Gardening Shears

Gardening Shears

You are going to use the Gardening Shears to help the other man with a hot air balloon on the left side of the street. You will cut the rope that is attaching the hot air balloon from the roof. With this you will also get the Nylon Rope that you will need on your next task.

How to Get the Gardening Shears

The Gardening Shears is what the gardener in front of the mansion is using. He won’t give it to you unless he will take a break. So beforehand, you should first buy a sports drink inside the general store and give it to the gardener. With this he will take a break and he will lend you his Gardening Shears.

Gardening Shears in Cryptids island

Give the Janitor the sports drink and he will hand you a Gardening Shears

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