Wire Cutters

Wire Cutters

The Wire Cutters will be used to cut the wires in the system inside the factory. There are robots and cameras that will catch you if you won’t turn the power off and the rabbit robot will not get in your way to finish your mission.

How to find the Wire Cutters

At the vent is a little bit like a maze where you can only see a little bit in front of you as you go. It’s pretty easy to get through and if you get stuck you can just ue the vent blueprints that you found outside. Head down and to the left and keep going until you see part of the passageway that is covered in ice. Go up and through that passageway and then down the other side. You’ll quickly come to where there is a pair of wire cutters on the ground.

Wire Cutters in 24 carrot Island

Inside the Vent find the wire cutter along the way.


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