Rugged Camera

Rugged Camera

The Rugged Camera is very useful in Cryptids Island, because you will need an evidence of Cryptids existence, a Rugged Camera is need to take and capture pictures of the monsters and evidence that you will find along your way. You will capture the Loch Ness Monster and the Snow Track footprint of Big Foot.

How to Get the Rugged Camera

On your helicopter, go straight to the Loch Ness, on your left you will find a man that has a truck behind him. Talk to him, he’ll tell you that he is stacked in his truck. Click on his tire on the left and long click the air pin of the tire to let the air come out of the tires to lower it. The driver of the truck will thank you and give you his Rugged Camera.

Rugged Camera in Cryptids Island

Help the old man with this truck and he will give you a rugged carera

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