video!

    See you next time! Closing off, I’m Little Seal, Poptropica Music Extreme.

  19. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I hit the high note at the end of Le Jazz Hot. 🙂

  20. I don’t know if it would be okay to say i’m in love with Sandy…


  21. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Why does every single story of mine end with everyone dying/waking up/insane?

  22. *looks off into the sunlight and starts typing my newspaper article*

    Goodbye, Kesha Hamilton. By: Little Seal.

    My idenity has been hidden long enough. I am done with Kesha Hamilton. Kesha will be no more.
    I am not Kesha. My name is Alisha, I’m 11 and I live in Canada.
    I want to apoligize to everyone that has been friends with me and then, hated me for my acts.
    I’m sorry to everyone who thought that I was slutty. That me and SP were. I shouldn’t of done that and I shouldn’t have written my blog. I shouldn’t of even been born. Once you read this, type it to everyone you know. Post on every post. I have people I hate and I people I don’t. I hate myself. Please accept my apology. I wish things were what they used to be a few months or years ago. We all got along. Just me, Sandy and White Sword. Before that happened, I was best friends with Strange Moon. I made a costume called Hawaii Fever. Now I’m wondering where that Kesha went. Where she is. Where I can find her. I just want things to go back to the way it was. If it does, please accept my apology. My newspaper is done. My shows are done. My life as Kesha is done. I will be Little Seal forever. Goodbye, Kesha Hamilton.

  23. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Chris Colfer sounds adorable as a chipmunk. <3

  24. Okay Sandy…
    Why are you posting (TOTALLY!) random stuff?

  25. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I enjoy being random, as it confuses people, thus lowering the chance of them figuring out my brilliantly evil plan.

  26. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    And besides, he does sound adorable.

  27. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I am currently enjoying a steaming hot chocolate. Yes, I am odd.

  28. Being random is one of my main focuses. But not on here.

  29. Welcome to the post with only me and Sandy! (Not kidding)

  30. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    We have no idea, but welcome!

  31. Sandy, the Mad Dragon


  32. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Now, if I can get Chris to work with Brolden…

  33. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    RIP Amy Winehouse. 🙁

  34. Hey guys!! I am back!

  35. I can only come on in the night now..

  36. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    My new favorite Britney song is Me Against the Music.

  37. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Laney Boggs decided to give Harry Potter a makeover. He now resembles Sweeney Todd. My dreams are odd, to say the least.

  38. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I have spent the last ten minutes singing Wicked and Rent songs.

  39. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Now I’m singing Madonna.

  40. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Honestly, Baby, it’s Cold Outside sounds better with two guys singing.

  41. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Kristin Chenoweth should win the Emmy.

  42. And???
    (PS: Back from Vacay!!!!)
    Where is SP? He should be here.

  43. RIP Michael Jackson.

  44. Why?

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