Locket in Ghost Story Island

The Locket has a letter for Valiant written by Fiona. You will need to give this back to Fiona along with the note. She’ll give you her story about how Valiant was tricked with the forged letter. She also tells you that the ring she was given is now at the bottom of the fountain in town.

How to Get the Locket

The thermometer will tell you that the temperature has dropped, meaning there’s ghost activity inside the lighthouse. Return to the lighthouse once more and then use your torch and climb the steps. When you reach the top floor, you’ll find the ghost of the lighthouse keeper here and he is crying. He will tell you a short story about how he feels responsible for a ship sinking. He’ll tell you about ship wreckage located to the north. Get back in your boat and sail there to find the wreckage. Examine it and you’ll find a locket.

Locket in Ghost Story Island

Ride on your boat and go north to find locket

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  1. when I go all he says is travel north past the rocks and see for yourself and I go over there and the wreckage isn’t there. ive watched walked throughs and ive done all of it right.

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