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Carbonated Coconut Milk

Carbonated Coconut Milk

A bottle of carbonated coconut milk is just what you need in Shark Tooth Island.

The Carbonated Coconut Milk is one of the three ingredients to make a Calming Potion to calm Booga in Shark Tooth Island. You will need to calm the Booga so you can rescue Professor Hammerhead and a young boy who have been trapped on an island in Booga Bay which is your mission in this Island. You can find Carbonated Coconut Milk just right after the Coconut Cafe, there should be a guy at a coconut stand, and he is wearing a flower necklace. Click on him and let him talk, he will give you the carbonated coconut milk. After you have collected the three ingredients which are Key Ingredient, Old Bone and Carbonated Coconut Milk, give these to the Medicine Man so he can make the Calming Potion.

Poptropica Coconut Stand

You can get your carbonated coconut milk at this stand in Shark Tooth Island.


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  92. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

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    On a lighter note, Aang is awesome.

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  98. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

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  102. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

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  105. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    When do I ever talk to myself?

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  109. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Thank you, Ke$h.

  110. I bet Jade has no life. And you’re welcome, Sand. I got your back always and forever.

  111. She enjoys making people’s lives misrable. She has total control of the website. Maybe or maybe not… *smirk*

  112. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    My peers might find me scary, but I’m would never enjoy making someone miserable.

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  114. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Yep. Like I said a billion times, you were annoying back then.

  115. *rolls eyes* Jade is an asshole.

  116. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I wouldn’t say she is one.

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  118. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    She’s far worse.

  119. Nice. *smiles* Nice diss, Sands.

  120. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I’m jaded of insulting Jade.

  121. ‘Nother nice one.

  122. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Ke$ha, jaded means tired.

  123. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    On another note, I now have my presidential award.

  124. Knew it. *chuckle*

    I’m so tired. White Sword was the smartest person I’ve ever met. She’s my real friend.

  125. I have tickets to the MMVA’s!!!

  126. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    WS might have been a slight know-it-all, but she was kind and smart.

  127. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    If you don’t know the award is, then here:

    The purpose of this award is to recognize academic success in the classroom. To be eligible for the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, students at each award level (elementary, middle, or high school) must meet the requirements in Category A and either 1 or 2 of Category C. If a school does not have letter grades, a student must meet the requirements in Category B and either 1 or 2 of Category C.

    Grade Point Average: Students are to earn a grade point average of 90 on a 100 point scale, (an A on a letter scale or a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale). When computing grade point averages at the respective award level, only the years at that level are to be included through the fall semester of the exiting grade. Note: Elementary schools are not to include K-3 in their computations.

    School Criteria/Standards: Standards for the award are to be established by each school that reflect a 90 percent level or higher on the traditional grading scale. This category enables school personnel to use new assessment and evaluation tools in developing award criteria at their school and apply the criteria fairly to all students. The primary indicators of excellence must be based on academic achievement. School personnel may also consider, as part of the criteria, activities in which a student demonstrates high motivation, initiative, integrity, intellectual depth, leadership qualities and/or exceptional judgment. They may also require student essays and outstanding attendance, but these activities must bear some relationship to the academic performance of a student.

    In addition to A or B, schools are to include one or more of the following criteria to determine their selected students:

    State Tests and Nationally-Normed Achievement Tests: High achievement in reading or math on state tests or nationally-normed tests. The school may consider college admissions examinations for seniors, for example the SAT or ACT.
    β€” OR β€”

    Recommendations from a Teacher Plus One Other Staff Member: One recommendation is to reflect outstanding achievement such as English, mathematics, science, history, geography, art, foreign language, and any other courses that reflect a school’s core curriculum. This judgment is to be supported by tangible evidence that is comprised of either results on teacher-made tests, portfolio assessment, or special projects. The second recommendation from a school staff member may address, for example: involvement in community service or co-curricular activities including tutoring other students and/or demonstration of creativity and achievement in the visual and performing arts. The school principal has final authority to determine which students receive this award.

  128. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    They’re going to be co-hosted by Selena Gomez this year, right?

  129. Nice.

    I remember I did Blah Blah Blah, The Serenator and all those shows and White Sword did her newpaper.

  130. S is for Smart
    A is for Appealing
    N is for Neighbourly??
    D is for Deliteful
    Y is for Young At Heart

  131. Oh, Jade, in your pic, is that you? I’m sorry your face is so messed up…

  132. It’s. My. Life.

  133. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    1. Talking to yourself means having a conservation with yourself, such as:

    Tina: Hi.
    Tina: Hello.
    Tina: How are you?
    Tina: I’m good.

    Did I ever do anything similar to that? NO! AND I’M PROUD OF MY INDIVIDUALITY!


    I rest my case.

  134. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    On another note, I recently figured out that I’m a contralto, which, Jade, is a female voice type that sounds best when singing low notes.

  135. Ooh, but I lied. On a happy note of this, I’m done with that other attitude.

  136. Ah, nothing is good anymore. The world is getting destroyed. *sighs and puts out a breakfast platter* Breakfast’s ready.

  137. Hey!!!!!!!!!!

  138. If you want to reach me through email,

  139. I hate you. You hate me.

  140. I <3 Wyclef, Bob, Beres and Tayna!! They're all so talented!!!

  141. 22222

  142. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    No, I haven’t seen Maria.

  143. Sandy, the Mad Dragon


    Best. Broadway. Song. EVER!

  144. Hello. I’m entering now.

  145. Kesha ur just trying to get on Sandy’s good side. And r u going thru puberty or something cuz i don’t know any 10 yr.old who loves to have sex? πŸ˜•

  146. Jade you have a mini-me.

  147. yeah that is a abnormal thing

  148. but i knew a 10 year old girl who had a baby

  149. I’m telling the truth she asked me if I wanted it!!!

  150. I’m not. Sandy is actually my BFF.

  151. Keep telling urself that Kesha.

  152. Oh shut up!

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