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Game Show Island Items

Here is the list of all the items that you will need to get to beat Game Show Island. In Game Show Island, the robots, led by the supercomputer Holmes, have taken over to rule over humans. Humans now serve the robots and have no hope for the future. You first have to solve some puzzles and quests in the starting zone, and then you travel to other zones where you solve more puzzles and earn tickets to compete against robots on different game shows. The goal is to win all the game shows and restore confidence and hope to humanity so that they can rise once again and stop the robots once and for all. You need to prove that humans are still far better than robots.

Electric Fan
Heat Vision Goggles
Jet Remote Control
Scaredy Pants Ticket
Spin for Riches Ticket
Kerplunk Ticket
Brainiacs Ticket
Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge Ticket
Thumb Drive

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