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Photo of Snow Track

Photo of Snow Track

The Photo of Snow Track looks like a photo of the Bigfoot. Take it with you and return to Mew’s Laboratory. He will tell you that it’s just an ordinary footprint, and that the Himalayrs isn’t worth revisiting. He then mentions that he’s just received report of a Bigfoot sighting, and that the location has been added to the helicopter computer. This time is the real Bigfoot we are talking about.

How to Get the Photo of Snow Track

On the Himalayas, go up to the mountains higher than the temple. When you reach the top, you’ll see a woman in red.To get passed, you need to beat her in a game.

TIP: to win the game.
Move your piece up one space.
Move your piece up one space.
Move your piece diagonally right or left, depending on where she moves.
Move your piece to the end.
When you have beaten her, proceed right and climb up on to the roof of the building. Jump from the roof on to the snow platform located on the left. Go left until you reach a Yeti Footprint and take a picture of the Snow Track.

Photo of Snow Track in cryptids Island

Jump to the top of the mountain and take Photo of Snow Track

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