Laser Lance

Laser Lance

The Laser Lance is one of the three special items that you need to get from the Knights on the three planets during your travels in space. Each planet has a boss monster that you must defeat. You will use Laser Lance to destroy the monster machine on the Jungle Planet. You will then have to fight the mother phoenix. She will open her mouth and then you need to shoot a fully charged shot from your laser lance and hit her in the head.

How to Get the Laser Lance

To your Rocket, go to the coordinates for Jungle Planet it is 15,15. Once you arrive on land, exit your ship onto a platform and then drop all the way down onto the ground. Walk to the right and you will see a small platform with a weapon in a spotlight. Walk over to it to pick it up and put it into your backpack. It is a laser lance and it can release a destructive burst of energy when fully charged.

Laser Lance in Astro-Knights Island

Laser Lance in Jungle Planet

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