Ebony Elephant

Ebony Elephant

The Ebony Elephant will be used to trade for a Fingo in Nabooti market, which you will need to offer to the ghost in Kaya Forest and he will give you the Green Nabooti jewel.

How to get the Ebony Elephant

On the Kaya Forests go to the right and look for a giant tortoise shell. Go into your backpack and use the Opuntia Fruit. You’ll walk over to the left and place it on the ground. The tortoise will wake up and walk over to the fruit to eat it. Now go over to the small hole where the tortoise was sitting and use the shovel in your backpack. You’ll uncover an Ebony Elephant figure.

Ebony Elephant  in Nabooti Island

Dig the hole where the tortoise was sitting and you will find Ebony Elephant

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