Photo in Ghost Story Island

Show the Photo to the Editor of the newspaper in Hemlock Herald. She’ll give you $50 as a she promised when you arrived in the island. The following day, the photo will be published in the newspaper. It looks like she didn’t validate if the photo was a real or it just a man that wears a cloak. So you need to validate this.

How to Get the Photo

On the cemetery, go to the right and jump on the hill. A woman appears from behind a gravestone and tells you to hide because she expects a ghost to appear. Hide behind the gravestone with her, and sure enough, a ghost appears. It’s wearing a black shroud and carrying a single rose. He walks up to the grave next to you. Now use the camera in your backpack to take a photo of the ghost

Photo in Ghost Story Island

Use your camera to capture a photo on this guy with a black cloak

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