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Loch Ness Monster Photo

Loch Ness Monter Photo
Loch Ness Monster Photo
Loch Ness Monster Photo

The Loch Ness Monster Photo is one of the pieces of evidence that you need to collect in Cryptids Island. You will capture three different Loch Ness Monster Photos because the first two Loch Ness Monster Photo turn out to be fakes. The first Loch Ness Monster Photo that you will deliver turns out to just be some tire floating in the lake, and the second Loch Ness Monster Photo was just a costume on the taping of Sherlock Homes on Loch Ness that was sunk on the lake before. But no worries! You will take the true Loch Ness Monster Photo in the end.

How to Get the Loch Ness Monster Photo

Go to the pub in Loch Ness and talk to the guy in mustache, he will challenge you to a dart game and will also give you Rutty Darts to start. If you won, you will get a rowboat ticket. Use this on the rowboat that you will find on the water in the the left side of the Loch Ness. He will guide you to where you find the Loch Ness Monster, but it only looks like a tail. Anyway, use your Rugged Camera and take a picture. If you check the Loch Ness Monster Photo in the Mew’s Laboratory, it was just a tire floating in the water.

Go back Loch Ness, you confront the rowboat guide about the fake photo. He leaves, and you have the rowboat for your use. Return to the pub for more conversation and more darts. One of the two players claims to have seen Nessie. Play darts against his skeptical friend to win a Submarine ticket.

Go back to the loch and take the Submarine tour. You will descend into the loch and get a photo of a “Nessie” on the bottom. It looks suspiciously like a hoax. Back at the pub, the players confirm the hoax. The first dart player you beat returns for a rematch. But when you win, he refuses to give you anything. However, the bartender gives you a Pennywhistle that is rumored to attract Nessie. Return to the Rowboat and go left, then farther left into a small cove. Blow the pennywhistle and a huge Nessie will emerge from the water! Take a Loch Ness Monster Photo and this it’s the real thing.

Loch Ness Monster Photo in Cryptids Island

Use your camera and capture the creature that you can see from the boat

Loch Ness Monster in Cryptids Island

Capture the creature from the Submarine

Loch Ness Monster Photo in Cryptid Island

Play your Penny Whistle and The Real Loch Ness Monster will apear

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