Prized Porker

Poptropica Prized Porker

The prized porker in Poptropica is one of the three missing items you need to find for the villagers.

The prized porker is a pig that was stolen from the villagers in Early Poptropica. It is one of the three items they need you to find, along with the signal flag and the water bucket.

How to Find the Prized Porker

You’ll find the pig inside an area known as The Pit, which is located underneath Main Street. To get there, go to Main Street and then go down into the sewer hole. The pig is in the bottom-right corner. You’ll need to avoid the several purple spiders hanging from their webs and the huge four-eyed green spider at the very bottom. Once you get the pig, return to street level by going back the way you came in.

Poptropica Prized Porker in the Pit

The prized porker is located in the bottom-right corner of the underground area known as the Pit.

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