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Heat Vision Goggles

Heat Vision Goggles in Game Show Island

The Heat Vision Goggles can detect human heat. Human has heat coming from their body unlike robots that are pure metal. If you wear it you’ll see if an individual is a holmes or a human. Use it in the Club Nouveau Riche and you’ll find someone or something went to the vent shaft. You can also use it to trace the number combination that Dr. Harold Langley pressed in the special panel access.

How to Get the Heat Vision Goggles

Head your way to the left till you return to the Robot Factory and walk a bit further right till you meet a guy near a little house on the left side of the building, he needs to take a bath but he doesn’t have money to buy soap, so give him the nickel you got from the Club and he’ll give you the Heat Vision goggles.

Heat Vision Goggles in Game Show Island

Give the guy a nickel and he'll give you Heat Vision Goggles

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