Nylon Rope

Nylon Rope

You will use the Nylon Rope to try the KiteSurfer X-250 on Kitty’s Kites Store in Main Street. Since the nylon rope is pretty strong, it can hold you to the KiteSurfer x250 that you need on your next task. This KiteSurfer x250 is not free, you will notice that there is a sign there that you can try it before you but it. Cool, right?

How to Get the Nylon Rope

Getting the Nylon Rope is pretty easy. You just need to help the guy in the hot air balloon to make him fly (you will meet this again again later too). But you need to get some kind of a scissor or cutter to cut the rope. Since this is a Nylon Rope it cannot be easily be cut, which is the gardening shears is perfect for it. So get the Gardening Shears first and then help the guy and you will automatically get the Nylon Rope.

Nylon Rope in cryptids Island

Cut the rope of the hot air balloon using the Gardening Shears to get Nylon Rope

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