Golden Egg

Poptropica Golden Egg

Poptropica Golden Egg

The Golden Egg is an item that you must find in Early Poptropica. In order to get past the giant who is blocking your path in the clouds, you must find his Golden Egg, which is hidden underground in a small maze. The area is officially known as the Dark Room on the Early Poptropica map. You can access it by going through the open sewer hole next to the fire hydrant in the Poptropica Towers area. After navigating the maze, you can retrieve the golden egg and return it to the giant. He’ll then let you pass by so that you can obtain both the water bucket and the jet pack, which you’ll need to complete the quest. Both the giant and the golden egg are references to the classic story, Jack and the Beanstalk. In that story, the giant has a goose that lays golden eggs. Jack steals the goose from the giant and brought it home to his mother. They live happily ever after with all the money they make from selling the golden eggs.

Finding the Golden Egg in Poptropica

Finding the Golden Egg in the dark room maze.

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