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Bathroom Door Message

Bathroom Door Message

The Bathroom Door Message is a guide to find the place where you can find the Broken Egg Shells which is the evidence of the existence of the Jersey Devil.
Just follow the guide that says:
“Right, Left
Over the Cleft
Left, Right
Into the night

Right, Right
Shudder with fight

Mother bereft”

How to Get the Bathroom Door Message

Go to New Jersey in your Helicopter, head right until you reach a garbage dump. USE the Bolt Cutters to open the dump.
Using your mouse, move all of the trash out of the way and grab the Bathroom Stall Door at the bottom. Go into the washroom right next to you. Walk over to the bathroom stalls. You’ll find another stall with directions on it. You’ll write the directions down on a Bathroom Door Message.

Bathroom Door Message in cryptids Island

Open the Garbage Dump and get the Bathroom Door Message part 1

Bathroom Door Message in Cryptids Island

Go inside the bathroom and you will find the second half of the message

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