Drone Ears

Drone Ears

The Drone Ears are used to trick the security system and convince Dr. Hare that you are one of his drones. Wear the drone ears to enter to the door where it says “Authorized Bunny Drones Only”. If you don’t wear this, a trap door in the ground will open when you try to enter to the “Authorized Bunny Drones Only” door.

How to Get the Drone Ears

When you try to go through the door where the sign “Authorized Bunny Drones Only” , you will drop through a trap door in the ground because you are not an authorized bunny drone. That’s ok, we’re about to take care of that. You will land in a new factory room. Jump down to the left and you will land on a conveyer belt. Head to the right and be careful to avoid the giant presses that come crashing down or you will get squashed. There’s also some hot carrot juice that comes out that will burn you if you get hit. Once you get past these things, jump up on top of the steel girder and you will see a bunny ears hat. Run over it to pick it up. These are drone ears just like all the other people in here are wearing. Go ahead and put them on now and then go through the Exit.

Drone Ears in 24 Carrot Island

Pass all the giant presses and hot carrot juice in the Trap Room and you will find the Drone Ears above them

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